Puffco: Everything You Need to Know

Puffco: Everything You Need to Know

Puffco Plus V2 Review

Puffco Plus V2 Review

Puffco is a company whose name has been the epitome of improvement and betterment. It's pretty evident in their roots, their beginnings which started from a man’s desire to improve and refine the industry’s standards.  

Their journey began when Roger Voladarsky, the man behind Puffco, saw a great need for vaping devices the industry then could offer. He was most notable for bringing together “the principles of design, technology, and engineering” to create what is now an institution known for manufacturing some of the best vaporizers known in the concentrate consumption platform like dab pens. They transformed what was then a shabby alternative to dabbing into a premium vaping platform. The man himself – Roger – wanted to try out dabbing but found the task too daunting. The idea of using a butane powered blowtorch to heat the nails on a dab rig isn’t at all too inviting for Roger as well as for many beginners who seek to try cannabis’ holy grail.  

Concentrates are the most potent product derived from cannabis, a small dab can go a long way and had most loose-leaf consumers knocked out of their socks. The sudden rush of concentrated THC in one’s bloodstreams may be too much for novices to take. That’s why dabbing with a seemingly complicated rig and a similarly complex torch may scare off those who want to try dabbing with a rig. In search of a safer alternative, many consumers like Roger sought a better way to consume their concentrates. Roger recollects that wax concentrate vaporizers were just repurposed e-cigarette vaporizers. They often break because of their poor construction and substandard raw material choice. The very first wax vapes were held together by glues and had fibrous wicks. Such components are known to react chemically to heat and sometimes cause toxicity. Roger sought to improve this newfound platform and founded Puffco 

Puffco began creating products that are composed of high-quality materials, the likes you’d see in the medical and in the food industry. Their flagship device, the Original Puffco Plus features high-grade components like premium ceramic and a precision machined alloy housing. The Puffco Plus became an icon and is still one of the best wax pen vaporizers to date.  

Meet The New Puffco Plus  

If you’ve been a devoted follower of the Puffco brand. You, at some point, might have heard of the Plus. The plus was known for its innovative design and exceptionally premium engineering. They say if Apple would have made a wax pen vaporizer, the Puffco Plus would be it.  

Through the years, the Puffco Plus has been seen as the epitome of wax pen vaporizers – but even icons need a facelift.  

Just recently, Puffco unveiled the newest version of the Puffco Plus, it’s still the same vaporizer we love but better. One of its most notable improvements is what lies under the hood. The new Puffco Plus now sports 15% more battery life. That means more fun, longer vaping sessions, and fewer recharges. The New Puffco Plus V2 also sports a new mouthpiece with sauce extension for easy scooping. Puffco took what made the Puffco Plus a staple and turned it into something even better.  

The Dart 

The original dart was an engineering marvel. A mouthpiece and a dab tool in one, the original design included a two-part component. First, the actual mouthpiece where you’ll draw vapors from and second, the dart, an instrument that serves both the loading tool and a mouthguard that works to minimize spit backs and keeps your concentrates in place when you vape. The new and improved Puffco Plus took the dart and updated it to answer the needs of the everyday connoisseur 

The old dart sported a pointed ceramic tip that you can use to stick into your concentrates to reload without the need of an actual dab tool. While it worked great with concentrates that have waxy and rubbery consistency, it wasn’t fairly good at scooping concentrates that are grainy like live resins and those that have a crusty consistency like shatter and taffy. These concentrates need to be scooped or else they would be hard to transfer and you might end up wasting your material. To address this issue, Puffco made the new dart with a sauce extension. A curved tip that resembles a sickle to aid reloading from jar to chamber. The dart also facilitates a proper environment for your concentrates giving them enough room to vaporize as well as giving the vapors a vortex-like condition giving the vaporized concentrate enough space to cool down.  

Something Old Something New 

The new Puffco Plus not only is new from the inside but also sports a fresh new look on the outside. While it still is housed in a precision machined alloy body, the push button on the new Puffco Plus is now replaced with the new Puffco logo. Rebranded from the old green cloud, the outside of this new dab pen shows the sleek dark metallic hexagon split into two. It still has the premium finish for those who don’t like their fingerprints lying around their vaporizers.  

Although the new Puffco Plus got several upgrades, the purists will be delighted to know that it still retained some of its original features. The new Plus still has the pressure sealed ceramic bowls. Designed to keep all your concentrates on the bottom of the bowl, you’d still enjoy its efficient vaporization as well as its even heating capabilities. The ceramic bowls do not have coils which means that you’ll have no materials building up on the heating element.  

