Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews

Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews

Haze Square Review

Haze Square Review

Have you ever wanted to vape different types of cannabis materials using just one portable vaporizer? Well, Haze has found an answer to your cannabis cravings. Introducing the Haze Square Vaporizer. Square is the newest vaporizer from the industry’s “game-changing” vape manufacturer, Haze.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Haze Technologies quickly made a name for itself in the vaping business since its inception in 2013. Haze Technologies is responsible for one of the most distinctive vaporizers in the market. The Haze Dual, their flagship device, has been received with high-acclaim by most vaping communities because of its innovative design and how it changes portable vaping altogether. It’s one of the most versatile portable units that’s capable of vaporizing almost all materials from herbs, wax, and oil. It has two chambers that allowed users to either switch from one material to another and even double up the amount of material they’re vaping. But Haze didn’t stop there.

The Square

It seems that having just two chambers wasn’t enough for the engineers at Haze Technologies. They decided to up their game by increasing the number of chambers to four. That’s right, four chambers for better variety and longer vaping sessions. Having four chambers and being able to instantly switch between them is pretty convenient, especially when you’re vaping on-the-fly. You can simply pack all four with your select botanical strain or mix it up by packing wax, oil, and herb. Whichever way you do it, the Haze Square allows you to instantly vape whatever material you put in. It heats up on-demand as fast as three seconds tops. It’s diversity in your pocket.

Apart from having four interchangeable and rotating chambers here are some of Haze Square’s most notable features:

  • Variable and Adjustable Temperature Levels
  • Impact Resistant Aluminum Housing
  • USB-C Charging
  • Built-In Mouthpiece Storage
  • Downloadable App for Better Customization Options
  • Convection Heating
  • Haptic Feedback Vibration
  • 2600mAh Battery

The Haze Square boasts several unique features to allow you full control over your vaping sessions. Not only does it provide you with the ultimate freedom in vaping whatever material you want, it also takes individuality to a whole new level.

Temperature is easily adjustable by way of the buttons located atop the device. Temperature control ranges from 320F - 480F allowing you to fine-tune the heat level to match the material you’re vaping. You have five preset settings that can easily be adjusted to your preference with Haze’s downloadable app, this feature is available with the Haze Square Pro Edition. Simply connect the Haze Square to your device, open the application and adjust the settings accordingly. The app lets you customize the temperature level per heat profile as well as the color shown in the LED indicator. I find the app pretty amazing since it keeps track of your previous setting in a history tab where you can select from the previous setting you had with the newer one. Vaping style can also be adjusted as the lights and the haptic vibration feedback can be changed through the app. You can keep the LED lights on if you prefer visually stimulating notification or keep them off when you’re keeping a low profile should you be vaping in public. The can both be turned on at the same time depending on your preference.

Convenience At Its Best

Haze Square Chamber

The Haze Square’s four chambers not only allows you to pack more than enough materials but it also gives way to easier vaping sessions when you’re out and about. I personally don’t like to reload in public, I find that showing off my dried cannabis herbs and wax concentrates to the crowd isn’t exactly the best way to do it. But what if you’re really itching to take that quick hit when you’re on your feet? The Haze Square allows you to pre-pack the chambers as you go, and once you’ve completely consumed your first canister, simply twist the rotating plate to get to the next one. Haze even sells separate material pods so you can pre-fill your pods and replace the empty ones once they’re out. It’s that easy. That’s why in my opinion, the Haze Square is one of the most convenient vaporizers you can carry around. It may look bulky at first but it surprisingly fits well in your pocket, just don’t wear overly tight jeans though. But if you do simply stash the Square in your bag or in your pouch, its durable and impact resistant aluminum housing keeps the Haze Square well protected against everyday carrying activity. And don’t ever worry about keeping it near, the Haze Square is outfitted with advanced safety features. It turns itself off automatically after 45 seconds of inactivity and alerts you of overheating by continually vibrating before it turns off.  

