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Boundless Technology, makers of the CF, CF-710, CFV, CFX, and CFC vaporizers have been known not only for manufacturing high-quality portable dry herb vaporizers but also relatively high-quality portable wax concentrate vaporizers. Buy their best-selling products only here at VapeActive and enjoy exclusive Boundless Technology coupon code for dry herb vapes, wax concentrate vapes, as well as the all-new Boundless Terp Pen. Find your aromatherapy device at the most affordable price here at VapeActive.

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About Boundless Technology 

Boundless Technology offers endless possibilities for people who like to get medicated. The Boundless team specializes in vaporizers used for consuming dry herbs but they also manufacture devices for wax concentrates. They have been the go-to brand for people looking for sleek and sexy vaporizers that don’t break the bank. Boundless Technology vaporizers are often characterized by unique curves that boast sophisticated and minimalistic design. Their vaporizers sport ribbed surfaces that follow contoured lines which aren’t only a pleasure to hold but also makes for good aesthetic design and feel. But Boundless Technology isn’t exactly known for vaporizers that just look good, their devices are also notorious for being dependable and reliable modes of consuming botanicals and waxes.  

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Each product from the Boundless Technology brand is made from the finest raw materials the industry can offer. The people behind the brand ensure that their devices are crafted only by using the best of the best in believing that their products are greatly influenced by the quality of the raw materials used.

The design and engineering of each product from Boundless Technology revolves around the actual user experience which means that they put a lot of effort in developing products from the user’s point of view – something that very few companies do and are known for. Ideally, Boundless Technology follows three simple rules in designing and developing their vaporizers; high-quality raw materials, EZPZ (easy-peasy) experience, and an industry-leading warranty.

By keeping these values or rather goals in mind, they were able to manufacture some of the best devices today’s vaporizer industry has to offer. All of the raw materials they use undergo strict and stringent testing to ensure that they pass Boundless Technology’s standards as they know, more than anyone else, that these raw materials end up being used on vaporizers for consuming herbs and extracts. Therefore, they only test and use food-grade and medical-grade raw materials on their vaporizers to ensure overall quality and best results.

In terms of building around easy-peasy user experience, Boundless Technology ensures that the products they make require very little to no effort at all. This means that their devices are designed and are engineered to run and operate as easy and as straightforward as possible. Vaporizer users often find it frustrating that they need to learn a new way or a new method of vaping or using a vaporizer. This creates a gap amongst users of different brands and makes people stick to a certain vaporizer afraid of using a different brand preventing them from enjoying an even better vaping experience.

This is why anyone with or without the experience of using a vaporizer can easily pick up a product from Boundless Technology and use it with ease allowing many consumers and vape beginners to experience the advantage that the Boundless Technology brand has to offer. Finally, Boundless Technology provides its products with an industry-leading guarantee that gives their customers the peace of mind that they are getting the best warranty from the best manufacturer in the business.  

While the Boundless Technology brand produces some of the best vaporizers on the market today, they are also active advocates of educating the people about the very materials used in their devices. These include the difference of each strain, its benefits, and its effects, as well as how to properly and responsibly consume these materials. Through educating the masses, Boundless Technology promotes a better environment for consumers to live in. This makes people supporting and patronizing the Boundless Technology brand appreciate that the company itself offers a holistic experience for those who indulge and delight in the benefits of consuming wax concentrates and dry herb strains. With the growing popularity of using herbs and concentrates to help people get medicated and its new-found mainstream status as its use is legalized, more and more companies and vaporizer manufacturers should follow the example set by Boundless Technology in helping spread relevant and helpful information about consuming herbs and concentrates for medical and recreational use.   

Boundless Beginnings 

Boundless Technology can be considered a new player in the now well-established vaporizer industry. Boundless Technology started in 2016 with the goal of spreading awareness and responsible use of aromatherapy devices at an affordable and a reasonable cost. This is one of the reasons why products from Boundless Technology sport top-tier quality without the top-tier price.  

