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Firefly has always been a brand associated with quality and advanced technology. From the vaporizers they manufacture to the parts they produce that support these vaporizers reflect how well they make their products and how much confidence their customers can place in devices, parts, and accessories with the Firefly logo on it. Firefly parts include the Firefly 2 External Charger, the Firefly 2 Battery, the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter, and the Firefly Cleaning Kit 

These parts are made using the same raw materials and the same manufacturing process as the very vaporizers themselves. This means that they are as durable and as reliable as every part of the vaporizer making them the only replacement and upgrade parts you can and you should use on your Firefly vaporizer. Firefly has been manufacturing vaporizers and its relative parts using the most advanced manufacturing technology and the best raw materials the industry has to offer. They pay great attention to design and detail, that’s why the parts they manufacture are often compatible even with the latest versions of their devices. The parts they have and we have on our collection, though they’re originally made for the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is compatible with the Firefly 2+.  

The folks behind the Firefly brand are experts in their chosen field and are both professional product designers. They share a passion for innovation and at the very least, perfection. This is why Firefly products are dubbed as the iPhone of vaporizers and that their relative accessories and the parts that go with it bear the same reputation in the vaporizer industry. Firefly products are one of the most recognized brands on the market and one of the most reliable products today’s industry can offer.  

Parts That Last 

It’s true that one of the means vaporizer manufacturers make money is through aftermarket parts. Common replaceable components include batteries, charging cables, and heating elements. Vaporizers and their parts that are made with cheaper and poor raw materials are bound to break and be replaced, you can also consider factors like wear and tear as well as accidental drops and loss of these components. However, Firefly ensures that like their vaporizers, the parts themselves are made to last. The parts feel as substantial and as durable as the vaporizer themselves, there’s an air of superiority when you handle Firefly products and they would feel premium to the touch.  

By using premium raw materials and using skills they acquired through the years, they can turn mere parts and accessories into durable and reliable components. Instead of relying on the available technology and way of making vaporizers and its components, Firefly took the time to redesign and reinvent the whole process.  

It’s no coincidence that Firefly products are dubbed iPhones of the vaporizer industry. While other vaporizers from other brands have shared the same moniker, it’s more befitting to call Firefly products, its vaporizers, and parts, this reputable title. One of the founders of Firefly Vapor was a former Apple employee. Mark Williams, a co-founder, holds over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley under his belt. He designed products at Apple including the Mac OS X interface. His experience in thinking outside of the box and in designing revolutionary and age-defining products led to the success of Firefly's vaporizers and its respective parts. Together with Mark, Sasha Robinson joined up to lead the Firefly brand. Sasha shared her deep and effective knowledge of software and hardware as well as technological means to manufacture these products and make them as durable and as reliable as possible. She worked and consulted for large companies like LG, Panasonic, Microsoft, including Juniper Networks and the sports brand we all know of, Nike. Sasha herself is more than capable of leading the Firefly brand and producing some of the most reliable parts that make up the most esteemed vaporizer in the industry.  

Both of them see a Firefly vaporizer as the sum of all its parts. It’s the end result of putting together bits and pieces that themselves serve their own purposes. No matter how small that part is, in the eyes and in the hands of skilled professionals that work for Firefly, they become an integral piece of the puzzle that is the Firefly vaporizer. Like small gears and cogs in a classic timepiece, the parts made by Firefly are crafted to make the most significant improvements that contribute to the improvement of the device itself.  

Firefly spared no expense in manufacturing these parts. Many manufacturers cut the costs and buy sub-standard raw materials that can negatively impact the overall quality of the vaporizer. By making sure that the very raw materials themselves used in making these parts, they can influence the overall durability and reliability of the end product. It's the perfect recipe for a reliable device especially because Firefly vaporizers are also used by patients. Medicating consumers who use herbs and wax concentrates to help them deal, manage, and treat their conditions need a vaporizer with parts that are reliable and that would last.  

With this in mind, Firefly crafted their vaporizers as well as its replacement parts to ensure that patients will always have the means to administer their medication when they need it. This means that these parts had to go through precise manufacturing so that they will connect to the vaporizer seamlessly. With that in place, these parts ensure that they will function accurately providing the device with a longer lifespan and the parts themselves with better reliability. Having said, it's only very seldom Firefly vaporizer users encounter or face a need to replace the parts of their devices.  

Geared Towards Portability 

Just like the device itself, the parts for the Firefly vaporizer is geared towards portability. They are made to be small and compact enough that you can bring them with you when you travel allowing you to carry your arsenal and never be without a means to recharge or clean your device.  