Charging the battery is similarly easy, the Haze Square charges in less than an hour and the Square can deliver 35 to 37 draws on a single charge, even on high-temperature settings, which should last you a decent amount of time even when you’re a heavy consumer.

Excellent Convection Heating

I believe that the true measure of a vaporizer is in its overall output, no matter how much feature and technology you cram in it won’t matter if the vapor production is poor. Luckily, Haze equips the Square with convection heating. Generally, convection style vaporizers generate remarkable vapors that perfectly balance density and flavor. Convection heating blasts hot air into the material instead of burning it with direct contact with the heating element. This means that whichever material you put inside the Square will be vaporized without reaching the point of combustion.

However, the key to getting the most of your materials is to pack the chambers loosely to allow air to circulate the chambers freely for optimum results. The vapor quality of the Square is extremely tasty and retains the potency of the materials and keeps the vapors comfortably smooth, easy on the throat and on the lungs.

Final Thoughts

I understand all the hype behind the Haze Square, they’re functional, convenient, and versatile and is perfect for people who like to take quick hits on-the-fly. The second phase of their pre-ordered devices will ship from April to May of this year so be sure to hook up with some of the best online sellers to get a good deal on Haze’s newest and most versatile vaporizer yet.

DaVinci Miqro Review

DaVinci Miqro Review

The DaVinci Miqro Herb Vaporizer adopts the dry herb conduction vaping technology made by DaVinci. From the first OG DaVinci, the DaVinci Miqro is the fourth portable vaporizer launched by the company since 2012. To review, the complete line up of DaVinci vaporizers include the OG DaVinci, the DaVinci Ascent, the DaVinci IQ and the DaVinci Miqro. Up to this day, the OG DaVinci and other DaVinci Vapes for sale are available for vape enthusiasts. 

Miqro Vaporizer Size, Portability and Build Quality 

The DaVinci Miqro Herb Vaporizer is portable and lightweight at 104 grams (inclusive of the battery) in a full chamber with 3 1/8” tall x 1 3/8” wide and about inch-deep dimensions. While this device is extremely small, it is packed with great features. It is easy to keep and hide inside your pocket or bag. You can palm it for stealth vaping on your discretion. Just beware misplacing this sexy vape because of its size! It is literally about the size of a standard key fob.  

Based on our testing, this weed vaporizer, given its small size, is very durable. Even with accidental drops, you're not going to deal with durability issues because the materials are strong and made of good quality. We will continue testing this sleek and sexy vape outdoors to check any weaknesses we manage to find.  

So far, among the DaVinci Vapes for sale, the Miqro feels good in the hands in terms of size but it does get hot like the IQ. For a better vaping, it helps to hold the device in your hand, letting some of the heat dissipate in your palm. You may notice the device getting the hottest when you turn it on, setting it down, and then forgetting about it.  

Heating, Vapor Path, and Temperature Options 

The DaVinci Miqro Herb Vaporizer heats up in 40 to 50 seconds, about the average heating time of vaporizers today. We have noticed that the heater of this vaping device is not as strong as DaVinci IQ. You may need to use a higher temperature setting if you want to exhale more clouds.  

The vapor path in this unit is Ceramic Zirconium, along with the bowl, pearl, mouthpiece, and the air path use this material. It is easy to clean, providing a great flavor for a conduction herb vaporizer. It features a full temperature spectrum ranging from 300 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, boost mode, standby mode, and smart path technology. 

With the smart path technology, you're allowed to select a smart path that is labeled to 4. Each smart path has a set temperature range with 20 degrees Fahrenheit increment. The device starts at the low-end temperature, gradually increasing the temperature a higher spectrum over the 5-minute session. Here are the temperature ranges:   

  • Smart Path 1 = 350 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Smart Path 2 = 370 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit (for most flavor) 
  • Smart Path 3 = 390F to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (for most effect) 
  • Smart Path 4 = 410 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit (for most effect) 

With the boost mode, it will rapidly increase the maximum temperature, holding it there while you're keeping the button pressed. The standby mode rapidly cools down the Miqro vaporizer, helping in conserving the battery life and your favorite herb. It automatically turns off if you leave it in the standby mode for about 2 minutes. 

