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Dab Pen FAQs

Dab pens are small and compact vaporizers used to vaporize wax concentrates. Because of their slim and slender frame, these portable wax vaporizers easily resemble the humble pen thus providing users with an inconspicuous and discreet means of dabbing (consuming wax).

While both devices are made in the likeness of a pen, a dab pen is often only used for wax concentrates and its other forms like shatter, crumble, and rosin. That said, vape pens may refer to a wide variety of pen-like devices and can be used with other materials such as dry herbs and thick oils.

To put it simply, a dab pen is a portable vaporizer that can be used only with wax concentrates while vape pens may refer to other vaporizers such as portable dry herb vaporizers and portable oil vaporizers.

Depending on your state, you have to be 18 years old or older to buy a dab pen. During the recent re-implementation of FDA’s regulations, the sale of “vapes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, hookah pens” and other similar regulated devices require buyers to be at the age of 21. Although they have been keen on regulating tobacco and nicotine products and not specifically on products that use cannabis wax concentrates, it’s best to follow the recommended age restriction.

Vape pens is made up of three components; the battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece, and is often outfitted with one button for use and operation. Each manufacturer will have its own configuration but vape pens can often be powered on by pressing the power button five times, press and hold the power button and the battery delivers power to the atomizer which then generates vapor that can be inhaled via the mouthpiece. 

While the charge your dab pen holds is affected by your consumption patterns, a fully charged dab pen will normally last for two hours of constant. Since dab pens are used to vaporize a more potent byproduct of the plant matter, a few short drags and several periodical sessions can get you through the day.

Charging time depends on the means you are using to recharge your vape pen. Older models that use 510-threaded USB chargers may require four hours of recharging, current-gen vape pens that use micro USB chargers may take two hours to achieve a full charge, while next-gen vape pens that use USB-C technology may recharge even faster.

First, make sure that the battery of your wax dab pen is fully charged. Next, check the atomizer and make sure that it’s working. If your dab pen is more than a month old, check if the coil needs to be replaced.

Then, load the chamber with a small amount of wax concentrates, about a rice grain size. Make sure not to underpack or overpack the chamber. Underpacking will have you load more materials frequently and consume more extracts than necessary. On the other hand, overpacking may see some leaks and can make your sessions messy leaving sticky resinous buildup all over the dab pen.

After loading the chamber with your select wax concentrates, you may set the right temperature on the wax pen based on your preference. Ideally, setting the temperature profile around 400° F works best when extracting vapors packed with flavors as this temperature level activates the terpenes and the flavonoids your material has to offer. However, this will only apply to dab pens outfitted with temperature control. Some dab pens are equipped with a heating element set to vaporize your wax concentrates using a default temperature setting.

Lastly, take slow and steady puffs. Should there be any wax left in the chamber, wait a few seconds before finishing it to avoid combustion.

Depending on how your device is built, these steps may vary.

Dab pen prices can range from $100 to $200.

Make sure that your dab pen is designed to vaporize oils and concentrates.

Many dab pens are designed to vaporize flower concentrates instead of the actual flowers.

Take a small amount of wax concentrate. If the concentrates are particularly oily, you can use your dab tool to scoop up your extracts. If the concentrates are highly viscous, you can roll them and shape them with your fingers. If you do, a small dollop of wax is usually enough. While weighing the globs of wax isn’t exactly necessary, roughly 0.1g of wax concentrates will be sufficient.

Apply the material directly onto the coil.

Load the wax concentrates gently onto the coil. Because these extracts are by nature sticky, you could run into them sticking to the dab tool. Nevertheless, do not jab the dab tool straight onto the coil as heating elements can be fragile.

If you’re using thin and brittle varieties of wax concentrates like shatter, break them up into small pieces and load them into the heating chamber.

These kinds of wax concentrates should be broken down into smaller pieces with the chamber loaded halfway through.

A vaporizer used for dabs or wax concentrates is considered a vaporizer. However, keep in mind that the term “vaporizer” is a large category.

You’ve got oil pens that use liquefied extracts from the plant matter that are treated to create oils of various consistencies. The oil is then loaded into a cartridge to be heated using a compatible heating element. Then you have wax concentrates, they are more viscous compared to thick oils that are vaporized using compatible atomizers. You also have herb vaporizers that vaporize the actual botanical plant matter.

The term vaping heavily depends on the materials being vaporized. Check the specs of your vape tank, dab tank, pen, or what device and heating element you have to make sure it is compatible with your material. For our purposes today, we will be looking at dab pens for wax and concentrates.

While dab pens still let out a distinct odor, it does not smell as bad as smoking regular dry herb. There are certain etiquettes to be observed when vaping and a dab pen can smell enough to be a concern when you’re dabbing indoors.

