SOURCEvapes offers creative and innovative wax vaporizers that deliver. They’ve come up with new products like the Source Orb Versa and the Source The Vive are just some of the most anticipated vaporizers to ever hit the shelves. Here at VapeActive, we have a wide collection of SOURCEvapes dab pens, SOURCEvapes box mod vaporizers, SOURCEvapes eNails, and SOURCEvapes eRIgs as well as SOURCEvapes replacement coils and atomizers. Get exclusive deals and discounts using our SOURCEvapes coupon code.

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Best Source Vapes Vaporizers Under $100

Here at VapeActive, we offer high-quality vaporizers on the cheap. You can select from SOURCEvapes’ best dab pens and wax vaporizer kits and get the chance to take one home without breaking the bank. Select from a wide array of premium kits and wax vaporizers that will help you level up your dab pen game.

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About SOURCEvapes 

SOURCEvapes are one of the few vaporizer companies that take customer experience into consideration. One of the main reasons why many consumers are hooked on their products is because of their unwavering dedication to providing their customers with the true sensory experience. Their products are designed and are engineered to take your sessions to the next level. With premium-edition vaporizers like the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) and the Source Nail Vaporizer – Premium Kit, you’re sure to have a premium vaping experience.  


Apart from manufacturing premium vaporizers, SOURCEvapes have also made a name for itself for producing all-inclusive vaporizers. Vaporizers like the Source Nail Vaporizer – Signature Kit and the Source Orb 4 – Signature Kit, wax concentrate consumers were able to enjoy a wide variety of atomizers that allow them to customize their sessions through the various advantages and benefits of each atomizer piece. SOURCEvapes uses only high-quality raw materials in manufacturing their atomizers. Their heating elements use superior quality materials like quartz and ceramic. The level of attention they have to detail and craftsmanship allow SOURCEvapes to manufacture and produce some of the best vaporizers and atomizers in the industry.  

SOURCEvapes are perfect for wax concentrate consumers and connoisseurs alike since the level of performance and vapor production SOURCEvapes products boast are by far superior to other vaporizers in its class and price point. They are the perfect example of what dab pens and box mods should be. SOURCEvapes offer vaporizers and attachments made with the utmost quality using the strictest and the most stringent standards in manufacturing and fabrication. The combination of superior workmanship and high-quality materials make SOURCEvapes products look sleek, elegant, and sophisticated. They are far from the cheap vaporizers you see being sold online, they are durable and are reliably making them the ideal dab pen and box mod for both casual users and medical consumers.  

A True Sensory Experience  

SOURCEvapes do pay attention to the overall experience of their customers, both on the actual ease and convenience that their products provide to the end result where they, the customers themselves, get to reap the benefits of their select wax concentrates. 


SOURCEvapes vaporizers are designed and are engineered to turn your daily routine to an experience of a lifetime. While other vaporizer manufacturers focus on longer battery life or a more robust and aggressive look, SOURCEvapes focus on both how their vaporizers look and perform. Made by people who actually consume the very materials we do, SOURCEvapes products are designed to let you enjoy not only comfort and convenience but also a sophisticated, sensory journey. The folks at SOURCEvapes knows that the definitive vaping experience is the one that’s experienced by all your senses. SOURCEvapes vaporizers are made to add a new dimension to your daily vaping sessions. There's more to just dropping a glob of wax to your atomizer or packing ground herbs to your chamber, SOURCEvapes vaporizers are made to transport you to a different plane where you can relax and be enveloped in true luxury.  

By understanding how wax concentrates and even the actual plant matter is vaporized, SOURCEvapes was able to decode and find the secrets in unlocking the true potential of your materials. Their vaporizers, as well as their atomizers, are made to harness the heat that causes the active ingredients of your herbs and extracts. They did not build their vaporizers around style and looks, instead, they took the principles of vaporization and studied it down to its core and built SOURCEvapes vaporizers around that idea.  

