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Arizer products are considered as one of the best brands the industry has to offer. The company uses high-quality components that are optimized for the best results when vaporizing your favorite dry herb strains and wax concentrates. We’ve got the best Arizer products like the Arizer ArGo portable vape and the Arizer V-Tower desktop vape. We also carry Arizer accessories and Arizer replacement parts and you can take advantage of our Arizer coupons for better savings when you shop.

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About Arizer 

The name Arizer has been synonymous to the words high-quality and reliability. Dubbed by themselves as the best portable electronic vaporizers, Arizer has been one of the go-to brands for consumers looking for a dependable vaporizer. They have been manufacturing some top-quality vaporizers both portable and stationary and have been providing the market with affordable devices that functions and performs like vaporizers twice its price.  


Arizer is a company based in Canada and has been ever since the name associated with Canada’s finest vaporizers. They use only raw materials of the highest quality to ensure that the consumers get the option to buy and purchase affordable vaporizers that won’t easily break or give. Chances are, if you’ve been using a vaporizer, you might have already heard the name Arizer

Arizer has been a company regarded by many as the best vaporizer manufacturer in the industry. This is because apart from the high-quality products they manufacture, their devices are also known to be easy to use. They are straightforward means of consuming dry herbs in general so regardless if you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’re sure going to love the Arizer brand. They're easy to use and provide you a great experience making them a sound investment for vape users of all levels.  

Furthermore, Arizer products are considered as versatile devices as some of Arizer’s products are made to accommodate the vaporization of dry herbs with the use of a wide range of temperature profiles. This means that Arizer’s vaporizers offer unparalleled value by letting you experience different results through its precise temperature controls. A great deal and a valuable device nonetheless. This is one of the reasons why many people are hooked and are drawn to using vaporizers from Arizer. To have a well-designed device that’s affordable and offers great value is just the dream of every modern-day gentleman who uses a vaporizer and who consumes botanicals and other dry herb strains 

Arizer offers a slew of great quality portable vaporizers and several models of desktop vaporizers are quite as great, don’t worry we’ll get to them later. First, let’s talk at some of the most notable features we all loved from Arizer.  

Arizer's Superior Technology 

When we talk about vaporizers, we think of devices that feature the latest technology. These devices and the industry itself thrive and are heavily dependent on technology. Having been in the vaporizer manufacturing business for years now, Arizer is fully aware that one important factor that makes a vaporizer stand out is the amount and the type of technology a vaporizer has to offer. They were one of the first few manufacturers to release a desktop vaporizer that can be operated remotely. This means that you do not exactly have to be tethered to the desktop vaporizer itself nor do you have to sit there waiting until the device reaches optimum temperature before you begin your sessions. Because you can remotely operate your desktop vaporizer, you can just confidently sit at the comfort of your own couch and wait until the vaporizer has finished heating up your materials.  


The same desktop vaporizer was one of the few on the market that offered a true dual delivery system. Desktop vaporizers before it was only known to either have single functionality either by whip or by balloon. This particular model offered both delivery systems in a convenient model.  

More on technology, Arizer gave us some of the best innovations on portable vaporizers – removable batteries. Removable batteries may seem insignificant but it gives the user freedom you just can’t find elsewhere. When you have removable and replaceable batteries, you’re no longer limited to what your device can offer. This goes in both its limitations in battery capacity and overall device longevity.

As an example, a portable vaporizer user will eventually run out of power as the user uses the portable vaporizer while on-the-go. You’d be lucky if you can find a place to recharge your batteries but what if you’re in an area where no outlets are available. With this pitfall in mind, Arizer created portable vaporizers that had the ability to cater to interchangeable batteries which only meant that portable dry herb vaporizer users can now carry separate batteries when they go out and about and use their portable vaporizers without having to fear that they’d have to cut their sessions short at one point. They can easily swap the batteries instead of having to desperately search for a power outlet. Surprisingly, this can apply to many situations like having to bring your Arizer portable vaporizer to camping trips or escapades at the beach. This means that you can now enjoy vape sessions using your dry herb vaporizer in places and in situations, you never knew was possible.  

Extreme Durability of Arizer


If there’s one thing that’s easily recognizable amongst Arizer products in terms of design is its rugged and robust exterior. It seems that Arizer doesn’t really believe in the allure of sleek and sophisticated design. Their devices look more like they’re built not only for durability but for hell and back reliability. They normally sport rugged and linear edges with ribbed surfaces giving it that no-nonsense look and feel. They are generally lightweight but will have a decent weight to themselves letting you know that what you hold are high-quality portable vaporizers and are not ones that are made from flimsy and shoddy materials.  

