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Vapir is a brand that offers devices suited for everyone’s needs. The Vapir Prima is a dual-purpose vaporizer that can vaporize dry herb strains and wax concentrates. Get your Vapir prima dry herb and wax concentrate vaporizer online and use our coupon code to get hot deals when buying your Vapir vaporizer. Get your portable vaping companion that can vaporize your botanicals as well as your extracts in one portable unit.

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About Vapir 

Vapir is a company that specializes in what they themselves like to call digital vaporization. They pride themselves in developing and in manufacturing high-quality digital vaporizers that are fit for this modern-day and age, with products like the Vapir Prima Vaporizer, they were able to set new standards the industry and the consumers have accepted warmly.  

Vapir products are directed towards today’s consumers. Those who are in tune with the digital age and are comfortable working and using a vaporizer that was designed and engineered for convenience and comfort – just exactly how technology is supposed to be.  

Vapir vaporizers shook the market and were easily one of the most innovative and advanced portable and desktop vaporizers in the industry. They’re like the Teslas of the vaporizer industry. They were sleek, had a smooth finish, and performed really well. Those who sport Vapir products were eye-catchers and were seen as movers of the industry. They resembled what the future of vaping is as computers have been the icon of technological advancements. Vaporizers manufactured by Vapir are outfitted with the latest technology making them superior to the average portable vaporizer by a mile. Vapir redefined the meaning of the word state-of-the-art, they also redefined what state-of-the-art vaporizers were. The Vapir Prima Vaporizer offered what other portable vaporizers can’t, 4 well-tuned heat settings, removable batteries, and sleek and stylish design. But that wasn’t all, it boasted superior flavor and vapor density that it was compared to the performance of a desktop vaporizer.  

The Vapir Prima Vaporizer achieved what the Vapir brand itself set out to do, and it did so in flying colors. There are also other notable vaporizers produced and manufactured by Vapir including the Vapir Rise, the Vapir NO.2, the Vapir Oxygen Mini, and others that are outfitted with advanced monitoring screens so that the users themselves are well aware of the status of their vaporizers. Their vaporizers, especially the desktop ones, are designed and are engineered to use heat and convection air to vaporize your select materials. This is one of the reasons why vapors produced by Vapir vaporizers are considered by many as pure and unadulterated. They’re ideal for medical consumers who use vaporizers to take their select dry herb strains and other wax concentrates.  

Vapir products encompass all platforms and offer the kind of quality you’ll find only in Vapir products in pen form, portable form, and in desktop form.  


The Mission 

As a company, Vapir’s mission is to provide the industry with high-quality digital aromatherapy devices. They are committed to the development and the enhancement of world-class vaporizers at a reasonable price point. They are a company that believes in equality and that every consumer deserves equivalent opportunities for consumption. In an industry littered with overpriced vaporizer products, Vapir aims to make a significant change.  

Their ultimate goal is to influence and revolutionize the industry to the point that they can perfect their craft and offer the best digital vaporizers to their customers and patrons.  


The need for a digital platform in vaporization is caused and spurred not only of the growing advancement in technology but also because of the growing demands of many consumers. One of the main reasons why the need for a digital portable vaporizer increased is because of its convenience and our growing familiarity with information. Through years of research and being one with the community, Vapir knew that today’s consumers want to know what’s happening to their vaporizers. This includes information like battery life, running temperature, and the likes. They also knew that they need to incorporate affordability into the developmental process so as not to make Vapir vaporizers overly expensive.  

This is why Vapir takes it to themselves to deliver affordable digital vaporizers that are functional, practical, and economical. After all, vaporizer digitalization doesn’t always mean you have to slap a screen on a vaporizer. Digitalization can simply mean to incorporate and integrate technology into one’s daily life. And to make technologically advanced vaporizers for daily use makes a practical and a viable step towards digitalization in the vaporizer industry – just like the Vapir Prima Vaporizer and other portable vaporizers from Vapir that are geared towards the ideal balance between functionality, practicality, and portability.   

