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2 Piece Grinders  

Grinders have played a huge role in the consumption of dried cannabis since its conception. In fact, weed grinders were invented solely to grind and break down your herbs into smaller pieces that they can react better to heat to extract the active ingredients in your materials without having to reach the point of combustion.   

One of the most common kinds or varieties of herb grinders is 2-piece grinders. These types of grinders feature the most rudimentary design as far as weed grinders are concerned. This also makes them the perfect accessory for beginners who are just beginning to consume herbs and would want to try what difference grinding herbs with a 2-piece grinder is versus just breaking the herbs by hand or not breaking them at all. The 2-piece grinder variety offers a slew of benefits and advantages despite its simple design.   

Here are a few.  


It's not because they’re made from cheap raw materials, 2-piece grinders are affordable mainly because of how simple and straightforward they are. You do not need to use complicated equipment in manufacturing these grinders and the technology behind them is also fairly uncomplicated. However, because of its simplicity, 2-piece grinders are often taken for granted. You will often see 2-piece grinders being given away as freebies from manufacturers and merchandisers as they are inexpensive. Nevertheless, 2-piece grinders still offer a decent amount of functionality and a whole lot of practicality when it comes to grinding herbs.   

If you’re planning to learn the art of grinding, a 2-piece weed grinder will be the best place to start.   


Another feature that gives 2-piece grinders is a unique character is its low-key design. Weed grinders that come in 2-piece designs are often sleek and slim as they do not require a whole lot of stacking since it is only made up of two pieces. That said, you can easily pull out a weed grinder without catching everyone’s attention. You certainly can toss a 2-piece herb grinder from one pocket to another without having to sound the alarm which is why carrying it even in public won’t earn you the judging looks of onlookers and bystanders as many 2-piece grinders come in a simple and discreet design.   

If you need a grinder you can grind weed with that looks simple and minimalistic, a 2-piece grinder is the best solution.   


One of the best things a grinder with a 2-piece design is its portability. This sums up all the other benefits you can get from using a 2-piece grinder and more. You can literally carry it anywhere you go which means you can enjoy freshly ground weed almost anytime you like. No more having to break bud with your hands, you can rest easy and know that you can maximize your yields every time with a 2-piece grinder in your pocket.   

On many occasions, both when you are consuming with the use of a vaporizer, packing a bowl, or maybe just plainly rolling up spliffs, grinding your herbs will give you the best results nine times out of ten. When looking to buy a 2-piece grinder online, make sure to buy from VapeActive, the best source for all things weed grinder where we sell a wide variety of herb grinders at the best price possible. We get our 2-piece grinders directly from the manufacturers so you can be sure of their quality. Being one of the most important parts of your vaping and smoking arsenal, weed grinders should always be in its best condition and should not affect the overall quality of the herbs being shredded. Our team of professional herb connoisseurs helped us handpick the best 2-piece grinder on the market. So, if you see a 2-piece grinder in our collection, this means that it’s going to be worth every penny. Check out our comprehensive catalog and find the best 2-piece grinder that suits your needs. Buy grinders online now, buy from VapeActive.   

2-Piece Grinder Varieties  

Not all 2-piece grinders are made equal, in most cases several factors play in determining the quality of the grind you can get from these weed grinders as the raw materials used in their construction play a huge role in how each grinder variant reacts and interacts with the weed it’s grinding.   

Here are the common 2-piece grinder variants on the market today.   

1. 2-Piece Acrylic Grinders.

Acrylic 2-piece grinders are a great option for beginners and many other consumers who always find themselves having to grind weed on-the-go. An acrylic grinder is imbued with the properties you will find in common everyday things made from acrylic like having a lighter weight. Because they’re basically made out of plastic, acrylic grinders are lighter than other 2-piece grinder variants making them ideal for everyday use.   

Acrylic grinders are made from high-quality acrylic resin which makes them lightweight and hardwearing. This quality makes them the ideal choice if you are looking for a grinder that can take a beating, and honestly, you wouldn’t mind making an acrylic 2-piece grinder your daily driver because you’ll find that they are easy to replace. They are cheap and perform way more than they cost.   

Some of the best acrylic grinders in the business include the Storz & Bickel Volcano Acrylic Grinder that comes both in regular and XL size. A few other acrylic grinders have hit the market but none of them made such an impact as the 2-piece Storz & Bickel Acrylic Grinder. Like many other acrylic grinders, this acrylic grinder from Storz & Bickel is outfitted with pyramid-shaped teeth which proved to be effective but made good for a coarse grind.   

2. 2-Piece Wood Grinders.

