Terp Timer vs The Terpometer: Which Temperature Reader is Better

Terp Timer vs The Terpometer: Which Temperature Reader is Better

Consuming wax concentrates has been one of the best ways of reaping the benefits of cannabis for the past decade. Not only does it offer stronger effects, but it also allows one to enjoy the benefits of water filtration and moisture conditioning when dabbing their select wax concentrates and other forms of extracts. However, using a dab rig comes with its own drawbacks. That's why dab pens and eRigs were invented. They were born out of necessity and were created by visionaries who wanted more than what the industry had to offer. And while they’re technologically advanced and are geared towards convenient consumption of cannabis’ oily derivatives, purists still prefer the raw power and vapor production they get from traditional dab rigs. If you’re one who prefers the vapors you get from dabbing from a conventional rig, these two products we have in store for you might just pique your interest.

Today, we’ll be pitting two dab rig accessories against each other, the Terp Timer by Octave and the Terpometer by ZSpace Laboratories. But before we begin, let’s look at what temperature readers are and why they’re so cool.

Temperature Readers and Why You Need Them

Temperature readers are devices that help you tell the temperature level of your banger. At the time of writing, there are only a few products intended for wax concentrate consumption. Companies and manufacturers have seen the need and the market for such devices because dab rigs aren’t actually accurate devices. Typically, a dab rig will have a banger that is to be heated with a torch lighter where you’ll be putting your wax concentrates on to melt and vaporize it. Because there’s really no way of telling the actual temperature of the banger when it’s heated with a blowtorch, consumers run the risk of loading their wax concentrates on a banger that’s too hot or too cold. Either way, you’re wasting your wax concentrates because if you dab with too cold of a banger, the wax concentrates will not fully vaporize and you will have to reheat the banger with your extracts in it. Otherwise, the wax concentrates may end up getting burned and you inhale combusted wax concentrates because your banger is too hot.

why do you need a temperature reader?

Over time, consumers have developed several ways of telling the ideal temperature level when dabbing. Some consumers hover their palms over the heated banger to tell if it’s still too hot or too cold while others time their dabs the moment they heat it with a torch and giving it a relatively reasonable amount of time to cool down. Either way, most consumers agree that these methods are nowhere near accurate which makes telling the temperature more of a guessing game. If you’re consuming wax concentrates, you’ll know that having the right temperature when dabbing is important. Unlike the actual plant matter, dabs do react to the slightest change in temperature and this affects the overall vapor production and the quality of vapors you get in your sessions. Dabbing on a lower temperature profile lets you enjoy the terpenes and the flavonoids native to your wax concentrates. Dabbing on a higher temperature profile activates the psychoactive components that your wax concentrates have to offer.

Enter temperature reading accessories

Devices like the Terp Timer and Terpometer help you tell the exact temperature your banger is at so you can accurately dab your select wax concentrates. This way, you can tell the actual temperature level so you can dictate the overall direction of your session whether you just want to enjoy a good night’s sleep or if you want to jump from one universe to another, these accessories lets you see the actual temperature level so you’d know when to drop your dabs so you can get the result you want. That’s why having temperature readers when you’re using a dab rig can be very helpful. If you’re wondering how the Terp Timer and the Terpometer stack up against each other, read on below because we’re going to start taking temps.

The Tale of The Tape

Although these two accessories aren’t exactly cut from the same cloth, their dimensions are worth taking note of. The Terpometer is a small and compact device that’s designed to tell the temperature of your banger. It looks like a crossbreed between a dab pen and a thermometer with its dab pen-like body with a dab tool on one end and a thermometer on the other. The Terp Timer, on the other hand, looks nothing like the Terpometer. And while it’s also engineered to tell the running temperature of your banger, the way it’s built is like a small cup that you sit atop your table which creates more of a handsfree experience instead of making it so that you have to hold the accessory in your hands.

Terp Timer vs The Terpometer

With that in mind, the Terpometer is more of a portable temperature reader you can take with you when you go to your friend’s house for a quick group session or maybe something you can grab and bring to a party if you and your friends are planning to dab the night out. The Terp Timer is kind of on the other side of the spectrum. It’s fairly compact but it’s not something you necessarily put in your pocket – but do you really need a portable temperature reader when using a dab rig?

Usage and Operation

As we’ve briefly covered above, both the Terpometer and the Terp Timer are designed for the same purpose. However, because these devices have different dimensions, the way they’re used and how they are operated are relatively different. Let's start with the Terpometer.

