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Cloud Pen has established a name for itself as one of the go-to brands when it comes to affordable but reliable vaporizers. It's only befitting that they make relatively dependable vaporizer parts for replacement and maintenance of the very products they produce. VapeActive is proud to carry Cloud Pen vaporizers and replacement to support our customers who use Cloud Pen products. This way they will have a means of easily accessing replacement components for their Cloud Pen vaporizers and have a fast and reliable company to ship the items they need to help keep them going.

Cloud Pen parts are an important element to anyone using a Cloud Pen vaporizer. In fact, replacement parts are an important part of any vaporizer as some of the components of almost all vaporizers are meant to be replaced and will have a limited lifespan. These include batteries and atomizers as well as parts that may need to be replaced when misplaced or if broken including the battery charger and the charging cable. Having the means to get replacement parts for your vaporizer allows you to enjoy your investment longer. Nobody wants to waste money on expensive disposable vaporizers when you invest on a device, you’d at the very least, want to make the most out of it.

Cloud Pens has been a long-time staple for most consumers, especially those that have been dabbing wax concentrates or smoking botanicals even before vaping became mainstream. The brand initially started as a part of a collective name back in 2012. Cloud Pens was under the umbrella of a well-known dispensary. They later branched out and separated from the collective company. Because they had the ins and outs of the vaporizer industry well figured out, they were able to come up with products that piqued the interest and answered the needs of consumers. They were dealing with actual patients who use cannabis as a part of their medication as well as recreational consumers who choose a healthier and more natural way of fun and revelry. It’s only fitting to say that they knew both what the people wanted and what they needed. They used this know-how to develop products that are practical and functional, and the rest is history.

That said, Cloud Pens can be seen as industry veterans who know exactly what they’re doing. Here are some things why Cloud Pen vaporizers and Cloud Pen parts have always been at the top of anyone’s list.

Medical-Grade Quality

We're not just talking about their vaporizers here. We’re also talking about the smaller parts and components that make the entirety of the actual products they sell. After all, Cloud Pen’s recipe for a reliable vaporizer is relatively reliable parts. It’s the vaporizer version of the saying that you’re only as good as the people you work with.

Because the brand has strong ties with a dispensary, its medical roots are apparent and evident in the overall quality of the products they make starting with the parts used in their vaporizers. As an example, Cloud Pen uses coils that are made from inert quartz materials. This only shows their knowledge in medical quality components as quarts is not only a good conductor of heat but is also inert and does not leave traces into the actual heated material. This means that the vapor you will inhale will be pure and will not taste like plastic or metal. In fact, the use of quarts has been widely popular amongst consumers that almost all of today’s vaporizers use this kind of technology.

User-Friendly Parts and Vaporizers

Cloud Pen makes a wide variety of vaporizers and replacement parts for these said devices. Having been in the medical marijuana industry, they know that not everyone has the capacity to use and operate vaporizers, let alone replace the parts and components in them for care and maintenance. On that note, they make sure that the parts are user-friendly and that regardless of your experience in using vaporizers and consuming your favorite materials, you can easily understand what part does what and which part goes where. You don’t need to read a booklet or a boring instruction manual just so you can understand the workings of their devices. No need to watch YouTube tutorials just so you can have the atomizer replaced. They made it all plain and simple so that beginners and novices will feel comfortable in using both parts and vaporizers alike.

This has been one of the main draws of using Cloud Pen devices and one of the main reasons why they have been the go-to vaporizer for both beginners and seasoned veterans. Their style in design and engineering easy to use products have been a template for future manufacturers to come.


Another reason why many consumers have been drawn to the brand is because of how affordable their products are. While other manufacturers create vaporizers and parts with exorbitant prices, Cloud Pen stayed in a ballpark figure that any consumer can afford. That said, other consumers who are faced with replacement parts that require them to save up for end up having to re-use old parts until such time they have the money for a replacement. On the other hand, because Cloud Pen parts are affordable, one can easily replace the parts without having to make do with worn-out batteries and atomizers that are unsafe for use and consumption.

It's something you won’t regret investing in and something you would probably stock up on. That said, consumers who use Cloud Pen vaporizers and Cloud Pen parts are perfect for those who want to enjoy and experience clean and smooth sessions and not have to deal with making do with old parts just so you can continue your sessions. That’s why investing in Cloud Pen vaporizers are perfect for those who want sustainability in their sessions.

