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Pulsar vaporizers offers a variety of portable wax vaporizers, portable dry herb vaporizers, and eRigs. They are the manufacturer of the world-famous APX line of vaporizers as well as the brand-new Pulsar RoK electric dab rig. Here at VapeActive, we offer exclusive coupon codes and discounts allowing you to get the best deals on Pulsar oil vaporizers, Pulsar dry herb vaporizer, and Pulsar wax vaporizer. Our collection also includes Pulsar eNails and Pulsar eRigs.

Pulsar Flow Vaporizer
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Pulsar Go Vaporizer
Regular price $79.99
Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer
Regular price $69.99
Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer
Regular price $69.99
Pulsar APX W Atomizer Tank
Regular price $27.99
Pulsar APX VOLT Vaporizer
Regular price $74.99
Pulsar APX Smoker Kit
Regular price $69.99
Pulsar RöK Beaker Base
Regular price $19.99
Pulsar RöK Downstem
Regular price $9.99
Pulsar RöK Wax Carb Cap
Regular price $9.99
Pulsar RöK Herb Carb Cap
Regular price $9.99
Pulsar Barb Fire Kit
Regular price $79.99
Pulsar Barb Fire Atomizer
Regular price $44.99
Pulsar APX eRig
Regular price $199.99

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Best Pulsar Vaporizers Under $100

Are you looking for original Pulsar wax vaporizers and Pulsar oil vaporizers, check out our collection of the best the brand has to offer for less than $100.00? We’ve got the best products in Pulsar’s lineup that won’t break the bank. Enjoy on-the-go sessions with Pulsar wax vapes, Pulsar oil vapes, Pulsar dry herb vapes.

About Pulsar Vaporizer 

Pulsar Vaporizer

More often than not, we tend to always look at prices of what we buy than any other aspect of what it can offer. The same can be said when purchasing vaporizers, we often use its price point to gauge whether or not the product we’re eyeing is worth having. Let’s face it, our budget and the price of a vaporizer plays a huge role in our decision making when purchasing vaporizers and other vape-related products.  

Pulsar vaporizers are affordable but are built to match the overall quality and durability of vaporizers like dab pens and herb vape twice or even thrice its price. Pulsar aims to change the meta of the industry where price often dictates and indicates the quality of a certain product. Having said, you can never go wrong with Pulsar products. Vaporizers like the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer or the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer and now their latest offering, the Pulsar RoK Vaporizer. These devices have set a yardstick for other vaporizers that followed after it and showed other manufacturers and especially the consumers that one can achieve superior quality without sacrificing affordability.  

Pulsar products cover a wide range of devices that can be used for all kinds of materials. They have dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, thick oil vaporizers, as well as 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 vaporizers. Pulsar products are often characterized by strong and robust features with elegant and sophisticated accents. This is why Pulsar products draw all kinds of consumers allowing many users to enjoy an affordable vaporizer that functions and performs as good as other top-tier vaporizers.  

There are also many features that make Pulsar vaporizers and the Pulsar brand the institution it is today. Here are some characteristics and features that many consumers find appealing in Pulsar vaporizers. 


Pulsar Vaporizer

You can bring it wherever you go and use it almost whenever you need to. A feature that makes Pulsar vaporizers the talk of the town. It lets you enjoy vaping anywhere and anytime; you can just use your portable vaporizer and conceal it in the palm of your hands if you need to. You can also keep your vaporizer stashed inside your pocket so you can quickly store and access it when you need to. Be it indoors, outdoors, or even when you are doing activities elsewhere, you can still continue to enjoy a wonderful vaping session with your Pulsar vaporizer. With the ease of use and overall convenience, you can seamlessly travel with it and bring it to concerts, parties, hikes or strolls. These are just some of the things you can do all while having a quick vaping session.  

Pulsar products are known to be lightweight and durable. Unlike other vaporizers that sacrifice durability for portability, Pulsar devices are known for having been built with some of the best raw materials today’s industry can offer so you can always rely on your vaporizer when you need that on-the-go vape session.  

