PAX: Everything You Need to Know

PAX: Everything You Need to Know



PAX vaporizers are considered to be one of the best dry herb vaporizers in today’s cut-throat and extremely competitive vaporizer market. The PAX 3, the latest iteration of PAX’s flagship device, takes loose-leaf consumption to the next level. Not only can it vaporize dry herb strains but it can also function as a wax concentrate vaporizer. It has over 60 temperature profiles and features next level customization with the PAX Mobile App. This dry herb vaporizer packs a lot of features that’ll make even the connoisseurs of buds and botanical vegetable matter say “ooh.” Here’s what the PAX 3 has to bring to the table apart from its wide variable temperature settings and next-generation personalization features.  

  • Mobile App Controls 
  • Vibration Notifications 
  • Medical Grade Material 
  • Polished Anodized Aluminum 
  • Wax And Herb Compatible 
  • 4 Heat Modes 
  • 4 Preset Temperatures 
  • Rapid 15 Sec Heating 
  • Stronger 3500mAh Battery 

While getting a vaporizer chock full of features like the PAX 3 vaporizer could be overwhelming, operating and using it is relatively easy. I’ve listed some of its best features and how a beginner -- even those without any vaping experience -- can make the most of what the PAX 3 has to offer. Let’s start with getting smart and savvy.  

Bluetooth and Smartphone App  

The PAX 3 vaporizer is a smart dry herb vaporizer that will communicate with you to tell you some of the important information you need to know when vaping your favorite materials. The engineers and designers from PAX made it simpler for users to understand the PAX vaporizers -- from the original PAX vaporizer to the PAX 3 vaporizer -- by way of LED lights. These LED lights show you information about the heating status, battery life, and even your current temperature setting. Here are the basics.  

  • White LED Light = PAX 3 is charging. 
  • Blue LED Light = PAX 3 is connecting to bluetooth. 
  • Purple Flashing LED Light = PAX 3 is heating up. 
  • Four Green Petals = PAX 3 is ready to use. 
  • One Green Petal = PAX 3 is at low temperature. 
  • Two Yellow Petals = PAX 3 is at medium-low temperature. 
  • Three Red Petals = PAX 3 is in medium-high temperature or partially full battery. 
  • Four Red Petals = PAX 3 is at high temperature or it could mean low battery. 
  • Top Left Petal Blinking Red 3 Times = PAX 3 is out of battery charge. 
  • A Myriad Of Colors Flashing All At Once = You’re playing a game. 

What? You can play games? Yes, you can. But before we go there I’d like to point out that although the PAX 3 might take some getting used to, the experience will slowly become an instinctive practice and you’ll find yourself unconsciously becoming adept after a day or two.   

Apart from the LED lights, the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer also utilizes vibration notification to keep you in the know of what’s happening. Here’s the list of what the vibration patterns mean.  

During normal use, you'll feel these vibration patterns: 

  • Long pulse - device turned on 
  • Short double pulse - the device is ready to vape 
  • Short pulse - the device is entering motion standby 
  • Click - device turned off 

When using the app or game mode on the device you'll also feel: 

  • Long pulse - Bluetooth connected, game mode entry 
  • Long double pulse - dynamic mode change 

This information can also be found on PAX’s FAQ page so you can also look things up should you feel like you need to more reading.  

A Wide Array of Temperature Profiles 

While most portable vaporizers feature 3 - 5 temperature settings, the PAX 3 vaporizer sports over 60 temperature settings thanks to its smartphone app. You might be thinking what to do with all these temperature settings? Well, regardless of the material you’re putting in the PAX 3, either wax or loose-leaf, the heat settings will allow you to customize your sessions giving you a full spectrum of flavors, cloud density, vapor quality, and potency. Remember, higher temperature settings normally mean hotter vapors with denser viscosities while lower temperature settings will yield thin wisps of vapors that have fuller flavors. This basic idea of temperatures will help you determine and adjust the temperature profiles so you get a tailor-fit session. The sooner you find your niche the sooner you’ll get to appreciate and associate yourself with your own sweet spot. The PAX 3 allows you to develop your own style of vaping, easily making it one of the best dry herb vaporizers in its class.  

Fast Heating  

The PAX 3 boasts a “22 Second Best-In-Class Heat-Up” time, quickly vaporizing your loose-leaf material leaving less time for preparation and more time for the actual vaping session. For beginners, this means that you don’t need to spend too much time waiting for your dry herb vaporizer to cook or bake your material before you can start taking in draws. Imagine yourself vaping outside, faster heating vaporizer won’t leave you out there holding your vaporizer waiting like crazy. When you’re craving for that quick and easy hit, a faster heating vaporizer will always be a reliable companion.  

Playing Games 

I haven’t played games outside my favorite console and desktop since Gameboy and Tamagotchi. Fortunately, the PAX 3 lets you play up to 3 mini games via the PAX Mobile App or without it through a series of “secret” -- tilt the PAX 3 laterally and spin it three times -- movements. Wow, talk about easter eggs. This hits old gamers like me in a way like they did the “Golf” game in Nintendo Switch consoles. Kudos to PAX’s devs. I’ve listed the mini-games below.  

  • PAX Spin 
  • PAX Run  
  • PAX Says  

You’ll get accustomed to all of PAX’s weed tech and will soon be vaping like one of the pros.  

Final Tips Worth Mentioning 

These are just common practices that are in no way unique to PAX vapes, though they will come handy when you start using your PAX 3 vaporizer.  

Grind your herbs, finely ground material with a sand-like consistency works best with PAX 3’s oven. Pack it tightly to ensure optimum results.  

