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About #ThisThingRips

When you talk about brands, no name is more intimidating than #ThisThingRips. The name alone is enough to make me tell them to just shut up and take my money. Fortunately, #TTR is a company devoted to faithfully manufacturing merchandise that’s both functional and economical, allowing vape aficionados to experience top-notch vaping without breaking the bank.

Their products are “designed to elevate” letting you in on the lifted lifestyle. The testimonials on their website are not to be taken lightly, they’re the real deal and excel in customer service and aftermarket assistance. They’ve got multiple stores where you can seek assistance and purchase more of #TTR’s products.


The #ThisThingRips Hallmark

The #TTR label has quickly become one of the most distinctive brands in the industry of portable handheld vaporizers. With their high-quality vapes like the newly released #ThisThingRips Roil Series Gen 3 Vaporizer, the #ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vaporizer and the #ThisThingRips R2 Series Gen 3 Vaporizer. This trifecta of vape pens only shows the quality of the #TTR brand, leading and setting the standard and raising the bars higher only for its competitors to follow. All of these newly released devices also come complete with all that you’ll ever need, including a Platinum Cured Basestation Silicone Storage Tray where you can keep all your essentials and all of the products inclusive accessories all in one fitting pedestal.

All wax pens from #TTR are equipped and outfitted with a distinct #TTR hallmark Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber which lets you watch your materials as it cooks, it also makes for a great way to monitor the level of your material.


Patented Technology

Innovation at its finest, there’s nothing less to expect from #ThisThingRips. The atomizer found in the #ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vaporizer is designed for maximum vaping efficiency and optimum vapor quality with added vapor visibility every single hit.

The idea behind the Lava-Quartz Dual Ti Coil Atomizer is the application of the science of heating efficiency. Quartz burns much cleaner than ceramic, thus, faithfully preserving the natural flavors of your concentrates and allowing you to experience the natural taste and potency of your favorite waxy oil materials. Quartz is more solid therefore you won’t taste it when it burns, quartz’s inert attributes allow the efficient heating of wax without the possibility of unwanted taste.


Premium Choice

All the vape pens from #TTR make for a good companion for your everyday consumption. Their products are highly recognizable and are incomparable to a regular vape pen. We can attest that by choosing #TTR, you’ve made the right decision. #TTR is highly committed into delivering the best products to the general consumer, that’s why they talk to the majority of concentrate consumers and salesperson who are actually using these products and who have a common goal of innovating and improving their experiences. These efforts combined allow #ThisThingRips to produce and design the best possible version of their existing products. Giving the end user just what they really need.