Dr. Dabber the Best Wax Vape Manufacturer

Dr. Dabber the Best Wax Vape Manufacturer

Dr. Dabber the Best Wax Vape Manufacturer

Initially, wax pens were seen only as cheap alternatives to dab rigs and were oftentimes made from repurposed vape pens. Most of these wax pen vaporizers were built using sub-standard materials and used parts of poor quality such as subpar wicks, crummy batteries, and glues which held the pieces together. Well, whoever made them paid little to no attention to the effects these components would have after reacting chemically to heat. Furthermore, most of the dab pens sold on the market were rebranded vaporizers from cheap manufacturers so the overall quality of dab pens the industry then had to offer pretty much was on the same level.  


Dr. Dabber was one of the first vape manufacturers who took dab pens to a whole new level. Dr. D wanted to revolutionize portable wax concentrate consumption and began by conceptualizing what a dab pen should really be. Dr. Dabber strongly believed that wax pen vaporizers should be more than just an alternative and instead should be seen as a legitimate option for those who like to consume extracts. A reasonable substitute for stationary methods of concentrate consumption and not just an auxiliary tool for people who wanted a smaller and more portable unit. They wanted to change how people see dab pens and began using only the best raw materials the industry had to offer. By using specifically selected components, Dr. Dabber was able to produce durable devices that yield clean clouds of vapor, making them one of the safest options for consuming extracts and other concentrates. Dr. D also explored low-heat titanium heating elements which resulted to more flavorful outputs without having to compromise purity as low and slow heating extracted active ingredients out of concentrates and allowed vaporization without reaching the point of combustion. The folks at Dr. Dabber improved upon the tried and true means of vaporizing extracts and gave it their own twist. Their purpose-designed dab pens allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of their select materials while keeping it discreet and low key.  


Today, Dr. Dabber is globally recognized for its commitment to developing and enhancing the concentrate consumption platform as well as their unparalleled dedication to innovation. Dr. D’s dab pens are the perfect representations of what wax pen vaporizers have achieved and how they continue to grow as tools to deliver cannabis-based medication for patients and for recreational consumers alike.  


A Modern Classic 

Dr. Dabber improved upon the traditional means of heating concentrates and gave it a major facelift. They used the conventional coil and wick system which used porous and absorbent materials wrapped around the average heating coil and replaced the components with better materials. Keeping to their commitment of delivering high-quality dab pens, the folks at Dr. Dabber experimented and developed specifically designed and engineered glass fiber wicks and used similarly sophisticated titanium coils. This gave them a heating element that enhanced and improved the flavor as well as the potency of waxy oil extracts. You can say that they understood the principle behind the classic coil and wick method and modernized it by applying the proper technology to use this system at its optimum level.  


Dr. D’s hallmark heating element facilitates a slow burn which avoids sudden changes in the overall temperature inside the chamber. Not only does this eliminate combustion but it also prevents the active compounds in the concentrates from being destroyed thus allowing you to savor all the benefits your materials can offer. Dr. Dabber’s low heat technology is probably what placed them on the map, daily consumers and connoisseurs find that low-temp dabs tend to be smoother and easier on both the mouth and the lungs. Vaping on lower temperatures also extract the terpenes out of your concentrates. Terpenes are what gives your materials its aroma as cannabinoids are what gives it its therapeutic and psychoactive properties. By vaping in lower temperatures, you get to experience the full spectrum of concentrates making for a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.  


Apart from its low heat technology, Dr. Dabber also utilized magnetic connections on one of their most iconic dab pens. They eschewed threaded connections that made assembly as well as reloading dab pens a tedious task. By using magnetic links, Dr. Dabber allowed on-the-go users to make removal and replacement of Dr. Dabber parts and components easier and faster. This emphasizes the purpose of their wax pens as they’re meant to be used to take quick hits allowing consumers to get high in a fly. They also reinvented dabbing with e-nails as well as with e-rigs and introduced a variety of wax vaporizers designed for heavy users, longer vaping rituals and even more demanding group sessions. We’ve also seen the first induction vaporizer which we’ll be talking about in a few.  