The Course of Action 

To provide the industry with digital vaporizers that boast durable parts, reliable technology, and other high-quality components, Vapir knew they had to master the art of crafting vaporizers. They've tried and tested numerous prototypes. Their R&D team worked day and night to ensure that all possible options were tried, tested and evaluated until they came to arrive with the best possible outcome for a digital vaporizer. That's why their digital desktop and portable models are so efficient, so effective, but are still affordable. They’re still affordable that they won’t cost an arm and a leg. 


They also studied the actual vaporization process and how various material types react to heat and how they vaporize. This is one of the reasons why most of the vaporizers offered by Vapir is dual or multi-purpose. It can accommodate several material types like the Vapir Prima Vaporizer that can vaporize both herbs and wax concentrate giving you the value of two vaporizers just for the price of one. By further understanding the properties of each material type, Vapir knew how to adjust their products in order to give you the best vapors and the most intense flavors either when you use their portable or desktop vaporizers. They knew that vaporizers extract active ingredients from flowers, leaves, wax concentrates, and oils, so they also focused on the best temperature profiles these active ingredients are released and are extracted so you can maximize your materials every session. Vapir vaporizers can get you through your favorite materials without ever burning them. This means that your herbs and your wax concentrates are heated without reaching the point of combustion.  

This was their path and they tread not lightly but with caution as they have proved to show that the vaporizers that they produce are manufactured with careful attention to detail.  

Why Vapir?  

For someone with over two decades of experience in the vaporizer industry, Vapir is a company that has seen the rise and fall of other manufacturers and while doing so maintained a staying power that allowed them to continue world-class production and operation till today.  

Established in 1997, Vapir was still under a different name, Advanced Inhalation Revolution or AIR-2. Since its conception, AIR-2 has established itself as a leader in manufacturing high-quality vaporizers. They’ve accumulated years of knowledge and have developed and experimented on several vape designs allowing them to come up with some of the most unique and most interesting pieces of technology in the industry of vaping. Their vaporizers are versatile and are made to give you an easy and convenient experience at a reasonable cost.  


AIR-2 has built vaporizers in the idea of eliminating combustion altogether. They know that one of the common reasons why many consumers switch to vaping is because they are fully aware of the dangers posed by smoking the actual plant matter. Furthermore, many of today’s consumers do take up the habit of consuming herbs and concentrates because of their medicinal properties. While there are still a few who consume the materials for casual and recreational purposes, many of today’s digital and modern users reach out for a vaporizer for more remedial reasons. AIR-2 worked to remove elements that can affect and influence combustion making their products true vaporizers. They have been known as smokeless alternatives to traditional smoking. It allowed many consumers to indulge and savor the flavor of their materials without the risks of getting themselves sick because of the chemical compounds found on combusted plant matter that easily mix with the smoke.  

Furthermore, AIR-2 found that most of the active ingredients are destroyed and are lost to the fire when these materials are smoked. The combustion gives off too hot a temperature that many of these active ingredients are destroyed instead of getting mixed with the vapor. Consumers end up using more and going though longer smoke sessions and do not maximize their materials. They’re not consuming their herbs and concentrates to its full potential and guess what allows consumers to reap all the benefits of their extracts and plant matter? That’s right, vaporization.  

AIR-2 has been successful in manufacturing vaporizers to their specifications and in November of 2006, they’ve incorporated Vapir Inc.  

Today, Vapir continues to produce groundbreaking vaporizers that likewise continue to redefine the industry. Their achievements are shown in a wide collection of patented products that Vapir themselves boats of. This is why many of their vaporizer designs are unique and are not available on other vaporizer brands. Vapir holds the right to these inventions and innovations giving the brand access to a wide collection of technologies at their disposal. As of the time of writing, Vapir still has multiple pending patent requests which only proves how innovative and how hard at work these folks are. That's the reason why their products receive many positive reviews amongst many known vaporizer reviewers and other well-known online publications.  