As an example, the Firefly 2 Battery was made so that you can take it with you when you leave. The folks who designed the Firefly devices and its respective parts knew that one of the common issues a consumer using a portable device will encounter is the loss of battery. This means that there will be a constant need to recharge the battery of the vaporizer and not all places will offer a wall socket to plug your device in. The battery of the Firefly vaporizer is known for its longevity but most importantly because it was designed so that it can be removed and replaced if needed. If you carefully plan ahead, long trips in the mountains will be a breeze. No need to search for an outlet to stick your charger too, charging the battery or batteries for that matter can save you time and the trouble of looking for a place to recharge. A fully charged battery can get you through 40 to 80 pulls, that’s more than enough to satisfy your cravings especially when you’re vaping solo. Your tolerance to your material of choice also is a factor to be considered but nevertheless makes for a battery that can certainly pack a punch. Because of how strong the battery is, it can deliver consistent performance even when kept on the highest heat setting.  

Likewise, the battery chargers used on Firefly devices were also designed in a way that they can be carried with ease and with comfort. The Firefly 2 External Charger was made to function to be sort of like a docking station for the battery. Unlike other battery chargers that will have dangly wires that get tangled up when you put them inside your bag or in your pocket, the Firefly 2 External Chargers was made to be a solution for those who want a battery charger for their Firefly devices without the hassle of wires getting knotted up here and there. It still requires a USB charging cable but can be removed and replaced as needed. It also is great for charging the battery without having to stress the device itself. Some consumers believe that when you leave the battery inside the device or even charge it through the device, some of the electrical circuitry heats up. This can cause some of the boards and the plastic components to get stressed adding and contributing to the wear and tear that their Firefly device is subjected to. Those who really want to take care of their investment go for external battery chargers like the Firefly 2 External Charger. Now, others may say that the Firefly 2 External Charger may seem too big and bulky for traveling. Firefly has noticed and acknowledged that idea and have offered a solution in the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter, it’s pretty similar to the average vaporizer charger only it isn’t. Other than it does charge the battery of the Firefly vaporizer faster than the stock charger, it allows you to remove and replace the USB charging cable for added portability. You no longer have to deal with messy and tangled wires, you can now easily arrange and organize your Firefly vaporizer charger like you would with your MacBook charger. Just connect and replace the USB charging cable when you’re ready to charge and remove it when storing it. An easy and portable solution to all your Firefly charging needs.  

And while we’re on the topic of portability, cleaning and maintenance of your Firefly vaporizer shouldn’t only be done at home. You can also clean and keep your Firefly vaporizers clean and in good working condition when you’re always on your feet. Firefly made the Firefly Cleaning Kit to give its customers a simple and straightforward means of cleaning their Firefly 2 devices. You may need to sit a couple of minutes to ensure that your Firefly vaporizer is properly cleaned but because the Firefly Cleaning Kit is so carefully laid out and is so well thought of, the process of cleaning itself is made simpler and more straightforward. From the brush to the wipes, everything was made so that you’ll have everything you need at your disposal without having to go through too much preparation. While their commitment to portability is commendable, you can still see that the Firefly Cleaning Kit still was focused on durability and reliability. We’ve seen a lot of cleaning brushes included on vaporizer packs but none of them looked and felt as sturdy as the one included in this kit. The brush is made out of wires that are strong enough not to get worn out easily but is still soft enough that they won’t damage or scratch the device itself when you’re using it to clean it. The alcohol wipes are very useful since they are made specifically for cleaning the Firefly device and are made so that all you need to do is to rip the pack open and start cleaning. They are also made so that you will not have to worry about having to cause fading on the surfaces of the Firefly vaporizer itself. Some cleaning wipes use strong chemicals that may cause other parts of the vaporizer to weaken in some cases cause the paint to fade. The cleaning wipes of the Firefly Cleaning Kit was formulated to clean the device and still preserve its beauty at the same time. These packs cost less than what they do making them a must-have for anyone using a Firefly vaporizer. A worthy addition to your arsenal and a necessity to keep your device in tip-top shape especially when you’re on-the-go.  

All of Firefly’s parts are made to be used on-the-go. The parts are optimized to work efficiently while at your feet.  

Fueled by Firefly 

As you can see, the brand itself and its employees are deeply rooted in artistic and aesthetic influences. That’s one of the reasons why the devices and the parts made by Firefly are genuinely beautiful and have a certain air of class and sophistication to it. Having said, Firefly vaporizer is the first-ever vaporizer to win a prestigious award as the Chicago Athenaeum Museum’s “the Good Design Award” back in 2014. Since then, the vaporizer and the parts used in Firefly vaporizers have been raved by many consumers and even some of the biggest names in the entertainment and in the publishing industry. New York Times and Wired Magazine praised it for how well it looked and for how great it performed.  