Another iteration of the 2-piece design in weed grinders come in the form of a wooden grinder. Wood grinders have their own unique characteristics and can be seen as the exact opposite of acrylic grinders. First, let’s talk about the advantages of using a wood grinder. Wood grinders bring an authentic aesthetic value that can only be hoped to be matched by grinders made out of plastic and steel. Like most wooden products intended for the consumption of cannabis, it has an effect that brings the consumer closer to his chosen habit. Wood is warm and offers a more sensation-driven experience. However, wooden grinders are valued mainly for their aesthetic value.   

That said, wood grinders are often seen as showpieces instead of an actual accessory one can enjoy practical use with. As an example, wood is a component that’s relatively hard to clean compared to metal and plastic. Moreover, depending on the variety of wood and how it is finished, the surface may be porous. Without the proper coating, the porous surface can harbor unwanted germs and microorganisms that can stay inside the grinder. This can affect the quality of the herbs you grind and therefore affect your overall experience.   

Wood grinders aren’t also good at grinding since the teeth in most wood grinders aren’t actually teeth. They are poles that will more likely crush the herbs into smaller pieces or roll them into small lumps instead of cutting them. Because of this, many wood grinders are used as displays instead of an actual daily driver but despite its shortcomings wood grinders still have a large cult following.   

3. 2-Piece Metal Grinders.

Last but not the least is metal grinders. Metal grinders come in different shapes and sizes but a 2-piece metal grinder offers something a wood grinder and an acrylic grinder can’t - that’s sharp blades for efficiently cutting the herbs. On the outside of the grinder, metal grinders offer impeccable durability and a lighter weight. Some of the best ones are made from aluminum that is sometimes anodized for added strength. In some cases, the metal grinder receives finishing that allows it to repel germs and microorganisms so you won’t have to grind your weed in worry of catching bacteria like how you would with a wooden grinder.   

You can expect to experience the utmost utility and functionality when using a 2-piece herb grinder. The sharp teeth installed on these varieties of grinders are not like the pyramid-shaped ones on acrylic grinders or the pole-like ones on wooden grinders. They are shaped in the form of a diamond so as not to overlap each blade but still create a grinding action that will efficiently and effectively cut the herbs in finer pieces. This prepares the herbs and makes them suitable for use with both traditional smoking paraphernalia or a novel vaporizer. They are more likely to be your everyday carry grinders and are just meant to be daily drivers. Some of the most popular 2-piece metal grinders are the Santa Cruz Shredder 2-Piece Grinders and the Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinder – 2-Piece.    

Now that you know the basic varieties of 2-piece grinders, let’s go over some of the parts of a basic 2-piece build. Whatever 2-piece weed grinder you’re looking for, we have it. From high-grade acrylic grinders to top-of-the-line aluminum grinders, you’ll find the best 2-piece grinder that suits you best in our 2-piece weed grinder catalog. Get your 2-piece grinders only here at the home of the best 2-piece grinders online, VapeActive. We make sure that the grinders in our collection are ideal for what they were built for – grinding your weed. With the help of our team, we handpicked the best in the industry so you won’t have to worry about having to go through tons of websites just to check out the best 2-piece grinders on the market. We have collected them so you can conveniently browse through all the 2-piece grinders under one roof. When shopping for weed grinders online, make it a habit to shop from the best online vape store, make it VapeActive.   

Anatomy of a 2-Piece Grinder  

A grinder, as simple as it may appear, is made up of several components. These components, being only at the very least, three, play a vital role in grinding your weed.   

Let’s go over them.   

1. The lid. 

The lid is the part of the 2-piece grinder that covers the grinder and serves as the cap that presses the herbs down into the chamber as you apply torque to grind the botanicals. The lid is often the part that’s outfitted with rugged edges as the lid of the 2-piece grinder is what grab hold onto during the process of milling down the herbs. The rugged or textured edge will give you the grip you need so you can apply better force and torque when crushing the herbs. Oftentimes, in a 2-piece build, this is achieved by pressing the lid tightly down the base to crush the nuggets and then applying torque while grabbing the edge of the grinder and milling the herbs to your desired consistency.   

The lid connects to the base of the grinder by way of a magnet. High-quality 2-piece grinder often uses the best magnets the industry has to offer. As an example, the Space Case Grinder – 2-Piece uses neodymium magnets. Neodymium is a rare-earth permanent magnet that boasts superior strength. Developed by the company General Motors in partnership with Sumitomo Special Metals, neodymium magnets offer industrial-strength features that make them the best commercially available magnets to date. The magnetic energy of rare-earth neodymium magnets is 18 times greater than the average magnet making them the best choice for use with a 2-piece weed grinder. The magnet basically allows you to close the lid without the use of a threaded connection but still sport durable connection that won’t easily break away from the base. The magnet also allows you to effortlessly spin the lid for the best grinding action possible.   