Appearances and Acknowledgements 

Vapir products are not to be trifled with. Just like how they did not disappoint these personalities and online publications, they won’t disappoint you.  

Here are what people are saying about Vapir products.  

“for the price tag, you get a heck of a lot of product.” “another level up from other vaporizers.”  

That’s from 420 Magazine, an online publication dedicated to creating awareness amongst consumers and the very materials they consume. These folks have been in the industry since 1993 and to hear such good words about Vapir products means a lot.  

Basically, what they’re talking about here is one of Vapir’s desktop vaporizer. The author of the article praised how Vapir’s desktop unit felt solid with its stainless-steel construction and how sterile it made it feel like. This particular desktop vaporizer model is said to scream quality as it appears from the outside down to what it hides under the hood.  

A blog site called Smell the Truth even compared this desktop vaporizer to one of the most expensive and highly regarded desktop vaporizers of our time. This easily shows how well above Vapir products are over the average vaporizer in terms of performance and build quality.  

The Vaporizer Guru even said that the Vapir Prima Vaporizer “may just be the best portable vaporizer” and pointed out how well designed this vaporizer is.  

The guys at Extreme Vaporizers calls the Vapir Prima Vaporizer “the sexiest portable vape on the market!” 

The Vapir brand has also appeared in some of the most famous online magazines like Rolling Stones and GIZMODO, as well as cannabis-focused websites like Leafly 

Many of these individuals and reviewers have already tested multiple vaporizers and to hear good words from them means that the Vapir brand is indeed a brand to look out for.  

A Safe Choice  

Vapir is a company deeply rooted in a medical approach to vaporization. That’s why it’s no surprise that they use only the best raw materials available in manufacturing their products.  

Vapir refrains from using weak plastic materials. Plastic that’s of low-quality bleeds. This only means that the chemical components found in the plastic may ooze out of the actual plastic material and make its way to the dry herb strains or into the vapor. This may bring about some negative toxic effects on you and may put your health in danger. All of Vapir’s vaporizers are made using high-grade heat-resistant materials. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, vaporizers manufactured by Vapir does not release any type of Volatile Organic Compound or VOC. This is true even when Vapir vaporizers operate at its highest temperature settings. They don’t bleed and they, maintain their overall integrity and keep you safe. Vapir products, like the Vapir Prima Vaporizer, does not emit any toxic substances and therefore will not rub off on any of your materials or your vapors making it the ideal vaporizer for medical consumers.  

Furthermore, other manufacturers use glue when bonding the components of their vaporizers. There is no evidence or clear data that states any safe level of concentration of glue, especially when subjected to high levels of heat or hot temperature levels. What’s known is that the fumes released when the glue is heated is that they release irritants that can be annoying especially for consumers with existing problems and complications in the respiratory system. Also, it is believed that when overheated, some glues can become toxic. Chemical breakdown in the actual adhesive material can cause organic materials (which) could be toxic if released. This is one of the reasons why Vapir insists on using a medical-grade epoxy. These types of sealants and adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications in the medical field. These include apparatuses like scalpels, needles, and other metallic surgical components as well as a bonding agent for catheters and other filters. This ensures that Vapir products are safe and effective.  

As an example, some of Vapir’s vaporizers use high-temperature nylon-fiberglass compounds for its casings. These materials are designed to prevent temperature buildup even when these vaporizers operate at their highest settings. It works in both allowing you to hold their products in your hand even when using them at full capacity and also by preventing physical components from breaking down and affecting the quality of your materials and your overall experience. Much like how gold is applied in the engine bays of supercars and NASA satellites, the high-temp nylon-fiberglass compound material work in keeping the parts of your vaporizer that needs to be cool, cool and those that can get hot, hot.  

Also, some Vapir vaporizer products use brass herb chambers for those that can accommodate and cater to herbs and flowers. Likewise, stainless steel is used in the same manner which means that Vapir vaporizers are clean down to its core. It does not release or emit VOC’s making them one of the safest vaporizer choices on the market and in the industry.  