Chamber Information and Draw Resistance 

You can get roughly 0.25 grams of dry herb inside the chamber of this device with a tight pack. You can stick to 0.15 grams, using the pearl for taking up some of the chamber space. A tight pack likely needs stirring and you will get more clouds. If you want to produce more clouds, you can use a fine grind but will tend to increase the frequency of cleaning the device. 

As long as you keep up with regular cleaning, the DaVinci Miqro has less draw resistance. You'll notice an increase in the draw resistance after the 5-bowl range. To obtain the best results, we highly recommend cleaning all pieces after 6 to 10 bowls. Of course, the draw resistance also depends on the herb, loading style, and frequency of cleaning. Remember that leaving the material in the chamber may cause higher draw resistance with the irregular cleaning schedule. 

Battery Life and Charging Time 

Based on our test, the average battery life of the DaVinci Miqro Herb Vaporizer averages about 30 minutes of use in full charge. That' why this is good for short vaping adventures and suitable for you if you need a vaporizer for discreet vaping without having to carry a bulky device.  

The charging time is about 90 to 110 minutes for charging a dead battery inside the unit. The use of an external charger is 10 to 20 minutes faster. It is not a big deal because you can charge the batteries at a time without requiring the device. 

Pros and Cons  

For a reasonable amount, you'll get a new pearl design that works well for single person vaping sessions, smart paths, full temperature spectrum, and a replaceable battery. As compared to the IQ, the DaVinci Miqro is simpler and easier to clean. Surely, you'll be blown away with the portability of this vaporizer, along with its design, size, and functionality.  

Of course, like any other portable vaporizers, the DaVinci Miqro has few minor gripes. Firstly, the outer shell gets hot like DaVinci IQ. Secondly, the battery is really small, so the overall life is 30 minutes allowing you to get six five-minute sessions per full charge. You can get two batteries for a total of 60 minutes.  

Final Thoughts  

The DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer is perfect for anyone who loves vaping alone, needing discretion and portability, without needing the most battery life. While this is not the perfect vaping device to sit around at home and have long casual sessions all day, this vaporizer is best taken in a night on the town, festival, or walking with your dog. The unit can easily be hidden in your palm or pocket. The real winning aspects DaVinci Miqro Herb Vaporizer are the price, size, and warranty. Now you can confidently choose the best DaVinci Vapes For Sale today! 

Atmos Astra 2 Review

Atmos Astra 2 Review

Astral Projection is a widely known philosophical belief that presents the path to enlightenment and elevation. A condition where the mind and the body are autonomous and where a sublime sense of freedom is achieved. Almost comparable to the separation of the spirit and the body, an experience that surpasses all satisfaction, pleasure and gratification.

No longer would you have to ponder hard and long to reach this euphoric conclusion, a promise of an identical out-of-body experience is at the touch of your fingertips thanks to Atmos’ newest dry herb vaporizer: the Atmos Astra 2. Small and extremely portable, you can enjoy the perfect uplifted experience from your select dry herb strains almost anywhere you go.

Never before has a portable dry herb vaporizer opened a path to ultimate ecstacy, we’ll look at why this portable dry herb vaporizer is a must have.

The Spec Sheet

  • Portable And Sleek Design
  • Crisp OLED Screen
  • Vibration Notifications
  • Scratch Resistant Body
  • Versatility
  • Plenty Of Room For Materials

Today on our good ol’ spec sheet we check the boxes and talk about what makes the Atmos Astra 2 portable dry herb vaporizer your key to the gates of Nirvana.

The Atmos Astra 2 Design

The Atmos Astra 2’s body is ergonomically engineered to comfortably fit the palm of your hands, in fact, it’s body’s shape allows the Atmos Astra 2 portable dry herb vaporizer to fit almost anywhere. Be it your hand or your pocket, one can say that the Atmos Astra 2 was designed with the on-the-go bud aficionado in mind.