Their atomizers are crafted to their own specifications and are made so that they can maximize the different facets of your materials; flavor, vapor density, and potency. All these are important aspects that give you a surreal vaping experience. Their vaporizers and their respective attachments are also designed in a way that they can be adjusted and fine-tuned to your liking and preference because SOURCEvapes knows that no two consumers are the same. Each has their own preference in how strong the effect is, how flavorful the vapors are, and how balanced their buzz tends to be. By taking these factors into consideration SOURCEvapes was able to add a new element into portable vaporization, something that you don’t see on an average vaporizer.   

SOURCEvapes has been known for many positive traits but the company itself, as well as the products that speak for themselves, are known for a few specific reasons. Here are a few.  

Portable and Innovative 

sourcevapesSOURCEvapes products are mainly portable vaporizers. The company itself is intent on changing the way we use and see portable vaporization altogether.  

Portable vaporizers are often seen as insignificant alternatives to larger and more powerful portable mods and desktop rigs. Many consumers do believe they do offer superior vaporization because of their larger and bulkier builds but SOURCEvapes begs to disagree. Especially today’s portable vaporizers are growing in technology. Because of the advancements in technology, today’s portable vaporizers become smarter and smarter. SOURCEvapes knows that this is an opportunity for portable devices to shine. So, they began conceptualizing and developing new technologies to promote and advance portable vaporizers as a viable replacement to bulkier devices.  

One of these is by using magnets. Magnetic connections are relatively new to the portable vaping industry. The traditional portable vaporizer build often involves threaded connections that take time to connect. They can also become a nuisance for consumers who are in a hurry and are in need of immediate results when using their portable vaporizers. Furthermore, these threaded connections are susceptible to running into loosened ends from wear and tear because of daily use and carrying activities. Instead of retaining this design, the folks at SOURCEvapes chose to revolutionize portable vaporizers by using magnetic connections. As a result, the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer – Signature Kit was born. It used not just any magnets but state-of-the-art magnetic locks that made using it such a breeze. You no longer have to bother yourself having to twist and turn your dab pen or your box mod. The magnets connect to each other seamlessly allowing faster and easier reloading. This also includes having to remove and replace the attachments when you need to enjoy a different experience.  

Another innovation brought by SOURCEvapes is purity. It’s no secret that most cheap vaporizers are made with relatively cheap components from likewise cheap raw materials. Unfortunately, even the quality or the heating elements used in these vaporizers suffer from poor materials and poor manufacturing. Old and conventional design involves fibrous wicks that meant these vaporizers can run into the problems of getting burned or oversaturated with extracts at any given time. Should they end up getting burned or having to get filled with materials, they may produce toxic substances that can harm your system. To prevent this from happening, SOURCEvapes implemented using mineral-based heating elements like quartz and ceramic along with high-grade titanium coils that would ensure purity and total superior quality amongst the vapors that their heating elements produce.  

Quartz is a relatively inert material and acts as a great catalyst of heat. This means that quartz has lower tendencies of getting burned. Furthermore, because quartz reacts fast it allows you to enjoy and reap the benefits of your select materials faster. Quartz burns relatively clean, so, the output you get from vaporizing wax concentrates with quartz ensures that the vapors are pure and are fit for inhalation. Clarity of vapor is ensured when using high-quality quartz minerals. Many of today's consumers look to concentrates and dry herbs for medical relief. Because of the development and legalization of these materials and branding them for medical use, many consumers have started to have a growing and more demanding requirements. This is something that SOURCEvapes acknowledges so they continue to make superior quality vaporizers for consumers with specific and special needs.  

Another material that’s widely used by SOURCEvapes is ceramic. Unlike quartz, ceramic is a mineral that can hold off heat. It does not act as the best catalyst for heat because it heats up slower than quartz. Having said, SOURCEvapes has used this very property to make ceramic a useful tool. Because of its low and slow heating capabilities, ceramic heating elements can produce flavorful vapors and retain the natural essences of your select concentrates. When vaping wax, you’re not getting as many flavors from the vapor unlike when you’re vaping flowers. Wax concentrates have been stripped of the major flavonoids and the terpenes that are unique and native to the actual plant matter. This is one of the reasons why flavor plays a major role when consuming wax concentrates via vaporizers. To get as much as a little taste of your concentrate’s distinct flavors and a whiff of its unique aroma is something that most consumers especially the connoisseurs look for.  