Overall, Dr. Dabber established itself as a pioneer in innovating vape technology and delivering its promise of providing us with reliable dab devices that are designed for the growing and emerging concentrate consumption platform. A modern classic, Dr. D sets itself apart from the competition as a dependable name whose products one can count on for years to come. This makes Dr. Dabber vape pens for sale an easy choice when you’re looking to add the next gem to your arsenal and even if you’re out looking to get your first dab pen. 


Dab Pens for Every Occasion  

Dr. Dabber vaporizers are tailored to provide users the ultimate concentrate experience. Each vaporizer is designed to unlock the full potential of your material with an emphasis on efficiency and efficacy. Their vaporizers are recipients of numerous awards and recognitions and are featured in different media platforms like MAXIM, Touch of Modern, VICE, Men’s Health, BuzzFeed, HIGHSNOBIETY, Forbes, Complex, The Chive, and MarketWatch.  


With a line of award-winning vaporizers, Dr. D’s got the perfect dabber for every occasion.  


1. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer 

Dr. Dabber Aurora


The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a variable voltage dab pen that boasts an all-magnetic connection providing users with seamless and effortless sessions wherever they may be.  


Dr. D likes to call it Snaptech, strong couplings that connect the vaporizer components without the use of threaded connections. While standard threads tend to wear down over time, the magnetic connections on the Dr. Dabber Aurora preserves the longevity and increases the overall lifespan of the unit. It’s the answer to the common complaint of dab pen users since the actual removal and replacement of the threaded mouthpiece alone may prove to be a tedious task especially when you’re vaping on your feet. Moreover, threaded connections that are near the chamber and are close to the heating element oftentimes accumulate resin or material and can either cause the threading to stick and can even cause contamination should the leftover material find its way into the chamber. The magnetic connections from the Dr. Dabber Aurora prevents such issues and allows simple and straightforward operation while still maintaining a snug fit and a strong hold.  


The Aurora from Dr. D is also outfitted with three preset temperature settings that are calibrated for concentrate consumption. Since different concentrates react to different temperature levels, the three preset temperature profiles make for added customization. The lowest heat profiles are perfect for mild to moderate euphoria and are ideal for prolonged recreational sessions. It’s also good for a relaxed, laid-back, and clear-headed high. On the other hand, the highest temperature setting increases and intensifies the potency of your concentrates. Switching between temperature levels can easily be achieved by pressing the power button thrice. One can use and operate the Dr. Dabber Aurora with ease and will require little to no learning curve making it a user-friendly dab pen recommended for both beginners and advanced users alike.  


The three temperature settings are complemented by the three advanced atomizers that are designed to provide the ideal environment for your material to enhance the flavor and improve the overall vapor quality. The Kit includes the following atomizers.  

  • Dual Ceramic Rod Plus Quartz Dish 
  • Dual Quartz Rod Plus Quartz Dish 
  • Ceramic Halo Heater Plus Quartz Dish 


Each atomizer is housed in a quartz dish which acts as an oven to allow even heating of materials.  


The dual ceramic rod is intended for waxy concentrates since ceramic is an inert mineral it does not conduct heat as fast as quartz and titanium. It's the best option should you want to go low and slow as the ceramic rods also steadily absorbs the concentrates as it heats up. Ceramic is also porous in nature and the microscopic crevices found on the rods allow the materials to permeate the rods as it vaporizes thus increasing flavor and potency while keeping the clouds cool and smooth. The quartz rods heat faster than the ceramic rods and are ideal for low viscosity extracts as it quickly ramps up providing you with more visible clouds that have decent flavor retention. Finally, the ceramic halo provides similar results as the ceramic rods while increasing the efficiency of the Dr. Dabber Aurora – the material you put in is vaporized to the very last drop. No rods leave no room for your materials to build up and there’s virtually no need to fire your coils after every session.  


The Aurora is also one of Dr. Dabbers most decorated vaporizer, here’s a list of recognitions the Aurora took home from the prestigious High Times Magazine Awards. 

