Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer Black
Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro Vaporizer
Regular price $149.00
Flowermate V5.0s Pro Vaporizer Black
Flowermate V5.0s Pro Vaporizer
Regular price $149.00
Flowermate V5.0s Vaporizer Black
Flowermate V5.0s Vaporizer
Regular price $89.99

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About Flowermate

Flowermate which comes from its name is the most plant loving and meticulously made hybrid vaporizer that is typically made just for herbs and flowers. But amazingly, with the flexibility that this brand also promotes, it does have vaporizers that can also cater your best waxy oils and wax concentrates that would surely let you experience a wondrous jungle high feeling that is perfectly making you body relaxed and floating. Not even in your wildest dreams could even imagine how Flowermate delivers you the best, smoothest and silkiest draws on each hit you do. If you are an herbalist that seeks for the powerful bring of what vaporizers could do, you absolutely get your hands with the Flowermate collection, most specially their Flowermate V5.0s Pro Vaporizer.

The Flowermate, just like its competitor company started with their own humble beginnings. They were not known as what when they started day one. But with their creativity and their obvious connection with their market, they journeyed quickly from rags to riches as they shake up the vaporizer industry market with how amazing all of their vaporizers can bring to their customers. Herb aristocrats made this collection of Flowermate vaporizers also for the herbalists assuring that they are in perfect knowledge of what herb and flower vape users are in specific need. No doubt that Flowermate is the best choice for the vape users which are in search for the best of the best.


High Powered Atomizer

With the capabilities of catering and using your favorite finely ground herbs, the Flowermate made sure that its vaporizers are equipped with Great Technology and High Powered Coils and Atomizers. These powerful atomizers and coils work together to produce an amazing vapor that is a result of a perfect vaporization process that extracts your herbs wonderfully for a intense vaping experience. The best vaporization process uses just the right amount of heat discharge that cooks it perfectly avoiding and emission of a burnt taste that all users avoid.


Best for Herbs and Flowers

Since the vaporizers from Flowermate are made for all herb connoisseurs, then it surely is built with the most compatible and suitable parts that would make you vaping experience mind blowing. Closest to nature, the benefits of the herbs and flowers are awesomely extracted with these vaporizers.


Unique Design

The Flowermate Vaporizers are made with unique design. Built with perfectly body, it delivers wonderful vapor with less to zero combustion with an open pathway as it emits flavourful and aromatic puffs. Since Flowermate is also known as the best portable vapes for herbs, there is no doubt that this is the one for you.


Easy to use

The vaporizers from Flowermate are so easy to use and operate that there is no need for any learning curve. May it be their smaller version vapes and bigger version vapes, all is perfect even for newbies as difficulty is not known by Flowermate creators vocabulary. As easy as a few clicks, you can start to enjoy vaping in no time.