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Bringing you exactly what the doctor ordered, VapeActive introduces Dr. Dabber Vaporizers!

Vape aficionados know well that products from Dr. D are considered the best when it comes to consuming wax concentrates and other extracts. The folks at Dr. Dabber is known for manufacturing some of the best dabbing tools on the market today, including dab pens, dab rigs, and dab atomizers. They equip their devices with some of the best heating elements on the market today, like titanium, quartz, and ceramic.

Dr. Dabber has everything you want for all your dabbing needs!


Dr. Dabber offers one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty for Dr. Dabber vaporizer products. They provide a ‘no questions asked’ warranty on vaporizer batteries and battery chargers. Their one (1) year warranty includes some of the best line of devices and award-winning models like the “Dr. Dabber Ghost,” the “Dr. Dabber Aurora,” and the “Dr. Dabber Light.” Warranty is also offered to some of their best-selling units like the “Dr. Dabber Boost.”

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The Best Dr. Dabber Vaporizers for Sale

Dr. Dabber is known for its iconic wax vaporizers and we’ve got them all under one roof for you. Shop for the best Dr. Dabber vaporizers online only here at VapeActive where we sell Dr. Dabber’s most iconic dab pens, e-nails, and e-rigs at the most competitive prices. Find the best wax vaporizers for your budget only here at VapeActive.

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About Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is promoting that vaping is not only a hobby but already a lifestyle. With this being said, they are focusing on how to get their market into being healed by Dr. Dabber’s relaxing vaporizer which focuses mainly with your favorite dabs or concentrates. Dr. Dabber lets you be in your most healthy state as it leaves you stress free and lets you enjoy the extreme power of what waxy oils and concentrates really is. Welcoming a new and the most improved vaporizer manufacturer (especially for wax pen) in the industry with a dose of the best of the best, comes Dr. Dabber. If you are still in the look out for the best vape for you, all searches will be done as you get your hands with one of the most wanted vaporizers, Dr. Dabber's Boost.

Dr. Dabber started with humble beginnings and journeyed through the path of stardom in no time. They have been delivering what Dr. Dabber’s patients or their users what they are asking for. These vaporizers and dab pens are packed all in one with a punch as it gives you everything you need with just a vape in the palm of your hand. Through countless hours of research and listening to what their customers have to say, they were already the most wanted vape in the market. In search of the best dab pen that will suit your needs? Make way as the Dr. Dabber Vaporizer heals you from your worries.

Sleek and Compact

The stylish and elegant body that the Dr. Dabber is made of made it possible that a vaporizer can also be as good looking as good as it performs. This works perfectly for people who love vaping in style. You can confidently show off your vape even in public as it would definitely make you the talk of the town seeing how beautifully designed your vaporizer is.


Bring it anywhere you please is no problem with the vaporizer of the century, the Dr. Dabber. Their products like Dr. Dabber Boost EVO lets you enjoy the extreme vaporizer experience making it the best among the rest when it comes to portable vaporization. May it be in a concert, a hike, a stroll or even just a lazy day on your couch at home, your Dr. Dabber Vaporizer is best to be used wherever and whenever you may be.

Dr. Dabber Just for dabs

Made perfectly for dabs, the Dr. Dabber Vapes wants you to know the magic and how great vaping with waxes are. With just the right amount of heat discharge plus the best atomizer it has, it would surely produce the most flavorful and aromatic vapor that you have been looking for.

Easy to use

With its easy to use feature. It’s one button technology would let you enjoy your vape with no needed learning curve. It works best as well with newbies who are looking for an alternative from smoking as it does not lead you to any confusion as you get an amazing vaping session experience.

Dr. Dabber Through the Years 

Dr. Dabber has humble beginnings, and its introduction to the vaping world can be described as instantaneous with the awards, achievements, and contributions the company gained in a short period of time. For many years, Dr. Dabber has helped minimize the health risks associated with tobacco smoking through high-quality vapes and accessories without compromising flavor and enjoyment. High Times recognize and acknowledge Dr. Dabber for its contributions as evidenced by the company's numerous awards. In 2016, High Times regarded Dr. Dabber Aurora as the most favored dab pen from over 60 brands of vaporizers. Dr. Dabber introduced Dr. Dabber Boost in 2017, which is the first e-rig in the world, setting a standard for other major players aiming to compete with the company. Indeed, Dr. Dabber proves to be one of the best vaping manufacturers today, having been featured in several music videos. 

