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Specializing in dab pens, #ThisThingRips was a company that manufactured some of the most durable and the most reliable wax pen vaporizers on the market. Here at VapeActive, we’ve got the best selection of #ThisThingRips products including this thing rips battery and this thing rips coils. Buy your #ThisThingRips dab pens at the best price and take advantage of our #ThisThingRips coupons. Our vaporizers are authentic and original and are sure to give you a vaping experience that rips.

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About #ThisThingRips 

When you talk about dab pen brands, no name is more intimidating than #ThisThingRips. The name alone is enough to make you tell them to just ‘shut up and take my money.’ Fortunately, #TTR or #ThisThingRips is a company devoted to faithfully manufacturing merchandise that’s both functional and economical, allowing vape aficionados to experience top-notch vaping without breaking the bank. Their products are “designed to elevate” letting you in on the lifted lifestyle. The testimonials on their website are not to be taken lightly, they’re the real deal and they excel in customer service and aftermarket assistance. They’ve got multiple stores where you can seek assistance and purchase more of #TTR’s products. #ThisThingRips pays a great deal of care when it comes to customer service making it easy for end users and wholesalers and retailers to get in contact with them should any problems arise regarding the products they sell.  


#ThisThingRips is focused on wax concentrate consumption, as you will soon notice that the products that they sell are geared towards this consumption platform. They have a wide range of wax pen vaporizers, dab tools, silicone wax containers, batteries, USB chargers, and torches for dabbing. However, they also manufacture a few items that relate to dry herb consumption like rolling trays and lighters. They are also known for manufacturing and selling complete packages on dab pens that even have storage trays they like to call battle stations. The name of the brand is synonymous with quality and affordability, especially in the wax concentrate consumption platform, dab pens have become one of the most sought-after devices by consumers of all levels. Dab pens have truly revolutionized the way we see and consume wax concentrates and have taken us especially the extract enthusiasts leaps and bounds from where we started.

Today, the #ThisThingRips brand is known as one of the leaders in innovation with their attention focused on power and portability. While many of today’s vaporizer manufacturer aims to produce the be-all-end-all vaporizer for wax consumption, no one can deny the power that vaporizers from the #ThisThingRips lineup can provide. They provide the true definition of having the power of a dab rig in the palm of your hands. You can easily take #ThisThingRips dab pens almost anywhere you go and use any way you please. However, bear in mind that these dab pens are good in extracting the full potential of your materials and can easily elevate the potency of your wax concentrates so make sure to vape with caution.


In line with their mission to provide the industry with powerful vaporizers at a reasonable price, #ThisThingRips ensures that they use only the best raw materials made available by today’s manufacturing industries to provide top-quality vaporizers to their customers. They use their connections from the strong business ties they have built over the years to get the best materials on the market at the most competitive price. Their ability to leverage their position as one of the most sought-after vaporizer manufacturers in the industry led them to continue to gain a foothold on the dab pen market. Moreover, what made #ThisThingRips such a great company is their ability to communicate with the communities and listen to the actual end users. They get substantial feedback and use them in their research and development which is why the products they manufacture are sure hits and immediate best-sellers – they sell products that users and consumers want and need. A simple formula that allowed the #ThisThingRips brand to leap and skyrocket to success.  

The #ThisThingRips Hallmark 

The #TTR brand has quickly become one of the most distinctive dab pens in the industry of portable handheld vaporizers. With their high-quality vapes like the newly released #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen 3 Vaporizer, the #ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vaporizer and the #ThisThingRips R2 Series Gen 3 Vaporizer. This trifecta of vape pens only shows the quality of the #TTR brand, leading and setting the standard and raising the bars higher only for its competitors to follow.

All of these newly released devices also come complete with all that you’ll ever need, including a Platinum Cured Base Station Silicone Storage Tray where you can keep all your essentials and all of the product's inclusive accessories all in one fitting pedestal. #ThisThingRips made sure that the latest generation devices they released are all-inclusive of every essential you will need keeping with their vision as a manufacturer to provide their customers with a be-all-end-all solution to wax consumption. #ThisThingRips have noticed that many of today’s vaporizer manufacturers create good quality devices but in order to get the full experience, of course, one has to get the complete package. This means that you must buy the necessary accessories to help you elevate your experience and really feel the high life.

Many of these manufacturers also produce products like wax containers and dab tools but they often come at a price and you will most likely to buy them separately after you’ve bought the actual vaporizer. They're like DLCs on new video games – and no one likes to buy incomplete video games. Likewise, any vape user and the wax consumer can appreciate additional accessories should it come within the box packaged with the actual unit. This is why #ThisThingRips opted to make this series of vaporizers come with all the essentials you need not only for consuming wax concentrates and other forms of extracts but also for keeping essentials for smoking or vaping dry herbs. We like how versatile #ThisThingRips products are and how they respect that wax consumers sometimes do take a break for extracts and revert back to the botanical plant matter.  


