WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Vaporizer


SMOK is home to some of the best e-juice and e-liquid vapes on the market. Their SMOK Alien Vaporizer is one of the most sought-after box mod vaporizers the industry has to offer. The SMOK Alien is compatible with various e-juice tanks and e-juice atomizers. Here at VapeActive, we carry SMOK products and offer exclusive discounts through our SMOK coupon codes. Get one of the most powerful batteries for your e-juice in the SMOK Alien.


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About SMOK  

Considered as one of the leading brands of vaporizers today, SMOK is one of the most sought-after brands of e-liquid vaporizers on the market today. With products like the SMOK Alien Vaporizer, they were able to secure a solid foothold in today’s vaporizer industry.  

Products from SMOK has always been seen by many consumers, beginners and veteran users alike, as products that have redefined e-juice and e-liquid consumption. They continue to revolutionize and improve sub-ohm vaping as well as incorporating modern technology on their products. This placed SMOK on the map of some of the best vaporizer manufacturers in the industry. Today, SMOK maintains that status by always being on the cutting edge of vaporization technology. They have been some of the go-to brands for those who use vaporizers for nicotine delivery, especially because many people who suffer from nicotine addiction turn to vaporizers as a means of escape and help with breaking free from their addiction.  

SMOK vaporizers allow you to enjoy a wide variety of flavors from your select e-liquids. From fruit-flavored e-juice blends to pastry-flavored e-liquids, SMOK vaporizers have mastered and improved the way vaporizers are crafted to accommodate these materials. SMOK vaporizers are big in both form and feature. While they’re still considered as portable vaporizers, SMOK products are made to be packed with some of the most advanced features you can only find on some of the more expensive vaporizer brands and models. This is why SMOK vaporizers are the go-to brands for people who want the perfect mix of power and portability. Vaporizers from SMOK can easily be one of the best vaporizers the industry has to offer.  

They have also specialized in manufacturing some of the best replaceable and rebuildable tanks and vape coils for use with e-liquids. Fitting the needs and the standards of connoisseurs and cloud chasers, SMOK vaporizers was one of the first brands to ever popularize vaping altogether.  

SMOK’s Early Years 

SMOK has been in the business for less than a decade and yet, they have managed to amass a huge number of following because of the overall quality of their vaporizer products.  

Founded in 2010, SMOK was geared on becoming the world’s greatest electronic cigarette manufacturer. They have since then produced exceptional numbers in terms of sales in all markets as well as in the production of some of the industry’s mainstay vaporizer models. They have spent and dedicated significant time and money for research and development and have always been on the lookout for what’s the next big thing in vaporizers which is why they are always the first to release the most advanced e-juice vaporizers on the market.  

It took SMOK only just 7 years to reach the pinnacle of the vape industry. From humble beginnings, SMOK rose to superiority because of how well they design and engineer their products. Here’s their story.  

It all began in 2010 when SMOK was founded as a subsidiary company of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. Its parent company is considered as one of the leading brands that specialize in electronic cigarettes. SMOK became Shenzhen IVPS Technology’s way to penetrate the American and the European market with a brand that’s more appealing to western consumers. SMOK products were the perfect representation of what art and technology can do. This is one of the reasons why SMOK vaporizers are stylish and are sophisticated on the outside but under the hood, they are like supercomputers who are built to accommodate the needs of consumers to the highest specifications.  

Because of this, the team behind SMOK later developed and engineered what was to be the foundation of modern-day e-juice and e-liquid consumption – dual coil atomizers. In 2011, SMOK released their version of the dual coil atomizer. It immediately became recognized as a revolutionary breakthrough for SMOK products that use tanks and cartomizers. This would later become the foundation from which future SMOK products are to be built from as well as the foundation of SMOK’s reputation. The dual coil atomizers paved the way for future generation SMOK products.  