2. The blades. 

The next most important component of a 2-piece grinder is the blades. The blades, sometimes referred to as the teeth of the grinder, are the component that causes the herbs to be milled into smaller pieces. The blades are designed to break down large nuggets of herbs so that they can easily react to the heat of either your vaporizer or the combustion happening when you light up a bowl or a spliff. Pretty much like how chewing on your food make them more digestible when they hit your stomach, the blades also do the same thing allowing you to achieve better results in general when you consume your herbs. That said, the blades on your 2-piece grinder may dictate the overall outcome of the herbs as they come out of the chamber.   

Although we slightly covered the basics of grinder blades above when we talked about 2-piece grinder varieties, we’ll talk about them in detail in this section.   

One of the most common and the cheapest variety of grinder blades come in the form of the pyramid-shaped teeth. Pyramid-shaped grinder blades will look like sharp spikes protruding from the actual chamber. Like almost any other herb grinder, the teeth, blades, or pegs are present on both the lid and the base. The pyramid-shaped teeth can do a decent amount of grinding or separating the herbs and breaking them into smaller combustible pieces. This is because the way the pyramids meet each other when the lids are closed can still create a small amount of space that can cause the herbs to roll into lumps. They are somewhere in the middle when it comes to grinding your herbs and will oftentimes create a coarse grind. Pyramid-shaped pegs are often found on acrylic grinders since pyramid-shaped teeth will not easily go dull because there aren’t exactly sharp edges in a pyramid-shaped peg. That said, the pyramid-shaped teeth offer a balance between longevity and decent grinding action.   

Next is the pole-type peg. These grinder pegs are often found on wooden grinders as pole-type pegs can easily be attached on wooden bases because they are like nails that can be stuck to the wood. They are on the far end of the grinding efficacy as they do not really grind the herbs but instead roll them over and break them into pieces. The large space created in the clearance between the pegs does not make a good job of cutting them. In worse cases, you’re better of breaking the buds using your fingers as you can get more precise results when breaking the herbs by hand. Pole-type pegs are bad in handling moist herbs and will tend to get stuck as the juice from the dewy materials are extracted as the herbs are pressed against each other.   

Lastly, the most effective blades currently used by many grinders on the market is the diamond-shaped blades. Unlike the pyramid pegs and the pole pegs, diamond blades have actual blades that can cut the herbs. Diamond blades extend from the base and the lid and form a perpendicular post with four corners. Each of the four faces will have sharp edges that can actually cut the herbs. Diamond-shaped teeth are commonly found on metal grinders as they can easily be fashioned out of a single metal block which not only makes the blades seamlessly but also rigidly connected to the base and the lid of the 2-piece grinder build.   

3. The base. 

Like the lid of the grinder, the base also sports a few features similar to what can be found on the lid. To begin with, you have the pegs. The pegs on the base of the grinder are fashioned in a way not to hit that on the lid. When both the lid and the base meet, the blades or the teeth close up the space and promote the grinding action. The base is the part that you hold fast so you can conveniently twist and turn the lid. Consequently, the base must also have a means of providing you traction and grip. That said, you can find that some 2-piece grinder bases are made with matching rough edges as what you’d find on the lid which will allow you to apply better pressure when grinding the herbs. Similarly, the base will also have a corresponding magnet that will hold both parts together and create a chamber from where the grinding action happens.   

Another special feature found on the base of many 2-piece grinders is nylon O-rings. These nylon materials create a safe space that separates the lid and the base so that they will not scratch against each other. Rubber rings are often found on metal grinders as they will have the tendency to be abrasive. A nylon O-ring will not create abrasion that might cause slivers of metal to be chipped away and potentially end up in the herb mixture.   

Together, these three components make up the entirety of the 2-piece grinder design offering a simple and functional tool for smokers and vape users to easily and conveniently consume their select dry herb strain on-the-go. To say that the modern-day 2-piece grinder design is brilliant is an understatement. It is genius at best that allowed modern technology to improve the experience of many consumers while maintaining a relatively rudimentary build. When looking for the best 2-piece herb grinders that offer these technologies and are made with the same build, make sure to check out the best place to start browsing for 2-piece weed grinders, VapeActive. We've got a wide selection of 2-piece herb grinders with different lid features, blades, and base. It's the only place you should be visiting and the only online vape store where you should be making your purchase. We're the home of the best vaporizers and the best herb grinders, we are VapeActive!  

How to Use A 2-Piece Grinder Like A Pro  

While all grinders will help you achieve the best results, a 2-piece grinder will give you several advantages you won’t find on other grinder varieties.   