Today, Firefly continues to spread its love and passion for all things artistic. They’ve started an initiative called Fueled by Firefly.  

Fueled by Firefly is a program where the brand collaborates with some of the best media artists in today’s industry. The mission of the program is to participate in a wide community of artistic individuals, including designers, creators, and developers who share the same views about art. Because Firefly sees themselves as something more than just a company that produces and manufactures consumer electronics goods, they’d like to venture more into the themes and concepts that inspire companies like them. The aim of the Fueled by Firefly initiative is to collaborate with artists and stimulate conversations about creativity and artistic concepts that are geared to improve Firefly designs and everyone’s perception of art.  

They launched Fueled by Firefly with an event in partnership with Toshi Anders Hoo and Eric Freeman. The Evolution of Fire was the leading project in the Fueled by Firefly initiative. The program allowed interested participants to meet the Firefly team. Of course, people came to view the artwork and meet the artists themselves. There was also music and drinks. The highlight of the event was the interactive fiber-optic light painting demo that was specially developed for the Evolution of Fire event. This event laid the groundwork and became the cornerstone of future Fueled by Firefly events to come.  

Their next venture towards the Fueled by Firefly program was a commissioned artwork that pays homage to surrealism showing audiences that not everything you see is what they appear to be. The message of the artwork shows that the Firefly vaporizer isn’t exactly a pipe and pipes aren’t exactly what they were used to be. It gives the perfect representation of what Firefly vaporizers did to the industry. They revolutionized it and gave a common tool a whole new meaning. Something that only good design and great engineering can do! 

Since then, they’ve featured some of the best local artists in the industry including Noah Kalina, Ben Canales, Charlie Watts, and Asher Roth amongst many others. The featured artists include photographers, musicians, and painters. All of which contribute to the creative pool and thought-process that comes into designing the world’s best handheld vaporizer.  

Firefly is also into the entire culture of vaping herbs and wax concentrates. You’ll see the brand almost anywhere from hiking trips of the outdoors to luxury technology shows in the cities. As a company, their aim is to cover as much ground as the vaping culture can offer. By doing so, they’ll be able to encompass all the facets of the industry and reach out to more consumers. Although Firefly vaporizers and its parts are considered by many as a luxury vaporizer, many consumers still see it as a worthy investment.  

Firefly vaporizers aren’t exactly cheap. However, so are products like iPhones, MacBook, Apple Watches, Apple Ear Buds, and the likes. And yet, people buy them, they patronize them. That’s because these devices, although they’re expensive, are a sign of quality. In vaporizers, you always get what you pay for. That’s why it’s best to invest in brands like Firefly. You know that you’re getting the best quality down the last penny.  

Whilst Firefly has had its hands featuring some of today’s best artists, Firefly themselves are often seen featured on well-known publications as the creativity from Firefly vaporizers and Firefly parts emanate and inspire others to achieve great feats. You’ll see the Firefly brand featured in online publications like GIZMODO, Know Techie, News Week, Maxim, KINDLAND, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Business Insider, and VICE. They’ve also been praised by some of today’s most popular vape review sites like THEVAPORIZERWIZARD, the Cannabist, and the Vape Critic.  

A Burning Desire 

The Firefly brand was an idea that ignited in the famous Burning Man festival. The people behind the Firefly brand were frequent attendees of the Burning Man event and the influence of the famous gathering is seen throughout the evolutionary phase of the devices and of the parts that make up the vaporizer itself.  

The Burning Man Festival is all about self-expression, determination, community creation, exploring the arts, and ideas outside the box. You'll see a lot of that in the actions of the brand and also in the device it manufactures. The values represented by the Burning Man Festival can be seen and are reflected in the core values of the company. They are passionate about what they do and they work hard to spread good ideas both creative and artistic.  

The Burning Man Festival became the perfect backdrop for creating the best vaporizer today’s industry has to offer. It fueled a greater passion for creating a means of consuming both herbs and wax concentrates. One that’s artistic, technologically advanced, and easy to use. It also influenced the parts it uses on its devices. They're relatively simple and easy to use making them ideal for both beginners and advanced consumers. The Burning Man Festival will still influence the following devices to come and we’re glad about it. This means that the Firefly brand will continue the legacy of great devices inspired by the Burning Man Festival, and as it proves, these devices are good. The small, close-knit, and hardworking team behind the Firefly brand will forever be inspired by their burning desire to provide the industry with high-quality devices and relatively high-quality parts that will give consumers real value for each dollar spent. Devices that are made with artistic passion and with the desire to change and revolutionize the industry. One that goes against the meta but is aimed at improving the system.  