Depending on where you are, you should either be 18 or older to buy a dab pen. The FDA’s recent implementation of their regulations of the sale of vapes, vaporizers, hookah pens, e-cigarettes, and other similar devices require buyers to be 21 years old. And while they have been keen on regulating tobacco and other derivative products that contain nicotine, they are not specifically as aggressive in the past in products that use cannabis concentrates. Nevertheless, it’s best to follow the FDA’s recommended age restrictions.

With proper care and maintenance, your dab pen will not require significant cleaning. You’ll only have to keep an eye out for your mouthpiece and your coils. That said, here’s a quick guide to cleaning your dab pen or your wax vape.


When you vaporize wax concentrates, vapor particles will make their way from the atomizer onto the mouthpiece. Over time, the vapor particles can accumulate in the mouthpiece and collect all kinds of dirt and debris adding to the resinous buildup. Neglecting to clean your mouthpiece can result in clogged mouthpieces that restrict the airflow and puts your health at risk. To clean your mouthpiece, lightly scrape any excess wax buildup in the mouthpiece, soak it in isopropyl alcohol, and while soaking, clean it with a cotton swab. Rinse with water and use a clean cloth or a paper towel to dry the mouthpiece, but make sure to let it air dry for five to ten minutes.


Clean the battery the same way you would any non-waterproof electronics. Clean the battery by using a damp cloth or a cleaning wipe. Careful not to press too hard to damage the paint or the design on the vape battery. If you are cleaning hardened waxy residue, lightly scrape it off with a dab tool.

Coil Chamber

Excess wax on the sides or the walls of your coil chamber can accumulate and harden overtime that can be collected and used for another hit. If the coil chamber becomes sticky with resinous buildup, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth or with a cleaning wipe. Avoid using soaked cloth and avoid getting the inside of your chamber wet. Avoid overpacking the chamber with wax and make sure to reload the chamber only when it is empty. This will help prevent spills and can help keep the chamber clean.

Loading your Dab Pen

Loading your wax vaporizer with concentrates is easier than you think. First, make sure that the coil is attached securely and is working properly. Avoid packing a burnt coil. Then, take out the mouthpiece and test the coils. Next, with your dab tool, scoop up a ball of wax concentrate and gently drop it atop the coils. If there’s still room, add as necessary but do not overpack the chamber. Lastly, replace the mouthpiece and start vaping.

A dab pen cartridge should be good for at least five days per gram. When used lightly, your cartridge can last you for more than two weeks.

Different dab pens offer different components, features and functions you should take into consideration before you can find the best wax vape pen. Not only are there a lot to choose from but selecting a dab pen can also be subjective, what could be the best for others might not be the best for you. Some good examples of dab pens are the Puffco Plus, the Boundless Terp Pen, the Dr. Dabber Stella, and the Yocan Evolve Plus XL. Each of these devices will use a different type of heating chamber, vape pod, and atomizer.

The aptly called dab pen, wax pen, or concentrate pen, is defined by the type of material it was designed to accommodate – wax concentrates. Unlike traditional vaporizers that are used to vaporize botanical plant matter, dab pens are engineered to vaporize wax concentrates and extracts. While there are dab pens that can be used for both flowers and extracts, make sure to check its compatibility before using either wax or weed.

When we say wax concentrates, we are referring to the various forms of cannabis extracts. Terms like wax and butter refer to the sticky forms of wax while shatter and crumble are terms that refer to its brittle forms. A good dab pen should be able to vaporize wax in either of its aforementioned forms. Because different cannabinoids are extracted at certain temperature profiles, dabbing with the right dosage allows you to exercise precision when consuming your select wax concentrates.

More Reasons to Use a Dab Pen

Dabbing has become more popular because consuming wax concentrates lets you draw vapors that pack more flavor and are loaded with potent active ingredients – all while consuming less material. The more we understand how terpenes and cannabinoids work, the more we can hone in and enjoy the best experience when dabbing.

Gone are the days when we used to smoke schwag, and today’s consumers appreciate flavor as much as potency. Dabbing, as opposed to smoking, does not combust the flavonoids and the terpenes in your material. When you smoke, the plant matter is combusted and as it burns, the natural taste of your botanicals is masked with the taste and the smell of burning weed. Furthermore, using cannabis concentrates leaves no room for the plant component to burn. Concentrates are composed mainly of cannabis trichomes that are as flavorful as they are potent.

On that note, dab pens are a great tool to test the waters and find out if dabbing is for you. Buying a small and portable device is a great way to get your feet wet before investing in a dab rig.

