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Ooze Parts 

If there’s any company or manufacturer that can make and manufacture parts and accessories that’s going to be Oozelife. Ooze has proven itself as a reliable and dependable manufacturer that pays careful attention to detail, craftsmanship, and art. This is why many see their products as masterpieces that encourages and promotes creativity and boosts imagination ingenuity while consuming their favorite botanical strains, wax concentrates, and thick oils. Ooze has managed to create a name for itself by revolutionizing the way we see vaporizers, its parts, and its accessories.  

Ooze has created some of the best devices that are made with some of the best components that have gone through rigorous development and research resulting to being some of the most durable and straightforward components on a vaporizer. It’s true that Ooze has already covered two of the most important facets of the vape industry; good quality manufacturing and good quality design.  

Based in Michigan, Ooze has always aimed to improve and elevate its customer’s overall experience. Whether it’s smoking herbs or vaping extracts, Ooze wants to make sure that its customers will have to enjoy what their devices and their favorite materials have to offer. Another factor why Ooze seemingly has as an advantage over other manufacturers is its dedication and commitment to ensuring that the products they manufacture are made affordable and are easily accessible to the general consuming public.  

Ooze wants to ensure that no one has to sacrifice product quality for affordability. Many of today’s vaporizers and its parts can either be cheap or expensive – it's like there’s nothing in between. And, a product’s price says so much about its quality. Some of today’s cheap vaporizers are oftentimes made with cheap parts and will last you only a short amount of time. Expensive products generally boast parts made of high-quality components but might feel that they cost an arm and a leg. Ooze wants to marry the benefits of having to produce and manufacture products of good quality but still have the element of affordability.  

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry some of Ooze’s best-selling products as well as its parts and other components you can use for your device when replacing and maintaining it.  

Ooze Vape Chargers and Batteries 

One of our favorites is the Ooze USB Smart Charger. This 510-threaded charger is small and compact and works with most of Ooze’s vape pens. This makes it a universal tool for charging dab pens and extract pens both when you’re at home and when you’re on-the-go. All you need to do is to twist the battery and marry it to the 510-threaded connection until you feel resistance. It's an easy and straightforward means of having to charge your batteries without having to rely solely on a wall socket. Yes, you can connect the Ooze USB Smart Charger on a wall adapter but you can also connect it on a desktop computer, a laptop, a video game console, and other appliances and devices allows to use to charge other devices and batteries via a USB connection.  

Speaking of batteries, we have the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery on our collection. This battery boasts 650mAh capacity and uses magnetic connections to accommodate cartridges. What’s good about this battery is that for its size, it offers variable voltage settings allowing its users to change the setting of the battery and in turn, change the temperature profiles for a more customized approach to consuming their favorite extracts both wax concentrates and thick oils. It also has a pre-heat mode that allows you to warm up your extracts and cartridges to promote better airflow and improved vaporization overall.  

We also have the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery, a dab pen that features no physical buttons at all making a discreet and compact dab pen and cartridge battery for on-the-go use. In its core, the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery has a rechargeable battery pack with 280mAh capacity which gives you more than enough power for longer and more demanding vaping sessions. It has a 510-threaded connection making it ideal for use with most of Ooze’s USB chargers.  

This touchless pen uses auto draw functionalities to automatically trigger and activate the heating element attached to it without requiring you to push any button. Just your pulls from your cartridge mouthpiece are enough to vaporize your materials. This is why it’s one of the safest batteries on the market today. You’ll not run into the trouble of having to accidentally press the buttons of your dab pen as it gets pushed by objects in your bag or in your pocket. This smart battery is a good option for those looking for a seamless vaping experience.  

We’re also proud to introduce Ooze’s Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB. It’s a combination of Ooze’s Twist pen and USB charger. It boasts 320mAh battery capacity which ensures longer vaping sessions. Plus, with the USB charger, you can experience fast charging making it the ideal combo for vaping and charging while on-the-go. A long-lasting battery plus a fast charging charger. What else can you ask for?  

However, the real gem this battery hides underneath is the way it lets you change the temperature settings of the battery. While it’s common for most batteries to have a single button to operate the device in terms of powering it on and having to change its temperature profiles, the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB uses a dial to change the temperature instead. This makes for a fun and accurate way of vaporizing your select materials.  