  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - “Best Innovation”   
  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - “Best Stealth”  
  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - “Best Taste” 
  • High Times Magazine 2016 Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer - “Best Durability” 


2. Dabber Light Vaporizer 

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer


The Dr. Dabber Light lives up to its name and is currently one of Dr. Dabber's smallest and lightest dab pen. It takes features of another Dr. Dabber vaporizer – the Dr. Dabber Ghost – and brings the same benefits in a smaller and a more compact body. The Light is surprisingly smaller than the average pen making it a stealthier option for those who like to keep a low profile. Its matte black finish gives it a subtle vibe and an inconspicuous aura. The overall design of the Dr. Dabber Light also adds to its discreet allure and lets consumers vape covertly without compromising quality. 


The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer is also one of Dr. D’s most simple and straightforward dab pens both in assembly and in operation. Like most wax pens, the Dr. Dabber Light is made up of three basic parts; the battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece. Almost all components link together through 510-threaded connections with the exception of the atomizer parts. The components of the atomizer are held together by silicone O-rings which makes it easy for on-the-go users to either load the Dr. Dabber Light with their select concentrates or simply when they’d be checking the amount of material they have in the chamber. The atomizer parts can easily be pulled apart should you need to replace the coils which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.  


Having 510-threaded connections works in Dr. Dabber Light’s favor which gives it a secure and sturdy hold and improves its overall strength after all the pieces are assembled and are firmly connected. Because of its small size and lighter weight, the Dr. Dabber Light makes good use of the threaded fittings and allows a snugger fit to hold its parts which ensures that nothing gets disconnected when you stash the Dr. Dabber Light for upkeep. This means that wherever you decide to put the Dr. Dabber Light, be it in your bag or in your pocket, it’ll maintain its form and its pieces won’t easily break or disengage from one another. The Dr. Dabber Light is extremely travel-friendly and can easily withstand daily use and carrying activity.  


The Light from Dr. Dabber also features a single temperature setting that’s calibrated by their in-house developers and engineers. The Dr. Dabber Light is similarly optimized for concentrate vaporization like other Dr. Dabber products. It can be powered on by tapping the power button five times and can also be turned off by performing the same action while it’s on. You simply press and hold the power button to fire the pen and while it features a single temperature setting, you can achieve different results by playing around with it and holding it in short pulses instead of holding it and consuming a single load in one draw. The power button has a very tactile feel and gives that satisfying click every time you press it.  


The Dr. Dabber Light comes with all the essentials including a loading tool, an additional mouthpiece and atomizer, and a shatter-proof storage ball.  


Overall, though the Dr. Dabber Light may appear very rudimentary it does not allow its basic design get in the way of its performance. The atomizers produce flavorful clouds of vapors and are perfect for taking quick hits on the fly.  


3. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer 

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer


The Ghost is one of Dr. Dabber’s award-winning pen, taking home some of the best recognitions in some of the most cut-throat categories in the 2016 High Times Magazine Awards. The Dr. Dabber Ghost won the following honors from the judges for the vape pen reviews. 

  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer - “Best Hit” 
  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer - “Best Value” 
  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer - “Best Portability” 
  • High Times Magazine 2016 - Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer - “Best Packaging/Kit” 


The Ghost adds to Dr. D’s award-winning lineup of dab pens which is why it comes to no surprise at all that they mimicked the Ghost and made a smaller, more compact version of it in the Dr. Dabber Light. The Ghost dab pen from Dr. D also boasts the same low-heat titanium coils which allows it to yield big and tasty hits that’s as close as any vaporizer can get to the performance of the Aurora – another award-winning wax pen from the Doctor. The key to its premium vapor production is in its recessed coils. The receded coils facilitate a unique milieu for concentrates of any variety allowing the liquefied extracts to be heated evenly, something that would otherwise result to material buildups in cheaper dab pens. The recessed coils also prevent leakage and spilling of concentrates once they’re melted. By placing the coils closer to the base of the atomizer, the heating element can now vaporize your materials to the last bit. This eliminates resin buildups that would in any other way be difficult to remove or clean. Furthermore, the Dr. Dabber Ghost uses premium glass fiber wicks and swapped nichrome for titanium to improve the overall heating performance of the Ghost. This means that the components used in the Ghost’s atomizer is designed to eliminate the proliferation of irritants that cause itchiness of the throat. You’re sure to enjoy smooth and milky clouds of vapor when you vape with Dr. Dabber’s Ghost.  


