Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Phil Frost x Burton Edition

Brand: Grenco Science

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  • Full Temperature Control (200-428F)
  • Deep Ceramic Chamber
  • Rapid Heating Technology
  • Ergonomic Feel
  • 0.75 Gram Capacity
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • LED Interface Display

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About the Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Phil Frost x Burton Edition

Design and compactness plus the enjoying feel of how artistic your vaporizer looks is what the G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Phil Frost x Burton Edition from Grenco Science brings to all its customers. Grenco Science engages in a wonderful and artistic collaboration between G Pen, Burton Snowboards, and New York artist Phil Frost. This special and limited-edition G Pen Elite will surely be adored by its users with Frost’s edgy yet painterly artwork. Since this herb pen is just limited, it also comes in a cool package that is full of amazing treats for collectors or even just for vape users that are design seekers and favors having their vaporizers the best looking one there is. This dry herb vaporizer comes with the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer itself, an awesome looking Collectible Phil Frost Mini Luggage, the G Grinder Card, a full and same feature designed G Pen Elite Charging Dock, its Cleaning Tool and the signature G Tool. All these with the most affordable price you can get with all its amazing capabilities that definitely gives a value for your money.


Rapid Heating Technology

Just as quick as 30 seconds, the Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Phil Frost x Burton Edition is all set and good to go as you don’t have to wait for it to be ready. You can already start using it as you turn it on which is perfect for people on-the-go.


Controlled and Precise Temperature

The Grenco Science makes sure that they give priority to their market and that its users are certainly in full control most especially in customizing their pen vaporizer experience. With the all new and improved limited-edition G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Phil Frost x Burton, it lets you have your own choice in how your heat and air discharge extract your finely grounded dry herbs. You can choose from either to cook your herbs with a low temperature to extricate your dry herbs with a thin and pure – tasting draws or with a high temperature which produces bigger and bolder clouds for a much more intensified encounter. It has an astonishing feature of a full temperature control from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit that you can seamlessly toggle through the user-friendly interface with LED Display that aids you through your selection.


LED Interface Display

An amazing and easy way to see your portable vaporizer’s status is by seeing it in one glance. The Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer – Phil Frost x Burton Edition brings the availability of a one-glance technology by having an LED Interface Display that helps you see the temperature status of your pen vape. Not only that, it also lets you look into your battery level for you to know if it’s already time for recharge. The ability that this G-Pen Elite Vaporizer makes it easier for the user to operate their dry herb vaporizer with ease by just looking at its LED screen just in one quick look.


  • 1 x Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer
  • 1 x Collectible Phil Frost Mini Luggage
  • 1 x G Grinder Card
  • 1 x G Pen Elite Charging Dock
  • 1 x G Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool

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