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The Magic Flight Vaporizer Parts  

Magic Flight vaporizers have been known for their unique out of the box design, which catches the attention of almost all vaping enthusiasts. They boast of products that are carefully handcrafted in the United States, now, you’re assured of what kind of quality you’ll find with every merchandise made by Magic Flight. That’s not all, Magic Flight uses high-quality products to ensure the longevity and superb overall quality of their devices. Although Magic Flight puts more than 100% effort into crafting their products, they know that unexpected accidents sometimes happen, even to the best of us. That’s why Magic Flight has released several numbers of accessories that are designed to work specifically for their devices like the Magic Flight Battery Charger. These replacement parts and accessories represent the same attitude found on their hallmark design. They know that the distinctive element which made them famous and set them apart from the competition in the industry should be maintained and preserved. Hence, their replacement pieces carry the same design and quality as the vaporizer units themselves.   

For vaporizers as creative and as innovative as those branded with the Magic Flight logo, one would think that finding the right replacement parts and components for maintenance would be hard. That's right, especially if you don’t know where to look. VapeActive is home to some of the best Magic Flight parts for upgrade and replacement. We stock up on authentic and original parts from the manufacturer. You can’t get any raw than that. We’re the best place to shop for all the parts you need for your magic flight vaporizer. When all online vape shops take their Magic Flight parts out of stock; we make sure we keep ones just in case you need them. You'll never know when a part of a component of your device will break right? With VapeActive you can trust that you will always have access to some of the most affordable replacement parts for all the products under the Magic Flight banner. No more having to run to your local brick and mortar vape shop downtown just so you can buy parts you can easily have access to at the comfort of your own home. VapeActive has it all for you. So, come shop with us and get the best Magic Flight vaporizer parts online for the best price.   

Shop with confidence, shop with VapeActive.   

Maintenance and Enhancements  

Magic Flight vaporizer units are a thing of beauty, they tick all the right boxes in the checklist of vaping design and aesthetics, Magic Flight enhancement parts are a good way to start improving the looks of your vaporizers and customizing your vaping experience. Here at VapeActive, we offer a wide array of replacement and enhancement parts from Magic Flight that does not only redefines the way your Magic Flight units look but also enhances its overall performance. Rest assured that the quality you have learned to trust from Magic Flight’s careful and cautiously handmade units are also put in the work they give to their replacement parts and accessories. Show your Magic Flight vaporizers some love by getting them some new parts. Furthermore, all the parts sold on our online vaporizer store are curated and hand-picked by our staff. Our team of professional vape enthusiasts have developed trained eyes and have a distinct taste in vaporizers that make them well suited for tasks that involve handling and selecting vaporizers and vaporizer parts used as unique as that of those made by Magic Flight. They make sure that the parts are tested and VapeActive approved.   

Replacement parts do play a huge role in maintaining your vaporizer. While cleaning your vaporizer every once in a while is the first step, sometimes you need to resort to replacing some of the parts to keep your Magic Flight vaporizers in their best working condition. Think of them like shoes and clothes. The more you use them, the more they wear out. If your clothes experience snags and tears as they age, then so will your vaporizers. The more miles you put on your shoes, the more likely they are to give and break. The very parts used in your Magic Flight vaporizers also are susceptible to wear and tear. As an example, you can check the Magic Flight Launch Box’s standard whip attachment. The more it’s put into use the more it accumulates dirt and residue. Yes, you can clean it from time to time but when the whip is too dirty to be cleaned you will have to replace it which means you will run into the problem of having to get a replacement part for your device at some point. Furthermore, some parts are small enough that they can easily get lost or misplaced when you use them. The Magic Flight Concentrate Tray is a good example. It’s small enough that it can get lost easily and finding it could prove to be challenging – not until you step on it and break it. This is why having replacement parts are important. They’re lifesavers for the time when you least expect that you would need a replacement part. That said, it is always important to bring a vape stash with you or a vape EDC (every day carry) when you go out and about. This allows you to not only just pack some of your vape essentials and have them at the ready when you need them but also carry replacement parts that can help enhance your experience and prolong your sessions, like batteries. Magic Flight vaporizers are portable devices. They rely on rechargeable battery packs to provide you and your sessions the power you need when you need to reap the benefits of your materials. However practical and functional rechargeable batteries are, they are bound to lose power and would soon call to be recharged. What if you’re out and have no means of recharging your batteries? One way to continue your vape sessions is to carry extra batteries. When you run into this problem, all you need to do is to remove and replace the batteries and you’re good to go.   

