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If you want an experience that perfectly meshes the benefits and advantages of vaporizers from two different spectrums (desktop vaporizers and pen vaporizers), they you’d want to be using portable vaporizers. It’s a combination that’s dab smack in the middle. Portable vapes can sometimes be expensive especially when compared to dab pens and other vape pens. VapeActive will be giving out special coupon codes and exclusive discounts for portable vaporizers so you can get them at a deducted price. That’s true value with true savings.

Because they’re a mixture of two vaping systems that are obviously far from each other. Most portable vaporizers are bulky but are rugged and the factor of durability can easily be seen in the design and engineering of portable vaporizers. Most consumers prefer portable vaporizers simply because they have better power and have stronger vaping capabilities. They are portable but they offer the closest performance as desktop vapes. Because portable vapes have larger bodies than vape pens, they offer more vaping technology which results to better temperature performance, wider temperature range and other advanced features vape companies can cram inside those bulky devices. However, some portable units can still be as slim yet as functional. The AirVape XS - Special Edition is slim and is luxurious. It measures only around over 4 inches long, almost 2 inches wide, and .48 inches thick. It magically drops all the weight and bulk while still offering the best of what portable vaporizers can. Moreover, today’s advancement in technology allows for the AirVape XS - Special Edition to be lightweight and intelligent at the same time. The AirVape XS - Special Edition is packed with modern and advanced technology like a battery with pass-through charging capabilities. This means that even if the AirVape XS - Special Edition is plugged in the charger, you can still use it to vaporize your materials. Think of it as like wielding the unlimited power that your wall outlet can offer. You can take on more demanding vaping sessions and even get your friends to join you and partake on your vaping ritual. Speaking of vaping technology, the AirVape XS - Special Edition is outfitted with an automatic shutoff feature which lets the AirVape XS - Special Edition shut itself off after a certain period of time. This comes truly handy most especially because portable vaporizers like the AirVape XS - Special Edition are oftentimes kept in one’s pocket. So, to prevent the AirVape XS - Special Edition from accidentally turning on or firing by itself, the automatic shutoff feature will come very handy. While the AirVape XS - Special Edition is chock full of advanced features it also boasts extremely sophisticated exterior. It comes in a high-grade plastic that’s odor proof so nobody will smell you. It’s lavishly extravagant as it sports a gold plated exterior. The AirVape XS - Special Edition is simply a vaporizer you can brag about. Many other portable vaporizers like the AirVape XS - Special Edition comes on a discounted price. Check out our portable vaporizer collections page and get many portable vaporizers at a discounted price.


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