The Atmos Astra 2 measures 4.05 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide, and 0.95 inches thick, which makes this portable dry herb vaporizer one of the lightest, most compact and most powerful units on the market today. Apart from being conveniently portable, the Atmos Astra 2 also transcends the boundaries of versatility and comes with two mouthpieces which allows you to choose and adjust your vaping style depending on your taste.

The way we see it, the flat mouthpiece makes for a more compact embouchure and is more suited for when you like to take quick hits on the fly, while the longer glass mouthpiece allows for better vapor output and is more suited for a more organized indoor session. Simply swap between mouthpieces to get the most out of your materials. Whether going for ninja or just chillin’ at home, you’ll never find yourself worrying about changing the way you vape, let your vape change the way it works for you with the Atmos Astra 2.

Moreover, what I loved about the Atmos Astra 2 the most is its rubber shoulder grips. More than  just a personal preference, portable vaporizers that are lined if not covered with rubber or silicone proves to be a cut above the rest. Not only does it prevent the vaporizer from slipping from your hands (damaging your precious unit), it also increases the device’s overall performance. The heat coming from the palm of your hands contributes to the overall temperature of your handheld vaporizer, the less contact it makes, the more chance it gives your vape to cool off. It adds both function and aesthetic beauty of the Atmos Astra 2. A big check, these components make the Astra 2 a pleasure to use and to carry.

Crisp OLED Screen

Apart from its stunning and well thought of design, the Atmos Astra 2 is equipped with amazing and advanced features you’re sure to love. I personally have found it hard to switch between vapes after getting used to the Astra 2’s smooth OLED Screen.

The OLED Screen keeps you well informed with what’s happening, your battery level, your temperature setting and all, plus the OLED screen is such a delight to look at. Unlike other screens with confusing layouts, the Atmos Astra 2’s intuitively designed display won’t flood you with information at all. It features haptic vibration notifications which allows the Atmos Astra 2 to communicate with you even when it’s stashed inside your pocket.

The buttons and the controls allow you to effortlessly adjust the Atmos Astra 2’s wide temperature range. Precision heating can be achieved through the push of a button, which lets you alter the heat from 300F to 435F. Atmos knows that different dry herb strains require different levels of heating to achieve the best results, extracting the best results and yielding the most palpable sensations out of your choice dry herb materials.

The freedom to select your prefered heat setting allows the Atmos Astra 2 to fully unlock your select dry herb strains’ full potential, giving you the most potent outputs and the most satisfying hits. This versatile feature is best complemented with the interchangeable mouthpieces, the flat mouthpiece works well with bud aficionados who prefer the strong and harsh vapors drawing close enough from the heated material while the long glass chambers would be more of the prefered option for dry herb devotees who opt for cooler and smoother vapor outputs. Whichever way you go, the Atmos Astra 2 ensures the best vaping experience draw after draw.

Gift From The Gods

The Atmos Astra 2 is like a gift from the Gods, a vaping experience with divine intervention. The vapor output is superbly good, thanks to the large ceramic embedded chamber which allows you to pack more herbs. Like an e-juice tank on a powerful box mod, the ceramic embedded chambers hold more material for a stronger and a more compelling result.

Adding more value to your money is it’s anodized scratch free body, like a rock that fell from heaven the Atmos Astra 2 will stay shiny even after long and strenuous use. The body of the Astra 2 is coated with a protective oxide layer which not only preserves the Astra 2’s glossy metal components but also helps improve the Astra 2’s longevity and superb overall quality. Its high-quality material construct even makes the Astra 2 feel durable enough to withstand a fair amount of carrying and use activity.

Prepare for an out of this world experience with the Atmos Astra 2.

Arizer Argo Review

Arizer Argo Review

According to legendary myths, the “Argo” was a finely built ship from which Jason and the Argonauts sailed for the quest of the golden fleece. Absolute in design, exemplary in its construction, the quintessential example, and the perfect specimen. A befitting name for the newest addition to the line of top-tier vaporizers from Arizer, a company based in Canada which is widely known for their products like the Air and the Solo vaporizers. The newest member of the Arizer crew takes the name ArGo, which is a shortened version of “Arizer Go.”