Dr. Dabber in 2016  

In 2016, Dr. Dabber Ghost was featured in the music video of 2 Chainz's Watch Out directed by motion family. This is a remarkable marketing strategy, wherein the logo of Dr. Dabber was really captured and focused in a cool song, capturing the eyes and hearts of rap lovers and artists, as well as fans and general vapers. It was a good idea integrating Dr. Dabber Ghost in the song, making a mark not only on people involved in the music industry but also to the masses who watched the music video. Dr. Dabber vapes were featured on a music video once again by B.o.B. "Roll Up MTV". The vapes that were featured include Dr. Dabber Boost and Dr. Dabber Ghost. It has gained a lot of positive reviews from music lovers and the general vaping population.  

In the same year, the team of Dr. Dabber sat down with Dr. Dina, an announcer from Cannabis Radio, and talked about the recent FDA announcement regarding the regulation on vapes. The president and the marketing director of Dr. Dabber narrated their roots and experiences how Dr. Dabber started. The company started with Dr. Dabber Ghost with wicks on convenience which is one of the best products they sell at that time. Dr. Dina and the Dr. Dabber team highlighted wicks are for viscous liquids, highlighting Dr. Aurora with three distinct heating elements. She even narrated a friend's story about a Dr. Dabber vape.

Dr. Dabber also tackled the upcoming FDA's regulations on vapes with Dr. Dina about the final rule or provisions of FDA. All importers, manufacturers, and retailers are subjected under the ruling of FDA. These entities need to register their establishments to FDA as well as provide product listings and report ingredients and harmful constituents. The FDA also requires pre-market reviews and authorization of new vape and tobacco products. Health warnings should be indicated on advertisements and product packages, and selling of modified risk described as “low”, “light”, or “mild” tobacco products are not permitted unless authorized by FDA. The other provisions of FDA include not allowing these products to be sold to persons who are under 18 years old. No selling of tobacco products on vending machines and no distribution of free product samples.

The new provisions of FDA became a big deal and a shock wave for Dr. Dabber and other vaping manufacturers. Dr. Dabber reiterated that the company focuses on high-quality products for cannabis and herbs, and not directly to nicotine. Dr. Dabber does not encourage people under 18 years old to use vaporizers even for medical cannabis patients because there are also other methods of consuming cannabis. Dr. Dabber said that there are legal issues associated with medical cannabis use by children and the FDA needs to set clear provisions to tackle this matter.  

In the same year, Dr. Dabber invaded the Secret Walls which is a Las Vegas event. This gave the Dr. Dabber brand a more permanent mark among artists. Secret Walls is a premier live illustration battle that is always widely anticipated. Dr. Dabber sponsored the event with 6 artists who fought the 90-minute illustration battle, with the “Fight Club” inspired by graffiti and Marvel comics. Of course, Dr. Dabber did not miss participating in the Annual Hemp Festival in Seattle, showcasing their top of the line vape products. It was also this year that Dr. Dabber introduced the Aurora Flight Club limited edition dab pens and the company took on competitive skating, taking the brand closer to sportsmen and athletes. Indeed, Dr. Dabber wants to reach out to every aspiring vaper and vape enthusiasts in various fields. 

Dr. Dabber in 2017  

In 2017, Dr. Dabber won third place in High Times Concentrates Cup Event as the best vape. Nick Diaz, a UFC Superstar stopped by for a sesh at the Dr. Dabber Dab Lab. He is considered one of the most popular pro-cannabis athletes worldwide, promoting cannabis and training for triathlons. Also, in the same year, Dr. Dabber scored the first place in the SoCal Cannabis Cup of High Times on an epic 4/20 weekend. High Times praised Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen and named it as the Best Vaporizer at the SoCal Cannabis Cup. Fans and supporters were present including the heaviest hitters of hip-hop like Redman, The Wu-Tang Clan, Chief Keef, The Game and Nas, and Vic Mensa. It was a stellar event with big smiles on people's faces. High Times is a renowned award-giving body that gave a lot of recognition and respect to the Dr. Dabber brand. The judges are very impressed with the quality and performance of Dr. Dabber vapes. It is no surprise that Dr. Dabber gained many awards and recognition because the company invested so much time, effort, and resources to come up with the best vape products in the market. 