With just how it looks you can tell that Arizer vaporizers, both desktops, and portable vaporizers are made to last which makes them a sound investment. Each product from Arizer is a promise of quality giving each consumer and customer that assurance and peace of mind that every purchase they make is a quality they can trust.  

Arizer ensures they use only the best raw materials like borosilicate glass parts that are known for their inert properties. Borosilicate glass has seen wide use in laboratories and other medical facilities as beakers and containers because they have high resistance to heat and thermal shock. This means that when you use Arizer vaporizers that have borosilicate glassware in them, you’re assured that they won’t accidentally or easily break even when the glass parts are subjected to extreme heat. They won’t react chemically to the extreme temperature so you can easily preserve the qualities of the materials you consume. Many consumers, especially the connoisseurs who indulge in the unique tastes and flavors of your select herbs.  

Arizer is also known for having vaporizers that have tactile buttons. These buttons are not only laid out conveniently for easy operation and use but they are also crisp and have a more responsive feel. These buttons, like, most of the components used in Arizer products, are durable and can withstand a good amount of use. Many of today’s vaporizers that use buttons for controls do wear off easily. The buttons become loose after a certain amount of time and they are no longer as responsive as they were. Arizer products provide good quality components which is why the buttons on their devices and accessories remain as good as they were the first time you had them.  


Arizer vaporizers are known for offering superior temperature variability. They use precise temperature controls so you can experience various results from a single strain of herb. By changing the temperature profile your vaporizer is running on, you can either tone down or crank up its potency, you can also maximize the flavor, or maybe play around with the density and the viscosity of the vapor depending on what you want or need.  


By having the ability to change the temperature profiles, you can enjoy all the benefits your dry herb strains can offer. Imagine having control over the effects and upshots you can get from your herbs. Those who require only subtle effects when they need to be functional when they’re out and about can enjoy the benefits of their buds and flowers by simply taking the temperature setting to low working in conjunction with the devices’ ceramic heating elements. This will not only yield subtle effects but can also enhance the flavor of the herbs extracting the flavonoids from the terpenes which give the herb its distinct flavor. This is also best for people who use their vaporizers on-the-go. Not only because they get a functional buzz but it also yields thin vapors to keep your sessions discreet.  

If you need a light buzz to help you deal with stress and anxiety, you can have the temperature at the middle range which allows Arizer’s vaporizers to extract a balanced effect from your botanicals giving you the ideal mixture of flavor and potency. This will increase not only the visibility of the clouds but also increase the potency to a moderate level allowing you to enjoy enhanced focus and relaxation. This is best for people who like to stay functional but require higher doses of the herb’s active ingredients.  

You can also take the temperature to the highest setting and enhance the potency of your materials. This may generate warmer vapors because of the increased temperature level and also decrease the level of flavor in the vapors but it will surely give you a knock off your socks experience. People who need the potent effects of the herbs for deep sleep and deep relaxation can trust on the ability of Arizer vaporizers to play around with the temperature settings so you can get varied results.  

Having a vaporizer so versatile gives you real value and get the value from your dry herb vaporizer and your select strains you never knew was possible.  

Because it is compatible in catering your flavorful and aromatic finely ground herbs and its different kinds, you can also enjoy it with both portable vapes and desktop vapes.  

Portable vaporizers are best when you are using it outdoors like bringing it to concerts, using it while on the hike, during a walk at the park or boast it at parties, it can surely be carried with ease and convenience. For those who are not usually outdoor users, the desktop vaporizer is best for them as it can deliver the most out of your herbs and flowers being built with no pressure in compacting the powerful parts in one small device. Whatever you choose, both these vaporizer types are from Arizer with a promising trademark of being the best among the rest. 

Versatility and wide compatibility amongst herbs make the Arizer brand some of the best in the industry.  

Better Atomizer 

Arizer vaporizers use only the best heating elements the market has to offer. This is one of the reasons why their vaporizers are some of the industry’s top performing devices.  


Arizer uses different kinds of heating elements on their vaporizers but one of the more famous amongst these atomizers are the ceramic-based heating elements. Ceramic is known for its inert properties which allows it to slowly but gradually transfer heat. It’s true that ceramic is not the best and not the fastest when it comes to conducting heat and acting as a catalyst to transferring heat but its ability to slowly burn makes it the ideal heating element for consuming herbs because it facilitates the ideal environment for vaporizing herbs. Those who consume herbs know that these dry and often ground materials have a tendency to get burned and charred when subjected to extreme heat. Unlike waxes or extracts, herbs are highly volatile and will react to the slightest change in temperature. This is one of the reasons why the ceramic atomizers used in select Arizer devices allow the herbs to be heated gradually instead of having them heated abruptly.  

