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The Pulsar Vaporizer Parts  

Pulsar has been known in the vaping industry as a brand with a very good performance to price ratio. Their vaporizers are one of the most popular units in the industry for dry herb strain and wax concentrate consumption. And while delivering top tier vaping experience, their units aren’t going to break your budget. To support their advocacy in having their customers to have cost-effective devices without sacrificing performance, Pulsar developed and engineered high-quality replacement parts like the Pulsar APX Mouthpiece. We all know that mouthpieces should be kept clean at all times especially when you’re sharing, so, why to suffer from an old and dirty mouthpiece when you can easily replace them with authentic Pulsar replacement parts. The Pulsar APX replacement mouthpiece can be used for different applications, apart from when you’re sharing your vaporizer during casual sessions, keeping a spare could save you a lot of trouble when you’re traveling. Save yourself the hassle of looking for a shop that carries Pulsar parts, instead carry one yourself.   

Apart from mouthpieces, Pulsar creates a slew of other replacement parts and replacement components that can be used in conjunction with their products. Especially with the addition of new vaporizers in the Pulsar product line, Pulsar reinforced their line of replacement product parts to help support their new devices. These include vaporizer parts from atomizers, mouthpieces, batteries, O-rings, carb caps, beakers and water attachments, screens, and the likes. Pulsar has been a staple name in the vaporizer industry that’s why they just can’t let their customers down. VapeActive is proud to carry a wide array of replacement pieces from Pulsar, from quartz coils, barbed coils, atomizers, tanks, glass and metal mouthpieces to accessories that will allow you to modify your favorite Pulsar vaporizer and customize your vaping sessions for a more personalized experience.  

Keeping and saving for vaporizer parts is a secure and sensible investment that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Some repairs and replacements can easily be accomplished at home without having to send your vaporizer to your local shop or to the manufacturer. Having one of these replacements and upgrade pieces allows you to extend the lifespan of your unit without having to pay the premium price. When looking to buy vaporizer parts for your Pulsar vaporizer, make sure to keep it here in the best place to buy Pulsar vaporizer parts online – only here at VapeActive.   

Why Pulsar Vaporizer Parts?   

For one, if you’re using a vaporizer made and manufactured by Pulsar, there’s no question why you need to stock up on Pulsar vaporizer parts.   

Another thing is because Pulsar has made a name in the vaporizer industry making and manufacturing medical-grade vaporizers. Their devices are often the vaporizer of choice of many vape users especially the ones that use their vaporizers to help them with their medical conditions. Many patients receive medical prescriptions allowing them to take various forms of the plant matter to help address their medical state. As an example, other patients who are suffering from stress and anxiety are often asked to take wax concentrates as a means of naturally calming themselves and allowing them to control the state they are in. Other patients that are suffering from constant pain and suffering from medical conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. Those in constant suffering from joint and muscle pain and still require to function normally showing up for work and other appointments can rely on the use of dry herb strains and wax concentrates to help them manage their pain and using vaporizers allowing them to carry and pack materials with them and use them as they need it. Now, vaporizers used for these purposes are made with high demands in terms of quality and Pulsar vaporizers are a company known to have delivered. Their devices are known to generate pure and high-quality vapors.   

Since their vaporizers show build quality and the level of performance and proficiency you can expect from a high-grade vaporizer, the parts used in these vaporizers will also show the same quality and longevity customers have known in the very vaporizers they use for medical purposes. You can expect clean and safe vapor production from Pulsar vaporizer parts. More than the ability to replace the broken and worn-out vaporizer components, consumers choose Pulsar vaporizer devices and Pulsar vaporizer parts because of their ability to yield high-quality vapors that are safe for inhalation as it is the goal in using vaporizers to find a healthier alternative in consuming your favorite materials.   

Pulsar vaporizers and Pulsar vaporizer parts are one of the best devices and components the industry has to offer. The parts you need to keep your devices running in good condition need to be of the same level of quality as the vaporizer it’s supposed to be used with. You must remember that a vaporizer is only as good as the components it’s operating with so. With that said, here are some of the vaporizer parts you can see in our collection.   

Pulsar RöK Vaporizer Parts   

The Pulsar RöK is Pulsar’s newest and latest vaporizer. It’s their entry to the eRig platform allowing them to compete with the likes of the Puffco Peak, the Focus V Carta Vape Rig, and the KandyPens Oura. The Pulsar RöK is a vape e-rig that is designed and engineered not only to compete but also to beat other devices in this segment.   

Unlike other vape e-rigs, the Pulsar RöK has its glass attachment at its bottom instead of at the top. While this is different and unconventional even for vape e-rig standards, the Pulsar RöK proves to consumers and to the masses that it’s not without study and research that they did not have the placement of the glass attachment by mistake.   

