The Pens of Prudency: The O.PenVape Batteries

The Pens of Prudency: The O.PenVape Batteries

The Pens of Prudency: The O.PenVape Batteries

Indeed, a large number of todays dry herb, oil and wax concentrate consumers are medical customers who more than anyone else, needs an accessible means of acquiring their prescribed drug. Luckily, one company has dedicated their time and effort in manufacturing and producing high quality yet cost effective vaporizers that could be easily procured by most medical customers.

O.PenVape, a company based in Denver, Colorado has established itself as one of the biggest names in the consumption of dry herb strains and waxy oil concentrates. They take pride in being a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the only organization to represent “state-sanctioned cannabis-related businesses at the federal level.” Commendable and praiseworthy, the O.PenVape has built a formidable legacy deeply rooted in the responsible and legitimate consumption of cannabis. With increased popularity and widespread growth in the U.S and Europe, the O.PenVape label has become an institution and a model.

The O.PenVape Vaporizer has become one of their patronized products, it’s lifesource, the O.PenVape batteries have been at the forefront of this lofty legacy.

The Spec Sheet

  • Straightforward And Easy To Use
  • Sleek And Portable Design
  • Customizable (Engravings Are Available For An Extra Cost)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Well, the O.PenVape Battery is a perfect example of what a simple yet functional vape battery is. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the O.PenVape Battery lets you enjoy the benefits of oil concentrates without all the unnecessary fuss.

A Cost Effective Option

A no nonsense unit, the O.PenVape Battery is a vape pen battery was said to have been designed to cater to the needs of the medicating consumers. Unlike most other concentrate based pen type vaporizers, the O.Pen Vape Battery has a super slim and sleek dimension, it only weighs 8 oz, meaning it can easily be stashed inside almost any pocket, case or carrying pouch. You can immediately take smooth and satisfying hits in the most stealthy and discreet way possible, no need for lengthy preparations and complicated procedures to take your medication. And it’s strongest suit: affordability.

While most manufacturers are geared towards providing the best vaping experience for the casual consumer using all the most sophisticated technology and equipping their products with rather hard to pronounce features that more often than not yield the same result, the O.PenVape believes in stripping the everyday portable handheld vaporizer, outfitting it with the indispensable components, and allowing their users the best no fuss no muss on the fly hits.  Without the inessential components, the O.PenVape Battery allowed a more cost effective option for the general mass consumer and the medicating customer.

Simple And Straightforward

O.PenVape Battery allows its users to effortlessly enjoy the satisfying effects of their favorite concentrates, by designing the O.PenVape Battery to work with cartridges, one can just comfortably screw a pre-filled cartridge onto the battery and presto! With just a single draw, you’ll be able to appreciate the potent and appeasing results of your select concentrates. The O.PenVape Battery is a button-less vape pen battery which makes its use all the more uncomplicated. Remember, the harder you draw, the bigger your clouds will get.

The O.PenVape Battery has an impressive battery life, though you might want to charge it at 3 to 4 hours for the first three charges. As an added feature when you charge moving forward, you’ll be able to easily monitor it’s charging time with the light on the charger, from red it will turn to green to tell you that the battery is fully charged and is ready to use.

Lifetime Warranty

Yes folks, you’ve read that right, the O.PenVape Battery includes a lifetime warranty which makes it the most sensible investment both for newcomers and veterans alike. Medicating customers need not worry should their O.PenVape Batteries die for any possible reason, be it an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse the O.PenVape Battery lifetime warranty has got you covered.

A testament to O.PenVape’s commitment to providing outstanding and excellent products, the industry leading lifetime warranty provides a strong sense of security to the medicating consumer. Be sure to bring the broken unit and all its accompanying accessories to your local vape shop to have it conveniently replaced. There could be accompanying costs should any of the inclusive items be missing. If you’ve purchased your item online, or if you’re in need of any assistance, their helpful and supportive customer service representatives are always there to help.

Nowadays, it’s no longer rare to see a company offer lifetime product warranty, but for such an affordable price, a lifetime warranty is an unprecedented surprise.  

Perfect For Sharing

Nothing’s better than to share the euphoric experience of using and owning an O.PenVape Battery to a fellow consumer, at such an affordable cost, the gift of a sturdy and reliable vape pen battery with a promise of a lifetime warranty is a mighty generous benefaction.

What’s more, the O.PenVape can come with unique engravings at an added cost. No gift can be more personal than an engraved vape pen battery. An exclusive piece that can come with an added touch to show how much you care.

In Closing

The O.PenVape makes for a perfect option for medicating customers for two major reasons: cost and accessibility. If I were someone on medication, I’d want to have my prescription whenever I need them.

Fortunately, the O.PenVape Battery and the cartridges that are to be used with it are conveniently sold in most dispensaries. The O.PenVape Battery is accessible to a wide audience and can be operated effortlessly. In our opinion, the O.PenVape Battery is the best entry level vape battery innterms of performance, ease of operation and after sales support.

The O.PenVape Battery is designed to match products twice its price. Featuring a button-less control, requires minimum maintenance, simple cleaning and parts replacement, a discreet design and effective vapor. These elements combined makes the O.PenVape Battery a unit that gives you more for what you’ve paid for.

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