Ooze Accessories 

Ooze also offers a slew of vape and smoking accessories, one of which is the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl. This small pipe offers a unique way of cooling down your sessions as it actually contains a special liquid inside it that can hold cool temperatures while you smoke. All you have to do is to place it in the fridge and wait till the bowl is frozen. Then begin your sessions by packing the bowl and lighting it up. You now have a freezable pipe you can use almost anytime.  

Furthermore, whether you’re vaping or you’re smoking, you can always use the Ooze Rolling Tray, perfect for placing ground materials so you don’t waste them. Place your ground herbs and other ground botanical in this tray instead of just plainly dumping your materials on the table. This tray keeps your herbs clean and safe from germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. It also has several artistic design and options you can choose from.  

Ooze has made a name for themselves by manufacturing some of the best vaporizers on the market and most of that is owed to the quality of the parts they manufacture. A vaporizer is only as good as the parts it was built from. On that note, the folks at Ooze has made it to a point to ensure that their vaporizers are backed by components that are made from only the best raw materials their money can buy. Nevertheless, the quality of the products they offer is the perfect blend between affordability and quality. They're not cheap nor are they overly expensive. They have the right price to performance ratio making them ideal to use as daily drivers as well as occasional vaporizers. If you’re looking for a brand that makes comparatively durable replacement parts as the ones that come with the vaporizers you’ve pulled out of the box, you should strongly consider getting an Ooze vaporizer. Ooze parts and accessories have become a staple not only for consumers who use Ooze products as well as those who consume within a specific budget but also for those who want to be practical when it comes to their consumption methods. Ooze believes in better-burning and longer-lasting vaporizers and they know that one way to achieve it is by starting with good-quality components from the ground up. They know the benefits of using high-quality parts and that it will strengthen not only the devices themselves but also the brand name. No one wants to invest in a vaporizer that breaks as easily as you’ve paid for it let alone one that has no replacement parts available. You wouldn’t want to waste money on burners or vaporizers that are as good as disposables. On that note, Ooze invested in the best raw materials the industry has to offer and started from there.

All-Rounder Parts for Vaporizer

Ooze’s orientation surpasses market clichés as the products they manufacture, both parts and vaporizers, are made for vaping and smoking all kinds of materials from dried tobacco and all kinds of botanical plant matter as well as wax concentrates, a wide variety of extracts, and essential oils. With this in mind, the brand worked on vaporizer parts and accessories that are compatible with the aforementioned materials and brought to life the aforementioned parts.

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery is a battery designed for the consumption of a variety of extracts including a wide range of essential oils and wax concentrates. Yes, it’s got preset temperature settings but one of the best features it has to offer is the ability to accommodate a wide variety of materials. As long as you’re using a compatible 510-threaded cartridge and the cartridge is able to accommodate the cartridge of your choice, you should be able to use the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery. It’s a slightly universal 510-threaded battery that allows you to enjoy different varieties of extracts and essential oils with a variable voltage setting. This way, you can enjoy flavorful vapor production when you tune into the lower temperature settings or keep it lit when you crank up the temperature level. Wax concentrates and essential oils react to the slightest change in temperature and exposing your select materials whether it’s the low temperature profile, medium, or even high, lets you experience a different result even when consuming the same type of material.

Another example of an all-rounder is the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl. This bowl is a pipe that can be cooled by throwing it in the freezer. There are a wide range of consumable type of herbs. From commercial tobacco to self-grown cannabis, you’ll have plenty of herbs to choose from. Now the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl may not have the same versatility as the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery in terms of temperature control, but it can give you cool smoking sessions you’d otherwise be hard-pressed to find whether you’re using pre-rolls or if you’re rolling your own spliff. Furthermore, no pipe has ever cooled sessions as the Ooze Cryo Glycerin Bowl. It’s arguably the ultimate pipe of the ultimate consumer. Whether you’re modern or traditional, you’re sure to appreciate the benefits and advantages of using the Cryo Bowl from Ooze.

In terms of vaporizer accessories, more from Ooze stand out especially when it comes to being all-rounders. One such vaporizer part and accessory that comes to mind is the Ooze USB Smart Charger. This 510-threaded USB charger is compatible with Ooze’s many batteries that have 510-threaded connections. Since it can be used with a wide variety of Ooze’s products, the Ooze USB Smart Charger can be considered a must-have in any consumer’s vaping arsenal. Moreover, it can also be compatible with other 510-threaded pen-type batteries be it a dab pen or a dry herb vaporizer. Apart from having the ability to connect to a wide range of charging ports like a desktop computer, a video game console, a laptop computer, and a wall adapter among other things, the Ooze USB Smart Charger also has the capability of protecting your battery from overcharging. This means that your battery remains safe and secure amidst all charging conditions. You can rest assured that your battery remains out of harm’s way whether you’re plugging it on a wall charger, a desktop vaporizer, or even a portable power bank.

