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Flowermate is famous for making travel-friendly dual-purpose vaporizers that can be used for wax and for herbs. Here at VapeActive you’ll find Flowermate dry herb vaporizers and Flowermate wax vaporizers for use with your select extracts and botanical plant matter. Enjoy high-quality vapors from a small and compact portable herbal vaporizer that you can take with you almost anywhere you go. Enjoy Flowermate products using our exclusive Flowermate coupon codes.

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About Flowermate 

The aptly named Flowermate brand is arguably this generation’s most sophisticated vaporizer manufacturer. True to their namesake, Flowermate Technology is a company that’s devoted to giving the industry with devices that bring the best vaping experience. Flowermate Technology is the company that gave us the famous Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer 


It’s true that consumer experience is at the top of Flowermate Technology’s list. They have been constantly working on how they can improve the meta and the features that consumers are used to with today’s portable vaporizers. They work hard as they continue to push further to stay ahead of the vaporizer industry. They focus on improvements that really matter instead of improvements that are only cosmetic and only care about the aesthetic feel of using a vaporizer.

The innovations that Flowermate Technology offers are skin deep. The kind that does not only affect your overall vaping experience but the kind that impacts how you see vaping in general. They produce affordable and high-quality vaporizers that elevate your experience but will not break the bank. Flowermate has dedicated its efforts in knowing and understanding the benefits and advantages one can get from consuming herbs and flowers. Having truly understood your favorite materials, Flowermate Technology has unlocked the secret to how one can maximize and potentially unlock the full capabilities of your herbs, flowers, concentrates, and extracts.  

They’ve found that the key is in how the materials are heated and with the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing the vaporizer itself. Having said, Flowermate Technology uses only the best quality raw materials in building and in constructing their vaporizer products but does so in a way that it does not overly affect the overall costs of production. By doing so, they are able to produce affordable products that can still compete with other vaporizers twice and even thrice its price. As an example, the pro version one of their flagship devices, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer features full temperature control and a heating chamber made from pure ceramic. It also boasts a mouthpiece made from borosilicate glass and a powerful 2600mAh battery capacity. It’s got all the right stuff you’d want in a portable vaporizer and it’s still cheaper than more vaporizers on the market today.  

The Flowermate Experience  

Flowermate Technology promises its customers a superior vaping experience. They perpetually push the boundaries of a portable vaporizer, never resting their laurels, Flowermate Technology continues to produce vaporizers with revolutionary and exceptional design. Their vaporizers are made to allow easy and convenient use. Their extensive experience in the vaporizer industry gave them the knowledge that a complicated vaporizer is not a good vaporizer.  


This is one of the reasons behind the Flowermate experience. Their devices are made to allow consumers like you to enjoy the benefits of consuming herbs, flowers, oils, and concentrates, without the fuss of having to go through complex steps in order to inhale vapors from your materials. While Flowermate vaporizers still work in the same principle of vaporizing flowers and extracts, they make the process of vaporization as easy and as simple as possible. Even beginners and newcomers feel comfortable and begin to better understand vaping and its benefits. Instead of seeing the process of vaporization as one complicated procedure, many of today’s consumers begin to easily digest the process that turns their dry herbs and wax concentrate into smooth and tasty vapors. Almost all of Flowermate Technology’s products sport a single button you can use to operate the device. In some cases, their vaporizers will have two additional buttons that serve as a means to add and deduct temperature if the device you are using has temperature control functionalities.  

This means that regardless of your skill level, you’d be able to use any Flowermate vaporizer. There's no need to spend hours and hours reading instruction manuals. Their products are designed to function intuitively. There's no need for a steep learning curve, using Flowermate Technology vaporizers come as natural as breathing, as natural as the herbs and the flowers you use. Having fewer buttons to work with allows for easy and straightforward operation, it operates like the average vaporizer but performs head and shoulders better.  

Such easy and hassle-free operation draws many consumers to using Flowermate Technology’s products. They get the most out of their materials with very little effort. Who wouldn’t want that? As an example of their commitment to improving customer experience, Flowermate Technology revamped its website allowing existing and future customers to enjoy a more convenient layout and an easy to navigate website. To show not only their customers but also the vaping industry in general, Flowermate Technology stepped up their website game and gave their virtual home a major facelift. Their new website now boasts a bold and strong aesthetic and color palate which effectively mimics the sophisticated and premium feel you get when using their products. Adorned in black and gold, their new home looks sleeker and is easier on the eyes.  

Flowermate: Always Listening 

Another reason why we all love Flowermate Technology is that they’re always there to listen. Not only do they listen but they also act on it. Flowermate Technology encourages its customers to talk to them, they actively engage their customers by answering their comments and you’d know that they listen to what their customers say. It’s one of the secrets to giving the people what they want and what they need. They also entertain questions and concerns regarding their products and provide stellar customer service.  

