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About #ThisThingRips Parts  

Known for its lung-ripping products, #ThisThingRips is a company that lived up to its name. Their products are known for their impressive vapor production allowing you to enjoy an extreme vaping experience that comes only with #ThisThingRips products. That said, #ThisThingRips was a company that also considered the function and performance of each part of the vaporizer when crafting and designing their devices. Their products were so good that even to this day that the company has already closed down, their vaporizers are still some of the most sought-after devices on the market. Here at VapeActive, we make sure that our remaining replacement parts came straight from the manufacturer themselves as we were able to secure a significant number of products from the #ThisThingRips brand. So, if you’re a #TTR fanboy, we’re the best place to shop for #ThisThingRips replacement product to keep your #TTR vaporizers working at their peak condition. They have held the best dab pens on the market and we’re here to continue that service.   

These replacement parts were carefully selected by our team so we can provide you with the best components that were released on the market. Unfortunately, after the company closed down, replacement parts for their devices have been seemingly hard to find. Many consumers who have had #ThisThingRips vaporizers faced a hard time having to constantly search the web for replacement components like atomizers and cartridge kits. If you’re one of them, worry no more because we have a stockpile of #ThisThingRips parts and accessories for you to choose from. When buying #ThisThingRips parts online, make sure to buy from VapeActive to get #ThisThingRips replacement parts for the best price.   

#ThisThingRips Quality  

#ThisThingRips has been known not only for having a name so badass but also for having product quality to match. They were beating the competition. Consumers flocked towards the brand like a moth to a candle and have noticed the power to performance ratio of their vaporizer products. It wasn’t long for the brand to gain a strong foothold of the market and acquire a few followers of its own.   

Their vaporizers boasted hell and back reliability, the kind of quality you would find on vaporizers twice or even thrice its price. That’s not to say that #ThisThingRips vaporizers are cheap, no, they were affordable. The kind that wouldn’t cost you a leg and an arm but still offered quality you can trust. The kind that won’t break down weeks into using it. #ThisThingRips found the ideal recipe for making world-class vaporizers and it all started from making small components that were designed and engineered to contribute to a larger plan, a much grander design. Hence, the parts made and manufactured by #TTR were some of the best the market had to offer at that time. It made their vaporizers the best in its class.   

What equate to the success of their products, and moreover, the parts used for them was deeply rooted in the quality of the raw materials used. Like any good vaporizer manufacturer, #ThisThingRips used only the best raw materials the market had to offer. These included the best heating elements used for wax concentrates like ceramic, quartz, and titanium. They studied how vaporization was for wax concentrates and what factors affected the actual vaporization of wax and its semi-dense consistency. Definitely, it wasn’t like herbs, they were treading on uncharted territory because unlike herbs, wax concentrates were fairly new when #TTR started out. Giving them credit for what they did, #ThisThingRips actually helped pave the way for wax concentrates to break into the scene. Their products were instrumental in bringing wax concentrate consumption to the masses because of how well their vaporizers were designed from top to bottom. The overall longevity of the vaporizers they sold was enough to put them on the map let alone the quality of the vapors they produce made them impeccable devices for use with wax concentrate consumption.   

#ThisThingRips created replacement parts for all the amazing vaporizer it offers to make sure that even its replacements and spares are made in total premium quality. #ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit is one of the best-selling items they have for its fantastic Rip for the R2 Series. #ThisThingRips is known for being able to exceed the market’s expectation with its state-of-the-art units. Furthermore, it assures its users that they deliver and satisfies everyone’s expectations. #ThisThingRips did not allow that they are to be left behind to eat the dust of the competition’s fast journey to fame. Making sure that its users have the satisfaction that they need, they fulfill their promise by giving us the best vapes and replacement parts there is. #ThisThingRips works well with creativity and its mind-blowing team, it started with just humble beginnings but as quickly as everything happened, and it turned from nada to Prada. It is never a question on how it made its way up the pedestal of fame as #ThisThingRips delivers the best of the best vape experience that everyone loves. When in need of #ThisThingTips parts, make sure to check us out here at VapeActive, the best place to shop for vaporizers and vaporizer parts online.   

#ThisThingRips for Affordable Parts That Rips  

#ThisThingRips is famous for being a top-of-the-line brand most especially for vaporizers in the market. With this being said, you might be thinking that it also costs a lot to have a piece of #ThisThingRips units. Well, think again. This company offered great quality for its users but definitely not compensating its price to an expensive and not affordable price that would make you empty your wallet and break the bank. This was by far and at one point, the best selection in the market for you. That’s why we knew here at VapeActive that we had to get our hands on their vaporizers and replacement parts the moment we saw it. We developed an eye for products that will make it big and we knew what we saw when we found out about #ThisThingRips.   