That said, the Pulsar RöK comes with a Pulsar RöK Beaker Base replacement part ensuring that consumers who use the Pulsar RöK have the means to replace the bottom glass base. Not that the beaker base was built with cheap raw materials of poor quality, it’s because the Pulsar RöK Beaker Base is made of glass and no matter how solid and how tough it was made, it’s still subject to the same amount of damage when you drop a glass from a decent height. So, when you accidentally break the glass beaker, rest assured that you will have a backup for your glass beaker. The Pulsar RöK Beaker Base is made of premium-quality borosilicate glass – like all other glass components made by Pulsar. Its overall durability and inert quality allow it to withstand high-temperature levels. Likewise, it offers an inert reservoir of water that filters your vapors.   

Another replacement part native to the Pulsar RöK device is the Pulsar RöK Air Path. One of the advantages of placing the glass beaker or the glass attachment at the bottom is the ability to separate and isolate the vapor from the entirety of the unit. When the vapor is separated and isolated from the internal circuitry of the device, it remains pure and secure away from the effects of the materials and objects surrounding it. Vapors produced by the heating element are often warm because of the nature of the heating material and the process of producing the vapor. When warm vapor comes into contact with metal or plastic, it can smell and taste the material it comes into contact with. A true medical approach to producing medical-grade vapors and medical-grade oriented vaporizers. This allowed Pulsar to reinvent the way they do vaporization amongst vape e-rigs and go back to the ways on how they do vaporizers. Old school medical-grade vaping. Because the vapor in the Pulsar RöK is made to veer away from the hazards of coming into contact with plastic and metal wires, it’s kept cool and clean amidst the seemingly weigh and unconventional design of the Pulsar RöK. Many other vape e-rigs are made in a way that the vapor travels through the actual glass attachment where you suck up the vapor via the mouthpiece that is the actual glass attachment. Yes, you can see the vapors coming out but it still passes through the base of the vape e-rig and makes its way through the labyrinth of wires and circuitry inside the vaporizer base.   

Another component similar to other parts of the Pulsar RöK is the Pulsar RöK Downstem. Now you might think about how does the Pulsar RöK draw vapor from the heating element and cycle the vapor to the water at the base of the device and yet pass the vapor on the separated and isolated airpath. The Pulsar RöK downstem is made with durable borosilicate glass and allows for the suction pressure to draw the vapor to the mouthpiece as you inhale from it. Like the Pulsar RöK Beaker Base, it’s made with the same inert material and will not affect the quality of your vapors regardless if it makes contact with warm vapor so it will not chemically react with the warm clouds. The Pulsar RöK is a great replacement tool just in case you accidentally break the downstem you are currently using. And because it’s a vital part of your vaporizer, having a replacement downstem always at the ready is important so you can easily remove and replace downstems that have been damaged or are broken.   

Furthermore, the Pulsar RöK Downstem also adds a level of filtration as the downstem causes the water to bubble as vaporizers that feature a downstem often provide hits that are cleaner and are easier on the lungs and on the throat. This allows you to enjoy cleaner vapors that are still rooted like Pulsar devices to be of medical-grade quality. So, if you need your vapors to be as clean and as cool as they can be, make sure to use the Pulsar RöK and take advantage of its downstem that boasts stellar performance.   

The Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement Set is another component of the Pulsar RöK that aims to hold up Pulsar’s long legacy of medical-grade vaporizers. You might think, how can a silicone plastic be a healthy component? Well, Pulsar uses only food-grade silicone in manufacturing these collar replacements. The Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement Set is made of carefully-selected food-grade silicone material that won’t affect the quality of your materials – be it botanicals or herbs. The Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement Set is the piece of the Pulsar RöK vape e-rig that holds the heating elements in place. In a way, the Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement is the bond that holds the heating element in place and makes up for a small but important piece of the working puzzle that is the Pulsar RöK.   

Having sat close to the heating element, the Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement Set may look like it does more harm than good. However, because it’s made from high-quality food-grade silicone, it proves to be a safe component to use with the Pulsar RöK. The Pulsar RöK Silicone Collar Replacement Set.   

Pulsar is one of the brands that continue to lead the way by manufacturing medical-grade vaporizers for use by medicating patients and recreational consumers.   

Changing Vape Parts On-The-Go   

Another important aspect of having to use Pulsar vaporizers is their ability to have the parts interchanged even while you’re on-the-go. This means that when any of your vaporizer parts break down and wear out all you need to do is to reach out to your vaporizer pack and easily replace the broken component. This is why it’s important to always stock up on vaporizer parts that are compatible with your device.   