Like the mythical ship, the Arizer Go or ArGo was designed only to achieve perfection. This portable dry herb vaporizer is outfitted with only the best materials to ensure the device’s longevity and superb overall quality. Continue reading below to find out what makes the Arizer Argo one of the best dry herb vaporizer on the market today. Truly a legendary piece.

The Spec Sheet

  • A conveniently swappable 18650 battery
  • Passthrough USB charging
  • 90 satisfying minutes of  uninterrupted vape time
  • Full digital temperature control
  • Portable, sleek and stylish design
  • High-grade borosilicate glass tubes

The ArGo Design

The ArGo is designed to carry all the most indispensable features of a portable dry herb vaporizer and more, all in the palm of your hands. Pretty much like how the Argo ship carried the heroes that brought back the golden fleece, the ArGo from Arizer is geared towards providing vape enthusiasts with victorious vaping sessions.

This portable dry herb vaporizer gives you all you'll ever need and more. Currently only available in black, the ArGo sports a combination of a smooth and matte finish making it the perfect exterior for those who like to enjoy their buds discreetly. It also is outfitted with a snuggly fitting top cover which ensures the mouthpiece and the borosilicate glass tubes are securely tucked in the ArGo’s body.

It features the iconic Arizer interface where it displays a countdown before it turns on. The crisp OLED display reminds you of all the important information all at once, like your temperature control, your battery life, and notification settings.

Everything can be operated through its three-button control and is super easy to use, you'll never find a more user-friendly and uncomplicated layout than what you'll get with the ArGo Arizer. A wise man once said: "design is not just how it looks, it's how it works."

This portable dry herb vaporizer perfectly blends simple, straightforward operation and innovative advanced feature. A true testament to Arizer's core catchphrase "better by design.

An All-Powerful Power Source

To begin with, like me, most dry herb enthusiasts look for the amount of power a portable vaporizer can deliver. A vaporizer's power can determine how long you can enjoy satisfying hits or how strong and intense the clouds of vapor your unit can generate. Trust me, you just can't afford to fall short on power when you start vaping on a roll.

The ArGo from Arizer is outfitted with a standard 18650 li-on battery fully capable of providing you 90 minutes of vaping satisfaction in a single charge. That’s for the more frequent users who ceaselessly vape and are more satisfied with continuous draws, the less frequent dry herb consumers will experience longer vaping sessions throughout the life of the battery.  

The folks from Arizer recognizes the one trouble with portable devices, considering you're not plugged in on a wall socket you know you're bound to lose power. The capability to change batteries in case you run out of punch is a nifty feature on-the-go vapers like me will surely appreciate. It also features passthrough charging which lets you continue your vaping sessions just right after 15-20 minutes of charge.

To complement this incredible and interchangeable power source, the ArGo is equipped with a flexible temperature setting which ranges from 122 - 428° F / 50 - 220° C, allowing you to perfectly customize your vaping sessions to suit your ever delicate taste. Arizer knows that different strains of dry herbs require different temperature settings to efficiently vaporize and extract the best flavors and potency out of these materials. This wide temperature range empowers enthusiasts to vape their precious buds just how they want it.  

The ArGo is surprisingly capable of generating denser, more visible clouds of vapor while faithfully preserving the potent flavors of your select dry herb strains thanks to its variable temperature setting.

High-Grade Borosilicate Glass Mouthpieces

Small and stealthy, the ArGo continues to wow vape newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. This portable dry herb vaporizer sports recessed slot to accommodate its high-grade borosilicate glass stem, a hallmark feature from Arizer.

The glass stems are constructed only from the finest borosilicate glass materials, making these ArGo components extremely resistant to thermal shock. This only means you'll get to enjoy longer vaping sessions without the risk of breaking the glass constituents of the ArGo. It's only appropriate that a dry herb vaporizer capable of lengthy sessions be equipped with parts that can withstand repeated use and prolonged heat exposure without the risk of breaking, the glass materials are also durable enough for you fair amount of carrying and use activity.