The Dr. Dabber ghost also sports a powerful battery that can yield an average of about 300 to 350 puffs on a single charge. Depending on the frequency of how you’re planning to use the Ghost, it could last at the very least a full day for heavy users or a day or two for those who like their sessions few and far between. The battery may take a couple of hours to charge but the overall lifespan completely justifies the time it takes to charge the battery. The Dr. Dabber ghost is also compatible with a glass globe attachment allowing you to see your Dr. Dabber Ghost at work as it vaporizes your materials. You can also use a special bubbler designed to be used with the Ghost which lets you enjoy moisture conditioned hits and adds the element of water filtration to make your sessions cooler and smoother. The battery is 510 threaded allowing you to use a variety of compatible attachments apart from the glass globe and percolator accessories. A unique add-on is the recycler, a more intricate percolator that further enhances the flavor as well as keeping the vapors easy on your mouth and on your throat. 


The Dr. Dabber Ghost makes for a great addition to your vape arsenal and may prove to be the only dab pen you’ll ever need. 


4. Dabber Boost Vaporizer 

Dr. Dabber Boost


In their mission to provide concentrate consumers with the best vaporizers, the folks at Dr. Dabber created the Boost; a device designed to match and even surpass the performance of a dab rig while offering the convenience of a portable vaporizer. 


The Boost is equipped with a powerful battery that can and will vaporize your concentrates in as fast as 30 seconds. The robust rechargeable power source yields an average of 30 to 40 uses in a single charge which promises longer vaping sessions and vapor output you won’t find on other battery powered units. The Dr. Dabber Boost provides users with a safe means of vaporizing their favorite concentrates without the use of a traditional torch which could be a hazard for both the inexperienced and the adept.  


Using a blow torch has its benefits, it can heat up your nails quickly and allows for higher temperature levels which lets you unlock and experience the full potential of your extracts. However, blow torches use butane that can oftentimes pose risks to consumers especially when used without proper caution and care. To make such a feat possible in an electric-powered unit, the Doctor used high-performance nails to aid in conducting heat and promoting the proper setting for your extracts to mimic or even better the kind of performance one would get from a dab rig. The Dr. Dabber Boost features a full-kit that includes a quartz crystal nail that can be used to heat extracts at a lower temperature. Quartz can be a better catalyst for concentrate vaporization since it heats up faster and will ensure that the materials you put in are heated properly even at softer heat levels. The quartz nails can still produce big and visible clouds of vapor even when you dial the Dr. Dabber Boost at its lowest heat profile. You’d also find a ceramic nail that’s perfect for prolonged vaping sessions because of its inert properties. The ceramic nails remain cool and pure keeping the overall temperature to the ideal level making sure that no material is burned even when subjected to high heat. It makes for an efficient attachment when you and your friends plan to have a group session during parties or similar occasions. Ceramic is always attributed to flavorful clouds vapor and the Dr. Dabber Boost generates tasty clouds that can satisfy even the most fastidious connoisseur. For those who are looking for the perfect blend of vapor and flavor, a titanium nail makes for the ideal attachment for those lung-ripping and lip-smacking hits.  


A premium Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition is also available that features bigger and better nails. It also comes with a discreet storage box that lets you carry the Boost around without raising the alarm. The Boost – Black Edition carrying case sports cut-outs that can house all the essential components of your Dr. Dabber Boost which includes all the three nails, a slot for your water filtration attachment and for other indispensables you need to take with you during sessions.  


The Dr. Dabber Boost combines power and portability in one epic e-rig. 


5. Dabber Switch Vaporizer 

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer


Dr. Dabber proves itself to be the leader in innovation as they introduce the world’s first induction powered e-rig. The Dr. Dabber Switch is not only their latest offeringbut it’s also their best vaporizer to date. It would be hard to top the Switch with all its features that are set to redefine vaping altogether. The Switch can pretty much be likened to the Boost as it works as a dab rig would but harnesses the power or a rechargeable power source to provide a torch-less means of vaporizing your materials.  


