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Unique and iconic, vaporizers from Magic Flight are not like any portable weed vaporizer you’ll see. These portable dry herb vaporizers are made from renewable wood and does not have any plastic or synthetic materials during construction. That said, these portable herbal vaporizers offer safe and unadulterated vapor production for the premium on-the-go dry herb session. Use our exclusive Magic Flight coupon code for special discounts.

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About Magic Flight 

Magic Flight has been the brand of choice for people who like to stay unique and never drown in the monotony of today’s sea of vaporizer products that are similar in appearance and, unfortunately, in performance.   

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Many of today’s consumers look for an authentic experience and Magic Flight is one of the very few companies that has an answer to this modern-day dilemma. Magic Flight has created some of the best vaporizers the industry can offer, we have the Magic Flight Launch Box and the Magic Flight Muad-Dib. Both devices are artistic and are distinct in nature and offer a back-to-basics kind of approach to vaporization. While other companies go into a sort of like an arms race in building the most technologically advanced vaporizers, Magic Flight focuses its efforts in creating basic devices that are built and are made with only natural components giving you that authentic vaping experience. One common factor when looking at Magic flight products is their build quality. The vaporizers manufactured by Magic Flight are from some of the best the industry can offer. The Magic Flight Launch Box. colloquially known as “MFLB,” is handmade from a solid, single block of wood. Unlike other portable vapes that use plastic and metal as the body of their vaporizers, the Magic Flight Launch Box uses natural wood to house its fairly simple and straightforward components. Likewise, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib, otherwise known as the “M.D. Box,” is also made of a single block of natural wood.  

This means that the material used to house the components of these products will not have any negative chemical reactions to heat. It will not produce any kind of toxic by-products or any kind of synthetic side-effects that may be the cause of concern for many consumers. Many see Magic Flight as a company that takes their experience to the core of vaporization. Vaping has been a more preferred method of consuming herbs and extracts by many because of its seemingly insignificant consequences compared to smoking. Vapors do not carry as many irritants and contaminants as smoke. Smoke coming from burned botanicals have been known to carry several chemicals and carcinogens as found in evidence from smoke gathered from burned tobacco. The same can be said for burned dry herb strains as the heat coming from the burning leaves and flowers causes the atomic compounds of the plant matter to break down when this happens, it promotes the production and the proliferation of free radicals, an unstable and highly reactive cellular structures that damage your system. Having said, Magic flight’s approach to crafting naturally made vaporizers make more sense and takes the process of vaporization closer to how it was intended – no chemical by-products, just an all-natural experience.  

All Magic Flight products are handcrafted and are made with careful attention to detail. They are made in the United States showing the superior quality of American made products. Magic Flight hires local artisans that are skilled and are adept at what they do. Unlike products that are manufactured in large factories made by machines, Magic Flight vaporizers are made by human hands and its overall quality is judged and curated by skilled professionals to ensure accuracy and high level of quality that manufacturing machinery just can’t do. Products from Magic Flight are made with love by local employees using an 87-step production process. Their production team uses time-tested techniques and use custom-built equipment which only proves how unique these vaporizers are. Each vaporizer is made from natural base materials that are all renewable. This ensures that all Magic Flight products do not significantly affect the balance of nature. This is one of the reasons why Magic Flight vaporizers are seen as devices that uphold the highest standards in vaporization.   

The Icon  

Magic Flight uses a logo that has some significant meaning behind it. By understanding this icon, we can also understand the ingenuity and the brilliant minds that are behind this truly iconic brand. One of the great things about their logo is that it is representative of their core values, it’s an expression of the company’s beliefs and the idealism and the goals that Magic flight strives to achieve.  

Magic Flight’s logo can be interpreted in a multi-directional orientation and will still make sense. It symbolizes a visual idea that truly embodies the Magic Flight brand. For one, it resembles a stylized version of the letter M and F, referring to the brand’s company name.   

From a different angle and a different perspective, the logo may be representative of an image of vapor emerging from a vaporizer, or as they would like to put it, from the “box” itself. They interpret the crescent image as the screen of the vaporizer and the material being vaporized is the circle that sits cradled in the crescent image. The squiggly line represents the vapor coming out of the vaporizer itself.  

magic flight

Flip the icon and you’ve got a different story going for you. You now see a woman, a goddess, with upraised arms. This image, for the folks at Magic Flight, is an important icon that symbolizes a feminine entity, a mysterious being. It can also be representative of the burning man, an icon of the culture that Magic Flight looks up to and has made a significant contribution to their company values. They value it very much that they ensure that they take a holiday to commemorate and attend this celebration.  

Either way, you look at it, the logo of Magic Flight shows that there is no correct way to view and interpret herb and extract consumption. That whichever angle you look at it, people will have a different interpretation and representation of this culture and of this lifestyle. 