These are just some of the reasons why many consumers as well as us here at VapeActive, appreciate Cloud Pen and the products they manufacture. We, at VapeActive, are backed by some of the pickiest vaporizer users and because you see Cloud Pen parts in our collection means that they are up to our team’s standards. Here, at VapeActive, we carry only the best vaporizers and replacement parts. We get our products straight from the source so you can be sure that you’re getting authentic and original replacement parts every time you purchase online from our store. We value our customer’s trust and that drives us to procure products that do not disappoint.

If you want to know more about why the parts and the vaporizers they produce are such a hit, here are some Cloud Pen features to get you off the fence and straight into the Cloud Pen fan base.

Cloud Pen Medical Quality Parts

Due to the nature of their business origin, Cloud Pen vaporizers and parts are coveted by those who know the company’s background because of the overall quality of their products. As we’ve briefly mentioned above, Cloud Pen uses only the best raw materials in manufacturing their products from the ground up and this includes the actual replacement parts for their vaporizers.

Those who judge the brand through their product’s price point will be surprised to know about their involvement in an industry with a stricter and a much stringent process, standard, and quality. Medicating patients need clean and safe botanicals and extracts as well as delivery systems to help alleviate their medical condition and Cloud Pen is familiar and used to these kinds of standards and has proven time and time again that they can deliver. On that note, it’s not only medicating patients who appreciate the quality of the products Cloud Pen makes. Recreational consumers who also like to enjoy the same level of quality and reliability as medical consumers can rest assured that their Cloud Pen vaporizer and parts can meet and even exceed their expectations.

Cloud Pen is accustomed to using parts and components in the medical field like ceramic and quartz even before it was widely used in other vaporizer parts. Because of the company’s exposure to the stringent demands of consumers who use cannabis as a legitimate form of medication, they knew the unique properties of these materials. Quartz for example is a good catalyst for heat which could be one of its most important features as many medicating patients require fast results to ease the pain they are experiencing either from arthritis, rheumatism, and other conditions that bring chronic pain. A fast-acting vaporizer can help with managing and even treating constant pain. As we’ve briefly covered above, quartz is also an inert material and does not rub off on the vapor you inhale which means that the overall quality of the vapors you consume when using a vaporizer with a quartz heating element remains clean and pure.

They pay attention not only to the aesthetic detail of their products but also to the functional value and what makes them grind down their core. By using materials like quartz in their heating elements, they can achieve both quick and clean vaporization of your favorite wax concentrates so you can get professional quality vapors right when you need them.

However, the folks at Cloud Pen knew that using the best raw materials wasn’t exactly enough. They had to make sure that these medical-grade components were put to good use. That said...

Cloud Pen Superior Engineering

Obviously, Cloud Pen invested not only in the best raw materials the industry can offer but also in how these materials can be put to good use. Many of today’s dry herb vaporizers claim to be vaporizers when in fact they burn the dry herbs instead of heating them without reaching the point of combustion. Combustion defeats the purpose of vaporization especially for individuals who consume them for medication. Inhaling the product of combustion can cause more harm than good as it carries a wide variety of chemicals and toxic byproducts that can hurt your lungs and cause harm to your system especially if you’re someone experiencing lung-related medical conditions. Smoke from burnt cannabis plant matter has shown to share the same carcinogens and toxins as cigarette smoke. That said, marijuana smoke can potentially have the same effect as smoking cigarettes.

To help combat this effect, the folks at Cloud Pen designed and engineered their dry herb vaporizers in a way that they can produce genuine vapors and not smoke. The aim is to manufacture a device that’s a vaporizer and not a burner.

That said, they devised a vaporizer that harnesses the power of convection. Convection heating works by using hot air as a catalyst of heat instead of using direct contact with the heating element which can otherwise cause the ground materials to burn. Moreover, using convection heating allows the ground materials to be heated evenly instead of giving you hot spots where the herbs are burned and singed on one are while the others are left with a greener color and basically left fresh. Not only was the use of convection ovens allowed real vaporization but it also made vaping more efficient as the ground herbs are heated evenly. This means there is less waste and that you get to maximize every bit of the materials you use.

Convection heating is done by allowing the ground herbs to sit in an oven and use the power of heated air to effectively permeate the botanicals. What this does is that it allows the heated air to get into every nook and cranny of your ground materials so that they get vaporized thoroughly and evenly without having to reach the point of combustion. compared to using a vaporizer that relies on conduction heating, convection vaporizers allow for better results and helps in the faithful preservation of your select dry herb strains so you get to reap all the benefits it has to offer in terms of flavor and potency.

That's why convection vaporizers are usually more expensive than those that actually burn the herbs instead of vaporizing them. Good thing that Cloud Pen manufactures affordable vaporizers that run on these reliable technologies.