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Their noble yet humble goal allowed them to spearhead into success. The products manufactured by Boundless Technology reflect their devotion and dedication to the reason why they started which immediately caught the attention of consumers. Their products are effective and efficient, they yield high-quality vapors as well as allow for fast extraction of the active ingredients in the herbs and in the wax concentrates which makes Boundless Technology vaporizers the one to have.

Many professionals, especially patients who are prescribed with these herbs to help treat or manage their medical conditions look to Boundless Technology for medical-grade vaporizers. Many of today’s patients want a non-synthetic and non-invasive means of treatment and today’s technological and medical advances lead to further positive results from studies and clinical tests of using botanical plant matters and its respective extracts as a viable means of treating individuals suffering from specific medical ailments.

Vaporizers from Boundless Technology became the ideal choice for patients wanting to use a more natural means of a treatment since Boundless Technology vaporizers effectively administer the therapeutic benefits of herbs and waxes through inhalation. They use the best heating elements to ensure that the materials you place on their vaporizers are vaporized and are heated evenly at the best temperature environment. This ensures that the herbs and the concentrates will not burn and will not combust. Through years of research and product development, Boundless Technology found the ideal temperature profiles for vaporizing herbs as well as extracts.

Combusted plant matter and concentrates can produce unwanted results like toxic by-products that end up harming your system instead of providing you the curative benefits of your select herbs and extracts. Since then, vaporizers from Boundless Technology became the top-brand not only for medicating patients but also for individuals who want to enjoy a cleaner and a smoother experience with vaporizers. Athletes and professionals who are conscious of what goes inside their bodies want to be sure that they inhale vapor and not smoke. Vaporizers produced and manufactured under the Boundless technology brand name yield clean vapors that help facilitate a long-lasting and a convenient way to combusting herbs and wax concentrates.  

Today, Boundless technology is seen as a top brand and continue to produce devices that facilitate the ideal environment for your select dry herb strains and wax concentrate extracts. Boundless Technology is known for manufacturing true dry herb vaporizers and wax vaporizers that use state-of-the-art heating methods and technology.   

Boundless: Original and Authentic Products 

In today’s vaporizer industry, there is a rampant problem with counterfeit devices. Many of the top-selling brands fall victim to counterfeiting. Boundless Technology is a proponent of high-quality and authentic items. This is why all their vaporizer products come with unique codes. These codes can be found in each Boundless Technology product box, you can check the codes in this part of the product packaging to check if the product you have is authentic. Here at VapeActive, we support Boundless Technology and their advocacy in selling only authentic and original products which is why we get the vaporizers in our collection directly from the manufacturer.  

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Original Boundless Technology products will have a 16-digit code in the part of the box where it says “Scratch to Reveal Security Code”. You can proceed to Boundless Technology’s website and search for “Code Check” located at the footer of their website. The code is made up entirely of numbers and can be accessed by scratching the covered portion of the box.  

There’s nothing worse than getting a fake product after paying for the original price. With VapeActive and Boundless Technology, you’ll always be sure you’re getting the most value out of what you pay for.  

Boundless' Portable Vaporizers 

One of the best things about Boundless Technology vaporizers is that they’re made to be used on-the-go with the actual on-the-go user in mind. This supports their belief in producing customer experience centered products. Their vaporizers are built to be large enough to accommodate the best technologies and components but are also small enough to allow convenient use while you’re on your feet. This means that the size and the dimensions of Boundless Technology products are made not to obstruct portable use but are also made to cater to sophisticated and robust components allowing consumers to experience the ideal balance between power and portability.  