The Basic Concept 

It may have puzzled many consumers to find that engraved quote behind Magic flight products like the MFLB.  

It’s obvious that the people behind the Magic Flight brand believes in symbolism and takes inspiration from many works of literature and art. They have a deep understanding of the design and creative activity which is evident in how their products are designed and engineered. Influenced by the work of Forrest Landry, in the books “The Effective Choice,” The Immanent Metaphysics,” and “The Foundations of an Applied Ontological Metaphysics.” All of which is the same book of different versions of the same exact author gave the people behind Magic Flight the motivation to create the simplest and the most rudimentary vaporizer. Of course, by being a straightforward and basic vaporizer doesn’t mean that Magic Flight products are in any way inferior to its competitors.  

The folks at Magic Flight have found this ideology to be true which is why they have incorporated this aphorism to their company, how they run their business, and how they do business with others. They have a strong belief that is rooted in how their effectiveness is measured by how well others live their lives in the same way they live theirs. Those behind the Magic Flight brand believe that this idea is worth sharing – worthy teaching. They hope that in due time, their customers and other consumers who have seen the carefully selected and engraved quote in one of their products will share the same view and passion and make it a practice allowing all who live in this world thrive under the same ideology.  

It’s quite admirable that Magic Flight not only use their products to spread and provide the community with a natural and a superior means of consuming their favorite dry herb strains, flowers, buds, concentrates, extracts, and thick oils, but they also use them as a mode and a means to spread good words and similarly good vibes.  

They view their vaporizers not only as profit-generating items but actually as a product of love. The people working for Magic Flight spend working hours of labor to produce these hand-crafted vaporizers. It's only befitting that they are treated as such and not as devices made by machines. They are made by skilled artisans who make these vaporizers by hand. They are works of art and are not mere devices.  

Overall, their concept is a solid, attractive, and a marketable approach.  

Why Magic Flight? 

magic flight

A lot of consumers seek Magic Flight vaporizers for a superior vaping experience. Why? It’s because it’s a superior vaporizer.  

There are a lot of reasons why Magic Flight products are great, one of them is that they’re nature-friendly. While the body of Magic Flight vaporizers are made from high-quality wood, these materials are sustainable and can easily be replaced by planting the same trees. So, whatever the Magic Flight team takes, they can easily take them back. What’s more is that unlike other vaporizers, Magic Flight products leave no waste. Those that use plastic and other synthetic components need to be disposed of properly so as not to negatively affect mother nature. However, because components used in Magic Flight vaporizers are made from nature-friendly materials, they won’t harm the environment when the time comes for you to dispose of them.  

Apart from being nature-friendly, their products are also user-friendly. While their devices may look seemingly complicated to operate, they’re fairly easy to use. As an example, their flagship device, the Launch Box Vaporizer, uses AA rechargeable batteries. It offers a torch fewer means of heating your herbs and makes for a user-friendly means of consuming buds, flowers, and other loose-leaf materials.  

Magic Flight products are fast and reactive. They heat up in as fast as 5 seconds making it ideal for people who need to consume their materials for medical purposes. They won’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy or even experience the benefits that they can get from their select materials. Having a fast-heating vaporizer means that you won’t have to worry about waiting for your materials to be heated. That means no more tarrying around, waiting for longer than you should, you get to draw and pull from your vaporizer fast and easy. Discreet sessions are sure when you use a fast-heating device. No more waiting around with your vaporizer in hand, as soon as you fire up your Magic Flight vaporizer, you're ready to go.  

Their devices are also responsive which means that you get immediate feedback from them the moment you fire them up. Gone are the day when you just sit there guessing whether or not you pressed the right button to make it function. Because the vaporizer itself heats up fast, the action and the process it undertakes leaves no room for guesswork. Magic Flight devices are super convenient, simple, and are easy to use.  

Many have looked to Magic Flight vaporizers for an efficient and effective vaping experience. This means that the sessions they’ll get are immediate and intimate. They can expect sessions that give them exactly what they want, the moment they start. This makes portable Magic Flight vaporizers well-suited for on-the-go use. And while on-the-go sessions can be seen as trivial and inconsequential, the sessions you get from Magic Flight vaporizers remain personal and private. Unlike other portable vaporizers that give you inadequate and insufficient power and potency, Magic Flight vaporizers ensure that you still get to maximize your materials and get the most active ingredients out of them. The vapors it produces remain faithful to the natural tastes and potency native to the botanical plant matter itself.  

On top of all this, Magic Flight products stand by a lifetime guarantee. Magic Flight offers a lifetime functional warranty for its Launch Box Vaporizer models making it a secure investment for beginners and advanced users alike. This means that as long as the components of the MFLB remains intact, you’re sure to be able to claim and take advantage of their lifetime guarantee offer.  