It’s true that of all the varieties of vaporizers in the industry, portable vaporizers are the ones that suffer more from bumps and falls. That’s because they’re meant to be carried around and be used at the same time. The engineers that research and develop vaporizers at Pulsar took this into consideration – it seems that hiring people who actually use vaporizers on a daily basis does pay off. This is one of the reasons why Pulsar pays serious attention to using only the best raw materials both inside and outside the vaporizer to ensure that it can withstand your daily carrying activity and still perform at its optimum level to bring you that definitive on-the-go vaping experience.  

Amazing Vaporization 

While the Pulsar vaporizers are known to cater to a slew of materials like waxes, herbs, flowers, and thick oils, it also boasts amazing vaporization production. Pulsar vaporizers are outfitted with today’s best heating elements that are made with today’s most advanced vaping technologies. Because Pulsar knows that different kinds of materials have varying consistencies and physical compositions, they use specially design atomizers, heating coils, chambers, and other specific components depending on what type of material is to be used with their vaporizer. By selecting the appropriate components, they can ensure thorough extraction of the active ingredients found on your select materials. Pulsar devices will unlock the true potential of your botanical plant matter as well as enhance the inherent attributes of your select concentrates and infused thick oils. Because of how they’re designed, you’ll be able to reap the benefits each material has to offer. This makes Pulsar vaporizers an effective and efficient means of consuming your favorite materials allowing you to get more by using less.  

Pulsar Vaporizer

The folks at Pulsar also believes that temperature plays a huge role in vaporization. This is why their products are made with calibrated and fine-tuned heating elements to ensure that the materials you put inside each Pulsar vaporizer are vaporized correctly. By giving you different options and the ability to play with temperature, you can customize the results depending on your needs.   

Long-Lasting Battery

Pulsar battery

Batteries are an essential component of a portable vaporizer. They’re the only power source you’d have to depend on the moment you unplug that charging cable from your device. Pulsar vaporizers take pride in outfitting their products with long-lasting batteries that allow them to function longer than most vaporizers in their respective categories. The folks at Pulsar knows that the longer the battery life, the longer you can enjoy vaping and consuming your select materials. So, having to use a battery that can hold an insignificant amount of power will defeat the purpose of having a portable vaporizer. No vaporizer user wants to plug their batteries every 30 minutes. By equipping their vaporizers with superior batteries, they can maximize the user's experience and have them spend less time charging their devices that actually using it. Of course, the battery’s overall longevity still depends on one’s usage patterns.  

Pulsar vaporizers are made to ensure that you get to use your vaporizers without any interruption or worries of running low on power in the middle of a session. This is why Pulsar vaporizers are the ideal vaporizers for those who always travel or to those who are always on their feet. Pulsar makes reliable vaporizers so you can enjoy your favorite materials whenever, wherever.  

Ushering in the Higher Culture 

Along with superior manufacturing, Pulsar also uses ingenious product branding. They have introduced the hashtag #EnjoyHigherCulture. This is to let its customers and consumers know that Pulsar is here and that it can adapt and keep up with the times. Why? Because Pulsar is considered as one of the earliest vaporizer manufacturers in the industry. They’re considered as veterans when it comes to making vaporizer products and has earned a significant amount of years under their belt. Their experience allowed them to gain and acquire the right information and skill set to produce the best vaporizers. Their years in the business also allowed them to form strong bonds with other manufacturers as well as raw material suppliers and other businesses related to the vaporizer industry.  

Because of this, they were able to leverage their experience in procuring raw materials and other components in larger numbers and at a lower cost. They have poured assets and funded research and development which allowed them to patent several vape technologies, those you’d never see on other vaporizers. It’s no secret that originality and the constant pursuit in innovation is the key to succeeding in the vaporizer industry. In a business where you’re surrounded with a sea of products that not only look the same but also function the same, it’s best to have originality and ingenuity when brainstorming for new products to release. The market has seen its fair share of rebranded products from large manufacturers drawing startup businesses to invest in a generic product and slap their logo into it.  

Pulsar believes that designing and developing a unique and high-quality product for vapers and smokers alike will help them experience the higher culture. We don’t see it as a problem for Pulsar as they’ve been doing it since the early days.  