All dab pens from #TTR are equipped and outfitted with a distinct #TTR hallmark Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber which lets you watch your materials as it cooks, it also makes for a great way to monitor the level of your material. This is another unique feature you can find only in #ThisThingRips products and vaporizers. This allows wax consumers not only to enjoy the physical and psychological upshots of consuming their wax concentrates but also the aesthetic effects of seeing your wax concentrates bubble up as they turn from solid to liquid, to gas. You'd be mind-blown to see the chemical changes your select wax concentrates go through just to provide you its beneficial effects. You not only reap the benefits of your select materials but you also get to see them in action.

This kind of feature isn’t just made to have you sit in awe as your favorite wax concentrates turn into vapor, this has also had something to do with you being able to see just how much materials you have in your atomizer. One of the common issues experienced by beginners is the inability to see and determine how much materials are left in the chamber. This often leads to dry hits that can irritate your mouth and your throat. By seeing just how much material there is in the chamber, you’ll know just when to reload your vaporizer. This not only prevents dry hits from inhaling heated air from the dry heating element but also it prevents damage and breakage from the atomizers from heating without materials in them. This dual-edged sword approach provides two benefits in just one simple design proving yet again that #ThisThingRips is a brand that can innovate and create new technology which allows their customers and device end users to experience next-level vaping experience without having to pay the next-level price tag.  

These simple and rudimentary innovations set the #ThisThingRips brand apart from the competition. The innovation they bring to the table proves that improvements to design and engineering doesn’t always have to be expensive. They have shown not only consumers but also the vaping industry in general that much can be done using just small and rudimentary enhancements.  

We can only surmise that #ThisThingRips had this brilliant this idea because #ThisThingRips knew how to listen to their customers.  

#ThisThingRips Patented Technology 

ThisThingRipsInnovation at its finest, as we’ve mentioned, there’s nothing less to expect from #ThisThingRips. The atomizer found in the #ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vaporizer is designed for maximum vaping efficiency and optimum vapor quality with added vapor visibility every single hit. 

#ThisThingRips has always wanted to give its customers the experience of having unwavering power at the palm of their hands. While many other vaporizers and vaporizer manufacturers have promised this experience, none so far have provided satisfactory results. In this regard, #ThisThingRips has made plans to develop a heating element that can optimize vaporization allowing consumers to experience elevated and enhanced performances in terms of flavor and potency. And how exactly can that be done? By tinkering with the core of each dab pen – the atomizer. By changing the configuration of the actual atomizer, #ThisThingRips was able to provide their newer generation vaporizers with the ability to amplify and intensify the active ingredients native to your select waxy oil concentrates 

The idea behind the Lava-Quartz Dual Ti Coil Atomizer is the application of the science of heating efficiency. Quartz burns much cleaner than ceramic, thus, faithfully preserving the natural flavors of your concentrates and allowing you to experience the natural taste and potency of your favorite waxy oil materials. Quartz is more solid therefore you won’t taste it when it burns, quartz’s inert attributes allow the efficient heating of wax without the possibility of unwanted taste. Furthermore, quartz has better heat transfer properties compared to other minerals like ceramic making it the perfect catalyst for vaporizing wax concentrates on-the-go. Imagine having to pull out your vaporizer while you’re on the streets. You simply can’t afford to wait for a few minutes for your dab pen to heat up and start generating vapors.

While it’s true that ceramic heating elements can facilitate better flavor production, no one can deny that quartz is best for delivering fast and precise results making it the ideal component for when you want fast and reliable vaporization when you’re out and about. Nobody wants to waste wax concentrates, apart from being expensive, a glob of these waxy extracts can go a long way so it would be a waste to not be able to use all the wax in your atomizer. This happens when the wax concentrates do not get vaporized and will lead to having wax and material buildup which creates resin inside your atomizer. The Lava-Quartz Dual Ti Coil Atomizer allows fast and effective heating ensuring every bit of wax concentrate to be heated leaving not even a drop of wax in the atomizer.  

This atomizer has been the innovation that keeps the #ThisThingRips on the map of top-tier vaporizer manufacturers. #ThisThingRips works hard to secure patents for their innovation this is why you just can’t see #ThisThingRips innovation on other vaporizers on the market today.  

#ThisThingRips: A Premium Choice 

All the dab pens from #ThisThingRips make for a good companion for your everyday consumption. Their products are highly recognizable and are incomparable to a regular vape pen. We can attest to that by choosing #TTR, their products are an assurance to good quality letting you know you’ve made the right decision. #TTR is highly committed into delivering the best products to the general consumer, that’s why they talk to the majority of concentrate consumers and salesperson who are actually using these products and who have a common goal of innovating and improving their experiences. These efforts combined allow #ThisThingRips to produce and manufacture some of the best possible version of their existing products. Giving the end user just what they really need. 