The Dr. Dabber Switch boasts unparalleled versatility with its 25 heat settings as well as its capability to vaporize both extracts and dry herbs. You can now go from intense and potent rips to soothing and mild pulls in quickly since it heats up your favorite loose-leaf and extract blends in as fast as 4 seconds. One may find 25 heat profiles to be a bit overwhelming, but the Dr. Dabber Switch operates as easy as any other Dr. Dabber product. The Switch lets you personalize your sessions without the troubles of working with an over the top, complicated desktop vaporizer. The Switch uses intuitively designed LED lights that tells you the status of your Switch as you vape. It’s outfitted with an intelligent battery that protects the Dr. Dabber Switch from circuit damage. Likewise, the Switch itself is equipped with smart technology that allows it to identify the running temperature and cool itself down after every cycle to protect itself from overheating. The Switch is also capable of cleaning itself by burning off resin buildups that remain of the induction cups through a specialized cleaning mode. The Dr. Dabber Switch is a next-generation vape that’s leaps and bounds better than any vaporizer on the market. However, what truly sets the Switch apart from other vaporizers is its heating technology. It utilizes induction heating which creates a non-contact method of heating your materials. Similar to convection heating, induction heating makes for the ideal means of achieving pure vapors, only its better. Since your materials never get in contact with the actual heating element, nothing can affect the quality of your select materials. The Switch from Dr. D takes the purity of your materials seriously and takes pride in preserving its quality in every step of the vaporization process. The induction heating elements are separated from the actual circuitry to prevent any reaction or production of toxic substances when the induction heating element goes to work. Moreover, the induction cups used to hold your materials are made from high-quality ceramic that heats slowly keeping the flavor profiles as well as the aroma of your materials.  


The Switch serves as both Dr. Dabber’s statement and promise as they continue to change the game, break barriers and transcend boundaries in the vaping industry. The future looks bright for both Dr. D and the vaping community in general as they continue to revolutionize the way we consume herbs and concentrates.  


Dr. Dabber Vape Accessories and Apparel 

Dr. Dabber not only specializes in manufacturing vaporizer units but also in producing supplemental accessories to aid your vaping sessions. Dr. D has a wide collection of vape accessories from carrying cases, glass attachments made from lab-grade borosilicate glass, chargers, mouthpieces, concentrate storage balls, to everyday apparel like keychains, shirts, hoodies, tank tops, as well as snapback caps and beanies. They even released a limited-edition cruiser skateboard and a limited-edition drawstring bag.  

 Dr. Dabber Apparel


Other popular accessories include the Budder Cutters and the Honeymats  


Budder Cutter 

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter


The Budder Cutter is a self-heating cutting tool that’s used to manage and break down dense concentrates and hardened waxes. Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is outfitted with a long-lasting battery which heat ups the cutting tips to allow easy cutting and loading of your wax concentrates. Not only does it cut through any type of concentrate like heated knife through butter, but it’s also the perfect loading tool for dab pen users since it pretty much prepares the extracts as you load them into the chamber. This lets you save battery as your concentrated materials are already halfway melted as they’re loaded into the heating element. The Budder Cutter features 7 different cutting and heating tips making the Budder Cutter a multi-functional tool.  


Dr. Dabber Honeymat


The Honeymat, on the other hand, makes for an ideal tool where you can organize and prepare your materials when vaping. The Dr. Dabber Honeymat is the best platform to slice and dice those hardened concentrates using the Budder Cutter, these mats are made of platinum-grade silicone making them nearly indestructible and non-reactive to heat. Dr. D’s Honeymats are also great for displaying your favorite Dr. Dabber dab pen during upkeep and will give your wax pen and desktop vape added stability so they won’t slide and fall off. They’re easy to clean and feature non-stick technology for the true seamless vaping experience.  

Customers for Life 

Dr. Dabber as a manufacturer is big in build long-term relationships with their customers, they invest their time and their effort to provide their customers with world-class aftersales support and reaching out to them for any kind of assistance about their products are always warmly welcomed.  


Their passion for innovation and helping their customers understand their devices as well as marketing their products as a lifestyle brand, on our book, make Dr. Dabber the best wax vaporizer manufacturer.

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