Many vape beginners, especially those on a budget may think that they do not need replacement parts. However, like many other parts used to replace their devices, it’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. So, the best practice is to always stock up on vaporizer parts like replacement mouthpieces, replacement batteries, replacement atomizers, and replacement chargers. Everything you are using with your device; you don’t want to get caught empty-handed without having any replacement part with you. One of the many hassles and troubles vape users experience before was the trouble of having to send their vaporizers back to the manufacturer just to have a small mouthpiece replaced. Pulsar vaporizers are built with this idea in mind. That’s why their devices are outfitted with 510-threaded connections and O-rings that make for simple and straightforward removal and replacement of their parts.   

Think of the Pulsar APX Volt Variable Voltage Vaporizer. It sports a compact boxy exterior but has a 510-threaded attachment atop the unit. This allows you to remove and replace the heating element without the use of any tool. Just a simple twist here and there and you’ll be able to replace the heating elements so you can continue your vape sessions whatever life throws at you. As easy and as simple it is to use Pulsar’s devices, the same way they made the means to replace broken parts relatively simple and easy. Even vape beginners can experience a session like a connoisseur or a pro when using Pulsar vaporizers. You don’t have to be an experienced veteran to be able to enjoy the vapors produced by Pulsar devices. Likewise, you don’t need to have the technical experience to be able to replace the parts used in their portable vaping devices.   

Changing parts at the comfort of your own home is one thing, changing parts while you’re on your feet is another. The use of O-rings on other components like the APX Volt Variable Voltage Tank allows you to easily pull and replace the mouthpiece without having to screw components on and off. While twisting and turning threaded links provide a secure and solid connection to your coils and atomizers, it does take a little time. Conversely, O-ring connections allow you to just snap on and off the parts making removal and replacement quite easy when you’re vaping on a fly.   

Apart from Pulsar’s iconic medical-grade quality products, the convenience of using their vaporizers makes them an ideal company and manufacturer of choice amongst those wanting to own a device they can depend on and rely on.   

Pulsar’s Choice Raw Materials  

Like any other concoction or product of engineering, the quality of the vaporizer lies within the quality of the components and the quality of the components lie in the quality of the raw materials used in constructing and in fabricating these components.   

One raw material of choice by Pulsar and one you’ve heard quite frequently on this page is borosilicate glass. Borosilicate comes in many brand names like Pyrex. However, the overall quality of these raw materials remains the same. They are inert and will rarely react to heat chemically. They have high thermal resistance and will not break quickly even when consistently subjected to thermal shock. This meant that it’s a raw material that will not easily break allowing for better longevity and superior reliability. it’s the best raw material of choice because despite its inert and durable properties, it still offers other features that make it ideal for use with vaporizers. One is that it does not rub off its flavor to the vapor, other components like steel and plastic will make your vapors smell and even taste like them. That's why many connoisseurs cannot bear to inhale vapors such as these because it will feel like inhaling plastic or metal. Using components like borosilicate glass will help you preserve the qualities of your vapor while maintaining solid and reliable integrity.   

Another raw material of choice found in many Pulsar replacement and upgrade parts is quartz. Quartz is pretty much like borosilicate glass in terms of its ability to withstand stress. It’s a durable component often seen in vaporizer heating elements. One of Pulsar’s products that bears the quartz components is the Pulsar APX Triple Quartz Coil. Quartz has earned a reputation for its ability to react to heat quickly. Quartz coils will allow you to easily vaporize your wax concentrate while giving off pure vapors. You will experience less likelihood of breaking even when you constantly and consistently run your heating elements through multiple cycles. Other heating elements will tend to crack and break causing shards and slivers of minerals to mix into the wax concentrates and end up getting mixed into the vapor. This can prove to be unhealthy since minerals when heated, may have certain effects into your body, let alone you will inhale the heated vapors from it. That’s why having a heating element for your vaporizer that will heat up fast and will not easily break is best for giving your unparalleled experience when vaping on-the-go. When you’re out and about, you simply don’t have the luxury of having to wait for your device to heat up and wait to inhale the vapors from it. Because of quartz ability to transfer and conduct heat immediately, you can enjoy almost on-demand vaporization of your materials especially when you take your vaporizer with you when you leave. This is great especially when you need vapors quickly like when you need you are a medical consumer.   

Another thing you might have heard earlier is food-grade silicone. Many single-use plastics are meant to be thrown out as soon as you’re done with them because they are bad for you and your health. They produce toxic substances and that can harm you and your system. So, Pulsar decided to use a variety of plastic that won’t break down or affect the quality of your materials. Food-grade silicone is a non-toxic type of material that does not contain any toxic byproducts or any kind of chemical fillers. There’s a reason why it was made safe for food, it will not bleed into the food. This makes it even better for use with vaporizers because you won’t have to worry about the toxic elements going into the materials and into the vapor. Many use vaporizers to inhale clean vapors to combat the toxic effects of combusted plant matter or extracts and to just let the toxic parts of the plastic go to your materials may be counterproductive to the goal you are trying to achieve.   

