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Tired of all those stubborn nugs that give off an uneven burn when you light them up? Or maybe having a hard time packing your vape with all those mulish blocks of herbs? This is the right time to shop for a grinder. What better way to kick off your first grinder than by getting a Cali Crusher? Cali Crusher Grinders are premium grinders and VapeActive is selling them off at a discounted price. That’s right, get the chance to own a Cali Crusher Grinder at the cheap. VapeActive is a believer of Cali Crusher Grinders and their goal to provide consumers with high quality grinders without the premium price tag. Here are a few reasons why you should get yourself a Cali Crusher Grinder now.

Cali Crusher Grinders are made from high-grade aerospace aluminum. This material allows Cali Crusher Grinders to be both durable and lightweight. The aerospace aluminum is also medical grade which means that the metal components will not affect the quality of your herbs. Cali Crusher Grinders know that you’ve spent time and money to ensure that your herbs are not affected by heavy metals from the soil which they grow from. That’s why they took extra care to ensure that they will not be contaminated at the process of grinding them. Cali Crusher Grinders have lab-grade metals that will not affect the herbs chemically in any way, they will also help preserve the quality of the herbs allowing you to get the best results out of your materials. There's a lot of benefits using grinders both when vaping and when smoking. Grinders balance out all those uneven parts of your herbs and make sure no part gets burned especially when vaping, all the herbs are evenly heated allowing you to maximize every yield. This is true especially when using conduction heating vaporizers since conduction heating involves the use of a heated surface to vaporize your materials, unlike convection heating which uses hot air that effectively permeates the herbs even if they’re placed on your heating chamber as a whole. With conduction heating, you need to have an evenly ground material so each part can come into contact with the heated surface. Another feature of Cali Crusher Grinders is that they use neodymium rare earth magnets. These magnets effectively hold the grinders together so they won’t fall apart causing your precious ground materials to go to waste. These magnets have strong connections which effectively keeps all parts and pieces in place even when you place your grinder in your bag or in your pocket. Cali Crusher Grinders knows that some consumers use their grinders as receptacles to keep herbs so having a secure magnet ensures no material goes to waste. Another advantage to using Cali Crusher Grinders is that they are using a patented dual action radial cut blades to efficiently hack through those hard to get to nugs giving you the grind you need or all your needs. Own a Cali Crusher Grinder now for a discounted price using our coupon codes.  


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