Ooze carries a wide range of replacement parts and accessories that you can use to help you elevate your sessions regardless of the material you’re consuming. We, at VapeActive, know that having the right collection of accessories and replacement parts for your Ooze vaporizers will help you get the best experience. We are backed by a team of professional consumers versed in both smoking various botanical dry herb strains as well as in dabbing a wide range of wax concentrates and essential oils. With the pickiest consumers on our side, we get to filter the market from what products suck and what rock. On that note, we have our own set of standards in picking products that we’re to include in our collection. The fact that Ooze vaporizer parts and accessories are included in our collection means that they’ve passed our strict standards. Ooze have been producing good quality products since day one and we’re glad to carry the brand on our top-quality vaporizer store. For the best vaporizer products including parts and accessories – keep it here at VapeActive.

World-Class Batteries

Ooze isn’t just home to some of the best vaporizers but also to some of the best batteries in the business. They have managed to accumulate a large collection of batteries fit for all occasions. One example we did earlier was the Ooze Cruze Extract Battery but the brand has more in store for consumers from all walks of life. Although the brand has always been for placing cutting-edge products on the market, they are also for manufacturing affordable vaporizers. These include batteries that can be used in conjunction with other attachments and heating elements which makes up a unique but practical ecosystem of vaporizer batteries and compatible attachments regardless if they’re of the same make, model, or otherwise. After all, a product doesn’t have to be expensive to be exciting.

One of these products is the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery. As we’ve mentioned earlier, one doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be called or categorized as revolutionary. The Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery was one that fit the bill. It’s a 280mAh battery that allows for a lasting session in between charges which means you won’t always have to reach out for a wall outlet for when you’re consuming your favorite materials. Speaking of which, the Ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery can be used with a wide variety of materials as long as the one you’re using as long as the heating element that you’re connecting to the battery is compatible with the threaded connection. Not only does it offer a durable and reliable 510-threaded connection but also touchless operation. This means that there are no power buttons on the battery allowing you to use it with the convenience of smoking a cigarette. Not only does it do away with the 3 or 5 click process of turning the battery on and off, but you will also no longer need to deal with that mouth and hand coordination especially if you’re one who is terrible at it. All you need to do is to pull from your cartridge or atomizer and the battery will begin to fire. The heating element can be triggered simply by inhaling from the mouthpiece which makes anticipating the density and the potency of the vapor a little bit easier. If you’re someone who doesn’t like getting surprised with large clouds of vapor when you take a drag, then the ooze Slim Pen Touchless Battery is the right one for you.

If you want one that offers more control, then the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB Charger might just be way up your alley. It’s got the same 510-threaded connections and is likewise affordably extraordinary. However, it offers a larger battery capacity at 320mAh which means longer vaping sessions and even shared ones if like passing your dab pen around. The Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB offers long sessions without any significant drop in performance. This means that this battery is perfect for heavy consumers and those who are a fan of long and grinding sessions that really melt your face off and if you think that the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery + Smart USB Charger can only be used at home then you’re in for a surprise. This battery is best use when on-the-go. It makes use of its slim and sleek profile to get you to enjoy the benefits of your select wax concentrates while you’re on your feet. Furthermore, the Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery offers variable voltage settings with a voltage setting ranging from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts making customization and personalization possible.

Ooze has amassed an impressive collection of vaporizers, and the same can be said for their vaporizer parts. On that note, if you want a vaporizer that offers continuity of use, Ooze has definitely got you covered. That’s why we at VapeActive, do carry a wide selection of parts and accessories from Ooze. We know that a majority of our customers are using products from Ooze and we want to make sure that they have all the necessary support they need to make sure that their sessions have a solid continuity and that they can continuously use their devices since they can always get replacement pieces for their devices when they break. Speaking of which, we, at VapeActive, know what it’s like to have a vaporizer with a part that breaks and not have the option to replace it. Whether they are disposable vaporizers or not, having access to the right kind of replacement parts do matter.

Ooze Parts for Replacement

Imagine buying a car, a computer, or anything that could be an investment for that matter. Part of the consideration people have when buying these things is the ability to procure parts either for upgrading or for replacement. If you can see what these things have in common is that they're made of various components. These components do break down one point or another and needs to be replaced not only to keep the device working but also to enjoy a fresh session to the effect that it feels like you’re using a brand-new vaporizer.

