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Dr. Dabber

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About The Dr. Dabber Switch

The simple yet eye-catching aesthetics of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH cleverly conceals the high-tech wizardry contained within. The style pursues a minimalist approach, but the power and performance are awe-inspiring. Designed to handle both oils and flowers equally well, this futuristic desktop vaporizer aims to become the next-generation cannabis device everyone should aspire to.


Groundbreaking Induction Vapor Technology

The technology behind the SWITCH’s performance was born out of analyzing extensive feedback from customers who wanted a better product. Designed for speed, efficiency, and reliability, the SWITCH indirectly heats your material using Dr. Dabber’s Induction Vapor Technology. The result? Uniform heating, smooth vapor action producing consistent flavor every time, plus absolutely no worries over oxidation or combustion of your material.

The Induction Vapor Technology creates an electromagnetic field allowing for fast, consistent, and precise heating of material, all of which happens within a sealed chamber. No electrical wiring, no atomizers, no loose parts to be concerned about.


Unprecedented Versatility

Dr. Dabber believes that no two hits are alike, so they built the SWITCH to conform to your specific tastes. Whether you prefer dry herb or thick oils, this premium desktop vaporizer has got you covered in ways you wouldn’t believe. How about 25 heat settings calibrated to cater to every possible situation? Are you in the mood for thick clouds, massive hits with intense flavor, or maybe need to chill out with a few small hits every now and then? Enter Advanced Mode on the SWITCH and enjoy!

Available in Advanced Mode on the SWITCH, this feature is for those who need even more flexibility and want to tune in to that exact heat setting. Dial it up or down to your liking and enjoy the kind of hit you’re looking for at the moment, then change it up again to however you fancy. That’s what the SWITCH was designed for. It heats your bud or oil to precise temperatures, depending on what you’re in the mood for at the moment.


Extreme Battery Life

With all the cutting-edge technology inside the SWITCH, it would be a shame if the battery would only let you enjoy a few hits per charge. The people at Dr. Dabber, fortunately, kept that in mind and designed the SWITCH to produce over 150 draws per charge. That should last a regular user for about a few weeks to a month; an exceptional efficiency especially considering the power and functionality of the device. It takes more or less an hour to completely charge the non-volatile battery pack.


Unrivaled Speed

The induction heating technology of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH allows the device to heat up your material in just a few seconds. Average heating time is around 4 seconds, depending on the material you’re using and the settings you selected. Traditional convection or conduction desktop vaporizers simply cannot outperform the speed of the SWITCH.


What’s in the box:

  • SWITCH unit
  • White ceramic induction cup (for oils)
  • Black ceramic induction cup (for herbs)
  • Ceramic leaf filter cap
  • Battery pack
  • Reverse action tweezers
  • Battery pack
  • Charging cable and adapter
  • Glass loading tool and carb accessory
  • Glass percolator attachment
  • Instruction manual


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