Clean your PAX 3 regularly. Keeping your vaporizer clean not only ensures that you can extend its overall lifespan but you’ll also get to enjoy fresh and crisp vapors every session. It’s never good to inhale vaporized material build up.  

Do you guys have some tips for beginners that are planning to switch to vaping from the conventional means of loose-leaf consumption? Or maybe for those medicating consumers who are looking to use PAX vapes? Hit us or share them on the comments below, together, let’s keep the cannabis vaping community a good place for everyone.  

How To Spot A Fake PAX 3

How to spot a fake PAX

In this day and age, it isn’t a surprise if even vaporizers get cloned. From hard to find basketball shoes to actual currency, everything can be copied. If you’re an avid fan of PAX vaporizers then keep on reading because this article is dedicated to you.  

PAX vaporizers have been a staple name in loose-leaf vaping circles because of its high quality that owning one can be considered a status symbol. People who own PAX vaporizers are of the no-nonsense kind and wouldn’t take anything less than perfect. That I believe is what the brand stands for. Perfection.  

PAX stands by its words and its declaration as being the best loose-leaf vaporizer, “redefining the ritual” as they say themselves. PAX vapes are considered as one of the industry’s best dry herb vaporizers and a handful of them can be found for sale online since almost every online vape shops do their best to carry at least several PAX vapes on their stores, though they most often and certainly get sold out easily. Since these portable loose-leaf vaporizers spell money bootleggers have cloned copies of PAX 3 vaporizers for personal gain without thinking of the risks of using substandard materials in manufacturing counterfeit devices. There are several ways on how you can spot a fake PAX 3 vaporizer from the real deal but today we’ll be listing the most obvious signs that you’d be able to tell for yourself.  

Brushing The Box 

If it’ll be your first time to see a PAX 3 box then you might find it hard spotting these differences, but trust me, you don’t need a trained eye to help you notice these signs.  

  1. If you pay close attention, you’d find that on the original PAX 3 vaporizer box, the trademark icon “®” is slightly smaller compared to the original print.  
  2. The words “San Francisco,CA” appears to have errors in spacing.  
  3. The fake PAX 3 has a space in between the printing of  “© 2016.” 
  4. The fake PAX 3 came sealed in a shrink wrap (a polymer plastic material that shrinks when heat is applied), the authentic PAX 3 did not.  
  5. The fake PAX 3 has a seemingly larger “void” sticker than the original. The lettering on the sticker is unclear and is seemingly faded compared to the authentic PAX 3. 
  6. The fake PAX 3 has another error in spacing between the words “options,check.”  
  7. The fake PAX 3 has a few more noticeable spacing discrepancies from the original in the printed words “®2016” and “Patent:www.pax” the original reads “® 2016” and “Patent: www.pax.” 

The errors you’ll see on the box of the fake PAX 3 vaporizer is simply just the tip of the iceberg. The quality of the packaging is clearly subpar from what the authentic vaporizer comes with. Now, please take note that fake PAX 3s are probably made by several bootlegging syndicates so there may be other variables to what fake PAX 3s will look like and the items listed above may not entirely reflect the vast majority of fake PAX 3 vaporizers, please use this guide with discretion.  

An In-depth Inspection 

Apart from the signs the fake box has to offer, the actual fake product exhibits several obvious indications which clearly isolates the fake PAX 3s from the authentic original devices made by PAX themselves. Here are a few more things to look out for when inspecting the actual vaporizer.  

  1. Shell Texture 

The body of the PAX 3 is made out of anodized aluminum. Now, anodizing aluminum metals involves the conversion of the metal surface making it durable, highly resistant to corrosion, and gives it an anodic oxide finish which gives it a sort of a vertically striped texture which is obviously visible when taking a closer look at the body of the unit. The fake PAX 3 will most likely sport a sandblasted finish instead which gives the fake PAX 3 a somewhat coarse texture as compared to the smooth feel from the original PAX 3. 

  1. Screws and Back Print

In comparing the fake PAX 3 and the authentic PAX 3 vaporizer units I found that the “X” in the original PAX has a more spaced and separated in the middle and features a more hard-edged font as compared to the fake version and the text “Designed in San Francisco, Assembled in China” has a more curvy font rather than having a sharp one. The screws at the back should also have a Torx head instead of a regular Phillips head.  

  1. The LED

This one’s possibly not that easy to tell but the lights from the LED display of the fake PAX 3 is a little blurry compared to the original PAX and is sort of a little unstable in terms of how the colors of the lights play and change. I noticed that the original PAX has a more opaque and smoky screen as compared to the translucent and clearer screen from the fake PAX 3s.   

  1. The App

Finally, the most evident indication of a fake PAX 3 vaporizer is its inability to pair with your smartphone app. It might have something to do with PAX’s servers which fail to recognize the fake PAX. I’m no tech genius but I think the pairing will never happen probably because the server running or hosting the application from the back end fails to recognize the counterfeit device because it's not registered in PAX’s product directory.  

How to Avoid Getting Fake PAX 3s 

PAX is aware of counterfeiting. They recommend purchasing directly from them or from an authorized vendor to ensure product authenticity. To help you find a reputable online reseller, follow this link and enjoy exclusive deals for an affordable price. Those who have been vaping long enough know that it isn’t cheap, but quality comes with a price and you always get what you pay for.  

Make sure to check for these signs before you buy your  PAX 3 vaporizer and save yourself from the pain and the trouble of getting yourself a fake PAX 3 vaporizer.  

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