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This is also one of the reasons why many consumers enjoy using products from Boundless Technology, they’re made to be taken almost anywhere you go. Not only are they portable but they are also discreet and stealthy. Almost all of their vaporizers come in black which makes for a truly subtle aesthetic instead of having loud colorways. Their products make good devices to take to your office when you need to take your medication when you’re out and about. You can also enjoy the soothing and the calming effects of your materials when you take them while on your favorite coffee shop, or maybe just a quick stroll around the city. Nothing will ever stop you from consuming the herbs and the concentrates you love with Boundless Technology vaporizers.    

Boundless' Affordable Vaporizers 

Unlike other devices, vaporizers manufactured by Boundless Technology are made to be affordable allowing many of today’s consumers access to high-quality devices without breaking the bank. What’s even better is that because Boundless Technology uses high-quality materials in building their vaporizers, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability. In an industry where overpriced devices flood the market, Boundless Technology shows other manufacturers that they can achieve the same reliable quality, if not, surpass other vaporizers twice its price.  

Boundless Technology vaporizers represent the next generation of portable dry herb vaporizers and portable wax vaporizers. Their devices are aimed at delivering an efficient and affordable means of consuming herbs and extracts. Boundless technology proves that just because a vaporizer is affordable it doesn’t mean that it’s cheap.    

Boundless' Durable Vaporizers  

Apart from being portable and affordable, Boundless Technology makes their vaporizers durable and ready whatever life throws at you. Because all of Boundless Technology’s products are portable vaporizers, they have to ensure that these products are made to withstand the damages of daily wear and tear. Because portable vaporizers are meant to be carried wherever you go, they are subjected to more instances and occurrences where they may get damages like accidental falls from when you drop your vaporizer from your hand, people might also bump into you when you’re holding your device and that might cause you to just drop them outright. We’re not saying that Boundless Technology vaporizers are shockproof but clearly, they are made tougher than the average portable vaporizer.  

When you put your vaporizer in your bag or in your pocket, they may be bumped in the corners of tables or can bang into walls as you pass rooms. Because Boundless Technology vaporizers are made with superior raw materials, they can easily withstand these bumps without sustaining significant damage.  

Superior Vaping Technology 

One of the reasons why Boundless Technology rises above the rest is because they create true vaporizers. By saying so we mean that their products truly vaporize your materials instead of burning them. The secret is the use of different heating styles that affect the overall vapor production of their devices. There are currently three heating technologies known to the vaporizer industry and all of them are used by vaporizers from Boundless Technology. One of the most popular is convection heating. The use of convection heating closely resembles that of a convection oven used in baking. The materials in the vaporizer are heated through the use of hot air, this means that the materials are blasted with a stream of hot air to extract the active ingredients in them. Convection heating works best for herbs and this prevents the herbs from burning because the hot air effectively and efficiently permeates every nook and cranny of the herbs. It can penetrate the herbs with ease and will cause an even burn.  

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Another known heating style is conduction heating. Conduction heating involves the use of a heated surface to conduct the heat and transfer it to the materials in the vaporizer. While this can also vaporize herbs and other botanical plant matter, many consumers find that conduction heating works best with extracts. It easily melts the concentrates without causing them to burn.  

Lastly, we have a hybrid heating system which uses both convection and conduction heating. This allows the materials to get into contact with a heated chamber but also allows them to receive a blast of hot air to vaporize the materials. By equipping their vaporizers with the most reliable vaping technology, consumers will get to enjoy superior quality vapors on-the-go.  

Boundless Technology Products 

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry some of the best vaporizers from Boundless Technology. Here are some of their products that you can find in our collection.  

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer 

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer is one of Boundless Technology’s best-selling products. It boasts a compact and a rugged design including a textured finish which allows for more convenient use and a more comfortable hand placement. The ribbed and textured design in most Boundless Technology products offers several advantages. One of them is added grip. Because you have to use your vaporizer with your hands, you have to ensure that you hold your vaporizer properly so that it won’t fall off when you use it.