Dr. Dabber wanted to spark up the creativity of artists by launching an art contest with the final art pieces shared to the world by tagging #DrDabberArt in the post. The top three submissions won the prize packages and gear including t-shirt and stickers, Dr. Dabber Light, Dr. Dabber Aurora, honeymats, and atomizer caps. Dr. Dabber vapes were featured by Sean Paul and Atlanta's Migos in the Body MTV, making a great team in the 2017 summer hottest jams and celebrating the female figure. They come together with Dr. Dabber on the South Beach with the company's vaporizers and vape pens popping straight from the party and boasting the High Times award-winning vaping device for Miami nights. This was also the year when Dr. Dabber took part in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Canada. It was a magical and unforgettable trip to the famous Great White North in Vancouver, Canada. The High Times Cannabis Cup Canada festival featured Wyclef Jean, House of Pain, Lil' Kim, Magic!, and Sloan, and Dr. Dabber was able to promote the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition. Dr. Dabber always wanted to show support to artists and also to other fields because the company wants to increase social awareness about the true benefits of vaping, such as quitting smoking and its use in administering medical cannabis. Moreover, recreational vaping is a widely accepted practice that is deemed safe and beneficial, most especially to tobacco cigarette quitters. 

Also, in the same year, Dr. Dabber released its newest glass piece which is the Dr. Dabber Honey Beaker and the Dr. Dabber Switch. Dr. Dabber Honey Beaker is a limited-edition rig including a quartz banger for wax concentrates and bowl for flower, handblown in the United States. The Dr. Dabber Switch is considered the next generation of vaporizer that utilizes patent-pending induction heating technology and delivers unparalleled performance. The first thing you will notice is a big size and the lightweight, with easy operation in a single push of a button. The bubbler of Dr. Dabber Switch is made of borosilicate glass and the heating element features induction coils. Dr. Dabber is proud of Dr. Dabber Switch because it rips, burning material evenly without residues. Getting 150 cycles in a full charge is a dream come true! 

For Dr. Dabber, 2016 and 2017 are the best years when the company became recognized and awarded by prestigious award-giving bodies like the High Times. Dr. Dabber invested so much time, money, and effort for research and development, as well as logistics and marketing. For the vape community, Dr. Dabber has contributed to cannabis awareness and advocacy, helping to hear the voices of medical cannabis patients and recreational users, and influencing the private and government agencies about vape use. Indeed, Dr. Dabber continues to make big and introduces new and innovative technologies to the vaping industry, manufacturing excellent quality vape pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. 

Dr. Dabber's Artists and Collaborations  

Dr. Dabber is always working in collaboration with artists and musicians to enhance the influence of art and aesthetic beauty to the society. Vaping concentrates and cannabis increase appreciation of fine arts and Dr. Dabber make vaping possible and even better by producing high-quality vape products with superior durability, portability, versatility, uniqueness, and affordability. Dr. Dabber launched and sponsored art contests such as their participation in Las Vegas' illustration battle, the Secret Walls in 2016 and Dr. Dabber Art Contest in 2017. By supporting such events, Dr. Dabber is able to highlight their products and increase the awareness of people about how vaping can help nurture artistic or creative talent.  

Tessa Liz and Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Featured Artists 

Dr. Dabber has always drawn inspiration from stoner artists with their needs and wants in mind when designing and manufacturing vaping devices. Stoner artists strongly represent the behaviors and actions of real cannabis enthusiasts who are willing to strive and work hard to achieve the best results in their artwork or music. Dr. Dabber vapes can be considered as unique works of art, designed and crafted using the highest quality of materials and methods, to deliver an excellent vaping experience for every new or professional vaper alike. Artists like Dray, Orfin, Tessa Lizz, an L'Amour Supreme at one time or another has played a big role in Dr. Dabber's journey towards marketing to target audience consisting of artists like rappers, songwriters, singers, dancers, painters, writers, and more. Dr. Dabber is a great and genuine supporter of talented artists ever since its birth.  

Dr. Dabber features artists from time to time to expose the unique and artistic talent groups to inspire and motivate people through their creations. In 2016, Dray sat down with Dr. Dabber in a Featured Artists Series and he shared how he first discovered his love of art, his favorite part of creating, what defines his style, his creative background, favorite musicians, first artwork, and how he feels about art affecting the society. Dray loves structured artworks with freedom, and he explained that actual art pieces come out better when a person sees what he wants to do in his mind. Dray has credits with Capital Records, RCA, Interscope, and Artisan Entertainment among others. In 2017, Tessa Lizz, a model, musical artists, and lit unicorn and finger drummer sat down with Dr, Dabber and shared her story and talent. She even produced a custom track for Dr. Dabber on SoundCloud. Like Dr. Dabber innovative vape products, Tessa Liz loves to create new concepts and techniques every time, and she is inspired by her favorite artists like Excision, Must Die, Spag Heddy, Knife Party, Zomboy, Skrillex, Snails, and Porter Robinson. Indeed, Dr. Dabber plays a major role in the lives and careers of many artists around the world, bringing hope and a brighter future. 

