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Dab mats have sprung forth as a consequence of the evolving means of consuming cannabis and Oil Slick, a Bellingham, Washington-based company capitalized on the opportunity of manufacturing and producing high-quality dab mats allowing the general public to enjoy the benefits of non-stick products. Dab mats offer several significant advantages to the daily dabber and allow one to uplift their sessions without compromising their overall sessions. Oil Slick produces some of the best dab mats the industry has to offer with a slew of many other products designed and engineered to protect a slew of things from the furniture from where the dab rigs sit from as well as the actual rigs from where you draw your vapors from. That being said, the nature of the products of Oil Slick revolves around on-stick products for use with storing and transporting wax concentrate products. Oil Slick has been one of the best brands that target the niche of wax concentrate consumers and is now patronized by many other consumers because of the overall quality of their products and the icon that the brand has been.

VapeActive is one to acknowledge this achievement and we believe that the items that they produce will help the lives of many wax concentrate and extract consumers. That’s why we carry some of their best-selling products like their Oil Slick Pad, Oil Slick Pad Duo, and Oil Slick Non-Stick Silicone Mat. Our staff has always had a queer eye for some of the best products on the market to use with wax concentrates and have found that products from Oil Slick were just here to do the trick. If you need to buy Oil Slick dab mats online, make sure to buy only from VapeActive, the best and top-rated online vape shop carrying original and authentic Oil Slick products.

Why Should I Use an Oil Slick Dab Mat?

Many wax concentrate consumers consider using a dab mat as a means of decoration or adornment to accentuate or highlight their showpiece of a dab rig. However, here are some other practical reasons why you should consider using a dab mat.

1. Gives your rig proper footing.

One benefit of using dab mats like Oil Slick dab mats is the added protection it offers for your precious dab rigs when you have that one friend that’s never careful with the things that aren’t his. This is true especially if you’re using advanced e-rigs that cost a couple of hundreds of dollars. You just can trust that they won’t let it slip off the table and drop down the floor only to leave you with a broken e-rig and an apology from “that” friend. In most cases, dab rigs are stuff we save up for. They’re not as affordable as other vaping implements and they offer far better results for that matter. Dab rigs can come in the form of an all-glass build or one of the more advanced battery-powered devices called e-rigs or electric rigs. These are devices or rigs that are often considered an investment because of how expensive these things can be which is only befitting that you protect them the best way you can and, in any way, possible. When you’re out in a session, your rig is exposed as it’s not possible to hide it in a box while you use it. So, the best thing you can do is to have a thin layer of protection underneath it so as not to interfere with your dabbing but still provide a thin layer of protection. After all, a thin layer of protection is better than no protection at all.

Using a dab mat in this instance will provide you and your rig with a layer of safeguarding just so the dab rig does not slip and slide through the table. Tables and other flat surfaces can oftentimes be smooth and can increase the chances of your unit toppling over and suffering a fall. A dab mat for this matter can provide added traction so your expensive glass dab rig or your eRig won’t get easily knocked over where it stands. Furthermore, the dab mat will act as a thin layer of cushioning should the rig fall from where it stands to provide you with a slightly increased chance of avoiding dents, cracks, and damages, that will cause your unit to suffer cosmetic and structural damage.

2. Prevents wax from getting stuck on the table.

Another practical application to using a dab mat like the dab mats that Oil Slick offers is that it prevents the wax from getting stuck to your table. This true especially for materials with thick consistencies. They seem to be hard to take off wood furniture and will leave a stain on your table. Some of the most common materials include those that think and dense consistencies like wax, shatter, and budder. Having your extracts get stuck in your furniture does not only ruin the actual furniture but also creates a place for bacteria and other microorganisms to develop and proliferate. This will not only decrease whatever aesthetic value your furniture has but also creates a spot that might just be harmful to you and those living within the same household. Also, nobody likes to waste wax. Wax is expensive, especially if you’re buying from dispensaries. High-quality wax isn’t hard to come by, it’s just that producing wax and other high-quality extracts are no easy feat. Plus, you might be sporting some expensive furniture at home, a dab mat will do just the job to save your wax from damaging your home fixtures and saving you hundreds of dollars in refurbishing these chattels.