It’s true that many of today’s vaporizers are created with different weird dimensions and most of them will feature a somewhat polished and smooth surface. While this makes the vaporizer look good and flashy, this may cause problems for some users. One common issue is slippage. Some vape users have sweaty hands and this may cause the vaporizer that has a smooth surface to slip and fall from their hands while in use. Because of the rugged surface, you’ll enjoy more traction and more friction in your vaporizer for a better grip. Furthermore, it also allows air to pass through while you hold the Boundless CFV Vaporizer. This feature allows you to prevent overheating or passing the heat from your hands to the vaporizer creating a better build for the device itself.  

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer also includes a slew of features to make your daily sessions more convenient. One of them is the swivel top mouthpiece. Instead of using a standard mouthpiece that has a short distance from the heating chamber, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer uses a swiveling mouthpiece which allows you to have an extended airpath giving the vapors a longer distance to travel, unlike the average vaporizer build. The parts of the swivel mouthpiece are easily detachable and are relatively easy to clean allowing you to maintain the Boundless CFV Vaporizer with ease.  

More on its overall external build, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer features a digital display screen. This allows you to easily see the current temperature setting of the device as well as other statuses to keep you informed of what’s happening with your vaporizer. On the same side as the crisp screen are the buttons that power the device on and off as well as the buttons that allow you to change the temperature setting. The buttons are well placed and the layout does not confuse even beginners who may find it hard to use a full convection unit.  

Under the hood, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer holds 2 internal 18350 batteries at 1700mAh. This provides you with long vaping sessions. The battery is capable of handling and supplying power to the device’s wide temperature range at 140°F – 446°F or at 60°C – 230°C. The batteries can withstand 4 – 6 sessions on a single charge. The batteries give out an estimated 7.4 V of power. The wide temperature settings allow consumers to enjoy and reap the benefits their dry herbs have to offer since the Boundless CFV was made to accommodate botanicals only. Nevertheless, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer makes for a solid option for people wanting to enjoy consuming herbs.  

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer  

Considered by many as the bigger brother of the Boundless CFV, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer boasts better battery life and faster heat-up times. The Boundless CFX Vaporizer offers you more and gives you more than what other vaporizers could. First, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer is outfitted with a full range of temperature settings allowing you to dial in your preferred temperature setting so you can find your sweet spot. It has a wide temperature profile of 100°F – 430°F or 37.8°C – 221.1°C allowing you to reap the highs and the lows of your select dry herb strains. While the Boundless CFX is made to cater to dry herbs only, it provides consumers with a superior experience. You can easily get flavorful clouds of vapor from its lower temperature levels or you can crank it up and get vapors that carry high amounts of your herb’s active ingredients when you take the heat settings to higher temperature levels.

Either way, you’re going to enjoy clean and smooth cloud production with the Boundless CFX Vaporizer. The Boundless CFX uses a ceramic heating chamber and a hybrid heating system that involves the use of both conduction and convection heating. This is why the herbs that are vaporized with the Boundless CFX yield flavors that are true to their nature. The flavor notes of the herbs are faithfully preserved as the flavonoids and the terpenes native to your botanicals are activated and are not destroyed. This way, you get to enjoy the flavors your dry herb strains have to offer.  

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is equipped with integrated batteries that have a 2500mAh capacity. The battery boasts longer sessions at around 10 – 15 sessions with 80 watts of power for superior vaporization. The battery also allows for dual charging options. Plus, DC charging lets you charge the Boundless CFX in just 30 minutes which makes charging the device both easy and convenient. You don’t have to wait for long hours of charging just to get another session which makes the Boundless CFX Vaporizer well-suited for heavy and frequent consumers who have built a high tolerance to the active ingredients found in your favorite herbs. The actual vaporizer also has a few features that make it best for individuals who consume more herbs than the average consumer. One of these features is the standby mode. After you have finished a session, the Boundless CFX will automatically go to the standby mode which helps preserve battery life and maintain the battery’s longevity. This means that heavy consumers require fewer instances of charging because the Boundless CFX Vaporizer helps contain battery consumption and set it to a more efficient level. To help with efficacy, the herbs are heated in as fast as 20 seconds which ensures that you do not have to wait long before the vapors are produced.  