This is why vape professionals and medical consumers look to #ThisThingRips for reliable devices that they can depend on when they want a portable vaporizer they can trust. Professionals who use vaporizers to help them deal and manage stress at work and even anxiety. Using a portable dab pen will help them keep their calm and focus for a productive buzz at work. #ThisThingRips’ dab pens are made to be discreet options while still packing power making it the quintessential dab pen.

Likewise, athletes who use vaporizers to consume botanicals and wax concentrates as well as other extracts can rely on #ThisThingRips for good quality devices that they can easily pull out of their gym bags or take out of their lockets for that pre or post workout session. Many of today’s professional athletes take advantage of the advantages of waxes and herbs, they offer a non-intrusive and a non-synthetic means of relief from pain after a hard day of training, it also offers anti-inflammatory benefits for dealing and managing cramps as well as swelling from sprains and spasms after a rigorous gym session.  

Individuals who use their vaporizers for taking and administering their medication can benefit from using #ThisThingRips’ wax pens. They bring out the full potential of their select wax concentrates and at the same time provide clean and smooth vaporization so you won’t have to inhale any irritants or any toxic by-products of using and heating sub-standard heating elements. You’re sure to enjoy medical-grade vapors that will help you keep medicated. Likewise, those who use wax concentrates and dry herbs for recreational purposes can benefit from using #ThisThingRips’ products for high-quality vaporizer products for their daily vaping needs.  

The #ThisThingRips Promise 

It’s true that #ThisThingRips is committed to revolutionizing the vaporizer industry and therefore is geared to release some innovative devices in the future.  

Fans and followers of the #ThisThingRips brand can rest assured that good things are in store for them. Like the innovations that #ThisThingRips has brought to the industry, we’re to expect big things to come from this vaporizer manufacturer. You can count on #ThisThingRips to give you cutting-edge vaporizer technology as they have proven time and time again with their vaporizer products. While the #ThisThingRips brand specializes in dab pens and all vaporizers related to the use and consumption of wax concentrates, they may still yet surprise us with some high-level devices used for the consumption of botanicals – yes, you’ve heard it here first.  

The #ThisThingRips brand itself is a promise of quality that most vape users and consumers look up to for years and years to come. This is one of the reasons why #ThisThingRips vaporizers are seen as sound investments because they’re durable and are reliable allowing you to really maximize your spending. Moreover, products manufactured and sold by #ThisThingRips are not only user-friendly but are also wallet-friendly.  

Take advantage of the #ThisThingRips promise. See and feel the difference for yourself.  

Variety Suited for Every Consumer 

While many vaporizer companies seem to target a certain vaporizer niche or a particular vaping segment, the #ThisThingRips aims to cover and encompass all the classes of consumers with devices that are suited for all levels. VapeActive is proud to have been one of the few online vape stores to carry the #ThisThingRips brand. We’re sure that whatever kind of vaporizer user or material consumer you are, you can find the right #ThisThingRips vaporizer for you. They offer a wide variety of vaporizers that also helps VapeActive to broaden its vaporizer offering. So, if you’re looking for reliable dab pens and powerful wax concentrate vaporizers, you sure are in the right place. Here are some of the #ThisThingRips vaporizers we carry in our collection.  

The #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer 

The #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer is arguably the most affordable dab pen and wax concentrate vaporizer on the market today. Affordable not only because it costs a quarter of the price of some of today’s top-shelf dab pens but because it can perform as good as them.  

While the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer may look and feel like a very rudimentary unit, it sure can live up to the challenge. It sports a matte finish making it one of the most discreet vaporizers in the industry. It boasts minimalistic branding which means that you won’t necessarily look like you’re holding a vaporizer when you have the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer in your hands. Moreover, it’s slim and sleek making it easy to just throw it in your pocket and pull it just exactly when you need to. However, the real magic behind the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer is not what it offers from the outside, it’s what it holds in the inside. Down its core, it’s outfitted with a ceramic-based heating element which allows the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer to facilitate low and slow heating when while you’re on-the-go. The fact that it’s easy and straightforward to use and operate makes it all the more suited for use when you’re out and about.  

Because the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer uses ceramic heating rods, it can produce vapors that are flavorful and the kind that packs potency that’ll knock you off your feet. Those who consume wax concentrates know that in this platform, the flavor is gold. This is because the process that occurs when you convert herbs into wax will take away most of the natural flavonoids that are native to the herbs. This reduces the flavor of the material but increases the potency because wax concentrates are the actual active ingredients in its purest form. So, the ability to enhance the flavors of your waxes plays a significant role in the consumption of extracts. And, to do that using a vaporizer that won’t break the bank is like taking a trip to value town. This is one of the reasons why many advanced consumers tend to use the #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer because they know just how much value they can get for such a small amount of price.  