To say that their vaporizers are cheap might be more of an offense. They are better called affordable and reasonably priced because they are in no means below the average price point but compared to other vaporizers of the same quality, #ThisThingRips are quite affordable. They are not overpriced and they give you the best quality without having to break the bank. Moreover, they often sell vaporizers and vaporizer parts in kits instead of selling them piece by piece. This makes #ThisThingRips products a great option for those trying to save money or wanting to acquire vaping gear because they’re just beginning their journey in vaping wax concentrates. Their dab pen parts are packed in kits that come coupled with all the parts you need to maintain your #TTR vaporizer to make sure it runs in perfect working condition. VapeActive does carry a wide variety of cartridges and replacement parts including the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Cartridge Kit which includes a pair of single coils calibrated low-temp lava-quartz atomizers, one XL visual polycarbonate chamber, and one mouthpiece. The heating element on the OG Four 2.0 Cartridge Kit is made out of quartz that allows fast heating of wax concentrates made especially for on-the-go use. This complete set of the heating element allows you not only to maintain your #ThisThingRips vaporizer but also to have backup components for when you run into the same problems in the future.   

Knowing that #ThisThingRips vaporizers and replacement parts are affordable is one thing, having to find a place that still sells #ThisThingRips is another, especially now that the company that makes these products is virtually no longer available. Imagine that in just a single purchase, you’re getting a replacement part for your replacement part (additional heating element included). One thing is for sure, VapeActive carries some of the most valuable replacement parts for #ThisThingRips users and allows them to stock up on replacement dab pen parts for their #TTR vaporizers. To put it simply, the affordability in #ThisThingRips parts does not come at its price alone but also comes in its feature to pack additional components allowing you to stock up on parts you can use throughout your journey. Like many other vaporizers, #ThisThingRips vaporizers are also subject to wear and tear. Moreover, because #ThisThingRips vaporizers are used for wax concentrates, they are more susceptible to the damages of thermal shock. Let’s look at a heating element of a wax vaporizer. It’s the part of the dab pen that gets heated often. When an object is heated, it goes through thermal shock. Thermal shock happens when an object experiences a rapid change of temperature which causes the object to expand in different amounts. This causes materials to crack, wane, and break eventually. Unfortunately, even the strongest and the most durable of heating elements will crack under the pressure of the constant cycles of heating and cooling.   

#ThisThingRips Part for Maintenance  

While #ThisThingRips parts are made to endure such torture, they still need to be replaced from time to time. Not because the parts are weak but because one wants to maximize the lifespan and the longevity of their devices.   

Why do you maintain your vaporizers? Why do you have to buy parts to constantly change the components?   

One reason being is flavor. The flavor is an important part of your vaping journey especially if you’re consuming wax concentrates. Wax concentrates go through a process that strips it most of its flavor. The actual dry herb plant matter tastes as good as it is because of the natural terpenes in it. These are bulbous, resinous substances that are packed with what we call terpenes and flavonoids which give botanicals their distinct taste and aroma. That’s why for someone vaping wax concentrates, the flavor is important. It’s something you don’t get much of so you try to preserve and enjoy what little you have in you or with you. The cleanliness and the quality of your parts play a vital role in how your vapors turn out to be. That’s one of the main reasons charging parts make for an essential step when going for the best flavors. A dirty and gummy heating element paired with a relatively dirty and gunky mouthpiece will leave you with vapors that taste like the resin that’s accumulated in the parts where the vapor pass. Remember that in dab pens and other vape pens that have the heating element sit close to the mouthpiece, the temperature of the vapors it produces is warm. When the warm vapor passes the dirty vaporizer parts, it heats up the resin buildup allowing some of its essences to mix with the vapors produced. This is how you get vapors that taste like burnt plastic or of old weed.   

One of the best ways to address this is by using a replacement cartridge kit like the #ThisThingRips R2 Series Cartridge Kit. The R2 Cartridge Kit comes with two low-temp calibrated atomizers for superior flavor production, one visual polycarbonate chamber, one protective pen cap, and one vape mouthpiece. A complete cartridge kit for those who want to enjoy a fresh vaping session without having to buy the whole vape kit. You just have to replace the parts that need to be replaced and with your initial purchase of a cartridge kit, you get an additional heating element so you don’t have to buy one the next time. That said, the same with other heating elements produced and manufactured by #ThisThingRips, you’re getting the best value out of your money. The heating element on the R2 Cartridge Kit is made out of pure ceramic rod made for optimum heating of wax concentrates. Giving you the best flavors from your extracts.   

