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In the market for new vaporizers, atomizers, cartridges, or maybe batteries? VapeActive has got you covered. We’re the leading online vape shop and that’s for good reason. We believe in giving back to the community, we’ve come up with the hottest deals for you so we can give you your favorite vaporizers at the most competitive price. Have you been eyeing a #ThisThingRips vaporizer lately? Wanting a replacement for your battery, atomizer, or mouthpiece? Well, this may be your luck day.

#ThisThingRips has always been one of our top selling dab pen brands and we like to share #TTR’s best-selling units to our beloved customers, come and take advantage of our exclusive deals for #ThisThingRips products. #ThisThingRips has made a name for itself in the wax pen platform. By manufacturing high-quality vaporizers that yield the perfect balance of flavor retention, vapor production, and of course, vapor potency. #TTR have managed to become a staple vape brand in the wax pen market. All #ThisThingRips vaporizers are specifically designed and engineered for optimum wax concentrate consumption. Although favored by most casual and recreational consumers, the #ThisThingRips brand have started to gain popularity amongst medical wax concentrate consumers. Their vaporizers have uplifted and elevated consumers from different walks of life, you don’t have to fall to a certain user category to enjoy and experience the #ThisThingRips difference. From top to bottom, #TTR vapes are calibrated and are fine-tuned for serious and maximum efficiency in terms wax concentrate consumption. This is shown in products like the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer which gives you dab rig like performance at the palm of your hands. Also, their trifecta of vaporizers, the 3rd generation series of the R2, Roil, and OG models. These vaporizers come with #TTR’s newest vapor blast mouthpiece, their intelligent set it and forget it batteries, as well as a base station to keep all your vaping essentials neatly organized. If you’re looking for a compact unit with unparalleled performance and a knock you off your socks kind of upshot, then the #ThisThingRips vape brand is the right brand for you. #ThisThingRips vapes are known to have a good price to performance ratio, well, we’re about to make it better. We’re giving you a special deal making #TTR products more affordable if not giving you all the more of a reason to grab one today. Come shop with us and experience the VapeActive advantage. Enjoy a wide variety of vaporizers from #TTR as well as accessories and attachments for #ThisThingRips devices, all at a discounted price. Get 10% off from #TTR’s best models and more.  

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