Having a small and compact build that packs some of the best innovations makes SOURCEvapes vaporizers a viable replacement for larger devices. Portable vaporizers are no longer just alternatives but are now seen as solutions to the needs of individuals who are always on-the-go.  

Elegant and Stylish 

sourcevapesSOURCEvapes create some of the most stylish vaporizers on the market. The products they manufacture focus on minimalism and will often sport a clean look with very few buttons so as to make their devices not looking that they’re not all over the place and it’s for good reason.  

SOURCEvapes does some serious research when it comes to product development, and their studies showed that portable vaporizers whose design is all over the place can cause confusion amongst its users especially for rookies and beginners. The least that a manufacturer or a product designer wants to happen is to have its users have a hard time operating and using the device to the point that no one else would like to use it and would prefer vaporizers and similar products that offer an easy and seamless experience. Also, poor product design can also cause accidental issues that may put the user at risk. Here’s an example. A portable vaporizer with poor button placement can cause the portable device to fire accidentally. Portable vaporizers are often placed inside bags and inside pockets. This means that they can get accidentally pushed and pressed against other objects that may cause the buttons to be triggered or activated. This is one of the reasons why most, if not all, portable vaporizers have lock systems that require the user to press a series of buttons to unlock the device. A combination that has the least likelihood of being pressed accidentally.  

In the case of SOURCEvapes products, the buttons are placed in a position where you will have the lowest likelihood of accidentally triggering the device while at the same time you will not have a hard time using it. The buttons used to operate their vaporizers are situated in locations your index finger and your thumb can easily access these buttons. SOURCEvapes vaporizers will not have you or your hands placed in an awkward position when vaping. They are ergonomic in their own rights and will not stress and put a strain on your hands during operation. As an example, SOURCEvapes dab pens have the power/firing button placed at the top of the battery closest to the atomizer. This is so that the dab pen remains balanced and leveled when you hold it. Likewise, SOURCEvapes box mods will have their buttons placed strategically on the thinner side of the battery so as they won’t get accidentally pressed on your thighs or to any objects when you dump it in your bag. This simple but very practical design ensures that each SOURCEvapes device is made to make you on-the-go vaping experience safer and much more convenient.  

Another reason behind the minimalistic aesthetic elements of their vaporizers is because they don’t want to confuse their customers. Instead of having a vaporizer littered with buttons that make it hard to use a portable vaporizer, they ensured that their products will have a few of a button as possible. They've incorporated multiple functions and features on specific combinations so that you won’t have too many buttons to deal with. This is why SOURCEvapes are recommended for beginners and are beloved by veterans and advanced users who just want a vaporizer that’s simple and easy to use.  

It’s no coincidence that SOURCEvapes look sleek and sexy. SOURCEvapes believes that in design less is more and that in features, the more the better. That's why SOURCEvapes vaporizers are simple to use but offer a ton of options in personalization and in customization. SOURCEvapes dab pens and box mods are made compatible with tons of SOURCEvapes atomizers and heating elements but the process of connecting these batteries and heating elements are as simple and as straightforward as using a basic vaporizer. They've combined functionality and simplicity and that’s the reason why many consumers are drawn to the allure of how SOURCEvapes products make such a complex and complicated procedure as simple and as easy as breathing.  

Versatility and Longevity 


And while we’re on the topic of personalization and customization, it’s good to know that SOURCEvapes products offer a wide range of experiences through its wide range of attachments made with various high-quality heating elements that have their distinct properties that affect the outcome of the vapor and influence the overall outcome of your sessions.  