Often used interchangeably, wax pens and dab pens are pretty much identical. Like dab pens wax pens are loaded with extracts derived from various forms of plant matter and are then vaporized to extract its active ingredients into the vapor.

Whether you’re consuming cannabis for recreational or for medical purposes, you can benefit from using a dab pen to consume wax concentrates. Because they’re affordable, easy to use, and portable, vape pens are ideal for consumers who need to get medicated, fast.

Dab coils work by placing wax concentrates atop the coil or into the heating chamber. Once activated, the battery will deliver power and start heating the coils. When the process of vaporization happens, it will leave very little to no material behind.

On that note, not every coil is suitable for wax or for dabs. Kanthal coils used on e-juice vaporizers are not suited for wax concentrates. Ceramic and quartz rod atomizers are okay but make sure to check the configuration.

Carborundum, or silicon carbide dab coils heat fast and cool down fast. That is perfect for portable dab pens because it allows you to get a quick hit if you’re not looking for a long session. In addition, silicon carbide coils are textured and hold the concentrates in place. A textured surface is better because a smooth coil surface allows concentrate material to slide off the coil and into the base where it goes to waste.

Bear in mind that there is no single atomizer coil for both dry herb and wax. Each type of material requires a different type of coil and dual-purpose vaporizers will usually have interchangeable coils.

Yes, the same way your eyes get red when inhaling smoke from combusted weed can make your eyes red when you inhale vapor from the same material. Basically, you are consuming the same active ingredients which can cause the same effect.

Depending what kind of technology your device uses, oil vapes or oil vaporizers will require a specific type of liquid extract. Some vaporizers accommodate oils in cartridges, both refillable and pre-filled ones. Refillable oil cartridges can be refilled with your select materials like THC or CBD oils while pre-filled ones are often disposable.

While some dab pens can be used with both wax and weed, generally speaking a dab pen can only be used for dabs. Dual-purpose dab pens will often have interchangeable atomizer coils to cater for either wax or weed.

Dab pens can be used with wax concentrates that contain a higher dosage of THC. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and there is no reported long-term effect of consuming THC. Your only concern would be if your dab pen had some sort of material that can have some toxic effect when exposed to heat.

How do I know if a battery in my dab pen is dead? When I turn the pen on it seems to work but nothing comes out.

When you use your dab pen and the light stays solid and no vapor comes out, it could mean that the cartridge is defective. If you still have oil in it and is not fully consumed, you may contact the dispensary where you bought it from.

You can also try using cotton swabs dabbed in isopropyl alcohol. Use it to clean the contacts where the atomizer and the battery meets. When you do, make sure to turn the device off. While most batteries will not cause any electrical shock at this point, it’s best to practice caution and let the device dry out before replacing the oil cartridge.

By definition, dab pens are compact vaporizers that are designed and engineered for the consumption of cannabis extracts. Different states have different rules about carrying cannabis and its derivatives so it’s best to understand the rules of the state before carrying a dab pen. If you do, make sure you have all the necessary documentation like your medical marijuana license, if you’re consuming for medical purposes, or receipt from a dispensary to show you’ve purchased it legally.

First, let’s differentiate the materials being consumed. Dabs or wax concentrates are derivatives of marijuana or hemp, the organic plant matter. Dabs are a concentrated form retaining only its essential active ingredients like CBD, THC, THCV, terpenes, and flavonoids. That said dabs are more potent since it’s the actual active ingredients in pure form.

Smoking buds on the other hand is the consumption of the actual plant matter with all its plant-based organic components.

The sale and procurement of tobacco cigarettes require the age of 21. The same requirement has been set for vaporizers, e-cigs, and even rolling papers making it illegal to sell any of these products to be sold to individuals under the age of 21. The only exception is if you are serving in the military and are in the age of 18 to 20.

As long as you’re using a pen designed and engineered for weed, it’s perfectly safe – even safer that smoking a joint. That’s because vaping does not involve combustion and therefore eliminates the negative and toxic effects brought by combusted plant matter. It also eliminates the use of a lighter or a torch. That said, make sure to check the components and compatibility of your vape pen before you use it.

Please visit https://www.vapeactive.com/pages/faqs for frequently asked questions on dab pens.

Dab Pen (Wax Pen) Vaporizers  

Dab Pens are handheld devices that are designed and engineered for on-the-go wax concentrate consumption. They’re fashioned to look like an inconspicuous office pen making them an extremely discreet and stealthy device for vaping wax concentrates.

Their size and lightweight build makes them one of the most favored vaporizers on the market. They could easily be stashed in your pocket unlike bulkier and even stationary devices like portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers.   

Wax pen vaporizers are generally easy to operate since they most of the time feature a single-button control making it the perfect vaporizer for most beginners and novice users. One would just have to tap the power button a particular number of times to turn it on and a similar action would likewise turn it off.