The #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition 

From an affordable option, we now present you with a dab pen made for the high roller. No, not unlike other manufacturers who wrap their products up in gold-plated housings or stack-up their vaporizers with a slew of other items to make them more expensive#ThisThingRips gave the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition with a chock full of features to make it the ultimate dab pen for the real hard-core consumer.  

To begin with, the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer comes with a smart battery that remembers your last setting so you won’t have to keep on pushing the same button and setting it to the same configuration again and again. #ThisThingRips knows that this routine is pretty tiring. The smart battery offers a set it and forget it kind of vibe because it will automatically change to the last known setting making it easy to find and go back to that sweet spot. Many vape users and wax concentrate consumers, especially beginners, find it hard to find a temperature profile they can easily get attuned with, a temperature setting they’ll be comfortable using. With the smart battery, you can easily get to that setting without having to remember how you even got there. The battery is also capable of changing the temperature level placing it above the average dab pen where the commonplace is only one temperature setting. These fine-tuned temperature profiles are calibrated for optimum wax concentrate consumption with temperatures that are best suited for the vaporization of extracts. The #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer offers simple and straightforward modes; respectively as low, medium, and high settings.  

Apart from the smart battery, the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer boasts further customization settings through its adjustable airflow valve. Although this feature looks fairly insignificant, this impacts your vaping sessions in big ways. The built-in airflow valve allows you to adjust the air that comes in the atomizer. The air then affects how the wax concentrates are heated, vaporized, and how much body the vapor output has. The rationale behind it is that the more air that comes in the atomizer, the faster the waxes are vaporized. By doing so, the wax will not have enough time to permeate the heating elements. Furthermore, the more air passes through the atomizer the larger the vapors are, this means you get bigger clouds that are cooler because of the air that comes in the atomizer. However, this setting has its own downsides. When you let in more air, the flavor is decreased. You get the exact opposite when you restrict the amount of air coming in the atomizer. This way the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer allows you to maximize customization in all areas possible.  

The #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer takes your vaping sessions to the next level.  

The #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer 

The #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer shares the same DNA as the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition Vaporizer. They share the same smart battery that remembers the last setting used on the device or convenient experience. Remember that adjustable airflow we’ve talked about? You can also find that in the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer. This means that the adjustability that the latter can offer can also be found with the former making the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer a device to look out for.  

The #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer also offers a see-through chamber where you can see what happens to the wax concentrates when they are heated. You can also see when it’s time to reload your vaporizer instead of guessing whether or not it’s time to add wax concentrates so you can keep on vaping on a roll. Furthermore, the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer comes with a built-in jar where you can keep your select wax concentrates when you need to vape on-the-go. This means you no longer have to carry around additional containers for your wax concentrates, everything except for the dab tool is contained in the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer. This design redefines portable vaporizers in general. The #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer ensures that you'll be able to bring all your vaping essentials anywhere you go.  

Apart from the features conforming to its portable design, the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer also proves it’s well suited for home use. The device comes with a tray to keep all your vaporizers and all your vaping essentials. This makes for a fitting pedestal for the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer. This is why many consumers find that this vaporizer makes for a sound investment especially for beginners who are yet to accumulate their own hoard of vape accessories. The included storage tray makes for a good place even for advanced vape users to keep their vaping arsenal. People from all levels will be able to enjoy using the #ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer and its inclusive accessories.  

The #ThisThingRips Stok Edition One Vaporizer 

Some things are just better in white. While most of the vaporizers in #ThisThingRips’ collections are built either as black or grey and in metal, the #ThisThingRips Stok Edition One Vaporizer is as white as snow. This is a pretext of the quality of the actual vaporizer as it can easily take you to clouds nine.  

ThisThingRips Stok One

ThisThingRips Stok One featuresThis portable wax vaporizer is outfitted with dual ceramic rods wrapped around in titanium coils. By now we know the properties and the capabilities of ceramic heating elements and why they’re the most preferred heating element when it comes to the consumption of wax concentrates. The ceramic rods allow the waxes to slowly heat up for a more flavorful result. Moreover, the atomizer in the #ThisThingRips Stok Edition One Vaporizer uses high-quality titanium coils which do not easily rust or oxidize when subjected to heat. Weaker metals and heating elements can develop oxidation and corrosion which can lead to harmful by-products that can irritate and damage your lungs over time. Furthermore, titanium helps reduce the development of gunk and resin since it burns cleaner than other metals. This means that the quality of the vapors the #ThisThingRips Stok Edition One Vaporizer produces are as clear and as white as its exterior paint job.  

Like its vapor yield, the design of the #ThisThingRips Stok Edition One Vaporizer from the outside is as clean and minimalistic.