Here's a good example, the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) comes with 6 premium atomizers out of the box – yes, you’ve heard us right, out of the box. To name a few, they include a single quartz coil atomizer, a dual quartz coil atomizer, a dual black ceramic coil atomizer, a dual white ceramic coil atomizer, a Terra 2 ceramic coil-less atomizer, and a Source Nail coil-less atomizer. If you think that’s a lot, you’d be more overwhelmed to hear that the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) is also compatible with Source Orb 3 and Source Nail atomizers. Each atomizer offers a different experience and each experience offers a different result. We've already talked about ceramic and quartz heating element earlier and they all bring their advantages and benefits to the respective atomizers and heating elements that use these minerals. In addition, the coils used in each coiled atomizer use USA tested titanium coils allowing you to have a cleaner and purer burn when compared to atomizers that use materials of lesser quality. The components used to house and enclose the heating elements are made from high-grade 303 Stainless Steel making sure that they offer great durability. Other SOURCEvapes vaporizers also come with a slew of atomizers giving you the value you deserve and the versatility that you want from your portable vaporizer.  

You can enjoy different results and various upshots with a wide variety of atomizers SOURCEvapes products offer. Those who require fast-acting heating elements for their on-the-go sessions can always rely on the quartz atomizers while those who want a more relaxing and a more laid-back session can enjoy flavorful sessions when using the ceramic atomizers these vaporizers are compatible with. Each atomizer features superb quality and will ensure that they won’t break easily. 

Speaking of breaking...  

One benefit of having interchangeable atomizers is longevity. When compared to using just one atomizer, multiple atomizers will experience less wear especially when used daily. It's no secret that the more you subject your atomizer and vaporizer for that matter to daily use, the more it is exposed to wear and tear. So, having several atomizers to use at your disposal (out of the box) will guarantee a longer lifespan which means you can get to enjoy these atomizers longer. Instead of using just one atomizer for all your dabs, SOURCEvapes products give you a wide range of atomizers to choose from and use depending on your needs.  

These factors make SOURCEvapes products the better option because they perform better and they last longer making them the ideal investment for newcomers and veteran vape users alike.  

Active Participation and Communication 

One of the best things about SOURCEvapes as a company is that they intently listen to what the community is saying.  

They actively participate in forums and online places where vaporizers and vaporization are discussed. They look at customer feedback and take end-user input into consideration when developing and conceptualizing new products. They post new products and answer questions regarding their vaporizers and atomizers. The forums they host are a treasure trove of information with FAQs and how-to about their devices. Links to their rewards programs are also available on these online forums making it an ideal place to hang out and look for details and information about any SOURCEvapes vaporizer you own.  

Their active participation and communication with end-users and actual re-sellers allow them to improve their products with the inputs of those who use their vaporizers. People and individuals who know what they’re talking about. That’s the reason why you can say that SOURCEvapes are made by vape users for vape users and not some designers who incorporated fashion into vaporization. SOURCEvapes vaporizers look good and perform well because they’re a product of research and input from those who consume the actual materials on a daily basis.  

Here at VapeActive, we’ve found that companies and manufacturers like SOURCEvapes, the ones that listen and pay attention to the market and what the consumers want and way tend to be one of the strongest institutes in this industry. This is why SOURCEvapes has staying power. It’s true that there are now a lot of companies out there. A lot than before and they all want a piece of the market and profit that the vaporizer industry has to offer. SOURCEvapes has stayed strong since 2013 and the way we see it, they’ll be in this business for long.  

It may now be the best time for vape users to switch to the SOURCEvapes brand since the brand itself has a lot in store for vape users especially the ones who use their vaporizers on-the-go. So, if you’re out shopping for a new portable vaporizer, make sure to check out our collection of top vapes from SOURCEvapes 

SOURCEvapes Vaporizers  

VapeActive is proud to carry some of the best-selling vaporizers from SOURCEvapes. We also have a few of their best atomizers on our collection and they’re sure worth giving a try. Here are a few.  