Because it facilitates low heating, the herbs experience an even burn and are vaporized appropriately. Other vaporizers require you to stir the herbs inside the chamber to prevent the materials closest to the walls of the chamber from burning. However, the ceramic heating elements found in Arizer products minimize the instances of having burned materials which makes for a more satisfying vaping session. Burned materials create smoke instead of vapor and burned herbs like burned tobacco can carry a wide array of chemicals that can not only irritate your throat and your lungs but also affect your overall health in the long run.  

Ceramic burns cleaner than other heating elements which means it will produce significantly fewer by-products allowing you to get more of the active ingredients instead of having to bear with the effects of inhaling vapors mixed with chemicals from oxidized metal.  

With these atomizers at the core of Arizer’s vaporizers, you’re sure to keep your vaping sessions clean and healthy.  


Arizer makes vaporizers that have the best batteries. The batteries used in Arizer dry herb vaporizers are durable and are long-lasting. Not only are they interchangeable but they also last longer than other vaporizer batteries on the market. The technology that Arizer uses contributes to the stellar performance their batteries have to offer.  

The batteries can be removed and interchanged so you can keep at your sessions even when there’s no available electrical outlet for you to recharge your batteries. You can now pack spare batteries so you can change the batteries and continue with your sessions without having to recharge your batteries outright. Having removable batteries can also help with the longevity of the battery because you simply won’t be adding stress to it by having it going through recharge and discharge cycles immediately. This is why we recommend having several batteries to use with your Arizer vaporizer.

Another advantage to having these removable batteries is that it helps you save money in the long run. Many vaporizers with integrated and built-in batteries will have you buying a new unit should the battery die on you. This is true amongst portable vaporizers because the batteries in them are one of the most stressed components of the device. With Arizer’s portable dry herb vaporizers that have removable batteries, you can simply change the battery with a new one should the battery die. This makes for a cost-effective means of maintaining your device.  

Arizer also has some vaporizers that have batteries capable of pass-through charging. This only means that they can be used while you have the battery charged and plugged in an outlet. This lets you continue your vaping sessions even when you’re low on battery. Plus, it allows you to wield the unlimited power you can get from your outlet. It's like using a smaller version of a desktop vaporizer. Also, it lets you use and charge your vaporizer at the same time.  

All of these features contribute to how Arizer dry herb vaporizers boast better longevity overall even when compared to more expensive portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers on the market.  

Arizer Products 

Here at VapeActive, we’re proud to carry some of Arizer’s top-selling units. We feel privileged to have the chance to offer these devices to our customers who deserve to get only the best vaporizers in the industry. Here are some of Arizer’s products, you’ll find in our collection.  

Arizer Air Models 

The original and the first iteration of the Arizer Air Models is the first Arizer Air. The original Arizer Air features a compact design making it a suitable portable dry herb vaporizer. It is equipped with all the features that made Arizer the brand that it is today.  

It had that rugged and durable design, removable and replaceable batteries, it had a ceramic heating element, it featured pass-through charging, a 5 preset temperature profile, and the battery itself lasts up to 1 hour of continuous use making it one hell of a vaporizer even for long and demanding sessions. However, amidst all the staple features of the Arizer Air portable vaporizer, what differentiates it from other devices is its glass components. At the time it was released and even today, most of the portable device does not use as much glass components as the Arizer Air. This is because portable vaporizers are meant to be carried around, they are supposed to be stashed inside your pocket where it may be subjected to occasional and accidental bumps around the corner. It’s also supposed to go inside your bag and sometimes you just throw your bag right in the car. Having these portable vaporizers in these places can cause glass materials to break especially if you're using a weaker glass component for your portable vaporizer system.  

The Arizer Air uses a high-quality glass component which acts as the device’s vapor path allowing the vapor to travel a longer route in an inert glass component. The glass vapor path helps consumers achieve better vapor results compared to other vaporizers that use plastic and steel components. We all know that glass makes for a great component in vaporizers because it will not affect the taste of the vapors the way other components could. The all glass vapor path makes for a great addition because it’s made from high-quality borosilicate glass which makes the Arizer Air produce some of the best tasting vapors you’d find on a portable unit.  

The second iteration of the Arizer Air model was aptly named the Arizer Air II. The Arizer Air II boasts even better battery life and a few important upgrades like the crisp display screen where you can see the digital readout of the Arizer Air II’s precision temperature settings. That's right, the original Arizer Air had 5 preset settings and the Arizer Air II now offers precision temperature settings so you can find the sweet spot for vaporizing your select dry herbs. It also offers custom temperature settings and a slew of features you loved from the original Arizer Air model. While the old Arizer Air only offered an hour of battery life, the new Arizer Air II now boasts 1.5 hours of continuous use making it even better for even longer vaping sessions. You can still enjoy using it while charging but the extended battery life provides its users with the extended freedom of using the Arizer Air II without having to be tethered to the outlet.  