Magic Flight will stand by their word and honor their guarantee even if takes 20 years from now. This is one of the reasons why we here at VapeActive look up to Magic Flight and their unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality products as well as superior customer experience.  

While Magic Flight has been known for many things in the vaporizer industry, they have definitely displayed a great amount of brilliance in these areas.  


magic flight

Magic Flight manufactures the most portable vaporizers designed as their products are small enough to fit inside your palm without any part showing off. It is also small enough that it does not require too much space for storage making it discreetly hidden inside your pocket or inside a small pouch that you can take with you wherever you may go. It is obviously the perfect companion for on-the-go use as you can just have a grab and go vaporizer for your portable casual daily sessions. These types of vaporizers are what Magic Flight creators offer the vape industry. Almost all of today’s vaporizer users place portability as a top priority. The features they look for a vaporizer leans towards today’s current lifestyle, today’s meta, and Magic Flight vaporizers offer the market the perfect balance between a portable device and an aesthetic classic.  

Take the Magic Flight Launch Box, for example, it’s a compact and lightweight vaporizer. Made from handcrafted renewable wood, it only measures at around two and a half inches tall, one and a half inches wide, and just .9 inches thick making it easily portable and concealable. Furthermore, because of its handcrafted wood housing, the MFLB has significantly lighter weight. This makes it more suitable to be carried in your pockets as portable vaporizers made from metal housing or with plastic bodies tend to carry a little more weight. You can easily take the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer with you virtually almost anywhere you go. The internal components of the LFLB are also made from durable components which means that it can withstand daily carrying and use activity. Magic Flight vaporizers are durable and dependable. You can always rely on these devices for your daily consumption rituals and they make for great daily drivers for the heavy consumers. Moreover, Magic Flight vaporizers are made to ensure that it creates vapors with very little to no odor at all. This means that it won’t alert the people near you, the build of the Launch Box also ensures that there is no glass that will break. This allows you to carry your portable vaporizer care-free.  

Magic Flight portable vaporizers are rated as one of the most portable vaporizers on the market today. Their compact size and lighter weight make it so that carrying them and bringing them on travels and on trips will not make them much of a burden.  

A Labor of Love 

All Magic Flight vaporizers are carefully and meticulously crafted by skilled, local artisans in San Diego, California. Their vaporizers are green products as it is sourced from natural and renewable materials that work great for our environment. With the element of being delicately handcrafted, these units are hand-assembled in a step by step production process making sure that it is made with a high-quality lead. Each and every portable vape is handmade with attention to quality, accuracy, and excellence. Because of this, Magic Flight has the utmost faith and confidence in their products and can offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty.  

magic flight

It's true that many of today’s vaporizer manufacturers boast machine crafted components. They boast CNC precision machines but nothing beats pieces made with human hands. The level of precision and the element of human judgment place handcrafted materials at the top of the hierarchy of manufactured goods. Think of hand-made leather shoes, hand-woven leather bags, and other crafts that are made with the human hand. They provide each item with an amorphous air of authenticity. They are original, genuine, veritable, and bona fide products made with skill and passion.  

Handcrafted items take less energy than producing products using a mass assembly line. Plus, the fact that Magic Flight vaporizers are made with sustainable wood coupled with its unique handcrafted process makes Magic Flight make the brand and its products more environmentally sustainable. It also makes you feel good that you’re not harming the environment.  

You can enjoy fancy vaporizers that help the environment and the community.  

Versatile and Easy to Use 

With the Magic Flight vaporizers being compatible with herbs and waxes, it surely is important that it also delivers unique and powerful atomizers that would cater to both wax concentrates and dry herb strains. As herbs and waxes are different in consistency and texture, both require a different type of atomizer and different type of heat temperature that would work perfectly with its physical makeup. With just the right atomizer and with a high-grade chamber, Magic Flight vaporizers would definitely vaporize your materials perfectly, eliminating any burnt taste that everyone avoids. 

magic flight

Magic Flight devices are simple and easy to use. Instead of having to go through complicated setups and other complex settings before you begin to vape, Magic Flight products ensure that you can use it without bothering yourself about going through the dreading process of operating a complicated device. It's pretty neat to see a very rudimentary device function so well and even better than other vaporizers that say they’re technologically advanced.  

Magic Flight Vaporizers  

Here at VapeActive, we're proud to carry some of the best products Magic Flight has to offer. With their solid sense of art, aesthetics, and overall quality one can’t simply pass on these vaporizers. Here are a few.  

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer 

The Launch Box is what launched the Magic Flight brand to fame and placed them on the map of top-tier vaporizer manufacturers.  