The Source 10 Cig Quartz Vaporizer 

The Source 10 Cig Quartz Vaporizer is a rudimentary vaporizer recommended for beginners. It's easy to use and it’s affordable making it a practical choice for those who want an on-the-go vaporizer for their daily vaping needs. At such a fraction of the price of other dab pens, you’re getting some serious features like the preset temperature profiles and the built-in air carb. This only proves that because a vaporizer is cheaper in costs doesn’t always mean that’s it’s lesser in features. The Source 10 Cig Quartz Vaporizer is in no way inferior to other vaporizers twice or even thrice its price. To prove it, the Source 10 Cig Quartz Vaporizer has received several positive reviews from other users and also from our customers. This affordable vaporizer has satisfied many individuals and has done so without breaking the bank.  

Like other SOURCEvapes products, the Source 10 Cig Quartz Vaporizer does not come with its own sets and forms of consumer value. Out of the box, this vaporizer gives you two atomizer options; a quartz coil atomizer and a ceramic coil atomizer. You basically don’t have to shell out any more money to buy additional atomizers, the Source 10 Cig Quartz has got you covered.  

The preset temperature profiles in the battery complement the two inclusive atomizers which means that you’re getting good value at such a small price. The Source 10 Cig Quartz remains SOURCEvapes and our best-selling vaporizer in this category.  

The Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit 

For those who want additional features like water filtration will find that SOURCEvapes box mods like the Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit is a good choice. Like other SOURCEvapes vaporizers, this hefty box mod is made compatible with over 30 Source atomizers giving you a wide variety of heating elements to choose from.  

The atomizers, as well as the percolators and the bubblers, attach easily and conveniently on the box mod and unlike other vaporizer box mods, this thing works. The water filtration they’ve incorporated with the Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit delivers XL clouds while keeping your draws and your pulls clean and smooth. With water conditioned vapors, you’re sure to enjoy cooler and smoother hits. Another gem that this vaporizer has is its precise temperature settings. Precision in terms of temperature allows you to direct your sessions exactly where you want them to be. A lower temperature setting gives you subtle euphoria while a higher temperature level gives you a more significant buzz. Likewise, lower temperature levels give you more flavorful hits while higher temperatures give you more density with decreased flavor. Either way, having the ability to control temperature and even adjust it to the most minute detail allows you to make a huge impact on how the vapors affect you. The precision temperature setting can be controlled and operated via the simple buttons found on the Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit box mod. Using it and configuring the device is also simple and straightforward.  

If you’re worried about carrying your Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit when you want to bring it to gatherings like parties and group sessions, you’ll be happy to hear that it comes with a sleek and durable carrying case that protects the SOURCEvapes Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit and all its inclusive accessories. That means the metal attachment, all three of the 4 series atomizers, the glass bubbler, the quartz carb cap/dab tool, and the micro USB charging cable for when you need to recharge your Source Nail XL Vaporizer – Sig 2 Kit 

The Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit 

The Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit is a dab pen built for those wanting a more durable vaporizer that can deal and withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This portable dab pen will make you more than proud if you use it as your daily driver. One of its best features is its solid stainless-steel build. Stainless-steel has been widely used in medicinal tools as well as in architecture – some of the most demanding industries to date. Stainless steel is known for its properties that make it almost indestructible and resistant to corrosion. It's a resilient material that can withstand and endure wear from daily use and carrying activities. Those who have sweaty hands will find that this portable dab pen will repel the common chemical reactions of common and average metal to the acid in their sweat. Furthermore, stainless-steel is strong and can protect the circuitry of the Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit against minor bumps and minor damages.  

The Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit from SOURCEvapes is the perfect companion for people who are always out and about. It's portable, it’s tough, it’s rugged. What more can you ask for in a portable vaporizer? 

In terms of features, the Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit boasts adjustable airflow allowing you to include further customization in your sessions. By adjusting the airflow, you can easily change how dense of how thin the vapors are and therefore affect the potency and the flavor of the vapors. Many manufacturers neglect the importance of airflow and SOURCEvapes ensures that this portable dab pen is outfitted with the best airflow mechanism on the market today.  

The Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit also has larger atomizers and a grade-1 titanium coil for better vaporization even when placing larger loads of concentrates. The heating elements used in the Source Slim 4 Vaporizer – Travel Kit also burns cleaner than other heating elements found on other vaporizers.