Having parts for maintenance and enhancement is essential, especially for someone using a portable vaporizer. This allows you to always have a means of replacing worn out parts with new ones so you can enjoy the same experience for such a cheap price. Some parts also allow you to go beyond the experience the standard Magic Flight can give you like bringing extra components so you can extend your sessions on-the-go. No need to go back home so quickly and reach out for a charger. As long as you have spare batteries with you, you’re basically good to go.   

Why Magic Flight Parts are Important?   

Well, it’s not just Magic Flight parts. Almost every vaporizer part is important. Whether you’re using a desktop vaporizer, a portable vaporizer, a vape pen, or even the small pod vaporizers, knowing where you can get replacement parts and when to replace these parts is important. It’s a life skill that every vape enthusiast should know.   

Magic Flight parts offer the same kind of quality as that of the whole device, after all, a vaporizer is only as good as the parts used with it. Having said, each Magic Flight part is made with several core values in mind. One is keeping it clean and green. Magic Flight vaporizers are known for their purity and their ability to maintain the overall quality of your materials. Because the parts themselves are made from high-quality raw materials, they provide clean and pure results and faithfully preserve the integrity of the herbs or of the wax concentrates you use on these vaporizers. This is important for both recreational and medical consumers. Magic Flight vaporizers are known to vaporize your select materials without having to reach the point of combustion. This only means that they facilitate true vaporization and that they produce clean vapors that you can enjoy almost every time.   

Next is having to use no cartridges. Yes, while the trend today in vaporizers is the use of small and compact cartridges, the folks at Magic Flight aims to refrain from using compact cartridges. This is in line with their goal of providing you with clean and green results when you vape. See, when you use cartridges, you’re basically mixing synthetic components to the mixture. What are cartridges made of anyway? Well, for cheap cartridges at least, they’re made with relatively cheap materials like cheap plastic, cheap wicks, cheap glass – everything cheap. This affects the quality of the vapors. Cheap and low-quality materials will often bleed and have their essences mix with the vapor. Cartridges that use a cheap metal can cause the vapors to taste like steel. Cartridges that use mouthpieces made of cheap plastic can make the vapors taste like plastic. This is not the result Magic Flight is trying to achieve, they want you to experience the vapors of your materials at its most raw form. And using cartridges will just impede the company and the devices they manufacture to achieve these results.   

Another core principle that Magic Flight wants to achieve with their products is the use of renewable raw materials. Magic Flight uses renewable sources in making its devices like the Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s made from renewable wood that is harvested and is replaced to ensure that each purchase of Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer you make will not affect our environment and will help replace any of the materials used in making them. I don’t know about you but each Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) you buy makes me feel good that no harm is done to mother nature since it uses renewable raw materials. At the same time, no harm is done to you and your body because the materials used in the construction of these vaporizers are of premium quality and are made to be clean and green.   

Magic Flight vaporizers are also made to be unique vaping devices as shown by two of their main products; the MFLB and the Muad-Dib. Another vaporizer of unique appearance and function is the Magic Flight Jak D’Rippa - Magic Flight’s take on an e-nail solution with their own twist. Nothing a touch of Magic Flight can fix, right? Magic Flight devices are one of a kind and are made to stand out amongst a sea of vaporizers that not only do the same thing all over but also look the same. No means of distinction or any means to separate them than just a logo slapped on the unit. Magic Flight vaporizers are different. One glance and you know it’s Magic Flight. The same can be said with Magic Flight parts. They are unique in their own rights making them look more like showpieces rather than actual vaporizer parts. Take the Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device for example. It looks nothing like a water filter but it performs and functions like one – even better.   

Aesthetic value aside, one of the core elements that Magic Flight attempts to achieve not only in their vaporizers but also in the parts that they manufacture is reliability and efficacy. Good looks and unique traits won’t do you any good if you’re using a vaporizer you just can’t count on. You're better off using some cheap vaporizer that does the job poorly than a good-looking device that fares even worse. This is true in many of today’s portable devices. They are often made to stand out that the developers and designers of these devices tend to forget the very purpose of the product is to vaporize your materials. That said, you can count on Magic Flight devices to be both effective and reliable. You can count on their products to provide you with superior results every time you use them. Likewise, you can trust on their replacement parts to be relatively reliable when the time comes that you need to replace some of your Magic Flight vaporizer’s basic components. Now that’s true value!   