One is simplicity, when wanting to use a 2-piece grinder, all you need is the actual botanicals. That's because operating a 2-piece weed grinder won’t require too much work providing you with good results from minimal effort. By design, the standard 2-piece build only requires that you open the lid, put the herb inside, close the lid, and just grind away. However, several tips and techniques can be used and applied when grinding with a 2-piece grinder allowing you to achieve the best results.   

Let’s go over them.   

1. How to Get a Fine Grind. 

The consistency of the herbs you need is mainly dictated by your means and method of consumption. To set an example, when using a vaporizer with a convection oven, it’s recommended that you grind your herbs to a fine consistency. That's because vaporizers that use convection ovens use hot air to vaporize the herbs and extract the active ingredients out of them. The science behind this involves hot air permeating the ground herbs. That said, the finer the consistency, the better the air can pass through the herbs. The more hot air gets to saturate the chamber, the more active ingredients are extracted into the vapor.   

Luckily 2-piece grinders are built in a way where there are no holes for the ground material to fall from – a feature native to weed grinders that have more compartments or layers. Because the herbs are basically “trapped” in the chamber, getting a fine grind is relatively easy. Just make sure to constantly flip the 2-piece grinder upside down periodically allowing the herbs to be ground to a finer consistency. Also, make sure you double or triple the twists and the turns you make when grinding the herbs. Applying better torque also helps.   

2. How to Get a Better High.

One of the main reasons why consumers use grinders is because of pollen collection. The botanicals you consume contain a resinous substance in them colloquially known as Kief. These pollens pack the highest amount of the active ingredients found on your herbs that give it its curative and psychoactive properties.   

Other grinders that offer more complicated components and layers will offer some way of filtering these pollens. This allows you to collect them for later use. While this can be advantageous, you should know that since the pollen is being sifted and separated from your botanicals, the potential potency of your sessions is decreased. On the other hand, when using a 2-piece grinder, the pollen remains inside the chamber as there is no place for it to escape and fall into a different compartment.   

Here’s the trick.   

Avoid pre-breaking the herbs or breaking them by hand into smaller pieces before putting them into the grinder. If possible, make sure to lessen contact with the herb by hand. Pollen can stick into your fingers and get lost in the process. The idea of this step is to make sure that you collect as much pollen into the chamber before loading the herbs into a bowl, a vaporizer, or a joint. Once you’ve achieved your preferred consistency, give the 2-piece grinder a few taps before opening the lid. That's because some of the resinous pollen can get stuck into the walls of the lid and the base and giving it a few taps will help dislodge them.   

When loading makes sure to use a small piece of paper folded halfway allowing you to create a funnel so you can minimize hand contact and exposure of the herbs to the acid in your hand especially if you’re one with sweaty hands. Use the paper folded halfway to guide the ground material into your means or mode of consumption.   

3. How to Check Herb Consistency.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, when grinding your herbs consistency is the key. Many of today’s weed grinders are equipped with magnets which will allow you to seamlessly and conveniently remove and replace the lid with minimal to no effort. However, it’s still a demanding and meticulous task opening the lid and not spilling the ground herbs as you do so. Plus, you’re also risking of exposing the herbs from outside elements like bacteria and other microorganisms that will affect the overall quality of your select botanical strains. Also, when you open the lid, the fragrant smell of freshly ground cannabis escapes the grinder and may alert others who know or catch the attention of bystanders and passersby.  

One way to go about this is to use a transparent 2-piece grinder. One of the cheapest options is our basic acrylic grinder that comes in many translucent colors so you can mix and match your herb grinder with other paraphernalia you have. However, if you find that an acrylic grinder does not provide you with the sharpness and proficiency you need, you can opt-out for a 2-piece herb grinder that has a clear top, like the SharpStone Grinder – 2-Piece – Clear Top. It lets you see the contents of your 2-piece herb grinder without having to sacrifice the actual end result and the sharpness of the blades in the process.   

A good 2-piece clear top grinder lets you peek inside the workings of your grinder allowing you to observe the process that goes behind when you are grinding your materials. This lets you check the consistency of the herbs from time to time without having to open and close the lid of your 2-piece grinder. This makes for a great grinder to use when you are using different methods of consumption. Let's say you are using a vaporizer switching it up to a smoking pipe and back to a vaporizer. This eliminates having to make the checking of the herb consistency more of a guesswork letting you get precise results every time.   

These are just some of the benefits of using a 2-piece grinder design. VapeActive is keen on discovering new ideas that will help our customers maximize their sessions and their daily rituals through helpful information like that of what we have and offer on this page. Likewise, VapeActive lets you maximize your online shopping experience by providing you with convenient purchasing and procurement of smoking and vaping products as well as accessories under one roof. Buy your 2-piece grinders now only here at VapeActive!