Wax concentrates can create a mess, especially when you’re handling them or transferring them from your dab jar to the banger of your dab rig. Even when using a dab tool, you can have droplets of wax concentrates fall off to your table. A dab mat not only prevents it from sticking into the table but also allows you to pick it up with your tool and use it to maximize the materials and never let it go to waste. Because the surfaces of dab mats, especially those of Oil Slick is non-stick so you can easily peel it from the dab mat allowing it to serve as a dual-purpose tool that’s practical and inexpensive.

3. A Place to set dab tools.

This goes for any kind of tool you can use to pick up wax, scrape the wax off, and even deal with any kind of heated or melted extract that might get into your clothes, furniture, or any home fitment. Pretty much like how it can protect tables and countertops from getting damaged not only from melted wax but also from the heat from the tool since many of these dab tools are used to press the actual wax to the heating element that often exceeds temperatures reaching up to 500°F. You simply just don’t want that hot piece of metal getting into contact with tables with a smooth finish. You even put coasters on tables why not use dab mats? After using your dab tool, place it on top of the dab mat to allow it to cool down until you use it.

Dab mats like that of Oil Slick dab mats also provide a clean space when setting your dab tool down. Imagine having a dab tool with sticky wax in it and placing it atop of a table you don’t even know when was the last time it was wiped. In order for you to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the dense and sticky wax concentrates. Especially during these times that viruses are at its potent, using a dab mat can prevent bacteria and microorganisms from getting into your wax concentrates as they can end up contaminating your dabs since you’re dipping them on your jar and then applying the tool and the wax on the banger which will potentially affect your dabs and worse, your overall health.

4. Making Rosin.

Rosin is a byproduct of using heat and pressure to quickly and almost instantaneously squeeze the resinous extracts of your botanicals. The process of creating rosin can vary from simply just cleaning up flowers and buds to turning kief and hash into a full melt hash oil. Traditionally, consumers will use a heating press, a parchment paper, a dab tool, and of course your herbs. However, in the event that these tools are unavailable, you can easily make rosin out of your weed, a hair straightener, and of course – your Oil Slick dab mat.

You can make rosin simply by pressing the weed in your dab mat and pressing it with the hair straightener until you hear a slight sizzle. This means that the resinous substance has already been extracted from the actual plant matter. You just quickly remove the used-up plant matter and pluck the extracts using your dab tool.

There are smaller dab mats that can actually be used and was designed specifically for this purpose since using a dab mat in lieu of a parchment paper will take longer to both heats up and cool down.

When you need to find the right dab mat for your needs make sure to remember the name Oil Slick and don’t forget to browse through our wide collection of tools for dabbing. Always look for VapeActive, we’ve got the best products from Oil Slick and we get our products straight from the manufacturer so you can be sure they’re original and authentic.

What to Look for In a Dab Mat?

Dab mats are simple implements; however, you’ll be surprised that selecting a dab mat for your dab sessions may seem to be more than simple.

The average dab mat is made from rubber whilst those that are of better quality are made from silicone. Those that are of still better quality are made of platinum-cured silicone. Hence, the first thing you should consider when looking for a dab mat is the materials used in it. The best dab mats on the market use platinum-cured silicone. Platinum-cured silicone offers and boasts properties that make it suitable as a dab mat. These are the likes of inert properties like improved physical properties that make them strong enough to hold a heavy rig made with glass filled with water. Platinum-cured dab mats are also known for their ability to resist high-temperature levels, from which they can be used to the point that they can act as a means to hold pressed pollen to create rosin. It’s also made to withstand all these stresses while remaining flexible enough that they can be placed on a flat surface and take up the structural makeup of the surface from which they were placed upon. A dab mat made from high-grade platinum-cured silicone will prove to be quite a worthy investment especially if you are a frequent consumer of wax concentrates and if you use your dab rigs as much as you use spoons and forks.