Superior Quality Replacement Parts

With both better raw materials and better engineering, it’s only a matter of time before consumers find out about the quality of parts that Cloud Pen manufactures. That’s why we at VapeActive are proud to carry Cloud Pen’s product line not only because we want products that sell but also, we want to help support our customers that have learned to love their Cloud Pen products. There's nothing as disappointing as using a vaporizer you’ve invested time and money on and later find that there are no support products that can be used to replace the worn-out parts of your device.

We’ve all been there and we know the feeling.

Cloud Pen produces parts of superior quality that offer the same dependability and reliability that you experienced from the parts that came right out of the box with the actual vaporizer you’ve bought. That said, having access to these essential components is as important as having access to your materials. We, at VapeActive, provide fast and reliable service so you can expect to get the products you need when you need it. We’re the best source to purchase your vaporizers and replacement parts online since we sell only authentic and original replacement parts not only from Cloud Pen but also from other vaporizer brands. That's why getting replacement parts from the same manufacturer is as close as you can get to getting a brand-new device. Plus, you only get to pay for the parts that are worn out and need to be replaced instead of having to buy a brand-new unit entirely.

For the uninitiated, here are some of the most common vaporizer parts that need to be replaced and why they should be replaced.

1. Atomizer.

Arguably one of the most common parts of your portable vaporizer that needs to be replaced quite often is the atomizer. Your atomizer is the part of your vaporizer that’s responsible for containing the materials and heating them until the active ingredients in them are heated and are extracted into the vapor. Atomizers are usually one of the most expendable parts of a vaporizer because it gets exposed to the materials (be it wax concentrates of ground botanical plant mater) and the constant cycles of heating and cooling. This causes the atomizer to be subjected to thermal shock and damages even the most hard-wearing materials available. Thermal shock occurs when an object is exposed to a rapid change of temperature in which case is common in vaporizer atomizers as it will ramp up the heat in a matter of seconds and will cool down in the same manner. This is the work and the purpose in which the atomizer was made for. The perpetual heating and cooling of your materials and the exposure to solidified and melted wax concentrate help contribute to the progressive damage of the atomizer. It will eventually wear out and require cleaning or in worse cases, a replacement.

Atomizers are usually connected to a battery through a 510-threaded connection. this type of connection provides atomizers with a stable platform and a solid connection to the battery. Doing so allows the atomizer to easily draw power from the battery and consistently heat up your materials. However, the 510-threaded connections can become loose over time and will reduce the efficacy of the heating element. This is also one of the reasons why consumers opt to have old atomizers with worn-out threaded connections replaced.

The benefits of replacing the atomizer?

First, you get to draw cleaner vapors. Old atomizers can develop resinous buildups that can harbor unwanted microorganisms and pathogens that will not only spoil your materials but can also cause unwanted problems that might harm your health. Next, replacing your atomizer actually helps in improving or increasing the lifespan of your device. It does so as it allows the other components of your vaporizer to work and breathe easier as opposed to having been constricted because the other parts have to work harder to keep your vaporizer working at its full potential.

2. Mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is another component that is usually replaced and is mainly for hygienic purposes. As you would imagine, the mouthpiece is the part of the vaporizer that comes into close contact with both the vapors and your body. You press your lips onto the mouthpiece to inhale vapors. In most cases, vaporizers get passed around on events like parties and concerts as well as music festivals and conventions. Yes, you would be passing it around to friends but even that can cause the transfer of diseases especially nowadays. If you’re at a similar social event and you just can’t say no, it’s always good to have a cleaning wiper ready or at the very least, a replacement mouthpiece so you can always replace the mouthpiece for your safety.

Apart from saliva, mouthpieces become dirty because the vapor is moist and a moist surface can attract germs and harbor them. It’s also one of the reasons why some mouthpieces tend to accumulate buildups that need to be rinsed and cleaned.

On that note, regular replacement of the mouthpiece should be observed to ensure that you can always have a clean session. That said, here are other signs you need to replace your mouthpiece.