Solid customer experience is what keeps companies afloat. Providing after-sales support and having to talk to knowledgeable professionals ensures that you always have people to back you up if you have questions and inquiries about their products. You'll never be at a loss when wanting to know more and wanting to maximize your experience.  

They take a systematic approach to looking at each customer concern which assures that each submitted concern is resolved and addressed in a timely manner.  

The company itself believes in a positive outlook and professionalism. They have started their business with the same positive perspective back in 2012 and have since built a solid foundation in all the important aspects of vaporization. They not only listen to their customers but also to their business partners. This is one of the reasons why they were able to develop strong business relationships with other companies and entities. From selling vaporizers in Europe, Flowermate Technology now trades American companies. They have a warehouse in California where all their vaporizers are designed and are manufactured.  

They are also proud to reach out and help other individuals in the business by making them affiliates. They allow their affiliates to earn money by promoting their products from the passing affiliate’s websites, blog posts, or applications.  

Truly, there are a lot of ways, Flowermate Technology connects to the community.  

Here are other reasons why many consumers consider Flowermate Technology as one of today’s top brands.  

Superior Heating Elements 

One of the best things about Flowermate Technology products is that they’re made from medical-grade components. Not only do they allow superior vaporization but also, they make for a cleaner vapor production once they’re heated. Many of Flowermate Technology’s products involves conduction heating, the process of vaporizing herbs and concentrates through the use of a heated surface. In many cases, people tend to choose convection vaporizers over conduction vaporizers because they have the tendency to burn through your herbs. However, Flowermate Technology’s deep understanding of your materials allowed them to test other components like ceramic when developing their products. The Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer uses pure ceramic for its heating chamber. Ceramic has seen wide use in the vaping industry because of its inert properties. Unlike metal or quartz, ceramic has high resistance to heat. Although it can act as a catalyst of heat, it only transfers feat slowly and steadily.  


This steady and progressive heating capability of ceramic is utilized in the heating element of this portable vaporizer in order to provide the ideal environment for your waxes and herbs. Because it steadily and progressively heats your herbs, you will run into lower to zero rates of combustion. Nobody wants to inhale smoke; smoke carries several irritants and toxic byproducts making it a counterproductive means of consuming your select herbs and flowers. By vaporizing your herbs, you’re not only getting a cleaner and a purer vapor production but you’re also getting the most out of your materials. When you smoke, you're actually burning up some of the active ingredients in the flowers. These active compounds are destroyed and you’re getting very little benefit from consuming your herbs. However, when you vape them using a Flowermate Technology vaporizer, you’re actually saving them and getting the most active ingredients because you can easily adjust the temperature of your vaporizer to the ideal level so that these active ingredients are preserved. Not only do you get cleaner results but you’re also using as less material with as much benefit as you can squeeze in.  

Apart from the heating elements, Flowermate Technologies also uses high-quality components like borosilicate glass and anodized aluminum making their products not only durable but also fit for use with flowers and extracts 

Made for Herbs and Flowers 

With a brand name like Flowermate Technology, you’d think that this company has focused its efforts on making the best flower and dry herb vaporizers. However, Flowermate Technology has proved that they make some of the most versatile vaporizers on the market.  

Their devices can cater to both flowers and extracts as seen on their V5.0S models. These vaporizers use separate chambers to hold and contain herbs and extracts separately. Flowermate Technology has also learned that there’s a benefit to using two separate receptacles for herb and wax. You don’t want to be mixing the herbs together with the waxes. Their consistencies do not match and therefore can create an unwanted layer of residue when it hardens. This makes cleaning and maintenance hard for other devices leaving you to scrape up the hardened residue on the heating element. Doing so can damage the heating elements and can cause irreversible issues. Moreover, having two separate chambers for wax and for flower provides you with two containers to ensure that the materials are kept pure.  

Herbs are known for having more flavonoids than concentrates allowing them to yield more flavorful vapors while wax concentrates are known for their potency giving you that knock off your sock power. While it’s great to experience both, mixing herbs and concentrates can prove to be counterproductive. When not properly vaporized, herbs can char, and charred materials can cause a bad taste. You definitely don’t want that sticking to your concentrates since it will be harder to get rid of the bad and burnt taste.  

Having separate vessels ensures that you enjoy a simple and straightforward session but also provides you with a means to keep the properties of each material preserved, just like mother nature intended it to be.  

Flowermate made it so that their devices can be used with herbs and extracts to allow their customers to experience the value they won’t easily find on other vaporizer brands. With Flowermate’s 2-in-1 vaporizers, you’re getting the value of two vaporizers for the price of one. This allows you to save money for better things instead of buying two separate vaporizers at once. You still the quality of a vaporizer that specializes in vaporizing a certain material with spending money just for one.  

