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VapeActive believes in what Space Case Grinders uphold in terms of making and manufacturing grinders of utmost quality. These grinders may be a little pricey especially when you’re shopping for grinders while on a budget. That's why VapeActive wants you to get Space Case Grinders at a low price – the likes no other online vape shop has ever offered such premium units like the Space Case Grinders. We’re cutting off 15% out of the original price so make sure you grab one of our coupons to get a chance to own a Space Case Grinder less 15% the original costs. We know how valuable grinding herbs are specially to vape users. Ground materials allow for better vaporization of herbs, regardless if you’re using a convection grinder or a conduction oven, grinders allow more material to cover more surface area as well as to provide you with the right consistency of your materials so you’re able to maximize your herbs.

Space Case Grinders are made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum which gives them superb durability while still maintaining a light weight. Space Case Grinders are premium grinders as they’re made using only the latest CNC machining technology for precision and accuracy. These grinders feature evenly made and manufactured components that gives them similarly even yields of ground herbs and other botanical plant matter. This means that because Space Case Grinders are made with precision equipment, they will have even parts unlike grinders made with poor raw materials and even poor equipment so you’ll find that they have uneven components that will cause damage and likewise uneven produce. That's why these grinders are sought after by professionals, enthusiasts, connoisseurs, medical users, and casual consumers. Hey also top of the line technology as shown in the centering wedges of each grinders from Space Case Grinders. These centering wedges allow the herbs to be pushed back to the center of the grinder so that all the botanicals will get an even and balanced grind, all materials are treated the same way so your herbs are always consistent and never having larger herbs amidst finely ground botanicals. The centering wedge is the key to Space Case Grinder’s consistent grind as well as the uniform ground products. This is helped and amplified by the sharp cutting blades, shaped in the form of diamonds, allowing the multi-directional cutting abilities. You can now grind your herbs with ease not having to follow a certain direction when grinding, you can easily move the top grinding piece side to side and still get the same consistency as the grinders that use heavy duty components. Space Case Grinders are designed to provide consumers with utmost convenience and so it VapeActive.

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