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Phoenician Grinders are the epitome of what grinding is. It’s the golden standard in both function and performance. They have models that are good to be used as a daily driver and those that are good to be kept as a collector's item. They have luxury grinders and everyday grinders so Phoenician Grinders have a grinder for every consumer, whether you’re a daily smoker and vaper or a high roller, you’re sure to appreciate our collection of Phoenician Grinders. We know that these pieces can be expensive so we’re giving away 15% off on all Phoenician Grinders. The coupon we have on our website gives you unparalleled advantage in terms of the opportunity of grabbing one of these premium grinders. That’s how VapeActive loves their customers, you’re almost getting a Phoenician Grinder at a steal. Here’s what makes these grinders so valuable.  

You can expect nothing less than perfection from Phoenician Grinders. They use aircraft grade aluminum giving their grinders unmatched durability and a lighter feel compared to other grinders out on the market. Each Phoenician Grinder oozes with premium appeal which is a result of its tp notch design and engineering. All grinders are enveloped in an FDA approved packaging which means that all grinders are packed in a safe container and will be ready to use as soon as you unpack them right out of the box. Even tough pieces of herbs won’t stand a chance against the sharp blades of teeth on each Phoenician Grinder. It allows you to easily cut through your herbs and lets you achieve ground herbs depending on how you need them to be. When vaping using a conduction vaporizer, it’s best to have a coarse to a semi-fine grind so that all the herbs can come into contact with the heated surface while a fine and fluffy grind is best when vaping with convection vaporizers. A fine and fluffy grind allows hot air to easily permeate the herbs for an even vaporization as the herbs are heating without having to reach the point of combustion. Each Phoenician Grinder is equipped with a secure magnetic lid which keeps the vaporizer in place both when grinding and when in storage. Phoenician knows that a lot of grinder users use their grinders as a stash to keep ground herbs especially when they’re on-the-go. Having to spill all your herbs will certainly be a waste of money, time, and effort. So, the folks back at Phoenician Grinders used magnetic lids to keep the herbs from falling and at the same time it locks in freshness and aroma so that you can enjoy your materials at its best. You'll always have access to freshly ground herbs even if you so choose to vape on your feet. If you like to smoke, you’ll appreciate Phoenician Grinder’s built-in ash trays. You don’t need to keep finding a place to throw in your ash. No more annoying trips to the trash can when you can simply keep the ashes when you smoke atop your grinder. The Phoenician line of grinders was simply built for convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our coupon codes now and find out why a lot of people are shopping with VapeActive, today’s leading vaporizer shop.  


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