Safe and stealthy – now that’s something you don’t see every day. Finally, one striking core element to Magic Flight’s vaporizers and replacement parts is that they are both stealthy and safe. Using them provides you with that low-key vibe even if your Magic Flight vaporizer begs to be seen. Magic Flight uses only Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. Compared to traditional Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries Ni-MH batteries are far safer since Li-Ion batteries have Ions in them. Ions are very reactive substances which is why Li-Ion batteries have circuits in them. These circuits keep temperature and voltage in check preventing the battery from running into unwanted issues – like blowing up. That’s why Ni-MH batteries are often seen as a safer option by most picky consumers because they eliminate the risk of Lithium risks.   

These are just some reasons why Magic Flight parts are unique. They allow you enjoy a more natural means of consuming your herbs and wax concentrates while making sure that each purchase you make does not affect our environment from the moment you buy it to the moment you dispose of it – like that’s going to happen. Other vaporizers that use plastic parts pose a high risk of harming the environment when you dispose of it. A vaporizer made of wood, on the other hand, makes for a different story. Furthermore, the wide array of Magic Flight parts at your disposal means that you are less likely to have to put your Magic Flight vaporizer down for good. You can just buy parts for replacement and enjoy your Magic Flight vaporizer literally like forever. Also, when buying Magic Flight parts, make sure to check out VapeActive. The number one source for all things Magic Flight-related. We bring you the best replacement parts and the best upgrade parts for you to enjoy your Magic Flight vaporizer for a long time without getting bored of it. Buy Magic Flight parts from VapeActive online now!   

Wood, Wood, and More Wood!  

It seems like the folks at Magic Flight are fans of woodworking since almost all the products they manufacture will either be made of wood or will have a touch of wood. Their vaporizers often sport bodies made of wood as well as the replacement parts and the accessories made for it. Wood has a certain aesthetic value and appeal. Just the touch of wood awakens your senses and is like touching a living, breathing thing. It’s warm to the touch and offers a certain texture to it that’s unique and distinct. Using wood in vaporizers and vaporizer parts imbues it with a quality you can be one with. Something you and your senses can relate to. Compared to the cold touch of plastic and metal vaporizers, wood vaporizers and wood vaporizer parts make for a great component that does not only add aesthetic feel and design to Magic Flight’s vaporizers and vaporizer parts but also allow you to have a deeper connection to your daily rituals and to the very materials you consume. Wood just offers a more natural experience, a more sensuous material that allows you to elevate your daily vaping sessions.   

The use of wood in Magic Flight vaporizer parts also ensures that you get the cleanest and safest experience possible. Unlike plastic or metal, wood does not immediately and chemically react to heat. Sure, wood burns when you put it beside the fire but just the heat from the vapor and from the small heating element in the Magic Flight vaporizer won’t damage the structural integrity of wood and won’t cause its molecular composition to act crazy which makes it a safe choice when used as a part or component for your vaporizer. One of the most common issues when using synthetic material in vaporizers is that it rubs off on the vapors. Ever tried having to store your weed in a metal container? How about keeping your botanicals stored in plastic? Even though they tasted weird? Well, think of what will happen when you heat metal and plastic and mix it with the vapor you are about to inhale. Compared to wood, cheap metal and cheap plastic may cause irritants and even toxic byproducts that will decrease the value of your vapor and eventually affect your overall health. So, whenever possible, choose a vaporizer that uses vaporizer parts made from natural materials like wood.   

Interested in a woody vaping experience? Here are just some of the Magic Flight parts made from wood in our collection.   

Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem  

Welcome to the dart side! Kidding aside, the Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem makes for an ideal accessory for anyone using a Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. Instead of using a whip on your MFLB, you can simulate a pipe-like vaping experience with the Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem. Wood on wood is the theme of this Magic Flight accessory allowing you to enjoy the properties of wood and reap the benefits that your select materials have to offer.   

Why use a wood pipe you might ask? Well, wood offers better workability. With the use of natural tools, you can craft a wooden block into almost anything you want – anything you need. This removes certain limitations one can achieve in crafting items using other raw materials like steel and plastic. Remember, the goal here is to craft accessories and vaporizer parts that can provide customers the most natural experience and wood seems to fit the bill. Using rich hardwood, the Magic Flight Dart Wood offers more precise crafting by skilled artisans under the employ of Magic Flight. Each Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem is handcrafted with love in San Diego, California. Made with true blue American talent, you’re sure of the quality these wood accessories have. Moreover, the wood used in each Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem itself has a naturally porous surface that works to slightly to filter the herbal residue and is inherently resistant to fungi and bacteria. The flat tip of the mouthpiece also provides a comfortable platform for your lips so you can easily pull from your vaporizer without looking like you’re chugging from a Boba tea straw. You can enjoy smooth, comfortable, and safe vapors with the aesthetic looks to match with this wooden replacement part.   