Another feature that stays is the temperature profiles. The Puffco Plus still boasts unique heat profiles to let you experience the best of your concentrates. The Puffco Plus was meant to be used like a dab rig and not like your average wax pen vaporizer. The pressure sealed chambers, as well as the variable heat settings, are perfect for consuming an entire dose at once. And while the Puffco Plus was designed not to be overfilled, it still carries Puffco’s hallmark sesh mode for larger doses of concentrates. The sesh mode can also be seen in other Puffco vaporizers like the Puffco Peak.  

The Most Awarded Vape Pen  

Puffco has all the right to brag about the Plus, they’ve got all the awards to back it up.  

They’ve won back to back 1st place from the prestigious High Times Magazine Awards and here are just a few of them.  

  • High Times Cannabis Cup Midwest 2017: 1st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup SoCal 2016: 1st Place Best Vaporizer  
  • High Times Cannabis Cup and Carnival San Bernardino 20161st Place Best Vaporizer  
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan 20161st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup NorCal 20161st Place Best Vaporizer 
  • High Times Medical Concentrates Cup and Art Show SoCal 2016: 1st Place Best Vaporizer 

With such collection of awards, this dab pen can well be the most awarded vaporizer ever beating both local and international competition. If you’re looking to check out and shop for some concentrate pens. Give the all-new Puffco Plus vaporizer a go and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Experience the best of what today’s industry has to offer with the new and improved Puffco Plus vaporizer. This premium vape pen is a sure recommendation both for vape beginners and seasoned veterans who are looking for a premium experience without the premium price tag. It’s an advanced device that does not require one to learn new vaping skills and will allow you to vape on your favorite concentrates without any difficulties.  

Puffco Peak Vaporizer Review

Puffco Peak Review

Company information

The journey of Puffco began in 2013 with a notion to provide best platform for concentrate consumption to stand out amidst the crowd of vaping industries. The CEO Roger Voladarsky amalgamated the best in-house design, engineering and robust technology to create Puffco and introduced the best devices for everyone to capture and control the magic of concentrates. Puffco staffed an experienced in-house design and deputed top notch professionals to unlock the magic of concentrates.

Puffco believes in creating & delivering the best for their consumers. Before they arrived in the market, most vaporizers utilized fibrous wicks, glues that held the bowl or coil in place or plastics used in the air path creating toxic bi-products, which lowered the potency of the concentrate and the users could not enjoy the real flavour of used concentrate. They worked on it and evolved a product using glass and ceramic to retain the quality and intensity of the concentrate.

Puffco delivered the cleaner, safer and flavourful device and were the first to add temperature control in the vapers to have a great experience by the users. Puffco has delivered few of the best dry herb vaporizers; Puffco Plus and Puffco Pro. They both performed well and hit the market and the consumers fell in love with the product. Now, introduction of Puffco Peak is another milestone for the company and the consumers will experience zenith with Peak.

Puffco is positive regarding their newly introduced product, Puffco Peak Vaporizer.

 puffco peak review

Product Description:

Puffco announces the launch of the Puffco Peak and has been nominated for engadget’s best of CES, People’s Choice Edition 2018. It is expected to arrive in the market with a bang in Feb.2018 and its pre-booking is available since 15th Jan. 2018.

The company is very enthusiastic about this product and are sure to touch zenith in the marketing of vaporizers after the positive response of their past product that kicked in the market, Puffco Plus and Puffco Pro.

And now Puffco Peak will indeed prove to be a game changer in vape game market, being the world’s first smart bongo.

Puffco Peak vaporizer is a battery operated desktop concentrate vape and it is been foreseen as the “bong of the future.” The device is the amalgamation of technological upgrades of vape system as well as copying few design elements of bong.

Product Specifications:

The Peak looks like a pyramid-shaped, 7 inches tall with a 2.75 inch base and weighs a little more than a pound. It is easy to move around holding in one hand and quite apt for social vaping. There are only two main parts to assemble, the water bubbler and the base, each of which are easily separated from the other, so easy to handle and hassle-free. It is compatible with plant wax, shatter, crumble or oil.

