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Based in Southern California and was founded in 2017, VapeActive is a company driven to provide vape enthusiasts with excellent quality vaporizers at a most sensible and rational cost. The market has seen the rise of different products relative to the number of vaporizers and consumers as the figures steadily increase.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an up to date collection of vaporizer products that are authentic and original without the premium price, we believe that no one should sacrifice quality for affordability. We closely work with the leading vaporizer brands which allow us to have the opportunity of securing a sizeable amount of items where we get notable discounts. These discounts we make use of to allow our customers to purchase our products at the lowest price possible.

We believe that one of our purposes is to help many smokers experience a more seamless transition from the conventional means of smoking to a way healthier alternative. Vaping has become more mainstream and has more followers and practitioners more than ever before. Shop with us and help us in our mission to make vaping affordable for everyone.+

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Great product /

after my stock ceramic atomizer broke I bought this ever last atty and I been blowing clouds non-stop!! Heats up fast holds heat and doesn't get ass dirty. I paired it up with a tittanium lid I found on there too and it's just perfect i highly recommend you get both !

Leaf buddi wuukah

This rig is awesome, Very easy to use and clean, The air passage not going threw the base is a great idea, anyone who has used a rig where the air passage goes threw the base knows how difficult it can be to clean, Great job leaf buddi, my only problem with the lead buddi is that the charger cable that came with the unit is defective right out of the box, and had to buy 3 different cables before I found one that would fit into the recessed charging port on the base, other than that it was a good purchase and I'm very happy with the unit, Hope to see a travel set and a silicone glass cover, and maybe a strap to hold the base to the glass so the glass isn't so wobbly when attached, Very happy customer here, and I'm available for further reviews and feedback

Best replacement lid

This lid is titanium all around & gives your carta a cool look and better taste when vaping , it does get pretty dam hot and stay hot but this lid is a must upgrade highly recommended

Best replacement lid for the carta

The lid gives the carta a nicer look &Better taste when vaping! Highly recommend it !

Great product

Shipped right away....wows great...satisfied customer here


Super cute. Perfect Condition

Puffco PEAK Sunset Lightning


The puffco peak is a go to dab rig I have almost completely abandoned my torch and nail

My new vape kit is literally great!

It’s very easy to smoke from my new vape kit. I Know that you will think the very same way.
I genuinely know that she will love it and that you want one of your very own.

Great product

I love this thing, use it everyday. Though the stock insert and carb caps are ass.

Great Product

I bought an upwards of 10 and have only had problems with one of them leaking if overfilled. Everything else is kosher! I highly recommend this for devices that wouldn't fit larger coil setups.

#ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit

Worth it !

Very nice piece to enjoy SHO 😎 dont be fooled by the size it rips !! Thank you for having it in stock its sold out all over . The sunset is a beautiful functional piece with plenty of accessories out there for it .. I work in the weed industry in Colorado and a few of my co-workers have bought one . All of us are super impressed ! Do not use huge dabs is what I learned use small amounts otherwise it will get dirty quickly. It is super easy to clean. Check the atomizer every few uses and clean if necessary. And of course after each rip use a q-tip. Bubble caps work well too. It arrived super fast as well ! Vape Action is a great place to purchase from! Thank you 😎

Great new take on the e rig experience

This rig has offset nail from the water air path This means it’s great and easy to clean!! This is huge compared to other rigs

Pulsar Barb Fire Replacement Coil

Carta Carb Cap Tether by Focus V Products

Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer


Bought this for my wife. Works great. Hand sized, easy operation, the small amount of water cools the smoke down from the high temp.

Love it!!

Thank you for the quick support after my shipping woes. I was excited to receive the Sunset and I'm completely satisfied with my purchase!!

Carta glass top

Factory part, perfect fit, & great price


Was skeptical if this grinder would actually be worth the hype, and was pleasantly surprised. Grinds my bud up perfectly and keeps it fluffy, it’s an awesome investment.

Good to have.

I hope to be using the Carta for the foreseeable future.


Great and simple gadget!

Fast and easy

Shipped order same day got it 2 days later


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New vaporizer products come out on a regular basis, we expect the numbers to grow as more and more continue to patronize vaping. We at VapeActive make sure that we keep a comprehensive collection of vaporizers, accessories, butter infusers and more.

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We know that prices do go up and down, we keep track of the current market value of our products to make sure the prices we sell them for the most competitive. Rest assured you’re getting the best price and the most excellent value when you shop with VapeActive.