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Arguably one of the most famous brands to have ventured in the grinder industry, Santa Cruz Shredders have been more than just an icon in the vaping and smoking industry. VapeActive is proud to have carried the Santa Cruz Shredder line and its noteworthy grinders. While their products are top-notch, the market seems to have taken up their quality and have appraised it to have a similarly top-notch price tag. Here at VapeActive, we know that our customers deserve great grinders, so we’re giving out our Santa Cruz Shredder grinders at a discounted price. That’s right our customers can enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% on all Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders. This is how much we want to show our appreciation to our valued clients that we’re cutting 15% off from Santa Cruz Shredder’s original price.

They’re such great tools and here’s why. Santa Cruz Shredders are made from anodized aluminum which makes they extremely durable but magnificently lightweight. They can manage light bumps and minor dents because of their resilient make up and construction. They’re lightweight but they don’t feel flimsy and insubstantial, they have just the right body mass which makes them ideal to take with you when you travel. Its anodized aluminum construction allows you to enjoy a reliable and durable grinder without the added bulk and weight. To top it off, Santa Cruz Shredders come in matte and gloss finishes which means that you can have the option to select a discreet and low-key grinder in a matte finish piece while a sophisticated and sleek tool is obviously your weapon of choice should you stick with a glossy grinder finish. Another thing to take note of is the knurled grips on the Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders. The folks at Santa Cruz Shredders know that some nugs are just too tough and that some users have a hard time twisting and getting the right torque to get that right grind. With the knurled edges, you can get that much needed support when twisting and turning the grinding piece of your Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder. Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders also are the perfect choice if you’re in the market for a grinder to use for your vaporizer, they make good fluffy grinds that’s perfect for vaporizer environment. Convection vapes use hot air to vaporize herbs so a fluffy finish will allow more air to effectively and efficiently saturate your materials. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to get a Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder now. Moreover, Santa Crus partners up with some of the biggest names in the industry, they have sweet collabs with Taylor Gang in their Taylor Gang or Die (TGOD) edition grinders. You’d also find other collaborative pieces in our wide collection of Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders; these include sports teams with grinders made from ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum which is a medical-grade material that keeps all your herbs from spoiling and locks in the freshness with its rare earch magnetic lids. Shop now with VapeActive and get the best online shopping experience with discount perks.


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