Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition

Brand: Grenco Science

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  • Sleek & Sexy Ergonomic Design
  • Precise Temperature Adjustment (200° - 428°F)
  • Deep Ceramic Chamber
  • Rapid Heating
  • Digital Display Screen
  • Battery Level Indicator

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About the Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition

A limited edition of one of the most famous and well-known Vaporizer makers, the Grenco Science. The Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition is made perfectly for the ladies or even the ladies at heart with its sleek and sexy design that is very stylish which is perfect for strong powerful ladies within the vape industry market. The badwood edition of the G - Pen Elite has a very playful bring as it comes with a Ski Mask Clutch and Compact Mirror as well as a lip tattoo set and a sticker sheet and a lot more! This is definitely something that gives the girls a fun and enjoyable but fierce feel on their vape session. With their favorite dry herbs portable vaporizer on - the - go, they can flaunt their wonderfully designed dry herb vaporizer anywhere and anytime. It won’t be as much fun doing your hits alone rather as enjoying your hit session with your girlfriends that is why Grenco Science made sure that the Badwood Edition of the G Pen Elite is portable enough to be able to transport it anywhere you go. This is perfect for when you go to the parlor, do a quick shopping spree at the mall or even just painting your nails at home. Compact and sleek PLUS very sexy is the easiest way to describe the all new G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition.


A lady is always precise

Strong and independent women are in love to be in control as well as with his dry herb vaporizer. Grenco Science made this edition of G Pen Elite to have the precise temperature control that you have always wanted. You are in full control of the selection of your chosen heat level to ensure a more customized experience in your vaping session. It has a temperature pick from 200 degrees fahrenheit till the highest which is up to 428 degrees fahrenheit. You can either choose a thin and more flavorful tasting draws in a low temperature as it would cook your finely ground herbs slowly and gradually or you can choose a denser and bigger clouds at a high temperature. Whatever you choose depending on your mood, you can perfectly have it selected within your reach.


Ceramic is the new sexy

A Full Ceramic Chamber is what most users are in search for when looking for the best vaporizer. It comes with the ability of carrying the most amount of your finely ground herbs that will last you enough herb load to be able to maximize your every vaping session. Reloading your herbs each time is not a problem anymore because this pen vape does not need simultaneous refilling. It is also designed with a full ceramic chamber giving you unrivaled flavor on each hits. The heat it produces evenly distributed for your fine herbs to extract the most flavor, aroma and eliminating any burnt taste as the air discharge is circulating properly within its space.



  • 1 x Badwood G Pen Elite
  • 1 x Badwood Tray
  • 1 x Badwood Mini Marker
  • 1 x Badwood Bottle Opener G Card
  • 1 x Ski Mask Clutch
  • 1 x Ski Mask Compact Mirror
  • 1 x Temporary Lip Tattoo Set
  • 1 x Sticker Sheet
  • 1 x Adhesive Bandage Set
  • 1 x G Pen Elite Keychain Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

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Ask a Question
  • Is this a convection vape?

    Rob, Yes, the Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer Badwood Edition features a convection heating system that delivers vapors in seconds. Thanks for asking.

  • Is this a precise temp or preset?

    Joy, the Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer Badwood Edition has a precise temperature adjustment (200F - 428F).

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