The following year, 2012, SMOK developed a variable voltage electronic cigarette box mod as well as a mechanical mod and a telescopic mod. The year 2012 marked a great achievement for SMOK as it was a year when they received patent certificates for their products. This meant that they were successful in manufacturing original and unprecedented products – the likes the industry has never seen. The awards of patent certificates they have received inspired them to create more which is why SMOK has amassed such a large number of products encompassing all the aspects of vaping.  

The year after proved to be even better and even bigger for SMOK. In 2013, further growth and development of technological advancement were evident amongst SMOK products. 2013 marked a milestone for SMOK as they produced their cotton fewer cartomizers and tanks made from some of the best raw materials the industry can offer. 2013 also gave the industry SMOK’s mechanical mods with intelligent magnet switch. Furthermore, SMOK successfully created bottom coil tanks and cartomizers. SMOK was one of the first companies to acknowledge and observe that the vaporizer industry was already shifting to a more technologically advanced era; the era of variable voltage vaporizers. Having this in mind, they knew that the success of such products was evident and SMOK electronic vaporizers that had variable voltage settings quickly became a huge hit increasing the company’s sales and revenue.  

Like the year before, 2014 was such a huge year for SMOK. They now shifted their focus and went for elegance, diversity, and creativity for 2014’s product line. They were still technologically advanced as they were outfitted with Bluetooth functionalities. Back then it was uncommon for vaporizers that small to sport auxiliary features like that of having been connected to a smartphone. SMOK released what were known to be the first intelligent Bluetooth electronic cigarette mods. Later that same year, SMOK also launched the Vaping Tour. An exclusive app where vape enthusiasts can connect with each other, share their vaping lifestyle, and make friends with other enthusiasts like them. It became a place where all vape users were able to freely express themselves and became a significant place and a pool of reference and knowledge for those looking for any vape-related information.  

SMOK did not see any setback as the following year was another huge year for SMOK. They were once again recognized as the leader in the vaporizer industry after launching a revolutionary atomizer. It had a rotary cap at the top and a triple coil design which ensured both convenience and power. That innovation was game-changing as the standard of the industry was a vaporizer with two coils. They offered something more in terms of flavor and vapor production. The said innovative product went crazy and was well received in the western market both in the United States and in Europe, marking the success of SMOK’s entrance in the western market. This was only the beginning of what was a colorful career for SMOK. The same year, SMOK’s parent company, Shenzhen IVPS Technology, was recognized as a national high-tech corporation by the Chinese government. The patents they have secured and the certifications they have received became a significant asset to the nation and were seen as an important contribution to the Chinese society and of the Shenzhen province Commission on Innovation and Technology.  

In 2016, SMOK reached an all-time high and these products accelerated the innovation and the technological development of vaporizers. 2016 was also the year when the SMOK Alien Vaporizer hit sales record high. It sold 3 million units worldwide in only 3 months sparking a story made only as of the stuff of legends.  

In 2017, SMOK reached unparalleled heights which solidified its name and cemented its reputation in the vaporizer industry. They have created a new breed of vaporizers and atomizers for use with a wide variety of flavored e-juice and e-liquid blends.  

For people who are looking for a reliable and dependable e-liquid vaporizer, SMOK is a great choice. They aren’t the cheapest but they have great quality and give you superior value in every purchase. They make for great starter kits especially the SMOK Alien Vaporizer.  

What can SMOK offer?  

SMOK vaporizers offer a lot of advantages and affordability is amongst the few SMOK devices have to boast. We know we said that they’re not the cheapest but they’re priced reasonably amongst other vaporizers in its class. That’s because SMOK uses some of the best raw materials in constructing their vaporizer products and high-quality raw materials don’t come cheap. They’re dedicated to creating new experiences for their customers but there are some features that they stick to and that makes their portable vaporizers stand out.  

Here are a few.  


Almost all of today’s vaporizer users look for a small and a compact vaporizer. This is because they are portable and are easy to carry with you almost everywhere you go.  