This is reflected in one of the most famous lines of vaporizers that came from Pulsar. The APX family of vaporizers gave way to the new breed of vaporizers that are small but are extremely capable of vaporizing your select wax or dry herb strains. The APX family of portable vaporizers allowed a new era where vaporizers are now known as viable replacements and not just small and insignificant alternatives. It’s no longer just an option, it is an option. His is why many consumers now look to portable vaporizers and start ditching the larger and bulkier desktop vaporizers for Pulsar’s more compact and sleeker portable vaping devices. Pulsar has truly ushered in the era of the higher culture. Success in branding and manufacturing, and additional feather to Pulsar’s cap.  

More Than Just Vaporizers 

Pulsar has been known not only for its vaporizer products but also for its vape-related accessories. While they were more famous for their APX line, Pulsar has also manufactured some high-quality products like water pipes, e-nails, bubblers, rolling trays, dabbers, as well as silicone products uses both in smoking and in vaping. Their collection of products spans across multiple consumption platforms. They have had quite an impressive lineup of products on their list and VapeActive is proud to carry some of their best-sellers.  

Pulsar has been quite busy and has proved that they’ve put their years to good use. They’ve developed several great accessories that are commonly used in consuming waxes and herbs. They have recently released grinders, tap trays, rolling trays, as well as containers where one can easily keep their materials when they want to vape on-the-go. Pulsar wants to cover all the aspects native to the consumption of select materials and that is why they strive and continue to work hard to provide consumers with a wide range of product options where one can get good quality products at a reasonable cost. They also pride themselves in manufacturing coils and other heating elements used in their vaporizers. Apart from the units they have in stock, they also keep their replacement inventory updated. By manufacturing other accessories and parts replacement, Pulsar shows continued support for the products they have. They allow consumers to go with the practical means of maintaining the vaporizers they have come to love.  

Pulsar vaporizers are seen as more than just vaping devices. Because of the quality they bring to the table, they are seen by many individuals as vaporizers fit for medical use. Not only people that consume herbs and waxes for recreation use Pulsar vaporizers, medical patients who rely on portable devices for fast and straightforward delivery and administration of the effects of herbs and concentrates use Pulsar vaporizers on a daily basis. 

Patients who want a more natural and less synthetic means of treating or managing their conditions often use Pulsar vaporizers and keep them near just in case they require immediate relief or fast acting results. Pulsar vaporizers are easy to use and require less preparation than using larger and more complicated desktop vaporizers. No more long and tiring undertakings before you get to inhale vapors filled with active compounds, with Pulsar’s portable devices, you can easily achieve results easily and straightforwardly. Also, working professionals who deal with large amounts of stress and anxiety daily can use Pulsar vaporizers in conjunction with the calming and soothing effects of herbs and thick oils for fast and quick administration during office hour breaks. No need to hurry home, you can pop out your Pulsar vaporizer from your pocket and take quick hits on the fly. Even athletes who suffer from the pains of daily training can rely on Pulsar’s portable products for relief. Since many waxy concentrates, botanical herbs and thick oils have curative effects, they can consume these materials right away whether before or after practice for alleviating muscle pain, muscle spasms and other issues experienced after training. 

See, Pulsar makes products that are more than what they seem. So, if you’re on the fence for new vaporizers, make sure to check Pulsar devices and experience the difference.  

Pulsar Portable Vaporizers 

It’s true that Pulsar’s main meat is its portable devices. VapeActive is proud to be one of the few re-sellers of Pulsar vaporizers. We carry some of the best devices in their catalog and we’re happy to offer them to our customers.  

Unique Vaporizers 

A testament to Pulsar’s innovative design and engineering. The Pulsar Flow Vaporizer is one of the few units that rock a truly ergonomic design. Made to mimic a hand pipe, the Pulsar Flow is used and operated, unlike any portable vaporizer you’ve ever seen. Backed up with a 1600mAh battery, the Pulsar Flow is a testimony of how well Pulsar equips its devices with long-lasting batteries.  

