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Ooze Parts 

If there’s any company or manufacturer that can make and manufacture parts and accessories that’s going to be Ooze. Ooze has proven itself as a reliable and dependable manufacturer that pays careful attention to detail, craftsmanship, and art. This is why many see their products as masterpieces that encourages and promotes creativity and boosts imagination ingenuity while consuming their favorite botanical strains, wax concentrates, and thick oils. Ooze has managed to create a name for itself by revolutionizing the way we see vaporizers, its parts, and its accessories.  

Ooze has created some of the best devices that are made with some of the best components that have gone through rigorous development and research resulting to being some of the most durable and straightforward components on a vaporizer. It’s true that Ooze has already covered two of the most important facets of the vape industry; good quality manufacturing and good quality design.  

Based in Michigan, Ooze has always aimed to improve and elevate its customer’s overall experience. Whether it’s smoking herbs or vaping extracts, Ooze wants to make sure that its customers will have to enjoy what their devices and their favorite materials have to offer. Another factor why Ooze seemingly has as an advantage over other manufacturers is its dedication and commitment to ensuring that the products they manufacture are made affordable and are easily accessible to the general consuming public.  

Ooze wants to ensure that no one has to sacrifice product quality for affordability. Many of today’s vaporizers and its parts can either be cheap or expensive – it's like there’s nothing in between. And, a product’s price says so much about its quality. Some of today’s cheap vaporizers are oftentimes made with cheap parts and will last you only a short amount of time. Expensive products generally boast parts made of high-quality components but might feel that they cost an arm and a leg. Ooze wants to marry the benefits of having to produce and manufacture products of good quality but still have the element of affordability.  

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry some of Ooze’s best-selling products as well as its parts and other components you can use for your device when replacing and maintaining it.  

Ooze Vape Chargers and Batteries 

One of our favorites is the Ooze USB Smart Charger. This 510-threaded charger is small and compact and works with most of Ooze’s vape pens. This makes it a universal tool for charging dab pens and extract pens both when you’re at home and when you’re on-the-go. All you need to do is to twist the battery and marry it to the 510-threaded connection until you feel resistance. It's an easy and straightforward means of having to charge your batteries without having to rely solely on a wall socket. Yes, you can connect the Ooze USB Smart Charger on a wall adapter but you can also connect it on a desktop computer, a laptop, a video game console, and other appliances and devices allows to use to charge other devices and batteries via a USB connection.  

Speaking of batteries, we have the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery on our collection. This battery boasts 650mAh capacity and uses magnetic connections to accommodate cartridges. What’s good about this battery is that for its size, it offers variable voltage settings allowing its users to change the setting of the battery and in turn, change the temperature profiles for a more customized approach to consuming their favorite extracts both wax concentrates and thick oils. It also has a pre-heat mode that allows you to warm up your extracts and cartridges to promote better airflow and improved vaporization overall.  

We also have the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery, a dab pen that features no physical buttons at all making a discreet and compact dab pen and cartridge battery for on-the-go use. In its core, the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery has a rechargeable battery pack with 280mAh capacity which gives you more than enough power for longer and more demanding vaping sessions. It has a 510-threaded connection making it ideal for use with most of Ooze’s USB chargers.  

This touchless pen uses auto draw functionalities to automatically trigger and activate the heating element attached to it without requiring you to push any button. Just your pulls from your cartridge mouthpiece are enough to vaporize your materials. This is why it’s one of the safest batteries on the market today. You’ll not run into the trouble of having to accidentally press the buttons of your dab pen as it gets pushed by objects in your bag or in your pocket. This smart battery is a good option for those looking for a seamless vaping experience.  

We’re also proud to introduce Ooze’s Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB. It’s a combination of Ooze’s Twist pen and USB charger. It boasts 320mAh battery capacity which ensures longer vaping sessions. Plus, with the USB charger, you can experience fast charging making it the ideal combo for vaping and charging while on-the-go. A long-lasting battery plus a fast charging charger. What else can you ask for?  

However, the real gem this battery hides underneath is the way it lets you change the temperature settings of the battery. While it’s common for most batteries to have a single button to operate the device in terms of powering it on and having to change its temperature profiles, the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB uses a dial to change the temperature instead. This makes for a fun and accurate way of vaporizing your select materials.  

Ooze Accessories 

Ooze also offers a slew of vape and smoking accessories, one of which is the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl. This small pipe offers a unique way of cooling down your sessions as it actually contains a special liquid inside it that can hold cool temperatures while you smoke. All you have to do is to place it in the fridge and wait till the bowl is frozen. Then begin your sessions by packing the bowl and lighting it up. You now have a freezable pipe you can use almost anytime.  

Furthermore, whether you’re vaping or you’re smoking, you can always use the Ooze Rolling Tray, perfect for placing ground materials so you don’t waste them. Place your ground herbs and other ground botanical in this tray instead of just plainly dumping your materials on the table. This tray keeps your herbs clean and safe from germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. It also has several artistic design and options you can choose from.