Products from SMOK are small enough to fit in one’s pocket but are large enough to be durable and robust devices. You can just throw a SMOK vaporizer inside your pocket and take it with you anywhere and use it any way you please. Instead of having to lug around really large and bulky portable vaporizers, you can carry one of SMOK’s products and experience raw power and superior portability. While they’re one of the most reliable vaporizer brands they’re also one of the most practical. They center their vaporizers for people who are always on-the-go, those who simply can’t afford to lose their precious time.  

One of the most innovative features that highlight SMOK vaporizers feature in terms of portability is its unique features that allow you to vape without the need of anything else except your select materials. SMOK vaporizers are seen as an all-inclusive kit. Instead of having to buy multiple parts and pieces for an upgrade, SMOK vaporizers will have all the components you need to start vaping. All there is to replace are coils and atomizers because they’re meant to be thrown out anyway. For those looking for a brand-new experience and a new perspective amongst portable vaporizers, SMOK vaporizers are worth giving a try.  

Portability is always the priority of many of today’s consumers. When using vaporizers on-the-go, you don’t need a vaporizer that requires you to constantly tinker with its accessories and other attachments. SMOK has improved the tank system using its own designs and engineering. With a tank attached to your box mod instead of an atomizer that requires constant dripping and reloading of e-liquids, you can enjoy convenient and hassle-free vaping while you’re on your feet.  


Products made by SMOK are tough and are hard-wearing. That’s because they’re made using the best raw materials made available to SMOK’s procurement team who does their best to get their hands on renewable raw materials so they can have a consistent product quality. Products like the SMOK Alien Vaporizer is made with high-quality components. The SMOK Alien Vaporizer uses zinc alloy which makes the protective housing of the SMOK Alien Vaporizer both durable and lightweight. Not only the housing but also other components are made from high-grade materials. The button of the SMOK Alien Vaporizer and a slew of SMOK products feel crisp and superior to the touch. They don’t rattle or shake incessantly as they are made with precision and accuracy. They won’t easily break away from the actual casing since they’re made tough. Even the tank and the screens on SMOK vaporizers are made of the same quality.  

This means that even if you put your SMOK vaporizer inside your pocket, you can expect it to run the same way it did the moment you pulled it out of the box. Because of their years of experience, the folks at SMOK knows well enough that compact and portable vaporizers are often subjected to wear and tear especially because they go through more use and carrying activity even when compared to other vaporizers. They get bumped in your pocket they get jammed on the corners of the table even in the jambs of your doorpost. They fall accidentally from your hands and they often just drop on the floor or on the table. This is why it’s important for portable vaporizers to be durable and capable to withstand and take a beating.  

SMOK vaporizers didn’t become industry leaders in just 7 years for nothing. They have shown exceptional manufacturing quality and that simply can’t be discredited. For those looking for a reliable vaporizer they can trust for their on-the-go needs, the SMOK brand has got them covered.  


Elegant and sleek, something that sets SMOK vaporizers apart from other devices in terms of design and overall layout. Some of SMOK’s devices look extremely futuristic catching the attention of many of today’s young consumers even veterans who want to step out of the ordinary and monotonous sea of boring vaporizers. The materials used in constructing these portable vaporizers were carefully selected so as to add to the aesthetic value of these portable e-liquid vaporizers.  

Design isn’t just how a vaporizer looks, it also involves how a vaporizer feels and functions. So, SMOK vaporizers are crafted to feel strong and sturdy to the hands. The designers and the developers at SMOK vaporizers also consider the ergonomic value of their devices so you can see odd curves and edges that were designed to make operation and overall handling easier and far more comfortable even when compared to other expensive devices. SMOK devices can easily be mistaken as designer vaporizers. Made with careful attention to detail allowing it to excel both in style and in performance.  