These borosilicate glass chambers are the foremost choice in high-end dry herb vaporizers because it will never affect the flavor of your choice dry herbs unlike other materials do when exposed to heat. These borosilicate glass components are commonly found in modern-day laboratories because of their low thermal expansion attributes making it the ideal material for top shelf dry herb vaporizers, they allow your devices to efficiently vaporize your herbs while keeping the vapors cool and smooth for the duration of the whole session.

Easy to Maintain

The ArGo portable dry herb vaporizer is amazingly easy to maintain, for the dry herb enthusiasts who are always busy and couldn’t find the time to clean their devices the ArGo is the perfect choice.

Simply remove the leftover buds from the glass tubes after every use and you’re good to go, you can conveniently pack more buds for continuous use if you’d like to. Don’t forget to soak the borosilicate glass tubes occasionally for thorough cleansing.

We can’t stress it any further, the ArGo is super easy to clean and features easy parts replacement, it has a discreet design and has way effective vapor for its size. This simple operation packed with lots of function makes the ArGo from Arizer a vaporizer that requires minimum maintenance, something that most newcomers and novices are looking for.

Vapor Quality

Finally, it all boils down to the vapor output. The ArGo produces exceptional vapor quality for a portable dry herb vaporizer this small, backed up by technology and high grade materials unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers that are full of promises and claim to be the go to solution for dry herb enthusiasts.

On paper, the specs are designed to deliver the best clouds of vapor you’ve ever tasted. We can talk about it all day and babble about how good the ArGo from Arizer is. Just remember, this article is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s a lot to experience with the ArGo, but we’ll leave the verdict to you.

If you're interested in finding out what it exactly feels like to draw from a top tier vaporizer from a legendary label, grab yourself one now.

Boundless Tera Review

Boundless Tera Review

The word “tera” originated from the Greek word “teras” meaning monster, a word that denotes power and strength, unconquerable and formidable. Hence, we get prefixes added in units of measurement representing immense and substantial figures like the “tera” in “terabyte.”  In this respect, the upcoming portable dry herb vaporizer from Boundless intends to take up the similar, symbolic identification in the world of portable dry herb vaporizers.

Information about the Tera is still limited as the unit is said to be still in development at the time of writing and only pre-production versions are reportedly handed over for testing to gather significant input that could probably improve the Tera’s already massive potential. Though limited to only a few details, one cannot deny that these information are all worthy to be discussed.

Since its announcement, many fans of the Boundless label have raved about how good the Tera would be, in paper, it looks extremely good. It’s said to be a full convection vaporizer with an added twist, it’s supposed to feature a swappable battery which removes the limitation of battery capacities and opens a world of limitless possibilities specially for on-the-go dry herb aficionados.

Overall the Boundless Tera Vaporizer is more than promising, it’s assuring. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got so far on the Boundless Tera Vaporizer.  

The Spec Sheet

  • Full Convection Heating
  • Dual Swappable 18650 Batteries
  • Aluminum Heat Sink Chamber
  • 0.3 Gram Herb Chamber
  • Magnetic Connecting Mouthpiece
  • Full Digital Temperature Control
  • Quick 30 Second Heat Up Time

Alright, that’s what our hallmark spec sheet says so far. These features alone make for a top tier, top shelf dry herb vaporizer.

As a Boundless fanboy myself, I believe that Boundless label devotees like me are going to wet their pants when they hear this news. We’ve heard that the Boundless Tera Vaporizer would soon include a glass mouthpiece which would eventually allow you to attach the Tera to your water tool to enjoy smoother, cooler vapors. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of water filtration plus the superb trademark quality of Boundless vapes, proves just how versatile Boundless vapes could be.

Pure Convection Vapor

Convection heating and vaporizing has seen a revival and has experienced increased popularity these past few years, becoming widely recognized as a more effective and efficient means of vaporizing your select dry herb strains and eliminating a few harmful elements of conventional dry herb vaporization. Thanks to the advances in modern day technology, convection heating now has more precision and control which allows for a more favorable result compared to other methods of dry herb consumption.