The Dr. Dabber AHOL Sniffs Glue Vape Pen

For the Love of Art: The Dr. Dabber AHOL Sniffs Glue Vape Pen  

For three decades, South Florida has been one of the talent-heavy graffiti scenes in the United States with the emergence of Art Basel Miami Beach and a lot of the art world cognoscenti descended upon the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami to see what people have adorned the walls with. David Anasagasti is a Miami native known by his street nom de plume, as the AHOL Sniffs Glue. Dr. Dabber spared no expense on the limited-edition collaboration with AHOL Sniffs Glue. The award-winning pen comes stored in an authentic faux spray can with custom atomizers, AHOL honey mat, hat or lapel pin, dab tool, silicon storage container, and charging dock in red and black color print with AHOL Signature Eye. 

The specifications include 3 heat settings that are carefully calibrated (for various consistencies and enhanced flavor), Snaptech Magnetics (no threading connection), 3 unique atomizers (expands range), and quality finish. The dual quartz rod is suitable for oils with lower viscosity because of the quartz dish.  For waxier oils, the dual ceramic rod works best with quartz dish. The ceramic halo heater is perfect for higher viscosity oils with quartz dish. On the other hand, the packaging of blue and white Dr. Dabber X AHOL Sniffs Glue is also complete with the authentic faux spray can, customized atomizers, AHOL honey mat, hat or lapel pin, dab tool, silicon storage container, and charging dock. The Dr. Dabber AHOL Sniffs Glue Vape Pen is truly artistically designed.  

Premium Glassware

Premium Glassware  

The premium upgrade of Dr. Dabber percolator attachment from the original Boost glass attachment is very impressive. Dr. Dabber is proud to only use a premium glass which is the American made borosilicate glass. The Dr. Dabber percolator attachment is a fully functional and hand-blown glass percolating filtration system that is 100% made in the USA, specifically designed and manufactured for the Dr. Dabber Boost eRig. Every percolator attachment has been blown in Montana by Dr. Dabber glass artist, so you can just simply fill the unit with water, and attach the piece to the Boost eRig. This is truly the absolute best possible way of enjoying your waxes and oils and waxes, which delivers large yet manageable hits, specifically made for the connoisseur. Indeed, Dr. Dabber made a great leap from the usual vape materials, using premium borosilicate glass to enhance vapor quality and vaping performance. The premium glassware of Dr. Dabber is so remarkable and many are trying to replicate and adopt the same materials, yet unmatched and unsuccessful. You can only expect the best materials only from Dr. Dabber, with every vape unit crafted with artistic sense and skill, thus making it a premium brand. 

Dr. Dabber's Premium Vape Technology  

Dr. Dabber Technology

Dr. Dabber is always committed, dedicated, and passionate in providing high-quality vape pens, vaporizers, dab pens and vape accessories that you'll enjoy for many years to come. Dr. Dabber vaporizers are purposely built with essential oil vaporizing tools. Dr. Dabber offers products not just for dabs and wax concentrates but also for loose leaf and flowers. With market analysis, Dr. Dabber has adjusted to produce vapes to best satisfy a vaper's concerns with other products. One big difference with Dr. Dabber vape pens is the utilization of low heat with the high resistance Titanium Technology to ensure that the material is not burned or charred. The heating coils of Dr. Dabber gently heat to the ideal and right temperature, instead of trying to achieve the highest temperature as quickly as possible. While many vaporizers in the market come with a similar design that glows red hot instantly after pressing a button, burn which may seriously compromise its flavor and efficacy. Titanium Technology is the feature driving force behind the incredible flavor of Dr. Dabber. By employing a Grade 4 titanium in Dr. Ghost, Light, Globe, Ghost Ceramic, and Glass atomizer coils, heating is incredibly done at a much lower temperature. The low temp and high resistance setup result in heating coils staying at their ideal temperature for longer and flavorful vapor. Indeed, Dr. Dabber is proud to introduce the first-ever Induction Technology in the market, along with Titanium Technology, making a great combination of top-caliber vapes.  