Let’s check out some of the most common components for most vaporizers that usually needs replacing.

1. Atomizer.

One of the most common vaporizer parts whether it’s a desktop vaporizer or a portable vaporizer is the atomizer. The atomizer or the heating element is responsible for heating your material, whether it’s dried botanical plant matter, gooey wax concentrates, or viscous essential oils. Not only does the heating element produce heat used to extract vapors from your materials but it is also oftentimes a part that comes into direct contact with the material. That said, apart from the constant cycles of heating and cooling that the atomizers are exposed to, they also come into contact with the materials you vaporize through its various phases of physical and chemical changes.

Because of this, the atomizer is often subjected to the most punishing level of wear and tear even if the aforementioned part was designed and engineered for that actual purpose. Atomizers or heating elements are also the parts that are most exposed to development of grime and grunge, most likely from resinous buildup from constant use. All this toil and trouble weakens the atomizer, causes problems, and eventually failure. That's why it’s important for the atomizer to be replaced periodically or when necessary which means that having access to replacement parts is as important as the materials you’re using.

2. Battery.

Pretty much like the atomizer, vaporizer batteries also have a certain end of life cycle. Rechargeable batteries will have a particular lifespan that’s dictated by their recharge cycle. A recharge cycle is the cycle of recharging and discharging a battery. So, the more you use your battery, the more you take out of its charge cycle. Other factors also affect the battery’s lifespan which includes improper charging habits that can harm the battery and usually result in bloating or leakage. Signs that the battery is nearing failure is that it holds less charge that it used to or that it takes a longer time before the battery gets charged and in which case the battery will call for a much-needed replacement.

The battery must be replaced because not only does it affect the functionality of your vaporizer but it also can put you in grave danger. Have you ever seen YouTube videos of vaporizers suddenly exploding? Yep, that’s because either the battery was not inserted properly or it was already calling out to be replaced. That’s why it’s important that you pay attention to the battery’s actions and pattern. As we’ve covered above, Ooze has some unique offerings when it comes to batteries and ones that can be used in conjunction with other atomizers and attachments. Their 510-threaded batteries are great with compatible atomizers and heating elements which means that they are practical options when it comes to finding batteries that really work.

3. Chargers.

Of course, when you talk about batteries, you have to talk about chargers. The thing about chargers is that they can get messy. Especially wall chargers that have prongs and wires. It's hard enough that you need to carry them with you when you’re going out on a trip but what’s even worse is that they get tangled up while you have it in your bag or the wires can get cut accidentally. That’s why investing on replacement chargers are important and that’s the reason why many manufacturers invest on outfitting their products with charging ports that use generic chargers instead of those with proprietary design. There are also those that bank on manufacturing chargers that are designed and engineered to be simple and easy to carry.

That’s why there has been a resurgence of chargers made by manufacturers that are light on the pocket and are easy to carry. That’s why here, at VapeActive, we stock up on chargers that can be used with various types of batteries like the Smart USB Charger from Ooze. It has a small microchip that protects the battery from overcharging which means that you and your battery is safe.

With all these components that need replacing, having access to these parts can even be considered a luxury. That's why VapeActive is here, we’re here to provide our customers with a wide range of parts especially for Ooze products so our customers like you can easily get what they need to maintain their sessions and continue to enjoy their vaporizers. Apart from replacement parts, we also carry accessories from Ooze. One's that have a practical use of course, like the rolling tray that can be used for things more than just rolling your own spliff.

Many dry herb consumers swear by rolling trays and will fight you to the end because rolling trays are godsend. They offer you a safe flat surface for rolling your weed in that’s not contaminated by any bacteria or any type of pathogen that can damage your materials and affect your health. It also saves your herbs because it can’t all fly when hit by the wind as rolling trays offer some sort of arm that cradles and scoops the herbs should they fly away. Rolling trays can also serve as a safe space for you to lay down not only botanical plant matter but also your smoking and vaping paraphernalia which includes anything from your lighter to your grinder of which you can tap your open grinder on your rolling tray to collect pollen and ground weed that might have got stuck on the sides and corners of the grinder.

Here, at VapeActive, we have a wide collection of products from Ooze. Make sure to check out these products as they can be of use to you whether you’re an Ooze vaporizer user or not. When shopping for Ooze products online, make sure to shop in the home of premium vaporizers and the best-rated online vape shop, VapeActive.