  • It smells
  • Hits aren’t as strong as it used to
  • Dirty even after cleaning

One of the first few signs that you need to have your mouthpiece replaced apart from the aforementioned resinous buildup and saliva is that your mouthpiece starts to smell. The smell could be anything, from bad breath odor to the smell of heated and melted plastic or metal, these are signs that the mouthpiece needs to be replaced. This can be caused by the smell of soiled stuff or that the materials in the mouthpiece have been overexposed to the heat coming off from the heating element. Should you leave it be, this can cause unwanted results from the inhalation of toxic substances that are a product of heating plastic which could prove to be more dangerous than the effects of combusted plant matter. Next is that your hits aren’t as hard as they used to. This can be caused by a crack in the mouthpiece that allows air to pass through and make the vapor production uneven or watered down. Or, it can be caused by a clog in the mouthpiece that was not addressed by basic cleaning. In this case, it’s important that the mouthpiece is replaced. Lastly, you might be experiencing that no matter how much you clean your mouthpiece, it still remains dirty and in worse cases, sticky. This is true especially with plastic mouthpieces as they tend to become sticky over time and are an indication of the weakening of the materials in the plastic. What’s alarming is that the dirt and the grime tend to stick to the mouthpiece and will remain there until it’s replaced. For those that like to keep their vaporizers inside their pockets, the sticky and dirty mouthpiece may get pocket dirt and pocket lint trapped in the mouthpiece.

The benefits of replacing the mouthpiece?

Well, for starters, you can enjoy a cleaner session because a new mouthpiece essentially means that you’re replacing the avenue where the vapors are funneled and are filtered. You won’t get sick from inhaling spoiled vapors or from the germs that are stuck in the mouthpiece. Next, you’ll get optimum airflow from the vaporizer and make your device work in its optimum condition.

3. Battery.

The battery is also a part of your vaporizer that needs to be replaced every once in a while. Batteries are like atomizers in a sense that batteries have a pre-determined lifespan based on the number of recharge cycles. A recharge cycle is a cycle where the battery is fully charged until such time that the charge is fully drained and depleted. Generally, the number of cycles a battery is capable of determines its lifecycle. One of the most common signs that the battery is failing is that it’s beginning to lose or carry as much charge as it used to. A vaporizer battery that usually lasts one whole day will become depleted within half a day. When this happens, you will find yourself reaching out for your charger and running to an outlet more often than usual. At this point, the performance of your vaporizer will also be affected.

Batteries will also fail if left charged or a long period of time in which case, the battery might leak or bloat and is one of the more pressing matters that call for a battery replacement. When this happens, you’re at the constant risk of possible health risks as when the battery leaks, it will most likely release poisonous elements like potassium chloride and potassium hydroxide. The effects of these include severe abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, and a rapid drop in blood pressure. Then there’s also the risk of damaging the vaporizer as when battery bloats, especially vaporizers with integrated batteries, can cause some of the electrical components to be pushed away in places where they’re not supposed to.

So, make sure to watch out for these symptoms and be sure to change the battery as needed. as we’ve mentioned above, there are vaporizers that have integrated batteries. In which case, the actual unit that holds the rechargeable cells must be replaced. In other cases, with vaporizers with removable batteries, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the rechargeable battery itself and not the entirety of the unit.

The benefits of replacing the battery?

First, you can get as much battery life as permitted by the unit when you first bought it. Especially if you’ve purchased batteries from the same manufacturer, you can expect the vaporizer to last as long as when you first pulled it out of the box. If you’ve bought the vaporizer because it was supposed to last you a whole day of vaping, then a new battery can give your vaporizer the same amount of longevity as it used to. Next is maintenance, you can get to preserve the lifespan not only of the battery but also of the actual device itself. You're basically extending the life of your vaporizer because you can prevent issues that can cause the battery to bloat and potentially damage the interior of the battery. Its plastic circuit boards, the delicate metal plates, as well as the moving components like the buttons that allow the actual device to function. With these parts damaged, you’re essentially risking the damage of the entire unit.

On that note, replacing the battery as well as the mouthpiece and the atomizer or heating element is as important as replacing any part of the vaporizer. The developers and the workers at Cloud Pen know this that’s why they make relatively reliable vaporizer parts that can be used to maintain the devices they are meant to support. Any vaporizer will require some sort of replacement part as any device with moving parts will surely have a spot that weakens or breaks. A good company will find a way for their devices to be serviceable without the trouble of sending the device back to the factory costing the customer and company time and money to have the device looked at and repaired.

Here, at VapeActive we make sure that the vaporizers we sell have corresponding replacement parts in our collection. This ensures our customers that if anything goes wrong with their devices, they will have a means of maintaining and potentially giving their devices another lease in life. We at VapeActive carry some of the best replacement parts for your Cloud Pen vaporizers so make sure to keep it here. We’re the best source for everything about vaping and we make sure to grab our stocks straight from the source to ensure product authenticity and reliability. You can’t get any better when you shop for vaporizers and vaporizer parts with VapeActive.