One with the Community  

Dr. Dabber also gives back to the community by donating 30% of its earnings from the profits of selling the limited-edition Dr. Dabber Pink Edition Aurora. The Keep A Breast Foundation is a youth-focused, non-profit, and global cancer breast cancer organization, empowering the young people worldwide with breast health education as well as support. This non-profit breast cancer organization believes that art heals, education empowers, awareness inspires, and action transforms. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Dabber shows support by donating sales percentage to The Keep A Breast Foundation. Dr. Dabber proves to be a genuine concern with the health and welfare of people, most especially women. Dr. Dabber is not just a vape brand to sell vapes and vape accessories, it is a brand with a heart, bringing back what the community deserves through increasing public awareness about proper vaping, its benefits and applications in the medical field, like what medical cannabis is known for. Dr. Dabber empowers cannabis advocates and users to be proud and voice out concerns, doubts, or emerging issues today. Dr. Dabber keeps an eye and contributes to increasing social awareness about the major contributions of cannabis in the society, most especially to those who are suffering from all sorts of pain, seizure disorders, cancer, HIV/AIDS, cancer, depression, and other medical ailments. 

How to Take Care of Your Dr. Dabber Vaporizers  

Taking care of your Dr. Dabber is like a precious gem, so tend it with love and great handling for a long-lasting and better quality and performance as time goes by. Dr. Dabber designs vape pens, dab pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers with ease of use and maintenance in mind, so you’ll never encounter messy issues and complicated cleaning techniques. Like any other vaping device, proper care and maintenance are the essential elements to keep your Dr. Dabber up and running apart from the high-quality make and construction. 

The Dr. Dabber vaporizer pens including the Aurora, Ghost, and Light are fully charged in 2 hours. On the other hand, the Dr. Dabber Boost takes a full charge between 4 to 6 hours. Every unit comes with some charge in the battery, and Dr. Dabber recommends draining the initial charge before you charge yours for the first time. Dr. Dabber also recommends a full 8-hour charge once the initial battery has brained to prolong the battery life. Dr. Dabber coil usually lasts between 4 to 12 weeks depending on your cleaning and usage habits before it requires replacement. Dr. Dabber doesn't suggest using the dab tool in cleaning the chamber because the wick or coil can be easily torn out or scraped by loading tools from the connectors like any other vaping device. Cleaning your vaporizer pen is properly done using a 91% or higher alcohol and a cotton swab. Dr. Dabber offers a 1-year warranty on all chargers and batteries.  

Why Choose Dr. Dabber Vapes 

Dr. Dabber vapes utilize low heat with high resistance Titanium Technology to preserve the natural flavor and aroma of your product without the burnt taste and charred look. Dr. Dabber coils gently heat to the achieve the ideal temperature without compromising flavor and efficacy. When choosing the best Dr. Dabber product for you, you have to know your needs and wants. Dr. Dabber Aurora is the top of the line vaping unit, that offers the most versatility with its three heat settings as well as its three unique atomizers included. On the other hand, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is the ultimate original award-winning premium Dr. Dabber low-heat vaporizer pen. If you want a smaller and more compact version of the Ghost, the Dr. Dabber Light is for you, that comes with a smaller loading chamber and smaller battery. Dr. Dabber is proud of Dr. Dabber Boost because it is the first battery-powered rig that offers a unique and pure experience with a great emphasis on portability. 

Apart from the product, Dr. Dabber prioritizes customer satisfaction. Dr. Dabber considers customers as part of the Dr. Dabber family, that's why the company invest in world-class customer services and technical support to ensure that every customer gets help when needed. The authorized dealers of Dr. Dabber undergo strict guidelines to remain a Dr. Dabber brand carrier, ensuring that every Dr. Dabber customer receives authentic and undamaged products. Dr. Dabber always work hand-in-hand with the private and public sectors, keeping an eye to different provisions, regulations, and laws affecting the vaping industry and vape consumers. 

The Ultimate Lifestyle Brand  

Dr. Dabber is the ultimate lifestyle brand both for aspiring, novice, and professional vaper. From its birth up until today, Dr. Dabber vape pens, portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers are the talk of the town, gaining positive feedback and comments. It is a major player in the vaping industry that introduced the “Best of the First” like the Induction Technology incorporated on vaping devices to sustain and enhance flavor and aroma. For those on a tight budget, Dr. Dabber offers affordable vape products without compromising quality. The vapers belonging to the high-class of the society salute and admire Dr. Dabber, gaining their trust and respect because the brand’s unmatched and award-winning products. Every Dr. Dabber vaporizer is a smart investment because you are confident of the high-quality materials used and technology applied for a unique vaping experience. Dr. Dabber is a well-established vape brand, proud and confident to show to the world what they have become and accomplished with all the years that passed by and the future. It’s no surprise that Dr. Dabber is respected by vaping experts and enthusiasts worldwide. Dr. Dabber is a brand not just for the artists and vape professionals, it is the ultimate lifestyle label for anyone who wants to experience an ultimate and unparalleled vaping experience.