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SMOK Vaporizer Discount

One of the leading names in e-juice and e-liquid vaporization, SMOK has been a name commonly seen and heard in vaping events and vaping conventions. SMOK has been known for its premium vapor production that’s more than the perfect blend of vapor and flavor. Vape users who are wanting to switch to a healthier alternative to smoking choose SMOK because it’s capable of providing them a balanced yield; an output with god throat hit (like the ones you’re used to when smoking cigarettes), an output with good flavor retention, and vapor output with good density and overall visibility. Here at VapeActive, we offer 10% off on all SMOK Vaporizers, you can enjoy the world-class vaping experience SMOK Vaporizers can offer, all that at a discounted price.  

One of SMOK’s flagship devices can be found on our e-liquid vaporizers collection. The SMOK Alien Vaporizer, is a beefy vaporizer capable of busting out your lungs with exquisitely ripping hits. Here are some reasons why you should consider having the SMOK Alien and getting it at a discounted price. The SMOK Alien is powered by two 18650 batteries which is more than enough for your casual vaping sessions. You might think that equipping the SMOK Alien with such a hefty supply of power is pretty ridiculous, well, that’s because the SMOK Alien is outfitted with a wide range of temperature control allowing you to select the temperature profile of your choice. In vaping e-juice and other e-liquid blends, temperature flexibility is imperative. This is because the level of temperature you apply on you e-liquid determines the vapor yield of the device. Lower temperature profile will result to thinner wisps with excellent flavor, this is important especially when you’re vaping sweet and fruity flavored e-liquids. You can enjoy the sweet tastes and the tangy flavors of your select e-liquids. Higher temperature levels, on the other hand, yield visible and dense clouds of vapor, they’re heavy enough that other have similar density that of actual smoke. This is good for vape users who enjoy blowing out fat clouds of vapor that are visually stunning and satisfying. The SMOK Alien can cater to the needs of all vapers whether you’re a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser. Another advantage of using the SMOK Alien is its firing bar located at the side of the vape battery. This means that instead of pressing one single button – which may cause unwanted strain on your hands when incorrectly executed – you can simply squeeze the SMOK Alien giving you a more comfortable and most importantly a more reliable result. Every status of the SMOK Alien is displayed on its crisp OLED display, you no longer have to guess the battery level, the running temperature, and all other important data on your vaporizer. The SMOK Alien displays it all in a user-friendly manner, without overcrowding the screen and flooding you with unnecessary information. Get the SMOK Alien now at a lower price. All our coupons are constantly updated to make sure you’re getting the best deals every single day. So, what are you waiting for? Get our coupons now and make the most out of your online shopping experience. Be more and maximize your spending only here at VapeActive 


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