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About Source Vapes

Perfect for the dab enthusiasts that hails from all its collection comes Source Vapes. Making way on how dab pens should be, Source Vapes offers the utmost ability as it does not only give an elegant and sleek physique but it also gives out all the best features a vaporizer could ever had.

The portability that is well known from the Source Vapes gives you the freedom of bringing your vaporizer anywhere you go and enjoy it anytime you wish is the most effective asset that brings the market in closer attention. Source Vapes is also known and famous for how elegant each vaporizer from its collection shows like their Source Orb 4 Vaporizer - Signature Kit. These types of vaporizers are not just for usual vaporizer users but also for those who wants additional vaping experience with a touch of style in every dabbing session.


The Source Vapes made sure that its users are well heard from their plea. With this, The Source Vape Creators made sure that they can let you be able to enjoy your dabbing session wherever and whenever. Introducing the portability that Source Vapes emphasizes as it has the vapes in its collection all handheld and easy to use for a better vaping experience. May it is on a hike, a concert or a party, you can just get vaping started as you operate your portable vaporizer with just one hand.

Elegance and Style

With its metallic black body built, Source Vapes made sure that their vapes not only give you the maximum intensified experience but also, that it gives you the sleek and stylish design that you will surely love. These vaporizers are perfect to be flaunted as it would really get envy eyes’ attention with its elegant and stylish body design.


With a lot of variation of which kind of vaporizer and dab pen to choose from, the source vape got you covered. From the normal slim pen type vape to the bigger and more innovative vape, source vapes has everything for you to choose from. No more worries of small selection to choose from as the vaporizers from source vapes gives you more than you expect.


With how great the Source Vapes is when it comes to durability and strength emphasizes that it can definitely withstand a long period of time usage. Thanks to their premium materials and manufacturing standards, Source Vapes can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and cleaning. No more worries on how long your vaporizer will last as the Source Vape Vaporizer assures the best quality vaporizer and dab pen there is.

Easy to Use

Source Vapes feature easy to use and operate controls with no learning curve that would make your daily vaping certainly easier. Source Vape gives you complete command and control over your vaping sessions with dynamic temperature control. With just a few clicks away, you are ready to be on the go.