Dabbing: Your Questions Answered

Dabbing: Your Questions Answered

With the growing popularity of consuming dabs or consuming wax concentrates, the questions about dabbing, its process, how it's done, its benefits and disadvantages are starting to surface to small circles and on the internet. That’s why it’s high time that we answer and address the most common questions we receive from beginners and advanced consumers alike. Here we go!

Is Dabbing Bad?

Dabbing is the act of consuming vapors that are created by pressing wax concentrates on a heated surface. Traditionally, dabbing is done by heating a quartz banger with a torch, waiting for the heated banger to reach considerable temperature levels, and placing a glob of wax into the banger. Because the materials used in dabbing carry high doses of the active ingredients including the psychoactive compounds that give you that distinct high, many see dabbing as a dangerous means of reaping the benefits cannabis has to offer.

We can’t argue with that, the sudden surge of cannabinoids in your system has the ability to put a grown man down for a good amount of time. That being said, having to use a blow torch while in a medicated state of mind can cause many kinds of problems from small ones like burning your fingers by touching a hot banger or by burning up the building leaving a butane-powered blow torch unattended. The loss of coordination and poor judgment caused by the sudden rush of the active ingredients can cause unwanted damage to self and property. That’s why many see dabbing as a bad means of cannabis consumption.

A great alternative to dabbing with a dab rig is by using dab pens or wax pens. Dab pens offer a torch-less means of heating the wax concentrates making the process of dabbing safer, more convenient, and better suited for on-the-go, everyday use.

What does a wax pen do to you?

A wax pen will basically what a traditional dab rig does only safer. That’s because a dab pen will have the means of heating your wax concentrates without having to use a blowtorch. That said, a wax pen will do you good especially if you’re always on-the-go because you can take your wax pen with you almost anywhere you are and let you reap the benefits of your favorite materials the moment you need it the most. You’d see wax pens being used by many medicating patients who are prescribed with medication based from these wax concentrates as wax pens offer the same level of efficacy and efficiency as their larger counterparts only that they come in smaller and more portable builds allowing both medicating patients and recreational consumers to enjoy the benefits of using their favorite wax concentrates without the risks of using a blowtorch or any other complicated contraptions.

On the flip side, a cheap wax pen can cause unwanted effects like toxic byproducts as some of the cheaper vape pens are made with relatively cheap components like substandard plastic and even fibrous wicks that may burn and cause irritation on your lungs and throat. Make sure to buy your wax pens from a trusted brand or a trusted source.

Will vaping weed from a dab pen make my eyes red?

Consuming dabs or wax concentrates from a dab pen can cause the same effects as consuming traditional dry herb strains. This includes your eyes turning red as the increased blood flow in the veins of your eyeballs as the blood vessels in your pupil begins to dilate. This is a natural effect of the cannabinoid THC which is a primary active ingredient that causes you to get lifted. The intensity of how red the eyes can be will be determined by a person’s tolerance and the person’s actual tolerance to the active ingredients in the wax concentrates. So, if you are considering using a dab pen and are afraid that it might turn your eyes red, make sure to follow these tips.

1. Use low THC wax concentrates.

One of the more popular varieties of wax concentrates today are CBD concentrates. Another main proponent of cannabis in general, CBD is responsible for giving wax concentrates its curative properties. Because the amount of THC in CBD concentrates is drastically reduced, it may lessen the effects of redness on your eyes. 

2. Keep yourself hydrated.

Another way of preventing red eyes when consuming wax concentrates via a dab pen is to keep yourself hydrated. One of the reasons why your eyes turn red when dabbing whether with the use of a dab rig or a dab pen is the dryness in the pupil. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water can help alleviate the redness.

3. Use eye drops.

This one requires more than the usual drinking water as having eye drops that are specially formulated to help treat or manage dry eyes can be helpful during these situations. Remember to always take a breather and apply your eye drops intermittently to lubricate your pupils and ease the redness you are experiencing.

Can I put shatter in my vape pen?

Many consumers find it hard to tell the difference between a dry herb vape pen and a wax concentrate vape pen. We can’t blame them, that’s because a wax pen and a dry herb pen will look the same on the outside and one can only tell the difference from the inside or when the vape pen has been disassembled.

A wax pen will oftentimes have a rod and a coil (and in some cases a ceramic bowl) outfitted in the chamber while an herb pen will often be equipped with an exposed coil or an oven made out of metal. You can only fill wax concentrates with shatter as a dry herb pen will not be able to accommodate the melted extract and may cause issues along the way. This can cause the melted wax to make its way into the airpath of the dry herb vape pen as these vape pens are designed with more air holes that may cause unwanted leakage and unwanted liquid damage. Make sure to check with the manufacturer and find out whether or not the vape pen you are using can accommodate wax concentrates.

Use only materials that the vape pen was designed for and if you have various vape pens in your arsenal, make sure to label them or put them in boxes or in drawers together with other vaporizers used with the same material so you won’t confuse a wax pen vaporizer from a dry herb vaporizer.

What happens when you stop dabbing?

The answer to this question depends entirely on how long have you been consuming wax concentrates or how long you’ve been dabbing. See, dabbing wax concentrates can cause you to develop a higher tolerance to the substance which may lead to your dependence on it.

For those who are moderate wax concentrate consumers, you can experience anything from lack of appetite to restlessness while those who are heavy consumers and have stopped dabbing altogether can experience nervousness and anxiety. That’s why it’s always advised to let consumers try dabbing gradually so they can find their sweet spot before dabbing on higher doses of wax concentrates.

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