  1. Turn the Terpometer on. This can be done by pressing the power button on the battery three times.
  2. With a heated banger, hold the end of the Terpometer with a thermometer close to your banger.
  3. Wait for a few seconds until the Terpometer displays the exact temperature on the device’s screen.
Pretty easy right? Just remember to give the Terpometer enough time to read the temperature of the banger. Also, the Terpometer is not an accessory that will adjust the temperature level of your banger. It just tells the running temperature level and will let you know when you’re good to go by showing a green light on the device’s screen. The same goes with the Terp Timer but on a different way. Here’s how you use the Terp Timer.
  1. Turn the Terp Timer on by pressing and holding the power button down for three seconds.
  2. Select your preferred temperature setting by using the directional buttons on the device.
  3. With a heated banger, place the Terp Timer under the banger. Use the laser to alight the banger with the sensor on the unit.
  4. Wait for a few seconds until the Terp Timer displays your desired temperature setting. It will set off an alarm to let you know when it’s ready.

The Terp Timer also offers a relatively easy means of telling the temperature level you’re dabbing on. What we loved about the Terp Timer is that you don’t heed to hold it while using it. This means that you can wait for the banger to reach your desired temperature level while preparing your dabs. Pretty nifty right?

Pros and Cons

Although both dab accessories are meant to do the same thing, which is to tell the temperature of your banger, they do offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages to your sessions. Let’s go through them one by one.

Terpometer Pros:

  • Small
  • Portable
  • Has colored LCD screen
  • An all-in-one accessory
  • Replaceable parts

Tepometer Cons:

  • Inconvenient
  • Does not have adjustable temperature setting

Let’s talk about the Terpometer’s beneficial features. It’s small and compact. And as we’ve briefly covered above, it’s something you can take with you almost anywhere you go. It doesn’t even have to be a temperature reading device, if you’re dabbing with a dab pen or any portable unit, you can use the Terpometer as a dab tool to scoop up your extracts and load them up into your wax vaporizer. It also has a color-coded LCD screen which helps you tell the temperature range without even getting into the details. All you need to remember is that red is too hot, green is good, and blue is too cold. It also has replaceable components that you can get to help you maintain the Terpometer.

However, using this device also has its limitations, and unfortunately, these limitations are far too important to be overlooked. To begin with, using the Terpometer can be an inconvenience. That's because you have to hold it over the banger until the Terpometer gives you a green light. From here, you take the Terpometer out, switch your hands to using the dab tool and place your wax concentrates in the banger. It also takes some time to get used to it. Also, it lacks an important aspect of customizing the temperature setting.

Overall, the Terpometer makes for a great temperature reader especially for beginners who want a simple and straightforward means of telling the temperature of their dabs.

Terp Timer Pros:

  • Handsfree experience
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Alarm function
  • Long battery life

Terp Timer Cons:

  • Does not have a dab tool
  • Rather bulky
  • Lacks replaceable parts

The Terpometer may be geared more towards portability and multi-functionality, but the Terp Timer is made with convenience in mind. The Terp Timer offers pretty much like a set it and forget it experience. You just turn the device on, set your preferred temperature setting, and just leave it there. Just like having an assistant when you dab using a rig, the handsfree experience lets you use both hands and drop you wax concentrates exactly right at the moment the Terp Timer tells you you’re good to go by ringing an alarm. No need to bother yourself with holding the Terp Timer, you just place it below your banger and it will work on its own. Another benefit to using the Terp Timer is the ability to select the temperature level you’re comfortable with, which makes it pretty much outfitting your conventional rig with the features of an eRig. In our opinion, this makes the Terp Timer a temperature reader that’s ideal for more experienced consumers as it allows one to dig deep in the details of the temperature levels that affect the quality of the vapor.

That said, the Terp Timer also has its downsides. These include being bulky and not having other features like an integrated dab tool. Other than that, the Terp Timer is great for all intents and purposes of telling what the temperature of your banger is.

The Better Temperature Reader

Seeing what the pros and the cons of each temperature reader is, you’ll be able to make out which between the two is the better accessory to suit your needs. Selecting between the two is a subjective matter, but given the confines of using a traditional dab rig, we’ve made out which will be the better choice between the Terp Timer and the Terpometer.

In the premise of using a dab rig on a desktop and that one appreciates being both hands free when dabbing, our top pick is the Terp Timer. Another reason why we believe it’s worth investing in is its ability to let you select the actual temperature setting so you can truly personalize your sessions depending on your needs and on your preference.

Check out the Terp Timer and the Terpometer here at VapeActive. We have both accessories in stock and guarantee authentic and original temperature readers that come straight from the source. If you’re a dab enthusiast who needs to add accuracy in your session, consider getting any of the Terpometer and the Terp Timer today.

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