It can be easily placed on desktop or flat surfaces. It is cordless gadgets and is connected to the MicroUSB cable and supercharger for charging up to optimum level. It is ideal for personal use or for group of friends and for party animals. After use, clean the devices properly to extend the device life. The product details can be found in the leaflet of the product as well as on the company’s website.

Peak Vaporizer kit consists of:

  • Puffco Peak Device
  • Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Loading Tool
  • MicroUSB cable and supercharger
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl 

The Peak is ideally designed for social sharing and it has a remarkable feature of Intelligent Temperature Calibration, which makes the passing around easier maintaining the consistency of dab throughout the session. There is no question of arising conflict in social gathering or parties among the users. The experience of dabbing is same for all the users, from first user to the last user. It delivers a solid amount of potency, flavor and the effects of the plant it is extracted from. There is also a Haptic Feedback, which guides the vapers to get that perfect timing. You will get the perfect and the most mind-blowing hit using this mind boggling feature. 

Puffco Peak Vaporizer Highlights:

  • Hand-blown glass
  • Water filtration
  • Four heat settings: Blue – 450°F | Green – 500°F | Orange – 550°F | White – 600°F
  • 20 sec average heat up time
  • Intelligent temperature calibration
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality
  • 2 hour fast charge time
  • 30 dab average battery life
  • Removable ceramic bowl
  • LED light band
  • Haptic feedback
  • Carrying case included 

How to Handle & Use:

Charge the device to full. Remove the glass container from the base to add water. Pour water in the bubbler then attach the glass carefully to the base. Align it with the inlet hole and the atomizer. Hold down the power button to unlock the Peak then click it to cycle through the temperature settings. Next dab the wax into the receptacle and cover it up with the carb cap.

All you need to do is double click the power button in order to start the heating process, the Peak will put on a light show and will vibrate when it’s ready for use.

Then it’s vaping time! Just inhale from the mouthpiece for a revolutionary concentrate vaping experience. It is charged for two hour time to give around perfect 30 hits.

Precautionary measure: Never add water when the container is still attached to the base.

Performance of Peak: Performance of Peak is mind blowing as the Puffco intimates. It features 4 unique user settings. It can be easily set to Low (Small load, 450°), Medium (Medium load, 500°), Large (Large load, 550°) and Peak (XL load, 600°) to consume the concentrate. The setting control is in the hands of the user and they can prefer as per their preference and requirements. Lower temperature is suitable for novice whereas high and peak level is for experienced and experts, who desire to experience high levels of hits.

Peak gets heated in just 20 seconds, quicker than the existing vape products in the markets. Sesh-mode allows to extend sessions with up to fifteen seconds for a new level high.

As already discussed earlier, the Peak has a LED light band, which indicates the temperature level and the battery life of the gadget. Green indicates that it has 60%-100% left. Yellow means that it has 30%-60% while red has only 0%-15% charge remaining. It requires to be clicked on the front button twice to see the LED light for battery life.

The Puffco has used ceramic and glass materials in Peak with a motive to be safe from untoward smell as it high temperature tolerant and resistance to elasticity and abrasion. It also provides even heating of your materials for a more seamless concentrate consumption.

The fully compact device devoid entry of any unwanted particle while concentrate is been cooked. The ceramic nail means there won’t be any material build-ups from repetitive heating and cooling, therefore, eliminating the risk of having layers of the material build-up mix and spoil dear sessions.

The use of glass in smoking is widely known to reduce unwanted flavor in the smoke output in concentrate consumption. The glass bubbler allows increased filtration while the glass carb caps turns the heating element somewhat into a convection oven. All these exclusive characteristics will render the best of concentrates, lip smacking flavours and intense effects.

Recommended: Puffco Peak vaporizer is recommended for adults above 18+, who love to possess latest gadgets of vaping, and ideal for portable social dabbing experience while at home. The design of Peak is stable and can be easily towed on a flat surface and you can easily place it in your cabinet.

where to buy the peak puffco cheap

Final Verdict:

Puffco Peak is the future of dabbing. The Peak is certainly going to shine in the vaping industry, being the first Puffco smart e-rig. It gives you an intense experience of high with its smart sessions and you can share among your friends. Remember, sharing is caring.

It’s arriving in the market soon, so be prepared to catch up with the users of the review or if you want to be the first one to use, go for pre-booking of Puffco Peak Vaporizer. I am sure your experiences will be much better than the product been explained here and your reviews will gather attention of seekers who desire to experience vape from the best dry herbs vaporiser. Definitely, it is going to be the best vape gadget of 2018.

