CCELL Uno: Possibly the Best Pod Vaporizer to Date

CCELL Uno: Possibly the Best Pod Vaporizer to Date

The vaporizer industry is one of the fastest growing businesses where you’d see new products coming up almost every week. Being mostly linked and dependent to technology, the vaping industry continue to grow and flourish as the advancements in today’s technology improves.

One particular platform benefit from today’s technological trends. The pod-based vaping segment has some of the most updated and advanced technologies given its small and compact size. CCELL, a specialized enterprise of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, a company based in Shenzhen, China, an expert in manufacturing electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, is one of the latest institutions to release an advanced pod-based vaporizer for thick oils and e-liquids. They’ve recently announced the launch of the CCELL Uno, which appears to be an open pod system vaporizer that’s dubbed to be the most powerful pod vaporizer to date. Based on the information released by CCELL themselves, it looks like the CCELL Uno Vaporizer is going to be 25% better in terms of overall vapor production even when compared to other pod-based vaporizers on the market today. A pretty lofty claim if you ask us, yet a welcome attestation that consumers are sure to appreciate. 

A Quick Look at CCELL’s Profile 

CCELL is a subsidiary company owned and controlled by one of the biggest names in the vaping industry. Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited has been in the business for over 11 years and have since gained substantial experience and understanding of the industry in which they operate. CCELL is a specialized organization that’s focused on upgrading and advancing Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited’s vape technology. Hence, CCELL was awarded a 1,000 square meter facility with over 260 engineers dedicated for the outfit’s R&D. Furthermore, CCELL is backed by a strong workforce of about 10,000 employees with over 200 of them assigned solely for quality assurance duties.

CCEL got its name from the industry’s revolutionary ceramic heating element. Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited was inspired by the efficacy and efficiency of these new and exceptional components since the industry have seen a decline in the overall use of traditional fibrous wick components and saw the steady incline and the eventual replacement of ceramic-based heating materials. Like the development and transformation ceramic heating technology has brought to vaping, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited launched CCELL in the hopes that it would someday set a similar upheaval in the vaping industry and today, we might be witnessing the first of many phases in which CCELL will change the vaping industry as we know it.

CCELL believes in the continuous undertaking for extraordinary performance. The company was founded and established at the fundamental philosophy that by challenging today’s limitation in terms of technological potential one can achieve improved sensation, enhanced potency, and overall performance – creating a world-class experience for vape users and consumers of every level.

What the CCELL Uno Offers

The CCELL Uno was designed and engineered to outshine its competitors in almost every way possible. It may be a tall order but CCELL knows what it takes to make this vision a reality.

To start off, the CCELL Uno is outfitted with a high-quality circuit board making it extremely capable of what it promises down to the core. Having a profound knowledge in manufacturing vaporizers, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited and CCELL knows what works and what doesn’t. By outfitting the CCELL Uno with a rechargeable battery with 350mAh capacity and a .5-gram pod, they’re able to achieve a balance between power and elegance. The 350mAh battery is small and light enough while the .5-gram pods provide just the right amount of space for your materials that’s enough for the 350mAh battery to handle – especially when it comes to thick oils. The batteries are designed to give 25% better yield compared to average pod-based vaporizers on the market today.

The battery, with the pods attached to them, measures at about a little over 3 inches or exactly 80 mm with a width of 20 mm and a thickness of 10.5 mm. Overall, a very small and compact device that promises large cloud production that’s visible that what you’d get from other devices in this category as well as an increased potency due to the power provided by the battery. It's hard to imagine something this small can be this powerful. We’ve tried out a lot of pod-based vaporizers and the most you can expect from these devices are thin wisps of clouds. Seems like a change of density in overall cloud production will not only be a welcome change but is also highly possible thanks to the CCELL Uno.

The body of the CCELL Uno is made from aluminum allow which is both durable and lightweight. This means that it can survive daily carrying activity and can withstand some of the most common issues of carrying a small and portable vaporizer in your pocket. Its build involves having the pod itself enveloped by the battery and the mouthpiece so you’re virtually protecting the pod inside and keeping your materials safe especially when you move around with your vaporizer.

Like many pod-based devices, the CCELL Uno is draw activated. This means that it has no physical buttons and that the heating element is activated by your draws. The way this works is that there’s a mechanism that is triggered by the partial vacuum when you suck air through the mouthpiece. As it does, it activates the heating element allowing you to vaporize your infused thick oils without having to press a button. This technology not only mimics smoking traditional cigarettes or joints but it also makes for a safer vaporizer especially because there's no button that can get caught accidentally when you keep your vaporizer in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

We’re still yet to get our hands on the CCELL Uno Vaporizer to actually test it and see for ourselves if the data sheets are actually true and correct and to be honest, we’re excited how the CCELL Uno can change the way we consume thick oils as it can potentially make our materials more potent due to the increase in temperature. So, if you’re excited for the CCELL Uno like us, stay tuned for our updates once the CCELL Uno hits the shelves.

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