Both the models come with a slew of accessories that make both Arizer Air models an all-in-one vaporizer unit.  

The Arizer Solo Models 

Another of Arizer’s best-selling vaporizers is the Arizer Solo, and, like the Arizer Air, it has two versions and iterations.  

First, let’s dive into the original Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo is significantly larger than the Arizer Air but if boasts more battery life at around 2 hours of battery life in continuous usage. This meant that The Arizer Solo is ideal for heavy consumers and those that built higher tolerance from then active ingredients native to your select herbs. The Arizer Solo has some similarities with the Arizer Air but it also had some features which make the Arizer Solo a unique portable vaporizer.  

One of its distinct features is the number of preset temperature profiles it offers. Arguably the portable vaporizer that offers the most temperature profiles, the Arizer Solo allows its users to select from 7 preset profiles on the Arizer Solo – something that makes the Arizer Solo an award-winning vaporizer and placed the Arizer brand on the map of high-quality vaporizer manufacturers.  

The Arizer Solo also had the same all-glass vapor path allowing it to give the same kind of quality of vapor you get from the Arizer Air. The glass vapor path that also acts as a mouthpiece allows you to enjoy vapors of the highest quality. Apart from the original linear glass vapor path, the Arizer Solo uses a glass vapor path that has a slanted design which makes vaping with the Arizer Solo convenient and can be done in a more upright position. Apart from the additional slanted glassware and the generous preset temperature settings, the Arizer Solo makes for a device that’s simple and easy to use. The Arizer Solo makes for a great 2-piece unit which means it’s easy to clean and maintain. You just have to pull the glass out of the battery allowing you to easily maintain the Arizer Solo.  

The second and the upgraded version of the Arizer Solo is the Arizer Solo II. The Arizer Solo II also has a crisp display and precise temperature controls which means that it allows for better customization and better personalization. It still has the same all glass vapor path but the vapor path is now isolated so it makes the vapors taste cleaner since it does not have to pass through electronics and other forms of plastic circuitry that will affect the quality of the vapors. In keeping with the advanced technology of Arizer devices, the Arizer Solo II offers custom session settings plus 3-hour battery life.  

Both the Arizer Solo models also come with a variety of accessories and attachments that make it an all-inclusive vaporizer system.  

Arizer Desktop Vaporizers 

Remember that remote controlled desktop vaporizer, that’s right, it was the Arizer Extreme Q. However, it’s not the only thing the Arizer Extreme Q had to offer; it is a multi-purpose vaporizer that offers both uses of a whip and a balloon. The Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer was meant to function optimally with either a whip or a balloon. Taking vapors from the whip makes the user use the force from their inhalation to suck up the vapor while when in balloon mode, the Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer fills up the balloons with thick vapors via the quiet 3-speed fan that can easily be adjusted via the remote control. Adjusting the fan speed will help you with adjusting the quality of the vapor. Of course, it still has the ceramic heating element plus precise digital temperature control and custom session settings. You can also adjust the timer of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer allowing users to enjoy a set in and forget it experience. At the base of the Arizer Extreme Q is a cool blue LED light which makes for a great aesthetic addition to this desktop vaporizer.  


The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer takes at the very least 120 seconds to heat up which makes the remote control a great feature. You can simply wait for the herbs to just get baked from a distance using your remote instead of having to sit right in front of your desktop vaporizer while you wait for the fan to be filled or while you wait there holding your whip and waiting for the material to be heated before you take a drag.  

Another of Arizer’s top-shelf desktop vaporizers is the Arizer V-Tower. The V-Tower is a whip style vaporizer that offers something other desktop vaporizers can’t; a handsfree feature via a glass bowl. The bowl can be attached atop the Arizer V-Tower and can accommodate other botanical blends especially potpourri. You can now enjoy sessions where you simply don’t have to hold a whip in your hands. You can fill your room with the pleasant and relaxing smell of your favorite herbs and get medicated without having to hold a whip or a balloon in your hand. The Arizer V-Tower has a solid-state circuitry which allows it to withstand long hours of usage.  

Like the Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer, the Arizer V-Tower also has precise temperature settings and is outfitted with triple heat sensors for more accurate heating. The Arizer V-Tower is also 50% more energy efficient than other desktop vaporizers making it the ideal appliance for your vaporizing needs. The Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizer makes for a money-saving machine. This desktop unit is the ideal desktop vaporizer for those who consume herbs and botanicals daily. You can’t get any better savings than this. The Arizer V-Tower is the perfect daily driver for those who medicate daily. It’s like using an air conditioner with inverter technology. The Arizer V-Tower is the best desktop vaporizer you can get for your money and will also save you money in the long run. The money you save you can use for other stuff like the actual plant matter.  

VapeActive is proud to offer these products so make sure to get yours now!