For FAQ’s of the product, visit the Puffco website, they will guide you. In case of any clarifications or product servicing, do contact customer support to avail the services.

Time to introduce the product Puffco Peak has arrived and the desirous have even pre-booked for faster delivery of the product on the final launch.

The vapers are ready to indulge in dabbing to get an altogether different experience of plant concentrate with Puffco Peak Vaporizer. The vaporizers gets users on high on small amount of concentrate consumption, so it is going to be ideal for the users.

Product Warranty: 12 months

Pricing: $350-$400

Available at Vape Active And Your Vaporizers

The Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak

Historically, the human race has associated climbing tall and towering objects with the euphoric sense of achievement. Having close proximity to heaven, it has been known to give humans a sense of high, freedom and accomplishment. The folks at Puffco, a New York based company known for their intuitively designed vaporizers, are looking to achieve a similar and tall order: to take modern-day dabbers to extreme, new heights.

Prepare to experience a different kind of high with Puffco’s newest product, the Puffco Peak. The Peak is designed to be different, it deserves to have its own classification. It’s neither an e-nail nor a dab rig yet it resembles and combines the principles of both. It’s an innovative approach to smoking your select concentrates and because the Peak was designed for sharing, you get to pass the experience to your friends and fellow dab enthusiasts.

Here’s what we know about the Puffco Peak so far.

The Spec Sheet

  • Torchless Heating
  • Ceramic Cup Nail
  • Glass Peak Bubbler
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Smart-Rig

Intuitively Designed

Relative to its name the Puffco Peak is triangular in shape and is reminiscent of mountain summits soaring high above the sky. The Peak’s triangular pyramid-like stature gives it a stable stance as it is designed to be used and held in with one hand. However, its shape makes it all the more perfect to be used both handheld and even atop your desk. Its stable construction means the Peak remains leveled as long as you put it somewhere flat, now that’s perfect for storage and for upkeep. If you’re like me who loves to keep their stuff neatly stored in a shelf or on a cupboard, then you’ll find it easy to stow the Puffco Peak.

The Puffco Peak is equipped with what Puffco likes to call the Intelligent Temperature Calibration, the ITC functions closely to the smart memory data features found on some top-shelf portable vaporizers. This intelligent attribute automatically adjusts the heat based on its current temperature so you get the same exact experience every single hit. Take the Peak with you and share the experience with friends, the Intelligent Temperature Calibration makes passing the Puffco Peak around a lot more easier, the ITC ensures a stable and constant experience for each and everyone present in your sessions.

Ceramic And Glass Materials

Puffco outfitted the Peak with a ceramic cup nail, the ideal choice for ceramic parts are widely known for their remarkable properties such as resistance to abrasion, elasticity, and tolerance to high temperature. The application of ceramic in this smart rig means that no other substance can migrate to your concentrates while they cook. It also provides even heating of your materials for a more seamless concentrate consumption. The ceramic nail means you’ll get no material build-ups from repetitive heating and cooling, therefore, eliminating the risk of having layers of the material build-up mix and spoil your sessions.

Apart from the ceramic cup, Puffco equipped the Peak with a glass bubbler and a glass carb cap, the glass materials, similar to the ceramic component is heat resistant. The use of glass in smoking is widely known to reduce unwanted flavor in the smoke output in concentrate consumption. The glass bubbler allows increased filtration while the glass carb caps turns the heating element somewhat into a convection oven.

All these components combined brings out the best out of your concentrates, extracting the most lip-smacking flavors and the most intense effects.

Powerful Battery

Similar to an e-nail, the Puffco Peak uses electricity to heat your waxy oil concentrates. This eliminates the need for torches and other butane based heating materials, this means you can enjoy long-lasting sessions compared to torch dependent methods of dabbing. Also, sometimes carrying a torch could prove to be a hassle. The Puffco Peak eliminates the problem of carrying too much paraphernalia around. Some of us often forget to carry an igniter, a torch, a nail, your controller box and a few items more, well those days are long gone. The Puffco Peak aims to be the foremost solution in concentrate consumption with having all the important stuff in a compact and easy to use device.

The Puffco Peak battery will last you around 20 - 30 hits and charges easily in less than two hours. This is perfect for when you just want to get stoned home alone or if you have friends coming over to join the fun.

