Santa Cruz Shredder - 4 Piece - Medium - TGOD

Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

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  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stainless Steel Screen
  • Square Shaped Teeth
  • 4 Pieces
  • Made in the USA

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About the Santa Cruz Shredder - 4 Piece - TGOD

The best thing about a 4 piece Dry Herbs and Flowers Grinder or Shredder is that it actually has a chamber where the finely ground herbs fall through after it has been ground. It can be used perfectly to store all your ground herbs for future use as it also gives you the thought of how portability should really be. The Santa Cruz Shredder - TGOD has 4 pieces that everyone loves and is perfect for an herb aficionado that wants to be always on the go as you can just bring your herbs anywhere and be immediately ready if you want to have a quick vape session wherever you are. This can also be your perfect travel buddy giving you an ease to carry it inside your pocket or inside a small pouch as it size does not require too much space.

Despite its small size, The Santa Cruz Shredder - TGOD works perfectly as same as the bigger grinders or shredders giving you a wonderful and fine ground herbs and flowers that can extract the most of its aroma and flavor. If you are looking for the best grinder that you want to enjoy and that can give you the best results, then no doubt that the Santa Cruz Shredder 4 piece TGOD Edition is the one for you.


What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x 4 Pc. Santa Cruz Shredder - TGOD
  • 1 x Scraper

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