So, as you can see, almost all the variety of materials selected by Pulsar is geared towards providing its customers with the best vapors and the cleanest in the business. If you need vaporizers that deliver vapors fit for medical use, consider buying vaporizers from Pulsar. And you know where to get them, you can buy your vaporizers online only at VapeActive.   

Innovative Pulsar Technology  

Pulsar does not only make replacement parts for its devices. Pulsar also makes upgrade parts for their devices to improve and elevate their performance. As an example, Pulsar made the Pulsar APX Wax Barb Coil Atomizer. While the triple quartz coil is a great option for consuming wax concentrates, the barb coil does an even better job of heating and vaporizing your materials. The APX Wax Barb Coil Atomizer is outfitted with dual ribbon twist Kanthal wrapped quartz coil. The special coils used in these atomizers allow for a better distribution of heat and an even better job of ramping up the temperature so you can reach higher heat profiles faster. By doing so you can activate the more potent active ingredients in your wax concentrate faster which is always better when using portable wax vaporizers. The APX Wax Barb Coil is also equipped with ceramic heating chambers. Ceramic materials allow for slow heat transfer so the walls of the actual coil will not heat up making it still manageable to use and hold even after a quick session. Ceramic also helps preserve the quality of the vapors increasing the flavor retention on the vapor. This kind of innovative technology allows you to enjoy a better experience with your current vape setup without having to buy a brand-new rig or a brand-new mod.   

Pulsar also shows its ingenuity when they released their hand e-nails. The Pulsar Hand E-Nail uses a glass mouthpiece that attaches to a 510-threaded atomizer by way of rubber O-rings. Called the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Replacement Glass, it allows you to enjoy moisture conditioned hits by fitting a water attachment to the mouthpiece. While it seems impossible, the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Replacement Glass allows you to filter the vapors while enjoying a small and compact vaporizer build. Often found in larger vape e-rigs like the Pulsar RöK, water filters are made possible thanks to this little attachment. You can connect the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Replacement Glass to a compatible heating element or atomizer, attach it to your favorite box mod and you now have a small rig of your own.   

These technologies empower the masses and provide Pulsar’s consumer base with the necessary equipment to help them experience high-quality vaporization on the cheap. That’s because Pulsar knows that the majority of their customer base are daily consumers that consume wax and herbs for various reasons. And those who consume herbs and concentrates on the daily and make it a part of their lives will often want a way to save money to help them continue the lifestyle and the treatment they’ve chosen for themselves.   

That’s why Pulsar has earned a large following from the majority of vape users. Because their devices and their replacement parts are geared towards longevity and reusability and if you consume wax and herbs daily, you’d want a vaporizer that can be reused and replaced with parts that are available on the ready. The technology used in their devices and replacement parts is also centered around personalization and reusability. With just a single mod, you can custom craft your session to your liking. Do you want to experience dab rig-like vapor production in your portable mod? Connect your favorite atomizer that’s compatible with the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Replacement Glass. Do you want hard-hitting vapors that will melt your face off? Then connect the Pulsar APX Wax Barb Coil Atomizer on your box mod. The possibilities with Pulsar’s devices and their wide collection of replacement and upgrade parts are endless. You're only limited by your imagination and of course, your tolerance.   

VapeActive is proud to carry products from Pulsar. Not only their vaporizers but also the replacement parts they manufacture because, in our own little way, we help other consumers find the best Pulsar replacement parts for their Pulsar vaporizers in one convenient place. Instead of having to search the wide web for hours and hours, you can find all that you will ever need in VapeActive – a one-stop-shop for everything Pulsar and everything vaporizers. We do not only compile Pulsar’s collection of replacement and upgrade parts, but we also sell them at the most competitive price. So, when you need to shop for Pulsar vaporizer replacement parts online, make sure to buy from VapeActive.   

We are a fan of Pulsar’s dedication to manufacturing medical-grade vaporizers that are affordable so that anyone can buy them. No one has to sacrifice the quality of their products – let alone the quality of the vapors they inhale just because they can’t afford it. Products made by Pulsar level the field and allow many consumers to easily achieve the quality of vapors they truly deserve. VapeActive is not only the home of high-quality vaporizers and vaporizer replacement parts, but VapeActive is also the home of affordable devices and replacement and upgrades parts that are relatively durable and reliable, just like these Pulsar replacement parts. So, when in need of a replacement component for your vaporizer, do not stand in a line of hours, make your shopping experience worthwhile and shop online with VapeActive. We’ll have your Pulsar vaporizer parts delivered to you with just a click of a button or a tap of a screen. Join us and be a part of our family here at the home of quality vaporizers online at VapeActive.