Easy And Steady

Puffco believes that they help elevate the experiences of concentrate consumers and uplift the industry itself in designing and crafting the “most intuitive, elegant and innovative devices.” The Puffco Peak checks all the boxes and more, what we love about it is that it looks extremely sophisticated yet its operation and assembly is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s operated with a single button which rapidly heats in just about 20 seconds, it’ll send you high in a fly.

Let’s face it, concentrate consumption can sometimes be perplexing and treacherous. The need for a blow torch, a titanium or a ceramic nail, a control box and a heating ring all makes the process of dabbing a bit more complicated. The long labor of fixing your rig is something most concentrate consumers wish they could get over quickly. Moreover, the risks of mishandled paraphernalia are always present. The Peak from Puffco looks to eliminate all these and have you rolling with just a press of a button. No more hot stuff, no more wires.

The Puffco Peak is made up of two parts, the water bubbler and the base, both are easily separated and attached to each other. In this respect, the Puffco Peak requires minimum maintenance and preparation, a much-appreciated element for both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

We can’t emphasize it any further, Puffco Peak’s most strongest suit is its effortless operation. It’s a top-notch unit we’d recommend for the ones who are new to concentrate consumption, it’s as easy as making coffee.

Created For The Everyday Connoisseur

Daily dabbers are up for some real treat, for those who have a finer and a more delicate taste, the Puffco Peak is designed to satisfy their delicate palates. Whichever you prefer, wax, shatter, budder or oil, the Peak from Puffco will have you enjoying your select materials in seconds.

Puffco claims that the Peak takes you to the pinnacle of dabbing, they say it’s “finely tuned and highly effective,” and it “unlocks the true power” of your concentrate materials. Well, they’ve been surprising the concentrate community since they kicked off in 2013. They’ve released and manufactured award-winning and critically acclaimed merchandise since then.

With Puffco’s reputation, we can expect that the Peak will perform really well. Through the years we’ve seen them set the standards and raise the bars real high. The era of smart bongs and weed tech has emerged and Puffco, with the Peak, is spearheading this revolution.

The Peak is available for pre-orders on January 15 and will hit the shelves and begin shipping in February. Be sure to grab yours when the Puffco Peak drops.

Yocan Evolve Plus VS Puffco Pro 2

Yocan Evolve Plus VS Puffco Pro 2

Vaping wax concentrates have been around for almost a decade -- at least that’s what the modern-day records show, and it could have been longer than that. Wax is a product of blasting cannabis herbs with a solvent until the concentrated doses of cannabis that contains strong compounds of active ingredients are extracted from the plant. These concentrates oftentimes have a waxy consistency, thus, most refer to them as wax concentrates.

Initially used with dab rigs, today’s advancement in technology allowed wax concentrate consumers to use portable, handheld devices like wax pen vaporizers for their daily wax concentrate rituals. Companies like Yocan and Puffco have spearheaded the revolution in wax pen vaporizers and paved the way for most companies to venture into wax concentrate consumption using vape pens. Devices like the Yocan Evolve Plus and the Puffco Pro 2 are some of the most notable wax pen vaporizers that are used by many consumers for featuring easy and straightforward operation as well as practical functions one would look for in a wax pen vaporizer. Though both are at the top of everyone’s list and share similarities as wax pen vaporizers, both present a dynamic spectrum in portable vaping. Join me today as I review these two portable vapes and find out which one of them is the best wax pen vaporizer.

For the most part of Yocan’s existence as a manufacturer of quality portable vaporizers, they have already amassed numerous patents for vaporizer tech that gives them the edge in the market. With weed tech only available on Yocan products like the Pandon, a QUAD technology featuring dual quartz coil designs and the iShred, an herb vaporizer with a built-in grinder. Not to mention the Evolve plus with its QDC tech allowing it to generate clean vapors with its dual quartz rods gives Yocan as an institution the lead in manufacturing high-quality vaporizers. Their strongest suit as a company is their R&D team, a group of professional engineers whose ideas give way to unique and distinct vaporizers.

Puffco, on the other hand, is a company that’s bent on changing and reshaping the industry and the way how you vape your favorite wax concentrates by merging the elements of design and engineering and creating the best platform for wax concentrate consumption. Puffco has had some award-winning products like their flagship device, the Puffco Plus. With prestigious recognition from some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry, like High Times Magazine and other mainstream media outlets like “Mashable, Rolling Stone, and Cool Hunting.” Puffco as a brand has gained immense aesthetic value with products that are both tasteful and functional at the same time. No other vaporizer manufacturer has come this close to achieving a perfect balance of masterful craftsmanship shown in Puffco’s products.