So, if you’re looking for an accessory to use with your MFLB that needs very little cleaning and maintenance, then, the Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem might just be the accessory you’re looking for.   

Magic Flight Wood Stem  

Made for the MFLB, the Magic Flight Wood Stem is a multi-purpose attachment and is an indispensable component to the Launch Box. The Magic Flight Wood Stem can be used as a replacement wood stem should the glass stem that came with your MFLB breaks. Furthermore, the Magic Flight Wood Stem can be used as an added attachment to the MFLB connecting it to a water filtration device. A useful and versatile accessory, the Magic Flight Wood Stem is a great addition to your Magic Flight parts arsenal.   

To make these wood stems, Magic Flight’s talented artisans have to cut and bevel a block of wood. After which, they meticulously sand the piece of wood and apply a finishing coat made with food-grade mineral oil that protects the Magic Flight Wood Stem from minor wear and tear and gives it its premium look. Like the Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem, the Magic Flight Wood Stem still offers natural resistance for bacteria and fungi while simultaneously slightly filtering herbal residue thanks to the porous nature of the renewable wood used in manufacturing these accessories and replacement parts.   

Magic Flight Cleaning Brush  

You’d be a fool to think that there’s nothing special about it, it’s a Magic Flight accessory, and is made from premium wood but here’s the real reason why it made it to this list.   

The Magic Flight Cleaning Brush’s handle is made from high-quality wood which makes holding it and cleaning your Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizers a pleasure. The wood handle is branded with Magic Flight’s iconic glyph which lets everyone know (and reminds you just in case you forgot) that you're using an official Magic Flight brush to clean your device. The bristles, oh! They’re made from boar hair allowing you to effectively remove herbal residue from your MFLB without damaging the wood and the heating element in it. This small little tool makes for an essential in maintaining and cleaning your MFLB keeping it in its good working condition. As you know botanical residue can impede the quality of your vapors and while the MFLB itself was designed and engineered to make vaping dry herb strains as natural as possible, the residue from several sessions past will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth.   

That said, the Magic Flight Cleaning Brush is a great tool to keep in your Magic Flight arsenal.   

Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device  

Finally, to complete VapeActive’s lineup of Magic Flight parts and accessories made with wood is the Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device.   

The folks at Magic Flight must have thought “why has no one made a portable water filtration device yet?” Because make a portable water filtration device is exactly what they did. Short for “unnamed filtration object,” the UFO is a portable solution for those who love consuming water-filtered and water-conditioned hits. The Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device turns any glass, mug, or coffee cup into a water filtration device so you can enjoy water filtered hits wherever you are. If you plan on going camping and enjoying your materials in the misty mountains, the pair of your Magic Flight Launch Box and the Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device and surely give you smooth and safe hits wherever you are. They’re easy to pack and will not require too much luggage space and won’t even carry a significant amount of weight.   

The good thing about it is that the Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device uses water-resistant bamboo which gives this portable water filter superior durability even if it comes into close contact with liquid every time you use it. It's actually a water filtration device that will last you a long time making it an ideal investment for people having a hard time dealing with harsh vapors. The water used alongside the Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device will remove minor irritants and cool the vapors down so you won’t always have to cough when you take a drag.   

The Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device is ideal for medicating patients who consume wax concentrates and dry herb strains as it eliminates minor consequences of inhaling warm vapor. So, if you’re on the market for a portable water filtration unit, then the UFO is the perfect Magic flight part for you.   

VapeActive is home to some of the best Magic Flight parts to use for replacement or for an upgrade. Make sure to check out our website for some of the most affordable Magic Flight parts on the market today. We get our products directly from the manufacturer so we can promise its authenticity giving you only original and authentic products straight from Magic Flight themselves. We know some of you are after the aesthetic value of Magic Flight vaporizers, that’s why we make sure we stock up on some of the best-looking vaporizers from Magic Flight so you can enjoy using a vaporizer that performs as good as it looks. VapeActive ensures that all the Magic Flight parts on our collection are of the best quality not only by making sure they come from the source but also by trying out and sampling a product before we even recommend it. So, if you see it here, it means that it’s a great product that will definitely improve your chances of getting lifted! Regardless if you’re a medical consumer or a recreational user, the Magic Flight parts we select and carry is the best the brand has to offer.