From the atomizer to the battery, SMOK vaporizers are themed with matching designs and patterns for your selected look. They will have hues and palettes that are closely resembling each other so you can mix and match their parts. They also have accessories and attachments so you can enjoy vaping in style.  

Carry a SMOK vaporizer and be the envy of your friends.  

Superior Vaporization  

If there’s anything a vaporizer company should nail in making a vaporizer that should be the actual vaporization process involved. After all, it only has one job, to vaporize your e-liquids.  

SMOK vaporizers are made to perform well especially in turning the e-liquid material into vapor. As we’ve mentioned earlier SMOK has acknowledged and seen the turn of the tide as they have predicted the new trend of vaporizers going to variable voltage devices. SMOK’s devices are often times outfitted with a way to change the temperature as the change of temperature level plays a vital role in vaporization. Especially in e-liquids, even the slightest change in temperature can affect the outcome of the vapor.  

Essentially, the higher the temperature level, the more visible the vapors are. The lower the temperature level the more flavorful the clouds are and in vaporization, there are two types of the enthusiast; the cloud chaser and the flavor chaser.  

Cloud chasers are often seen vaping on sub-ohm vaporizers since these types of vaporizers can accommodate lower resistances and lower resistances tend to produce larger clouds of vapor and more visible results. Cloud chasers will sometimes join vape competitions cloud chasing contests. They delight in producing and blowing large clouds of vapors. On the other hand, you’ve got the flavor chasers. Flavor chasers often called as connoisseurs as they prefer the unique tastes of rare e-juice blends. They take joy not in large-bodied vapors but in tasting the essences of fine and expensive e-liquid blends.  

Whatever you feel like doing with your vaporizer, SMOK has got you covered. They have a wide collection of vaporizers that can accommodate all your needs.  

Just recently they showed the world what kind of vaporizers they have in their collection by joining the 2019 Shenzhen E-Cig Expo. Held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, it was the perfect venue for SMOK to showcase its newest vaporizers. This is only proof to show that SMOK can cater not only to those who use vaporizers for recreational purposes but also as a means to be able to stop their smoking habits.  

Vaporizers for Nicotine Delivery 

One of the main reasons why vaporizers are used by many consumers is because it offers them a safe means of consuming nicotine. Instead of having to smoke cigarettes, they can simply just take in the vapors of a flavored e-juice blend.  

Traditional cigarette smoke carries thousands of chemicals that can potentially harm your system. This is why many lung-related medical problems are traced back to excessive smoking. It's a habit that kills you but is hard to get off you. Some people are dependent and are entirely addicted to nicotine and they suffer emotional and physical trauma from smoking. Some are separated from their families because their smell and the stench of nicotine is no longer tolerable. Some are removed from their families because of contagious diseases.  

This is one of the reasons why SMOK takes the design and engineering of their products seriously. As proof, last year, SMOK received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The said award is considered to be the Oscars of designing. They have achieved another milestone by winning over other entries from 55 countries – imagine that! No other vaporizer manufacturer and institution has achieved such feat and SMOK was easily the best choice for such a lofty award. Many believe that SMOK’s award is not by accident. SMOK has dedicated time and effort in making sure that their products meet even the strictest standards especially for those trying to quit smoking. SMOK knows that their products are being used as nicotine delivery systems for a replacement for traditional cigarettes.  

For those who are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, SMOK vaporizers are your best options. SMOK products are made with its customers in mind, unlike other companies that focus entirely on making sales, SMOK has its customers’ best interests in mind.  

SMOK vaporizers use cutting edge engineering and use only the best raw materials in manufacturing their products. They focus on superior nicotine delivery and the focal point of their vaporizers is to ensure that the people that use them will experience superior vaporization and that they are rid of the chemical and toxic by-products that you will find on other cheaper vaporizers. They follow strict standards and adhere to some of the most stringent guidelines just to ensure that the products they produce are fit for use for nicotine delivery.  