Alright, so they’re both good. But which one is better? To help us decide why don’t we look at this argument through the eyes of the daily dabber. Let’s admit it, there is or at least at one point we’ve been conscious about how much we’re spending on our vape budget and I am still.

The Cost Conscious

For the cost conscious vaper, the clear winner is the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer. Yocan has been known in the industry as a manufacturer of affordable vaporizers, both for herbs and for wax concentrate. Though the prices of their vaporizers come in cheap, the quality of their devices is in no way in the same context as the former. The Yocan Evolve Plus, with all its features, wouldn’t come at the price point we see it should it was released and branded by a different manufacturer. Here’s what the Evolve Plus brings to the table.

  • Built-In Concentrate Jar
  • Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer
  • Larger Chamber
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Upgraded Battery
  • Sleek and Discreet

The Evolve Plus was built to be used every day, for people who would most likely put the Evolve Plus to the extreme test, those who would subject it to extreme use. That’s what makes the Evolve Plus from Yocan best suited for the daily dabber. It’s cost-effective, cost-efficient, and overall a practical choice. We, I don’t have money to burn so I’m all for saving and even if I had, I’d still be on board on choosing an affordable yet durable unit. I’d love to save on vaporizers since the money I’d be saving I’ll be using to buy materials, and wax isn’t cheap.

The Sophisticated

Most people who like to flaunt it wants to have that wax pen vaporizer that draws attention once they pull it out of their pocket. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to display and show it off, then look no further because the Puffco Pro 2 is the best wax pen vaporizer for you. The moment you look at it you’d know that it’s a Puffco. With its iconic cloud logo whacked on the power button and its polished premium exterior, you won’t be able to resist and would immediately be drawn to its sexy and posh look. With great aesthetics and even better vape tech, the Puffco Pro 2 sports a price tag that’s a tad above the Yocan Evolve Plus. If you’re down to pay for the added premium then feel free to lavish upon the experience of vaping on such an iconic vaporizer. Here’s what the Puffco Pro 2 has to offer.

  • Premium Finish
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Large Capacity Ceramic Chamber
  • High-Efficiency Bowl Design
  • Sesh Mode
  • 3 Temperature Control Settings

The Puffco Pro 2 is for those who want to look good and feel good, for those who want only the best things in life. The people who won’t bat an eye in spending on a vaporizer that spells and speaks sophistication above function.

A Biased Conclusion

I’m a simple man with simple needs, I’d be biased and won’t speak for everybody but only for the general public that I would have to choose the Yocan Evolve Plus between the two vaporizers. Why? Because apart from the luxurious finish and the three temperature settings found on the Puffco Pro 2 both wax pen vaporizers are virtually the same. Moreover, I find that having two coils are better than one.

The Yocan Evolve Plus sports two quartz rod coils while the Puffco Pro 2 is only outfitted with a single coil atomizer. In terms of real value, I’d have to go with the Evolve Plus. It’s simply better and sensible, the most realistic approach to vaping in my own opinion.

Puffco Plus Review

Puffco Plus Review

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer is easily one of the most recognizable units in today’s industry. It has gained a strong foothold in the wax pen vaporizer market because of its undeniable emphasis on performance and convenience. It’s one of the most functional portable wax vaporizers in the business. With a coilless ceramic chamber and a built-in dab tool, the Puffco Plus takes your on-the-go wax vaping experience to a whole new level.

Puffco has been around the vaping scene since late 2013 when a man named Roger Voladarsky decided that the vaping industry needed more than what it could exactly provide. The man brought together the “disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco,” an award-winning company with the one goal of creating the “best platform for concentrate consumption.” The birth of Puffco gave way to the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. Puffco vaporizers have upheld the virtues of high living and introduced a safer and better means of wax concentrate consumption without “glues, fibers, or chemicals” in any of their products. Their collection of premium wax pen vaporizers are one of the most sought-after devices in the business, both recommended for newcomers and advanced wax concentrate consumers.

puffco plus wax vape pen review

The Inception Of The Puffco Plus

Puffco seized the portable vaporizer market and introduced safer and cleaner vaporizers to the general concentrate consumer. Puffco eschewed the use of traditional wicks and other conventional methods of vape craft that use typical constituents like adhesives or plastic to hold the vaporizers’ pieces together. Studies have proved that these components have a strong likelihood of turning into toxic byproducts that could potentially mix with the vapor. By doing away with these components Puffco gave us vaporizers that offer better tasting vapors, free of any contaminants.