The science of convection heating guarantees the best level of heat without getting to the point of combustion to produce the most favorable flavor, cloud density and potency. The top of the line convection technology applied in the Boundless Tera Vaporizer is a strong assurance that you won’t be inhaling smoke, just the perfect blend of vapor out of your select dry herbs. Many bud aficionados and vaporizer users feel that convection heating yields better tasting vapor compared to conduction heating.

Therefore, the application of convection technology is the most befitting choice for this powerful colossus. What’s more is that in the hands of Boundless engineers, convection heating became a conduit of innovation which allowed them to add a twist to this established standard.

The folks working on the Tera used a fully convection heater and incorporated an aluminum heat sink chamber. In our opinion, the heat sink will allow second hand conduction heating which increases vaporizing efficiency. This means that apart from the initial heating process provided by the convection ovens, you’ll get a second run of cooking through the aluminum heat sink chambers which releases the full potential of your choice materials. Real, tasty flavors and vapor in its purest form.

This innovative concept gives the Tera monstrous power in terms of vapor production and vapor quality.

Swappable Dual Batteries

See, the challenge with using portable vaporizers is that you only have a limited amount of power. Your battery’s life span per charge dictates how long you’ll be “puff the magic dragon.”

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer seem to have found a solution for most dry herb portable vaping aficionados who like hitting it on the fly. You no longer have to sacrifice power over portability since the Boundless Tera Vaporizer allows you to carry fully charged spare batteries in case you run out of juice. Whether you’re traveling or leading a busy lifestyle and can’t wait to just get it on, the Boundless Tera Vaporizer has got you covered. Simply swap the rechargeable batteries and you’ll get to enjoy continuous, huge and flavorful vapors without the agonizing experience of waiting for your batteries to get recharged and as we see it it’s twice the battery so means twice the power. The use of two batteries means it can aid convection heating properly and can maintain a stable supply of power, you’ll enjoy longer sessions without experiencing a significant decrease in performance.

Fast and efficient, that’s the name of the game for Boundless with the advent of the Tera Vaporizer.

Full Digital Control

In most vaporizers, full digital control means pinpoint precision. Since different dry herb strains need different heat levels to achieve elevated results, the full digital control will add a level of customization to your vaping experience.

This added feature on the Tera from Boundless will help you find the right level of heat to release aromas, flavors, and effects of various dry herb strains, creating high-quality vaporization. This makes the Tera more of like an all-star team having been outfitted with the most sophisticated technology for a portable dry herb vaporizer. Like most vaporizers you’ll see in the shop with a dedicated shelf or pedestal, the Tera looks to be the go to solution in dry herb consumption.

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer, we’ve heard, will start selling October of this year. There’s more to hear from it’s developments and we’re all excited for its final spec sheet. Make sure to check out our website and follow our blog posts for the latest Boundless Tera Vaporizer news.

Randy's Chill Review

Randy's Chill Review

Released earlier this year, the Chill vaporizer from Randy's is dubbed as the world's first ever vaporizer which lets you freeze the tube/mouthpiece to help you cool down your vapors for smoother and milder hits. In this review, we'll look into this unique portable vaporizer and find out if this new vaporizer is just another vape fad. How long will we see Randy's Chill vaporizer for sale in our favorite vape shops? Let's find out. 

The Chill – An Introduction  

The Chill from Randy's is a portable vaporizer that's designed and engineered to vaporize wax concentrates and dry herb strains which allows users to enjoy the benefits of both materials without having to sacrifice performance and functionality. I personally like to take wax concentrates with me when I go out and about, there's just something about the consistency of wax concentrates which makes reloading with these materials easier compared to ground dry herbs, and besides dry herbs are a dead giveaway. People will easily identify dried weed than concentrates, though I wouldn't want to consume more than 5 grams of dabs when vaping outside since it brings me down really good. Wax concentrates have far more potent effects than dried herbs so a small dab can go a long way. The Chill gives you the freedom to change the kind of material you use depending on the situation and doing so does not require too much preparation.   