Global Expansion 

It’s no secret that SMOK wants to spread influence and be one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers not only in Asia but on a worldwide scale. Recently SMOK initiated a party called Vape All Night. The said party was held in Poland, in a way that would make SMOK’s presence felt and demonstrate their position as a global brand. Many of their products have won praises and have been applauded by numerous shop owners in Poland. The party that was held strengthened SMOK’s ties with local distributors, shop owners, and its local influencers.  

SMOK set up 20 square meters of the party area. The whole place was set so that the party was more of like a VIP event and every consumer there that tried using SMOK vaporizers left with a smile on their face. The said party was a B2B event, it was intended so that SMOK, as a distributor, can conveniently and casually interact with its distributors and other professionals that belonged in the vaping industry. The party was a success and covered all facets of the electronic cigarette market in Poland. They've been able to work alongside some of the largest market players in Poland. They also connected with publications and media influences securing and fortifying the SMOK brand in Poland. However, SMOK’s best takeaway from this event is that they got to know their customers better. This way they can shift and reassess product research and development on the western market so they can provide their customers with vaporizers and electronic cigarettes that are tailor-fit for their needs. They knew more of the needs and the demands of the very consumers. They can begin conceptualizing a more practical and more effective approach to satisfy the needs of their market.  

SMOK also has ensured that their eastern market receives the same kind of treatment as they have launched and initiated a similar event in Malaysia. Dubbed as the Malaysian Fan Family, the idea of this event was to focus on SMOK’s customers. Having said, the focus of the event was to give back to their customers with free items in their lucky draw event, and a 1V1 cloud chasing competition as well as a freestyle cloud performance from straw168, an internet celebrity. All these brought the event to a new level as SMOK strengthens their presence in the Malaysian market. The Malaysian Fan Family event was more than just a product launch, it was a means for SMOK to connect to their customers and to get to know them better. Honestly, we’ve heard a lot of companies say that they reach out to their customers but SMOK is one of the only companies that really shows their work and proves that they really do it.  

While it’s true that SMOK does care about product excellence and they strive to give their very best in achieving that goal and in making sure that they have the very best products in the industry, they also do care for their customers and they go beyond their way to connect to them and know more about them. They also make sure that they get the fastest and the most accurate information and this information is something that they can use to their advantage. The more they know about their customers, the more they can make the necessary adjustments to attack the market and devise new products that fit the very needs of their target customers. This is their secret to being a company that has a solid foothold and is always at the forefront of the industry.  

A Brand Geared Towards Excellence and Making A Difference 

SMOK is a company that’s driven by the idea of making a positive change in the industry. They also believe that in pursuing other ventures, they can influence the market and be the very catalyst of the positive change they so wish to see manifest in the industry.  

One of these ventures took SMOK to the 2018 China GT Championships that was held Zhuhai International Circuit. SMOK participated in this event and sponsored Aston Martin Vantage racing mobiles that performed exceptionally well in the said event. There are a lot of vaporizer companies in the industry and we believe that SMOK is the only company to have ever sponsored a race car or even participated in a similar event. Large multi-national companies have a knack for these kinds of races. Car racing is an event that involves calculated and evaluated decisions, the game requires precision, speed, and accuracy. Something all business should be able to relate to. Which is why SMOK had made the bold effort to join this event and continue to spread their brand’s fame.  

Spearheading the SMOK team was none other than the racing goddess herself, Yuan Tingting. She was the only single driver in this category. In a sport dominated by men, Tingting showed that she can make a difference and finished the race by herself and completed two-day events. She later won a special prize awarded by the racing committee. Her presence and her win embody the very difference SMOK wants to make in the industry. It is a business ruled over by big companies with ties to larger distributors who control the market and SMOK wants to make a change by being a successful Asian company to be known worldwide.  

Because of their continuous and growing presence in the global market, SMOK can better serve its customer and reach millions of consumers who use their vaporizers for casual and recreational purposes as well as for medicinal and remedial reasons.