This dry herb vaporizer is equipped with some of Pulsar’s latest weed tech. A convection style heating element bakes the herbs into vaporization without having to reach the point of combustion. You’re only to expect flavorful clouds of vapors without a hint of any synthetic taste, unlike other vaporizers made with cheap and weak materials that seemingly rub off on the vapors produced by these vaporizers. With the Pulsar Flow, you’re sure to get only the unique flavors and aroma of your select dry herb strain. In addition to the convection style heating element, the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer uses an embossed cooling path from which the vapors are to travel until they reach the mouthpiece. The path they take before they reach the mouthpiece is significantly longer than that of any portable vaporizer variety, plus the addition of the grooved embossed crevices, the vapors are sifted and are cleared of any irritants before they reach your throat. Not only will they be cool but they will also be clean and smooth the moment they touch your lungs. Such is the technology used by Pulsar which makes them a brand to look for if you want a reliable and dependable vaporizer you can take with you wherever you may go.  

If you want to try out the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer, you’d be glad to know that the parade of features doesn’t end there. This premium dry herb vaporizer is outfitted with a fast-acting heating element that ensures the herbs are ready to vape in as fast as 40 seconds. It also has haptic feedback which lets you know whenever an action has been made. To seal the deal, the Pulsar Flow uses magnetic connections allowing you to reload your dry herb vaporizer without the need of having to deal with 510-threaded connections. The Pulsar Flow makes the overall flow of your vaping session as convenient and as seamless as possible.  

The Pulsar Go Vaporizers 

Pulsar go Vaporizer

In Pulsar’s collection of extract vaporizers, you’ll find two of them named and labeled as Pulsar Go. Don’t get confused, we’re here to make things easy for you.  

We’ll talk about the Pulsar Go Vaporizer first. The Pulsar Go Vaporizer is a dual-purpose vaporizer that can vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. This means that you can use it with either herbs or wax concentrates giving you a versatile unit in such small packaging. It’s cylindrical in shape and uses two separate chambers to contain and hold herbs or waxes. This innovative take on a dual-purpose vaporizer allows you to faithfully preserve the essences of each material by ensuring that the herb and the concentrate will not get mixed up with each other. This design also makes cleaning and maintenance easier since you won’t have to deal with residue from both wax and herb at the same time. Resin buildup from both wax and herb mixed together may be harder to clean. It also ensures that your vaping sessions remain clean and healthy since you’ll avoid the proliferation of bacteria when you only use the chambers for a single kind of material only.  

For a vaporizer this small, the Pulsar Go Vaporizer is surprisingly backed by a 1100mAh battery which lasts longer than other vaporizer batteries used by other devices in its class. They work to ensure that the chambers and the heating elements are supplied with more than enough power to vaporize either herbs or waxes. You’re sure to have longer vaping sessions with fewer instances of recharging your device which is why we’re sure that the Pulsar Go Vaporizer is aptly named for its ability to provide you superior on-the-go vaping sessions. And, speaking of on-the-go sessions, the Pulsar Go was made to be a fast-acting, rapid-heating vaporizer, it ensures that both concentrates and botanicals are vaporized in as fast as 5 seconds – something you can only expect from a company and a veteran manufacturer like Pulsar.  

The other Pulsar Go is the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer. While the Pulsar Go Vaporizer is intended to be a dual-purpose vaporizer for wax and herb, the Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer was made specifically for e-liquid materials. This means that the Pulsar Go Thick Oil is compatible with a slew of extracts with thick and dense viscosity which include a slew of e-liquids and salt-nic that are easily accessible and are available on the market today. The Pulsar Go Thick Oil Vaporizer uses an 0.8 ml refillable tank and is backed by a 650mAh battery. The cartridge is made out of glass so this means that it won’t have any direct effect on the material you put in the refillable tank.  

Both vaporizers are small and compact options to consume either herbs, waxes, or thick oils on-the-go. This only shows how versatile Pulsar is and how good they are in making sure they cover all facets of manufacturing when it comes to consumer needs.  

Vaporizers from the APX Family 

We’re proud to carry some of the best vaporizers from Pulsar’s APX Family. First is the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer. This portable vaporizer redefines the game in portable dry herb consumption. Like its brethren, the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer is small and compact, only 4 inches in size, this device shows you the true meaning of what small and terrible is – in a good way.  

The Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer is outfitted with a convection style oven, a rarity for dry herb vaporizers this small as most compact dry herb vaporizers use conduction heating to vaporize their materials. These types of dry herbs vaporizers are considered by many vape connoisseurs as burners and not true vaporizers as conduction heating sometimes causes the herbs to burn and experience combustion defeating the purpose of using an actual vaporizer. With the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer, all you’re going to experience is smooth vapors and clean clouds – the likes of what you’d find and experience with larger and more expensive devices. After all, Pulsar tries its best to ensure that they deliver high-quality vaporizers at the most competitive price.  