If you want to use a heating element that gives you the best flavors, make sure you pick up the R2 Series Cartridge Kit. Furthermore, make sure to stock up on replacement parts to replace mouthpieces and heating elements. Also, knowing when to replace them plays an integral role in having a vaporizer that provides you great flavor and clean vapor production. Many of today's consumers see themselves as connoisseurs, snobs that enjoy a higher sense and a deeper understanding of the plant matter and of its wax concentrate derivative. These consumers live for the aesthetic value of the vapor and not for the psychoactive effects of the materials and think more of the flavor and the density of the vapor instead of the kick and the body buzz it gives. #ThisThingRips have heating elements and cartridge kits that offer an answer and a solution to that problem. So, make sure to make it #ThisThingRips – make sure to make it VapeActive.   

#ThisThingRips Premium Heating Elements  

If you’re a fan of #ThisThingRips while they were still out producing vaporizers and vaporizer parts, you’d know that they have impeccable heating elements.   

#ThisThingRips has studied how wax vaporizers are heated and what varieties of heating elements are best used with wax. Depending on your preference, a quartz heating element might be best for you or a ceramic heating element might do your habit some justice. Here are the benefits of using each heating element to your advantage.   

The folks developing vaporizers and cartridge kits for #TTR found out that these two heating elements offer different properties. First, let’s go over quartz. Quartz is a heating element known for its ability to quickly heat your wax concentrates. That’s because quartz is known to be a good conductor of almost everything including heat and energy. Quartz has the power of instantaneously providing your vaporizer with a means of quickly heating your extracts without having to reach the point of combustion. This means you can reap the benefits your wax concentrates have to offer without having to break a sweat. One of the main reasons why quartz is the choice heating element of many recreational consumers is because of its fast heating properties. When your wax is heated quickly, it can reach hot temperature levels faster. The higher the temperature level in vaporization, the more potent the vapor is. The reason behind it is because the potent psychoactive ingredients in wax concentrates are released and are extracted at higher temperature levels. So, the faster your dab pen can ramp up the heat, the better chances you have at potent rips, and #ThisThingRips is a brand centered about taking huge and powerful rips.   

Quartz can maximize your sessions, especially if what you’re looking for are really powerful hits with dense clouds of vapor. When the wax is heated abruptly, more vapor is created and the denser the flavors are, the more their consistency can be likened to smoke. So, in a way, you’re mimicking the physical or gaseous properties of smoke while inhaling vapors that have better properties and offer better health benefits making consuming wax concentrates through the use of quartz heating elements the perfect win-win situation for both consumers and #ThisThingRips, the manufacturer – at least when they were still operational. This was the idea of using quartz heating elements. A way of exploiting fast-acting and fast-heating vaporizers to use on-the-go. Many types of consumers have long asked for a vaporizer with these properties. Consumers who are in serious need of a vaporizer they can take almost anywhere they are that are capable or reliable and dependable vapor production the moment they need it. Some of these consumers are patients who have received prescriptions for cannabis medication. They need a device that won’t fail them, one that will heat up when they press the button instead of taking its own sweet time and vaporize the wax concentrates based on its own accord. Patients who suffer from pain and anxiety cannot afford to sit and stare at their vaporizers and just pray it works. They need a timeline they can work with; they need a vaporizer that operates not on luck or prayers but a vaporizer that actually works when the need arises. That’s why quartz has been one of the top choices not only for #ThisThingRips but also for a slew of other manufacturers that produce vaporizers and heating elements. One of the most famous #ThisThingRips products to have used quartz heating elements is the #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 RiG Cartridge Kit. In fact, they believed in quartz’s ability to heat wax concentrates that they developed a technology around it. The #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 RiG Cartridge Kit offered #TTR’s Lava Quartz Technology, their iteration, and version of what quartz heating elements are and should be. They took what they learned in studying wax concentrates and quartz heating elements and took it another level. They wrapped two quartz rods with titanium coils that are thickened for better heat distribution and better heat retention. You pair this with a relatively powerful battery and you’ve got the power of a dab rig in the palm of your hands. It was the closest consumers can get to dab rig-like performance and portability back then when vape e-rigs weren’t even invented yet. And because quartz is inert, #ThisThingRips was able to produce the cleanest and the purest vapors in the business.   

On the other end of the stick, developers under the #ThisThingRips wing also was working on another type of heating element. One that was geared on producing the best flavors without having to sacrifice the overall quality of the vapor. You guessed it right, they were working on ceramic heating elements. Let’s look at ceramic the way we looked at quartz. Let’s check its properties. Ceramic is quite unique that it’s actually the very opposite of quartz in terms of how it acts and behaves as a heating element. For one, ceramic is a bad conductor of heat. Instead of offering quick heating to your material, ceramic does the exact opposite, How the devs at #ThisThingRips saw ceramic as an ideal heating element is beyond me but hey! It worked! Because ceramic did poorly in heating your wax concentrates, it almost as always took a while when heating your extracts. But even that wasn’t a bad thing. Why? That’s because it facilitated low and slow heating of the extracts that it vaporized them without having to reach the point of combustion. This was perfect because heating the extracts without having to burn them preserves their flavors and allows you to taste whatever terpene is left on them. This principle avoided having to burn the wax concentrates as burnt wax concentrates often mask or overpower the flavor of wax leaving you with vapors that are not only harsh to the throat but are also hard to inhale because they taste like burnt wax taking away whatever flavor is left on the extract and replacing it with the taste of burnt wax in a very bad way.   

