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About Magic Flight

Known for making excellent vaporizers like Launch Box and Muad-Dib, Magic Flight will definitely take you to a flight that would bring you to the highest of the heavens experience. Vaping is now on its all new and improved form with the Magic Flight Design. It is made from all natural and renewable materials making it a green product that is also best for the environment. As most its vape are made in wood, which is also carefully handcrafted by artisans in the USA, it also adds on to its awesome personality as it does not only promote a powerful and well - made vaporizer but it is also stylish and elegant to use. There is no doubt that the Magic Flight Vaporizers is best for you.



Magic Flight manufactures the most portable vaporizer ever designed as its vaporizers are small enough to fit inside your palm without any part showing off. It is also small enough that it does not require too much space for storage making it discreetly kept inside your pocket or inside a small pouch that you can bring easily. It is obviously the perfect companion for on-the-go vaporizing as you can just have a grab and go vaporizer for your portable casual day session. These types of vaporizers are what the Magic Flight Creators offered the vape industry market because almost all the vaporizer users would put as the top priority on their list the portability that a vaporizer can feature. In that way, anywhere you go and anytime you feel like taking an amazing draw, you can just pull out your vaporizer and you are all set. Equipped with the best materials that vape can be made of, the Magic Flight Vaporizers continue to be one of the most highly rated and popular portable vaporizers on the market.


State of the Art

All Magic Flight vaporizers are carefully and meticulously crafted by skilled, local artisans in San Diego, California. Their vaporizers are green products as it is sourced from natural and renewable materials that work great for our environment. With the element of being delicately handcrafted, these units are hand assembled in a step by step production process making sure that it is made with a high – quality lead. Each and every portable vape is handmade with attention to quality, accuracy, and excellence. Because of this, Magic Flight has the utmost faith and confidence in their products, and can offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty.


Powerful Atomizers

With the Magic Flight Vaporizers being compatible to herbs and waxes, it surely is important that it also delivers unique and powerful atomizers that would cater both wax vaporizers and dry herbs vaporizers. As Herbs and Waxes are different in consistency and texture, both require a different type of atomizer and different type of heat temperature that would work perfectly with its vaporization process. With just the right atomizer and with a high – grade chamber, the Magic Flight Vaporizers would definitely vaporizer your material perfectly avoiding any burnt taste that everyone avoids.