Having said, the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer makes for a great deal, it boasts an improved control interface plus 5 preset heating profiles. Yes, you’ve heard that right. While many portable vaporizers offer 3 and sometimes if you get lucky around 4 temperature profiles, the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer allows you to play with a wide range of temperature profiles. Preset it may be but the variety of temperature it offers allows you to somewhat precisely pinpoint the temperature closest to your preference. You can now enjoy going low and slow of fly and high and maybe enjoy all things in between with its wide selection of temperature settings from 356°- 428°F respectively. Also, the new and improved interface makes managing all these temperature profiles as easy as breathing. This makes the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer a great vaporizer for beginners allowing them to use their devices without having to go through the complicated process of changing and altering the settings of a complex system. With the Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer, you can wield this vaporizer like a pro, both figuratively and literally.  

The Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer uses a high-grade 1600mAh battery which allows your dry herbs to be vaporized in just half a minute, that’s 30 seconds, a feat for a small and compact vaporizer running a convection oven.  

Pulsar volt Vaporizer

Another vaporizer we have from the APX Family is the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer. The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is a wax concentrate vaporizer allowing consumers to enjoy dab rig-like performance in a small and compact vaporizer. It’s only 3 and a half inches tall making it extremely compact and portable allowing you to take it and carry it almost anywhere you like. This makes dabbing a more fun experience since dabbing has often times been a kind of activity you do indoors. Wax consumption has always been seen as something you do at home; wax concentrates have high concentrations of active ingredients and active compounds that’s why they are more potent than the actual herb and botanical plant matter. A glob of concentrate can go a long way and consuming a sizeable amount of concentrates can put you down for a good amount of time. Pulsar portable wax vaporizers can carry only sufficient amounts of material in the chamber allowing you to pack only the right amount of waxes when you want to take your sessions on-the-go. The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer was made to let consumers enjoy consuming concentrates while on their feet.  

It's backed by a 1000mAh battery that’s more than enough for your vaping sessions and makes for a perfect portable vaping experience. This battery ensures that you’ll never find yourself out of power when you use your vaporizer while you’re out and about. This rechargeable battery powers a wax atomizer with 0.4-Ohm resistance that fires up in as fast as 5 seconds. This accentuates the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer’s features that lean towards the ultimate portable vaping experience.  

The heating element used by the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is made out of quartz and does not sport any rods and coils. This makes concentrate vaping more efficient since the wax concentrates will not have anywhere to stick to. The waxes will be consumed and vaporized to the very last drop using the coil-less cup. It offers variable voltage setting which means you’ll have access to several heat profiles when you vape your wax concentrates. This is an important component of wax consumption because wax concentrates will have different results when subjected to different heat settings. Depending on your needs and the results you want to achieve, you can adjust the temperature profiles in easy and user-friendly control.  

Pulsar Elite Series E-Nails 

Pulsar Elite mini enail Vaporizer

Apart from manufacturing portable vaporizers, Pulsar has also been known for its e-nails. While the average e-nail Pulsar’s products use some of the best components that today’s industry can offer. One good example is their Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail. This small and compact e-nail uses precision heating allowing you to get to that sweet spot when you want to consume wax concentrates. It offers deeper and more sophisticated heating compared to devices that have pre-set heat settings. It also includes premium titanium components that improve the overall quality of your extracts. 

Another e-nail from their Elite Series Family is the Pulsar Micro E-Nail Kit – Elite Series. This e-nail uses grade 2 titanium universal nails that allow superior vaporization of your wax concentrates. It uses a titanium carb cap and boasts a digital display of the temperature readout. You can also adjust the temperature profile accordingly so you can achieve the results you want.  

 Both e-nails offer superior heating and vaporization. Being connected to a secure and stable power source gives you the advantage of getting solid and substantial results. VapeActive is proud to carry both e-nails allowing our customers to choose from any of these e-nails for a more satisfying experience. So, if you’re in the fence for new vaporizers for herbs, wax, and thick oils, come and visit VapeActive and check out authentic and original Pulsar products.