Randy's Chill is constructed differently compared to other vaporizers, the traditional portable vaporizer holds the actual rechargeable battery either at the bottom or at the side of the vaporizer unit and places the atomizer on top of the vaporizer which is then either sealed or fastened securely by a mouthpiece.   

The folks from Randy's have always seen this pattern and have found that because the atomizer of the heating element is closely set to the mouthpiece, the users are subjected to warm to an almost hot vapor output. Hot vapors are generally harsh and can cause coughing and irritation to the throat. While some may appreciate the robust sensation of inhaling warm vapors, many still prefer to experience the benefits of their materials without getting that itchy, hemming feeling. The people from Randy's approached this as a challenge and designed a vaporizer that will hold the atomizer as far as it could from the mouthpiece.   

How the Chill Works  

Because of this idea Randy's have created the Chill, a vaporizer that keeps its heating element at the bottom of the battery instead of keeping it at the top. This design allows the Chill to provide the vapors a longer vapor path to travel to let the vapors cool down before reaching your mouth, throat, and lungs. The distance between the atomizer to the tip of the mouthpiece is at around 2.5 inches giving the vapors enough space to break the heat and allow the vapors to lose any irritants giving you only the cleanest and purest vapors that are easy on the throat and on the lungs.   

The Chill uses two high-grade, hand-blown glass tubes. One can be used as a water bubbler which adds the element of water filtration to your daily sessions and the other tube holds a medical-grade, non-toxic gel that freezes when stored in the fridge, giving you that ice-cold sensation. The longer you freeze the tube, the better the results. I initially tested mine, leaving it for about 15 minutes till frozen and was enough for a few drags before it gets back to normal temperature. You can then put it back on the fridge or use the other tube and fill it with water which cools the vapors enough but doesn't exactly mimics the effects you'd achieve with the freezable tube. The vaporizer also has an open window where you'll see the glass bubbler tube and the freezable tube at work – a nice touch.   

ThChill vaporizer includes two atomizers (one for herbs and one for concentrates) and is located at the bottom of the vaporizer. It can easily be removed by pulling it out, a sturdy chamber or case holds the heating element in place and the actual atomizer can easily be taken out by pushing it downwards. A separate atomizer can be found at the other side of the bottom part of the vaporizer through a rubber cover that hides a compartment where the other atomizer is kept. You simply have to peel the rubber cover and pull out the alternative atomizer to switch from vaping one material to another. You put the atomizer the same way you took it out and wait till you hear the snapping sound of the magnetic connections.   

The Chill vaporizer from Randy's turns on the same way you turn on your regular portable vaporizer. Five clicks turn it on, three clicks let you toggle between heat settings and five clicks turns it off. Randy's made the right decision in designing the Chill to operate like the average vape. It cuts the learning curve. If you've ever played video games, you'd know that switching from one video game console to another requires a bit of getting used to before you can truly adjust to the new hardware, let alone the button mapping from the gamepads since they differ from console to console. Switching from one vaporizer to another – at least for me – which uses different controls and button combinations feel pretty much the same as jumping from one console to another.   

The Chill comes with a USB charger and accepts a Micro USB pin so recharging your vaporizer won't exactly be an issue. You can charge it on your computer or from your car and even on your mobile devices like your laptop or from an external power bank.   

Final Thoughts  

The Chill from Randy's is certainly a vaporizer to watch out for. There are a lot of vaporizers out there but none can offer the same versatility and functionality the Chill can offer. If you want ice-cold hits that lets you experience that cool, soothing effect then Randy's Chill is the perfect vaporizer for you. I honestly don't see the Chill going away, not anytime soon. There are a lot of consumers out there who are looking for this kind of vaporizer and I'm glad to say that Randy's Chill is here to stay.  Make sure to grab yourself one of Randy's Chill vaporizer for sale in your favorite retail stores and in your favorite online vape shops.  

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