Second, you should look for medical-grade silicone instead of food-grade silicone since medical-grade silicone does not leech compared to food-grade silicone. This means that when pressed together in between a heat press or a hair straightener, the chemical components of the food-grade silicone will mix with the pressed material and may affect the purity of the rosin you’ve created. This will make the vapor smell and taste like burnt rubber and may even be bad for your health in the long run. Moreover, platinum-cured silicone boasts better longevity compared to other types of silicone components which make dab mats made with platinum-cured silicone a better option as it will not become brittle over time nor will it shrink as food-grade silicone will. It will take a longer time before it breaks down and when a silicone material breaks down, the chemical compounds in it will begin to bleed into the wax concentrates. While more expensive, platinum-cured silicone will prove to be a better option that will save you and your wax concentrates from spoiling.

Lastly, when looking for a dab mat, one thing you should look for is size. Size will play an important role when using a dab mat. One good reason is that your dab mat will have to cover the surface area that must exceed that of the actual dab rig. You don’t want your dab rig to overlap the dab mat, it would just be useless. When the melted wax drops on the table, you want the mat to catch it and you want the dab mat to cover the area where the dab rig is placed. So, make sure to check the size of your dab rig and buy a dab mat that measures up to the size of your rig.

When buying a dab mat, make sure to buy Oil Slick dab mats. Their products are made from platinum-cured silicone which means that it boasts longevity and reliability, unlike any other dab mat you can ever find. Likewise, they offer dab mats of several sizes that make Oil Slick dab mats suitable to many other applications. Dabbing is a messy affair and a dab mat of various sizes will allow you to be effective in terms of consuming your select materials. We at VapeActive are always on the search for some of the best items and accessories to be used with wax concentrate consumption. That said, our team of experienced vape users and wax concentrate consumers knows just what it takes to make a good dab mat and Oil Slick dab mats and Oil Sick dab mats are one of the most highly-recommended accessories and implements necessary for wax concentrate consumption. VapeActive has a collection of dab mats from Oil Slick. So, if you need to buy your dab mats online, make sure to buy only from VapeActive. We're the best place to start when searching for affordable and high-quality dab mats to use with your dab rigs, even with your eNails and eRigs. You can even use it for when you’re consuming dry herbs making it an essential part of your arsenal. Buy Oil Slick dab mats online, buy dab mats at VapeActive.

Tips on How to Buy Dab Mats Online

Not just Oil Slick dab mats but also other dab mats. In order for you to get the best of your money’s worth, it’s best to follow these tips and you better take our word for it.

1. Buy from a trusted brand.

It’s not enough that you buy a dab mat. It’s best that you search for a trusted brand and go for the products that they sell. Brands that are serious about what they do will do all in their power to build a reputation. That’s because brands that are serious about their business will often do their best to avoid tarnishing their reputation as a small mistake in manufacturing can damage the reputation they built for years. You're more likely to receive better customer service and relatively better-quality products. These are just some of the perks of buying from a trusted brand. You do not just buy their products but you buy the quality their products are known for, just like Oil Slick. Their dab mats are made using platinum-cured silicone, arguably the best kind today’s industry has to offer so you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth every time you buy a dab mat with the Oil Slick logo. You just can’t go wrong when you buy your dab mats from a trusted name. That being said, before you splash the cash, just make sure to make your research on what brand to go with. And if you haven’t yet, you can always trust that Oil Slick dab mats will not disappoint. That’s why we at VapeActive are vigilant on the best dab mats on the market today and we are glad to have come across Oil Slick and carry their products so we can help our customers get affordable and high-quality dab mats.

2. Check the product listing.

Arguably almost everyone uses online shopping nowadays. Whether to browse available products or literally have products they see delivered in front of their doorsteps, online shopping has been one of the most sought-after avenues of buying products including dab mats. When making your purchase or even when you’re just planning on buying your dab mats online, one of the best ways to get the most out of your money is by reading the product description on the listing or by watching embedded videos on the product page. What it does is that it gives you a clear picture of what the product has to offer so you will have an informed decision before you make your purchase. Sometimes, pictures just won’t suffice. Mainly because many sellers just use pictures they grabbed online. Some online sellers don’t even know and understand the product they are selling so the pictures are at best, inaccurate and may not completely represent the product they are typifying. Here at VapeActive, we make sure that the products we sell online have proper product descriptions so our customers will have an idea of what they’re getting in for. Which brings us to our next tip.