Dab pens or wax pens may target a specific segment of the market, however, most wax concentrate consumers almost always include wax pen vaporizers in their vaping arsenal. Wax pen vaporizers are ideally cheaper than its larger brethren making it one of the best vaping devices for people who want to get into vaping.

Why Wax Pen Vaporizers?  

Apart from being affordable alternatives and being a portable option for wax concentrate consumption, wax pen vaporizers can be an efficient and effective way of vaping your favorite concentrates. Most dab pens on our collection are highly durable and are extremely reliable. We carry top-tier brands like Puffco and KandyPens, brands that are known for their durability and reliability. While these vaporizers are notable examples of high-quality devices, they also are perfect models of how stylish and sophisticated wax pen vaporizers can be.   

They’re also a cost-effective means of wax concentrate consumption since dab pens use batteries that power atomizers which make for an efficient method of vaporizing concentrates.

Compared to dabbing concentrates with a butane-based lighter -- which inefficiently burns your materials, dab pens are good for low and slow heating allowing you to savor your select concentrates and make the most out of your materials. This also means your concentrates are heated effectively without reaching the point of combustion which makes for a safer vaping experience.   

How Dab Pens Work  

Most wax pen vaporizers are made up of three essential components.

  1. The battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. Mouthpiece

Vape pen batteries are the primary power source of wax pen vaporizers and are normally rechargeable batteries which makes them a reusable and renewable power supply. There are even car chargers which allow you to charge your vape pen batteries virtually almost anywhere you are.

Atomizers are generally the heating elements of dab pens. Different wax pen vaporizers feature different types of technology that are designed to match the battery and the mouthpiece.

While other vaporizers feature interchangeable parts we recommend that you use the suggested specifications set by the manufacturers to get optimum results.

Quartz Rod Atomizers -- Quartz rod atomizers are known for providing the purest and cleanest vapors in the market. Quartz by nature is pure, so it does not affect the quality of the concentrates and allows one to experience wax in its natural form.

Ceramic Rod Atomizers -- Ceramic rods share the similar inert attributes with quartz rod atomizers though they are most known for their ability to resist and hold heat far longer than quartz components.

Because of this unique characteristic, ceramic rod atomizers are preferred by most wax consumers because it can perfectly handle low-temperature dabs which greatly emphasizes and improves the flavor and smoothness of your wax concentrates.

In addition, ceramic is porous in nature so it can easily absorb your liquefied wax concentrates while slowly vaporizing it.

Dab Pen Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces are an essential component to wax pen vaporizers. Surprisingly, dab pen mouthpieces offer a variety of functions from airflow adjustment to offering users with an integrated dab tool.

Some of the most notable wax pen mouthpieces are the mouthpieces from Puffco’s Puffco Plus and #ThisThingRips’ OG Series Gen 3 wax pen vaporizers. Puffco Plus’ “Dart” mouthpiece offers an integrated dab tool and makes a vortex-like path for the air to travel for cooler draws while the “VaporBlast” mouthpiece from the OG Series Gen 3 allows you to enjoy discreet yet powerful vapors in a forged and durable mouthpiece.

These components make for a simple and straightforward design allowing even vape rookies and newbies to use wax pen vaporizers like a pro.


While dab pens eliminate the daunting task of vaping wax concentrates, knowing the materials themselves can be a little overwhelming. Wax concentrates are a product of blasting cannabis leaves or flowers with solvents like butane or ethanol.

The process of extracting wax concentrates can be hazardous and is in no way recommended especially for beginners and while processing wax concentrates can be intimidating the overall experience of hitting on these concentrates are extremely rewarding.

Here are some the most popular concentrates for dab pens:

Shatter -- Shatters are concentrates that are produced using butane or CO2. It’s most notable physical characteristic is its honey-like consistency though it may sport various colors and transparency. Like most oily substances, shatters will harden when exposed to low temperatures. Once hardened they can be broken down to pieces hence the name, shatter.

Oil -- Oils, on the other hand, is extremely runny and will not be compatible with most wax pen vaporizers. The exact opposite of Shatter in terms of consistency. A word of caution, make sure you’re using a compatible device since some vaporizers will let runny substances leak and may damage the battery. In general, oils can be dabbed using the right vaporizer.

Budder -- To spot a budder look for the opaqueness of the wax concentrate as Budders are generally opaque because of its polycrystal components. They’re highly potent and will put you down for a good amount of time.

Earwax -- Legend has it that Earwax has a smoother and a much agreeable vapor believed to have been caused by the whisking and whipping hash oil. Generally, Earwaxes are favored by beginners because of their mild and mellow upshots.