Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer

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  • Convection or Conduction System
  • 1800mAh Vape Pen Battery
  • Innovative Airflow and Heating
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass Vape Mouthpiece
  • Wax or Herb Compatibility
  • 30 Seconds Heat-Up Time
  • Medical Grade Materials
  • Precise Temp Control
  • Power Bank Functionality

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About the Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro Vaporizer

Anyone who is in search for a discreet, pocketable, stylish yet efficient and powerful dry herb pen, you're looking at the right vaporizer, this Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro vaporizer has it all. With the amazing features it has like a precise temperature control, 30 seconds heat-up time, a powerbank functionality, a convection or conduction system and a 100% borosilicate glass vape mouthpiece, this is definitely one of a kind vaporizer that you need to try and have.  It also has a water pipe adapter that enables you to purify your every hits using a bubbler and a power bank capability that allows you to charge your cell phone or other devices using the Mini Pro pen vaporizer as a power source via USB. Brilliant isn't it?


Ease of Use

Using just a single button from this Mini Pro dry herb vaporizer, you can already control the power and temperature the mechanism of this wax vape. It is absolutely easy to use and not only that, the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro vaporizer is fairly easy to clean and use. Turn the wax vaporizer on, load the chamber and within 30 seconds the herb pen is heated up and your vaporizer is ready. Compare to other e-juice vaporizer or herb pen, this Mini Pro is a must have because of the features it posses'.


Design and Construction Built

From the brilliant minds of our folks from Flowermate, comes the Mini Pro dry herb vaporizer that is engineered using a 100% Medical Grade Materials in a compact design. You no longer have to wait for another draw since it has a heat-up time of 30 seconds that will make you want you use the wax vaporizer more often than you used to with your old or current vaporizers. A ceramic heating chamber, a pyrex vape pen mouthpiece and an anodized aluminum shell, what more can you ask for? This wax vape has it all. You want more right? This is the most polished, stylish Flowermate pen vape to date due to its discreet and pocket size design. Put it in your pocket, bag, or pouch and you're good to go.


Massive Vapor Production

The Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro wax and dry herb vaporizer can easily vaporize your herbs to produce smooth potent flavor and aroma since the makers created this beast with a convection or conduction heating system through its innovative ceramic heating chamber. With that awesome feature itself, it ensures your wax and dry herb is vaporized evenly. This wax pen has a short air path indeed but the glass vape mouthpiece does a wonderful job at cooling the vapor that gives you a smooth draw. You get about 10 - 15 inhales from a fully loaded chamber to et a good flavor from this pen vape. This awesomely built vaporizer ensures a precise temperature control and safe operation.


Powerful Vape Battery Life

Powered by 1800mAh vape pen batteries, the Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro wax vaporizer can deliver up to 75  minutes of continuous vaporization. This dry herb vaporizer, the Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro features a 5 minute auto off shut off to preserve vape battery life and it also has a USB pass through charging that allows you to use the unit while it is plugged in.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x  Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Borosilicate Vape Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Organic Liquid or Wax Chamber
  • 1 x SS Pod
  • 5 x SS Screen
  • 1 x Dabber Tool
  • 1 x Brush Cleaner
  • 1 x AC/DC Adapter
  • 1 x Warranty Info Card
  • 1 x Instruction Guide

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