The Magic Flight Launch Box is Magic Flight’s flagship model. It boasts unique and artistic aesthetics that make it stand out. It offers users a combination of rudimentary technology and unparalleled reliability making it a desirable device for any dry herb enthusiast. It has many features that make it the superior portable vaporizer of choice, but the best part of using the Magic Flight Launch Box is how portable this vaporizer is.  

You literally can place it inside your pocket and not even remember it’s there. It’s small and lightweight but it’s durable enough to withstand wear and tear from daily use and daily carrying activity. This means that the Magic Flight Launch Box is perfect for those who use their vaporizers on-the-go. The fact that it’s highly transportable makes carrying this dry herb vaporizer to trips and escapades even better. Furthermore, the dimensions of the Magic Flight Launch Box make it so that it fits perfectly in your hands. You can literally conceal the Magic Flight Launch Box in your hands without any of its components sticking out of it. It offers a low-key and a discreet feel to your daily vaping routines. However, when the time comes to be flashy, the Magic Flight Launch Box or the MFLB can surely make a statement.  

From the outside, the Magic Flight Launch Box is housed in your choice of fine and sophisticated wood finishes like walnut, cherry, and maple. The luxurious wood material is renewable and makes for a great material to house the MFLB. The wood body ensures that it will not react chemically as the MFLB begins to function and is heated. It will not have a toxic effect on the process of vaporization happening inside the device. Each Magic Flight Launch Box is handcrafted in the United States showing the quality of American-made products. Another thing worth mentioning with the MFLB is that instead of using traditional rechargeable batteries, it uses NiMH batteries. NiMH or nickel-metal hydride batteries boast three times the capacity and energy density compared to other batteries. This means you get to enjoy longer vaping sessions between charges with the compact and powerful batteries of the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. There’s no wonder why it’s considered the best portable dry herb vaporizer by consumers who use portable devices on a daily basis. The combination of hard-wearing and durable materials, a long-lasting battery and a portable dimension makes it the ideal device to carry daily.  

Furthermore, the Magic Flight Launch Box has a slew of other accessories and attachments that allow you to expand the horizon when using the MFLB. Introducing the Magic Flight Bottle Rocket. The Bottle Rocket is a water filtration device that is made from the same high-quality wood materials as the MFLB. It's compatible with most narrow-neck bottles which makes it so that you can just use almost any bottle available. It's even compatible with other plastic bottles, soda bottles, so you can pack the Magic Flight Bottle Rocket and just purchase water in a bottle when you reach your location. This works well when in camping trips, beach escapades, or even basically when you’re out in the wild and want to experience water filtration with your MFLB.  

The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer 

While the MFLB was made for dry herb use, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib was intended for wax concentrate use. It boasts the same artistic and aesthetic feel as the MFLB but we can promise that the appeal of the M.D. Box is unique in its own way.   

It's got an old-world feel to it, sort of like a steampunk style that’s reminiscent of Will Smith’s Wild-Wild West movie. It even has a monocle design that accentuates the whole steampunk style. The lids are made from brushed brass, so, the older it gets, the better it looks. The monocle is optical-grade and allows you to see into the wax concentrates clearer and better as it turns from solid, liquid, to vapor – a fine display of chemical change.  

It shares many similarities with its dry herb counterpart. It also functions as a rudimentary device and is made with natural components that will not cause any toxic chemical reactions as the Muad-Dib Vaporizer starts the vaporization process. It is very portable and is likewise easy to use. The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer is equipped with the same batteries used in the MFLB which allows it to last longer and maintain a more stable performance even when compared to portable concentrate vaporizers that use intelligent chips to regulate the device’s temperature. The improvement in terms of battery life is drastically noticed as M.D. Box boasts a whopping 50 sessions in a single charge. We're talking about sessions after sessions on days.  

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the Muad-Did makes it a whole lot easy for you. One of the main issues of wax vaporizers is the amount of effort you have to put in when cleaning components. The hardened wax and the residue you get from overtime use make it so that the cleaning and the maintenance process is a pain. The bowl of the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer is made from brass which makes cleaning a breeze.  

The natural wooden parts and the brass components of the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer ensure that the quality of the vapors is preserved and is kept pure.  

The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Vaporizer is better when paired with other Magic Flight accessories like the Magic Flight Battery Charger. The portable external battery charger ensures that you’ll always have the means to recharge your battery when you’re on-the-go. The Magic Flight Battery Charger is equipped with smart technology which ensures that the batteries you use on the M.D. Box.  

These are just two of Magic Flight’s most popular products and we’ve got more in store for you. For those wanting to make their Magic Flight sessions a social experience, you can use the Magic Flight Orbiter. Or maybe if you’re looking for something more powerful and a little less portable, you can get the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail 

Regardless of how you wish to consume your herbs and your concentrates, Magic Flight and Vape Active have the right devices for you. So, if you’re out looking to shop for you next portable vaporizer, make sure to check our wide collection of Magic Flight products.