Firefly Parts 

Here at VapeActive, we always aim to provide our customers with unparalleled support. And that does not only mean being there for them to answer questions but to source aftermarket parts for them so they can purchase replacement parts for their vaporizers should they encounter a worn-out part or if they lose any of the components of their vaporizers.  

Having said, we’ve stocked up on the commonly purchased Firefly parts. Come check out our collection for replacement and upgrade parts.  

The Firefly 2 External Charger 

Compatible with both the Firefly 2 and the Firefly 2 + Plus, the Firefly 2 External Charger is the solution for those wanting to use a battery charger that does not have a wire built-in on the charger. You simply have to dock the battery (not the vaporizer) on the Firefly 2 External Charger, connect an external USB cable and you’re good to go.  

Using the Firefly 2 External Charger has its advantages. Instead of charging the battery from the device itself, you can now recharge the battery without having to risk stressing the device itself. See, when you recharge your battery using the device itself, some of the components and the circuitry in the Firefly vaporizer can heat up, to prevent this from happening, you can use an external charger like the Firefly 2 External Charger. Furthermore, using an external charger can help charge the battery faster and improve the overall longevity of your device.  

It's also perfect for traveling and for charging an extra battery. Your Firefly vaporizer is designed to have a removable battery which means you can charge two batteries at the same time – one on the device and one using the Firefly 2 External Charger. Make sure to pack one when you go out and about for added charging options. It charges your batteries in as fast as 45 minutes.  

The Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter  

Those who find the Firefly 2 External Charger too big can use the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter. The Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter ensures that you’ll have a portable option in charging your device. The wall adapter connects to the charging dock and to the USB charging cable and allows you to charge your device in as fast as 45 minutes. It definitely gives your device a quick charge the safe and the right way. Made with the best raw materials, the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter can accommodate 120 volts and connect to your USB cable for superior charging in no time.  

The Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter is perfect for those needing a fully charged device when they’re on the fly. Let's face it, not everyone has the luxury to spend hours waiting for a vaporizer to charge. Most professional consumers need to wake up the day after for work and leaving the battery charging till morning isn’t exactly an option. With the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter, you can rest easy and charge your Firefly vaporizer in just 45 minutes.  

Using the Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter has many applications and mostly is centered for on-the-go use. It’s small and portable which ensures you can take it with you almost anywhere you go. So, if you’re the type of Firefly user who’s always in a hurry, make sure to grab a Firefly 2 Quickcharge Wall Adapter now.  

The Firefly 2 Battery  

Identical to the original battery that came with your Firefly 2 or Firefly 2 + Plus, the Firefly 2 Battery is a great back up or replacement battery for those using a Firefly device.  

The Firefly vaporizer was made to have removable batteries. This meant that the device was free from the bounds of traditional vaporizers. It does rely on batteries for power but it does not need constant charging. Having said, the batteries can be charged even when not connected to the device. You can charge it using an external battery charger which can help to charge the battery faster. The removable batteries also allow you to carry extra batteries when going on trips or on locations where a wall charger may not be available. Just pre-charge spare batteries and bring them on your trip. Vape as you would and when the batteries are used up, just take them, store them carefully, and replace it with a new one.  

The Firefly 2 Battery is a 770mAH Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can purchase several batteries if you’re the kind that’s always out and about or just purchase one when the original battery that came with your vaporizer fails or is already worn out. Make sure to dispose of old batteries properly.  

Another benefit of using the Firefly 2 Battery is that you don’t exactly have to replace the whole vaporizer when the battery dies. One of the parts that are susceptible to wear and tear is the battery, having been often charged and discharged, the batteries are due to be replaced. When that time comes, all you need to replace is the Firefly batteries instead of the whole device.  

The Firefly Cleaning Kit 

The Firefly Cleaning Kit has all the essentials in maintaining your Firefly vaporizer and keeping it clean.  

Cleanliness is important especially if you take your Firefly to parties and to group sessions. No one’s stopping you from sharing your Firefly vaporizer, however, taking a drag from it after you passed it around from person to person doesn’t really seem like a good idea. The Firefly Cleaning Kit includes wipes which allows you to keep your device clean and sanitary for you and for those who partake in group sessions where the Firefly is the main mode of consumption. After your session you can clean the chamber with the inclusive cleaning brush for a more thorough clean.  

So, if you’re using a Firefly vaporizer, make sure to check out or collection of Firefly parts!