Vapir is committed to ensuring the overall quality of their products. Continuous product testing allows Vapir to ensure that the products they release are of the highest quality and conforms to the highest standards. It’s their mission to provide the industry with high-quality digital vaporizers that are affordable and are functional and by ensuring that each product is safe and effective allows them to have a product they can be proud to introduce to the market.  

Vapir vaporizers like the Vapir Prima Vaporizer is one of the best and the safest option for both casual and medical consumers.  

Eco-Friendly Company 

Not every vaporizer company shows its willingness to help save the environment. It’s no secret that many vaporizer manufacturers use batteries and plastic materials in constructing their products. Should these vaporizers be discarded and disposed of incorrectly, it may have significant impacts on our safety and the environment.  

Vapir launched an initiative called the V-Cycling Program. It’s a recycling campaign that gives willing customers to trade in their old vaporizers and get corresponding credits which they can use to purchase Vapir products.  

Vaporizers that use plastic components take years to decompose. This means that if not disposed of properly, these can end up in landfills releasing chemical compounds to the soil and contaminating it. It can end up on the shore and in oceans, or worse, be incinerated and release toxic fumes. That's the reason why it’s important to ensure that old vaporizers that contain plastic components are to be  

Today’s vaporizers use Lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-metal hydride batteries. These batteries may contain heavy metals that can cause environmental contamination. Moreover, these metal compounds can be released to the air should these batteries be incinerated. That’s why Vapir takes it upon themselves to properly dispose and recycle these materials.  

Vapir shows the industry that they both care for their customers and the environment by initiating a program where they create a win-win solution for both the customers and for mother nature.  

Of course, Vapir has been recognized for many reasons. However, here are some that distinguish the brand and its products apart from those on the market.  


Vapir vaporizers excel in terms of portability. Even their desktop units are made in a way that you can easily carry them someplace where you can comfortably use a desktop unit. The high-temperature nylon-fiberglass compounds used on their vaporizers allow a lighter weight.  


One of the best products Vapir has that’s extremely portable is the Vapir Prima Vaporizer. It’s the epitome of high-quality portable units. The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is outfitted with an aluminum body which makes the Vapir Prima Vaporizer both tough and lightweight a feature important and plays a vital role in terms of portability. Vaporizers that are meant to be portable units are usually dumped in pockets and in bags. Having said, they are subjected to more wear and tear even when compared to the larger and bulkier desktop models because of how much they tolerate from daily carrying activities. They are normally taken in and out of your pocket, held by sometimes sweaty and flimsy hands, and can even be the subject of accidental falls and bumps from car doors, table corners, and the likes. That’s why they have to be built tougher and lighter – a combination that’s not exactly an easy thing to do. This is why the Vapir Prima Vaporizer uses top-of-the-line aluminum components to ensure that the parts and the circuitry inside the Vapir Prima Vaporizer are kept safe.  

You can literally take them almost anywhere you go. Vapir’s vaporizers are built tough and are easy to use. It’s true that using the Vapir Prima Vaporizer may require a little bit of getting used to but it makes it so that it only requires a minimum and very little learning curve.  

Another element that adds to the increased level of portability of Vapir products is its ability to carry almost all your essentials with you. Still using the Vapir Prima Vaporizer as an example, it allows you to bring the cleaning kit so you can easily remove clogs, obstructions, and congestions in the vapor path and possible residue and material buildup in the chamber. This means you can enjoy clean and smooth vapors every time with the Vapir Prima Vaporizer.  


Vapir vaporizers are made to last. We’ve already talked how the aluminum material makes the Vapir Prima Vaporizer well-equipped for outdoor and on-the-go use but here’s more.  

The brushed aluminum ensures that in terms of durability, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer is unparalleled. It has been said that pound for pound aluminum is undoubtedly stronger than steel, that is true and it also comes with a slew of other benefits and one of these is resistance to corrosion. Even if your hands are sweaty, the acid from your skin won’t cause the exterior of the Vapir Prima Vaporizer to easily fade or corrode. This also protects it from the common causes of discoloration and manifestation of wear from smudges and dirt. It won’t rust both from the outside and from the inside making it ideal for outdoor use since you will most likely be exposed to the elements when you use it while you’re on-the-go.  