Unique Design 

One thing you’d notice about Flowermate Technology vaporizers is their unique design and engineering. They say that design isn’t exactly how something looks – it's how it works. Portable vaporizers aren’t always the best when it comes to vaporization. This is because they can only hold a small amount of material while juggling the limited amount of power they’ve got. A portable vaporizer doesn’t need to look beautiful; it also has to function practically. As an example, one of Flowermate’s vaporizers allows pass-through charging. A feature that allows you to use the vaporizer even while it’s charging. It’s pretty much like having a small desktop vaporizer. You can harness the power you can get from your wall adapter while still enjoying its small form factor.  


The overall layout of the vaporizer is also designed to make operation easy especially when you’re on-the-go. The control buttons are conveniently placed at the side of the vaporizer instead of having them positioned at the front-facing side of the device. This means that one-handed operation can be achieved without sacrificing the quality of your sessions. In most cases where the vaporizer was designed to operate as if you were working a smartphone, you’d have to have both hands available so you can key in or you can adjust the vaporizer to the proper setting. But with how Flowermate designed its products, you can easily make necessary adjustment, power the vaporizer on and off, and do a lot more things with just one hand holding the device. This allows you to multi-task or even to use the portable vaporizer while you’re on your feet. This makes it a truly portable vaporizer for the active consumer.  

Flowermate Technology designed their vaporizers to be functional and practical devices. They produce zero combustion so you won’t have to inhale smoke. Their vaporizers are designed to be used and assembled easily. This helps with fast and convenient use even when you’re a beginner or a rookie. No need to put together complicated parts and pieces. You won’t have to feel like you’re diffusing a bomb every time you have to clean your vaporizer. This also means that you can easily master putting together your device which is extremely helpful when you’re vaping outdoors. When you strip or assemble your vaporizer outside, time will always be of the essence. You don’t want nosy people looking at what you do like they condemn you for using a vaporizer. You'd always want to keep a low key and a discreet session when vaping outdoors. The design and engineering used on Flowermate devices will not require you to consistently tinker with it just so you can get it to work. Flowermate devices are fairly easy to use. Not only are they super easy to clean and maintain but they’re also easy to operate. Some of Flowermate's more compact models power on with just 5 clicks of a button, the same way you would open a vape pen. How you would change the temperature settings and other feature is something we’ll get to later.  

Literally, anyone can pick up one of these devices and use them like a pro in like 5 to 10 minutes. This means fast and stealthy vaping. Some models even hide the mouthpieces showing ingenious and clever ways you can conceal several vape parts.  

Flowermate Technology Vaporizers 

Here at VapeActivewe're proud to carry a collection of Flowermate’s best-selling vaporizers. Here are a few.  

The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer 


The Flowermate V5.0S is a great vaporizer for those who want to start vaping both waxes and dry herbs. The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer is a 2-in-1 vaporizer that’s packed with great features to allow beginners to enjoy the benefits of vaping their favorite materials. It's got three temperature settings that are fine-tuned to create the ideal environment for your herbs and wax concentrates. It also has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece for flavor preservation and innovative design for airflow. It’s got all the right stuff to kick start your session. While many see it as an entry-level vaporizer, it’s still one of the most preferred devices by advanced consumers.  

The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer is easy to use and rids your mind of all the small details when vaping herbs or waxes. There's no need to set custom temperature settings when vaping your favorite materials. Furthermore, you can easily find your sweet spot. This makes the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer an ideal vaporizer for both beginners and seasoned vape users alike. The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer has three temperature profiles that are represented by three LED lights.  

  • Blue - 385F 
  • Purple - 400F 
  • Red - 420F 

Each temperature setting highlights and emphasizes a particular vaping experience making it easy for individuals to reach their targeted high. Blue is the lowest temperature profile and allows for smoother and more flavorful hits. Paired with the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer’s ceramic heating chamber, you’re sure to get the best tasting hits. Running at around 385 degrees Fahrenheit, the low-temperature profile makes for a truly satisfying experience who want that subtle and slow high. The middle-temperature setting is represented by a purple light and facilitates a more balanced vapor output giving you both the benefits of flavorful vapor production and a seemingly elevated potency and more visible and denser vapor production. When the light glows purple, the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer runs at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit and creates the perfect environment for your select materials. The temperature profile it creates allows for the ideal mix of vapor and flavor. Should you want to take your sessions up a notch, you can set the temperature profile to the highest which is represented by the red, heats up your materials to get the most active ingredients out of it. This means that the vapors it produces are extremely potent and a little warm. It runs at around 420 degrees Fahrenheit and gives you that superior vaping experience. The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer allows you to find the right profile depending on your needs.  

The Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer is a full conduction heating vaporizer which means that it vaporizes your materials through the heat coming from the surface that comes into contact with your herbs or your wax concentrates. While many average vaporizers burn your materials tend to burn your materials when heated this way, the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer ensures that it maintains a favorable temperature through the use of an all-ceramic chamber. Ceramic has been widely used in the vaporizer industry and has been favored by many especially those that consume wax concentrates. Ceramic is inert in nature and does not immediately transfer heat. In fact, amongst all known and used heating elements in vaporizers, ceramic transfers heat the longest. Having said, ceramic heating elements facilitate low heating which is perfect for vaping herbs and waxes since it will slowly but progressively heat your materials eliminating the possibilities of combustion and produces only vapor and not smokes. This makes the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer perfect for people who rely on vaporizers to take their natural medication. Because the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer is made with all-medical grade materials, the vapors it produces is of the same quality.  

It has an adjustable airflow giving you additional customization options and not just on temperature, unlike the average vaporizer. It has a 20-second heat-up time which means that you won’t have to wait that long before you begin to enjoy smooth hits on the fly.  

Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer 


Flowermate Technology’s Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer has a pro version. The Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer. This pro version offers more features but boasts the same quality in terms of vapor production and overall vapor quality. Like its predecessor the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer is made with the best medical-grade materials. If you loved the quality of the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer. You're sure to love the pro version even more. It boasts superior airflow adjustment to give you further customization in your sessions. Airflow is a feature that many vape manufacturers often overlook. The amount of air passing through the actual chamber affects not only the body and the density of the vapors but also the feel of drawing or inhaling from the device itself. As an example, the more air passing through, the more comfortable it is and the more natural it feels to pull from your vaporizer. The fewer the air, the more restricted it feels when pulling from your vaporizer.  

However, the more air you take in, the less potent your vapors become. The vapors feel a little watered down because there is a greater percentage of air in your draws compared to the percentage of vapor you get. Having the ability to make these kinds of adjustments make the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer the ideal vaporizer for the modern-day connoisseur. Furthermore, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer features a fully isolated air path which ensures that the vapor it produces, as well as the air that passes from the bottom of the device to the actual heating chamber,  does not make contact with any of the components of the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer. One benefit to a fully isolated air path is that because the vapor does not get into contact with any of the internal circuitry of the device, they remain pure and clean. Plastic and metal may react chemically to heat, they7 can create irritants and toxic by-products that can get mixed up with the vapors and make its way into your system. Having this effect is completely undesirable and is counterproductive to the purpose of vaping. With the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer’s medical-grade components and isolated air path ensures that you get clean and medical-grade vapors every time you start a vape session.  

Another component worth mentioning is the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer’s borosilicate glass mouthpiece. Borosilicate glass is a component closely linked to medical use as it has seen wide use in many laboratories and medical facilities. Borosilicate glass is inert and is known for its low coefficients of thermal expansion. This simply means that it’s highly resistant to thermal shock and will not easily break or shatter even when subjected to extreme temperature levels. This makes the borosilicate glass mouthpiece of the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer a great component not only because it allows the preservation of the flavor of the vapors but it also makes for a durable and a dependable mouthpiece. What we loved more about the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer is that it can easily be removed, replaced, and stored at a dedicated compartment found at the bottom of the device. The borosilicate mouthpiece also extends the actual vapor path which serves to allow the vapor to travel further giving it more time to cool down before it reaches your mouth.  

By doing so, Flowermate Technology created a superior vaporizer that allows its users to make simple and easy adjustments that affect their vaping sessions in a significant way. Speaking of significant adjustments, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer was adjusted by the developers and engineers at Flowermate Technology so that it will heat up faster and more reliable than its predecessor. The Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer now boasts an 8-second heat up time, nearly twice as fast as the regular version making the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer the ideal vaporizer for those who are always on-the-go.  

People who simply can’t afford to waste time to start enjoying medical-grade vapors can always depend on the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer. They say good things take time, but the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer makes it so that you won’t have to wait long enough to enjoy what you really want. Many consumers, especially professionals who use their Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizers to inhale and ingest vapors from their select medical herbs. These herbs can be used to deal with stress and anxiety either those that you deal with at home or at work. They tend to squeeze in quick sessions during short breaks and having to wait long before they can take their medication is simply unacceptable. This is why the Flowermate V5.0S Pro Vaporizer was made to cater to these needs without sacrificing the overall vapor quality of the materials.  

So, if you’re in the fence for new portable vaporizers for herbs, waxes, or even for both, make sure to check out our collection of Flowermate vaporizers. We also carry the smaller and more compact version of the V5.0S - the Flowermate V5.0S Mini Pro Vaporizer