Vaporizers from Puffco, like the Puffco Plus, promises a natural high. Allowing you to inhale vaporized wax in its purest form. It’s a tall order for such a small and portable wax pen vaporizer and today we’re putting it to the test.

In this review, we’ll look into how well does the Puffco Plus really fit into the picture for the daily dabber and how its coilless ceramic chamber and innovative mouthpiece changes the game for most wax consumers.

puffco plus dart 3 pack buy

The Puffco Dart

The Puffco Plus is made out of three parts, the battery, the chamber and the mouthpiece. Pretty much like the average device, but what sets it apart from the regular wax pen vaporizer is its unique mouthpiece. Dubbed as the “dart,” this ceramic, dual-purpose instrument serves as both an integrated dab tool and a mouthguard that minimizes spit backs and keeps your materials in its proper place.

Having a built-in dab tool is pretty convenient, it lets you travel without a separate loading instrument and allows you to pack the ideal amount of wax concentrate by simply dipping the dart onto your wax jar and attaching it back to the chamber. This made reloading faster especially when you’re vaping outdoors. I was able to pick up a nice sizeable amount with both waxes of runny and thick consistency with the dart, though using the integrated dab tool took me a bit of getting used to. I felt that it worked best when I pre-packed several broken pieces of wax concentrates in a portable container like the Prism from Puffco. I learned that by poking the dart into the broken waxes were better than scraping it off from the canister. Snap-and-pull waxes that stretch like taffy are better prepared and divided into smaller parts before sticking the dart into it. Overall, as long as you find the right trick for you, the dart will make reloading waxes a breeze.

The dart also creates an environment where the vapors travel in a controlled, sealed and somewhat spirally path making for a more smooth and satisfying result. Drawing from the mouthpiece feels uber comfortable and the dart helps reduce the hot droplets of waxes that occasionally shoot up as the wax concentrates bubble up when they cook.

The dart was pretty useful especially when I got the hang of using it and the more I dab with it, the more I learn to appreciate it. The dart lets you reload quickly even in the most nonideal situations.

Ceramic Magic

The Puffco Plus uses coilless ceramic heating elements to efficiently vaporize your wax concentrates. By completely eliminating wicks, rods, and coils, the Puffco Plus created a unique condition where your material is vaporized to the last drop. This ceramic oven is also responsible for providing you with vapors that have fuller flavors and cooks up your concentrates without the possibilities of combustion.

Puffco remained true to their promise and the performance of the Puffco Plus delivered vapors that are pure and flavorful. If you’ve ever tried any other wax pen vaporizer, you’ll notice a significant difference in flavor. I tried using an average coiled vaporizer versus the Puffco Plus coilless ceramic vaporizer and the distinction between the two is exponential. A coiled atomizer tends to heat up the waxes faster occasionally causing the material to burn leaving a bad aftertaste especially when you’re not careful with the temperature levels. Puffco Plus’ coilless ceramic chambers provide an experience that’s way different from the other end of the spectrum, it yields vapors that have high flavor retention which allowed me to taste the unique flavor profile of my concentrate. The battery of the Puffco Plus also sports three heat levels which allow you to adjust it depending on the consistency of your wax material. I’d recommend keeping it at 650°F which gives the blue light in its color-coded LED. Lower heat levels show as green at around 580°F and the hottest being white at around 720°F. The medium heat level provides the perfect blend of flavorful vapors with slightly dense clouds. If you’re in for low and slow cooking, you’ll find the lowest heat setting truly satisfying.

Overall, the ceramic heating chambers and the dual-purpose mouthpiece is a game changer and has been an awesome upgrade to how we vape our waxes. For the daily wax consumer like me vaping with the Puffco Plus proved to be a truly rewarding experience. It’s both convenient and functional. Apart from the innovative mouthpiece and the all-ceramic coilless chamber here are some of Puffco Plus’ features that I believe is not at all necessary but is otherwise appreciated.

  • Coilless ceramic bowl
  • Built-in loading tool
  • Built-in carb cap
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Fast charging / long battery life
  • Precision machined alloy housing
  • Fingerprint-resistant coating

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