3. Buy from a trusted seller.

Especially if you’re buying dab mats online, or any vape-related products for that matter, make sure to buy from a trusted seller. One reason, to buy from a trusted seller is your right to customer service. To begin with, trusted sellers will have products that do not only come directly from the manufacturer but will also offer support if in any case, the product you received was faulty in any way. Here at VapeActive, we assure you that we provide you with original and authentic products as well as provide you with world-class customer service regarding delivery inquiries, product inquiries, and other questions before and after you make your purchase. We won’t leave you hanging high and dry, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best shopping experience they can get. Whether you’re shopping for Oil Slick dab mats or any other dab mat for that matter, we can assure you that we’re here to help you out with any concerns you may have with your order or the product you have received.

When shopping for Oil Slick dab mats online, make sure to shop with VapeActive so you can get the best shopping experience. Rest assured that you can make an informed decision before you even hit that add to cart button. We make sure that the products we sell will have proper product descriptions so you can read what advantages the dab mat you’ve been eyeing for can bring to your daily sessions. We also embed product videos for those who learn better by watching videos than reading written texts. We’ll make sure that you are equipped with all the proper material we can gather so you can fully understand the product before you make that purchase.

Oil Slick Awards and Achievements

Oil Slick is a company that has received recognition for their hard work and effort in making the best dab mats on the market today. Here are some of their awards and recognitions.

  • Dope Industry Awards – 2013
  • US Cannabis Cup (Seattle) – 2013
  • Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup – 2014
  • US Cannabis Cup (Denver) – 2014
  • Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup – 2014

In 2013, the Dope Industry Awards was held at Cub Sur in Seattle on December 21. Oil Slick has received the Best New Product award for its breakthrough in the dab mat industry. The 2013 Dope Industry Awards was one of the first awards that spurred Oil Slick’s success in the industry. The Dope Industry Awards by Dope Magazine pays tribute to the professionals in Washington State’s medical marijuana industry.

Next, was the awards Oil Slick won during the 2013 US Cannabis Cup held in Seattle. This is where Oil Slick was awarded Best Product and Best Booth on the same night allowing the Oil Slick brand to bag two awards in a single event. The US Cannabis Cup is held annually to pay tribute to some of the best companies in the industry from vaporizer manufacturers to companies like Oil Slick that elevates your overall vaping experience.

The following year, Oil Slick managed to bag the Best Product Award given by the Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup. An event founded by the HIGH TIMES Magazine; this medical cannabis cup was instituted to bring the same vibe as cannabis cups held in Amsterdam and give the local cannabis cups the same level of passion, atmosphere, and ambiance. That night, Oil Slick managed to take home the most coveted award for the best new product. It was held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa in June of 2014.

Oil Sick also won the Denver Cannabis Cup the same year with the same award for Best Product. This cannabis cup held some significance since the first cannabis cup in this location was celebrated when the state voted to legalize the consumption of cannabis for adults in 2012. Since then, the events in Denver were met with higher regards thus making the win of this award much more vital for Oil Slick. Oil Slick stood toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the industry but still managed to bring home the bacon because of its ingenious design and use of legitimate medical-grade quality components.

Lastly, adding to its wins, Oil Slick brought home the Best Product award from HIGH TIMES’ 2014 Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup as Oil Slick once again was met with fierce competition and warm recognition. So, if you are looking for a dab mat with an award-winning pedigree, make sure to buy only Oil Slick dab mats so you can take advantage of the company’s winning recipe and bring home a professional quality dab mat. It’s not every day you get to come across dab mats of such high caliber that you need to bring one home with you. And, when looking to buy your Oil Slick dab mats online, make sure to buy only from the trusted source, VapeActive. We’re the best place to buy all your dab mats online. We're the best place to start shopping not only dab mats but also all kinds of smoking and vaping stuff. No other online vape shop earns the top-rated spot like us. And, pretty much like how Oil Slick bagged these awards and took the hearts of many wax concentrate consumers, VapeActive became the most-recommended online vape shop by some of the biggest names on the market.

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