The Legal Implications of Dabbing

The Legal Implications of Dabbing

Dabbing, or the consumption of wax concentrates derived from cannabis, is a controversial topic. From its production to how much of it can be carried for consumption, the law has set strict rules that regulate dabbing.

In this article, we’ll look into the legal implications of using cannabis concentrates so that you are aware of the rules and the consequences of consuming and carrying cannabis extracts whether for recreation or for medication. Remember, a wise consumer is a learned consumer so make sure to read on below. But before we get started here are some fast facts about dabbing and the law governing it.

  • Dabs are a byproduct of cannabis and is considered a derivative of the plant matter.
  • Dabs contain potent doses of cannabinoids as they are in concentrated form.
  • The law treats dabs differently compared to its botanical form.
  • The law sees the cannabis plant matter as a natural substance.
  • The law sees dabs or wax concentrates as a man-made substance.
  • Punishment and legal implications for illegal possession of cannabis are strict.
  • Punishment and legal implications for unlawful possession of dabs are far more stringent.
  • Different states will have various levels of punishment for possession of dabs.

Now that you know some of the basic legal consequences of dabbing, let’s talk about some of the most common questions concerning dabs.

What drug is dab?

Dabs are drugs that are made from extracted cannabis. Often in the form of wax concentrates or thick oils, dabs contain high amounts of cannabinoids or the active ingredients found in cannabis. Dabs may differ because of the wide varieties of strains on the market today. Because of how potent they can be, they are given stricter sanctions since one would have to intentionally make dabs for consumption as it’s not naturally and readily available, unlike the plant matter from which it was derived from.

Can dab pens get you high?

Consumption of cannabis concentrates through dab pen can get you high. Dabs are made for the sole purpose of extracting the active ingredients from the actual plant matter. In most cases, these botanicals are bred to carry high dosages of the plant matter’s psychoactive compounds while others are bred the other way around. Nevertheless, consuming dabs via dab pens still cause a substantial effect in your system because of the potent concentration of cannabinoids in the extracts creating a buzz that can put you down for a good amount of time.

Conversely, there are dab pens that are designed and engineered to hold non-psychoactive oils like CBD oils. They are sealed in a cartridge with a specialized heating element so one can inhale these essential oils on-the-go. Depending on the type of dab pen you use and the material you put in it, dabbing on a dab pen will produce various levels of high.

Why do people dab?

Dabbing is the consumption of concentrated cannabis, either for medical or recreational use. To dab is to put the wax concentrate on a heated surface so as to create vapors that can later be inhaled to deliver the cannabinoids into one’s system.

People dab for various reasons; some cannabis concentrates like CBD oils derived from hemp were made in a way so as to remove the psychoactive compounds from the extract. This way, the final CBD oil product contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive components of cannabis making it fit for medical use. However, there are dabs that are made for recreational consumption which gives its consumers a solid kick out of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana.

It’s also a healthier way of reaping the benefits of the plant matter as smoking cannabis brings about the same effects as smoking cigarette tobacco. The harmful chemicals from combusting dried plant matter have medical implications on its own.

Is dab pen a felony?

Getting caught with your dab pen in any state can lead to a misdemeanor to felony charges. Depending on the state you are in, the amount of THC in the dab pen will determine the gravity of your punishment. Moreover, even if you are a medical marijuana cardholder, you are still subject to these charges and you are risking suspension of your license when caught with a dab pen that contains a certain amount of THC. Many of today’s dab pens have hidden stash on them that are placed oftentimes at the bottom of the dab pen battery. While this allows you to carry wax concentrates almost anywhere you go, this can also be the reason why you can be arrested. The amount of dabs you store in your portable container can determine the charges the state will press against you.

Here’s a quick example, in Texas, possession of a dab pen with two ounces of THC in it can result in 180 days to two years of jail time. You will also be liable for penalty somewhere around $2,000 to $10,000 in total fine. That said, whenever you plan to bring your dab pen and your wax concentrates with you, make sure to understand the state laws and consume accordingly. A small quantity of dabs on you can merit you anywhere from misdemeanor charges while higher doses allow the state to press felony charges. This is because the law sees dabs differently as compared to the “leafy” substance or the actual plant matter. Dabs are ruled out as a man-made drug and carrying higher doses on you can lead the local law enforcement to see it as carrying the substance for distribution as the small quantity of dabs can provide effects a large amount of the plant matter can.

Is hash legal in Canada?

Planning a trip to the Great White North? You’d be surprised to know that as of October 17, 2019, edibles and concentrates are now legally sold in Canada. Furthermore, based on Canada’s Cannabis Laws and Regulations, one can “make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products” which puts hash (a byproduct of cannabis created by pressing kief, or pollen collected using herb grinders, together) a legal substance as long as you follow the regulations set by the government.

Canada is one of the first few western countries to have adopted the legal use of cannabis recreationally and medically and have understood its potential as a medicine and as a recreational drug. It’s no surprise many consumers find that traveling or even living in Canada suits them well as they can consume cannabis and its derivatives legally without fear of having to be arrested when they buy or carry any of the products that contain cannabis.

Here in the United States, our laws concerning dabs and cannabis, in general, are more conservative and are far more stringent making it hard for those who use it recreationally and medicinally to take advantage of this natural drug. Moreover, the classification and the gravity of the legal implications of getting caught with a weed versus getting caught with a dab are not similar because of how the law sees these substances.

Make sure to make yourself aware of the local laws surrounding dabs so you can dab legally.

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