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer boasts advanced features like an isolated air path to ensure that the vapors do not come into contact with any components that can affect its quality like the plastic covers on the wires, or the actual circuit board, or maybe the metal components. These parts may produce toxic by-products and affect the taste and the aroma of the vapors. It has magnetic mouthpieces which means that you can now connect it with ease, these magnetic links also contribute to prolonging the overall lifespan of the mouthpiece component since threaded connections are often subjected to wear and tear. Lastly, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer boasts a larger LCD screen which displays the running temperature as well as a slew of other helpful information to keep you updated. As always, the screen uses an easy to understand and a straightforward layout with proper placement of the details so as not to confuse the user.  

Overall, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer offers great features that make it a dry herb vaporizer that gives off a stellar performance.  

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer 

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer is for the sleek and for the sexy, the first two units we talked about can be considered as tanks while the Boundless CFC right here can be regarded more as the sports car of dry herb vaporizers. Built for dry herb strains, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer is made with a slimmer and sleeker body that allows for a more ergonomic experience. The design and engineering of the Boundless CFC are reminiscent of the features that resemble Boundless Technology vaporizers while looking like something else entirely. It’s still in black and still has those ribbed and rugged surfaces that give the user the advantage of better grip and better on-hand ventilation.

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer is shaped in a way that when you hold it, the bulk is at the bottom of the unit and slims down as it reaches the tip and the mouthpiece. This makes the overall experience with using the Boundless CFC Vaporizer more satisfying and more rewarding. It allows you not only to enjoy a slim vaporizer but also to have a dry herb vape that you can hold for long hours without putting stress to your hands. Let’s face it, holding a portable dry herb vaporizer that’s as big as your smartphone for hours will cause your hands to feel strained and fatigued, this is one of the reasons why Boundless Technologies pushed the design of the Boundless CFC Vaporizer, they wanted consumers and their loyal customers to enjoy a vaporizer that’s easier to hold and that won’t create a big bulge in your pocket. That’s right, because of its shape and its dimensions, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer will easily fit your pockets. You can easily take the Boundless CFC Vaporizer with you almost anywhere you go. You can take it with you on your pants pockets or in your jacket pocket making it an extremely travel-friendly unit.  

Apart from being portable and ergonomic, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer also has a few tricks up its sleeves. The Boundless CFC Vaporizer is outfitted with a large ceramic oven allowing you to pack more herbs than the average dry herb vaporizer. While many dry herb vaporizers get you into trouble when you pack a lot of herbs in the chamber, the Boundless CFC Vaporizer ensures that its ceramic chambers will facilitate an even burn and will not cause our herbs to combust even if you have packed a generous amount of herbs in it. Its internal 1900mAh battery makes it so that you will have enough juice for your day vape sessions. The decent battery also ensures that you will always get fast results at 20 seconds before you get to enjoy the vapors from your select dry herb strains. With its full temperature range, you’re basically getting all the options and all the benefits your herbs and your botanical blends have to offer. You can enjoy the unique effects of your herbs both therapeutic and psychoactive.  

The Boundless CFC Vaporizer also has a crisp OLED screen located at the side of the unit together with the buttons conveniently placed and laid out so you can easily change the settings of your Boundless CFC Vaporizer. This includes selecting different temperature levels and other settings and all these changes are conveniently displayed on the OLED screen. It’s got everything you need for your on-the-go vaping sessions with quick and easy means of operation when you use the Boundless CFC Vaporizer if you’re out and about. The Boundless CFC Vaporizer is a testament to how Boundless technology values overall customer experience as well as portability for the on-the-go consumer in mind. There’s no better way to use a portable dry herb vaporizer than how you would use the Boundless CFC Vaporizer. Make sure to grab yours when you come looking for a brand new dry herb vape.