Ceramic heating elements are not everyone’s cup of tea. As we've covered above, many consumers prefer the fast-acting results that quartz heating elements can bring and because ceramic heating elements are quartz’s exact opposite, they take far longer to heat your extracts making them a less appealing option for vaping on-the-go. While it takes only under less than a minute to heat up ceramic, it’s still not near enough compared to quartz in terms of speed. That said, the folks at #ThisThingRips found a way to speed up heat time and still wield the power of ceramic to provide consumers with the flavorful vapor production. The result of the project, the #ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit. Outfitted with two ceramic rods, the #ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit can create some of the best tasting flavors you never knew was possible on a device so small and so portable. To help aid its heat-up time, #TTR outfitted the R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit with thicker titanium coils. This gave the R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit with a substantial boost in terms of heating your select wax concentrates. This now makes using ceramic heating elements a viable choice for on-the-go use allowing consumers to wield the benefits one can get from using ceramic-based heating elements without the drawbacks. Using two rods in the #ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit allowed many consumers to enjoy the perfect balance of decent speed in heating their materials and the advantage of inhaling vapors that are pure and untainted with the taste of charred wax. This made consuming wax concentrates with dab pen an even better experience for connoisseurs who value the flavor of the vapors they consume over the melt your face off upshot of wax concentrates derived from plant matter specifically bred for psychoactive consumption. Since then, many so-called connoisseurs started using ceramic heating elements on their devices. Surprisingly, the #ThisThingRips R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit never experienced some of the common issues ceramic heating elements other wax vaporizers encounter. This includes the usual resin and residue buildup that happens when the atomizer or the heating element is unable to thoroughly vaporize the wax concentrates. Leftover extracts often cling onto the coils and harden over time. They are recycled into vapors when the heating element is re-heated. However, because of its gummy and sticky nature, these resinous buildups can often be a breeding ground for germs and other microorganisms that can affect the overall quality of the wax concentrates but also affect your overall health in general. Because of how well the atomizer was built and how well the product heats up the extracts, this problem is almost nonexistent. You literally will vaporize all the extracts leaving nothing to waste which makes the R2 Series RiG Cartridge Kit and all other cartridge kits made by #ThisThingRips an economical option in consuming extracts. If you don’t like wasting wax (and no one does, it’s expensive), these atomizers from #ThisThingRips are the perfect ones for you.   

When looking for authentic and original #ThisThingRips products online, make sure to check out VapeActive, the best source for all things #ThisThingRips! Make sure to buy #ThisThingRips replacement parts online only here at VapeActive!   

#ThisThingRips Parts that Could Have Led the Future  

#ThisThingRips was definitely on to something and had the best lineup of wax pen vaporizers and dab pens during its time. To reinforce their products, they also made some of the best replacement parts to support these products and give consumers the power to extend the longevity of these dab pens and push them past their lifespan. These products could have led the future as there were not too many vaporizer manufacturers releasing replacement and upgrade parts in kits. One of these products is the #ThisThingRips Remix Cartridge Kit. It probably is the combination of everything you wanted for a replacement atomizer. It’s a 510-threaded heating element using a dual wall thermal cup atomizer to heat your wax concentrates without the use of a pair of rods and coils. This changed the game for many consumers and might have changed the game the industry played should they stayed and hanged in there longer. This technology (cup atomizers) is currently used by larger vaporizers like vape e-rigs because of how good they were at heating your wax concentrates. To give you an idea, instead of putting the wax on top of a coil, it’s heated in 360-degree fashion as the walls of the actual chamber or cup work synergistically in vaporizing your extracts and because no coils are exposed, the extract is vaporized to the very last drop.   

Another groundbreaking #ThisThingRips product is the #ThisThingRips Roil Cartridge Kit which features the same coil-less technology that offered superior vaporization through the use of even heating of wax concentrates. Because the heat does not come from only one direction, the wax concentrates are vaporized completely eliminating the possibilities of poor consumption and increasing the economic value of the vaporizer and of your sessions. They could have pulled through with these replacement parts but like all good things, it had to end. Luckily, your sessions do not have to because VapeActive is here to provide you with some of the best #ThisThingRips parts online including cartridge kits that give you all you need and more!