Another factor that contributes to its durability is because aluminum itself was engineered for durability and was intended to be several times stronger than steel. This means that it can easily brush off minor dents and scratches, that’s why aluminum has seen wide use in the automotive industry to the military. They make the perfect material of choice for a vaporizer as premium as the Vapir Prima Vaporizer.  

From the inside, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer boasts a long stainless-steel vapor path which gives the vapors more than enough distance to travel to cool down. Instead of having the chamber position close to the mouthpiece, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer places the chamber to the farthest possible location away from the mouthpiece to allow the vapor to travel on a high-quality stainless-steel vapor path. Stainless steel is the best component for the Vapir Prima Vaporizer’s vapor path. Stainless steel has been proven to be less reactive to food which means that it will cause very little to no reaction to your vapors. Unlike other vaporizers that use cheaper materials in constructing the interiors of their vaporizers, Vapir ensures that they use only the best materials to create the most durable and the strongest components for a portable vaporizer.  

In keeping with durable internal parts, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer uses a ceramic plate and a lead-free brass chamber as the receptacle for the materials you put in it. Ceramic is known for its inert properties which further contributes to the overall durability of the vaporizer. It also helps dissipate and prevent the heat coming from the chamber to spread to the other parts of the vaporizer. The ceramic plate ensures that the chamber stays in place and that heat is locked in for efficient and effective vaporization as well as for added protection of the components near the heating chamber. The brass chamber is also a neat addition to parts and components that make the Vapir Prima Vaporizer a durable vaporizer overall. Brass ins known for its strength and like aluminum, it’s resistant to corrosion and it does not rust. Which is why it’s best used as a chamber that similarly acts as the heating element. You will not see any signs of degradation on the brass chamber apart from the occasional resin buildup. It also does not break easy, unlike other metals that tend to be brittle.  

Overall, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer is one of Vapir’s most durable vaporizers.  


Vapir Vaporizers are also known for being versatile vaporizers. As an example, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer can be used with a variety of materials including wax concentrates and other forms of extracts as well as dry herb strains, flowers, and buds.  


To include the element of material versatility on the Vapir Prima Vaporizer, Vapir used a stainless-steel mesh screen where you can place the concentrates. This not only makes for an ingenious and clever approach to making the Vapir Prima Vaporizer a versatile unit but it also adds more to its durability. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion like all the components used in the Vapir Prima Vaporizer. You'll notice how the materials used in this vaporizer is carefully selected to make it durable and versatile.  

This way, no matter how much you abuse the stainless-steel screens you know that you won’t have to worry about having your materials contaminated by rust. All it needs is the occasional cleaning to remove residue and resin from the heated concentrates.  

Another factor that allows the Vapir Prima Vaporizer to boast unparalleled versatility is its temperature profiles. Instead of just having one temperature settings, the Vapir Prima Vaporizer offers four. This allows many consumers to find their sweet spot and ultimately customize their sessions to their liking and to their needs. The available temperature profiles are as follows; level one at 350 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit or 117 to 182 degrees Celsius, level two at 365 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 185 to 190 degrees Celsius, level three at 380 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit or 193 to 199 degrees Celsius, and level four at 390 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 199 to 2014 degrees Celsius.  

The wide temperature settings ensure that you can enjoy and, most especially, reap all the benefits your select materials have to offer whether it’s wax or herbs. Lower temperature levels ensure that you get thinner wisps of clouds and more flavorful vapors, perfect for those looking to experience mild euphoria and a functional buzz while the higher temperature levels facilitate more potent hits with warmer vapors giving you that knock off your socks experience. You can also extract specific cannabinoid compounds allowing you to reap the medicinal benefits of your concentrates and botanical blends.