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Cloud Pen has played a significant part in the vaporizer industry since its conception in 2012. Moreover, the brand itself is deeply rooted in the medical industry servicing medicating patients who chose a more natural and less synthetic means of treatment. VapeActive carries some of the best Cloud Pen dry herb vape and Cloud Pen wax vape on the market. Get your Cloud Pen portable vaporizer for wax or for dry herb at an affordable price, only here at VapeActive.

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About Cloud Pen

Cloud Pen has been one of the pioneers of the vaporizer industry and has started as a member of a collective name back in 2012. Whilst under the umbrella of a well-known medical dispensary, the folks behind Cloud Pens have seen the future of the market and understood, if not predicted, the coming development of the vaporizer industry. Having been involved in the business of providing patients with high-quality medicinal herbs and concentrates, they knew that the industry needed vaporizers that offered the ability to maximize the results one can get from consuming botanicals and extracts.


It’s good to know that Cloud Pen was established at a time when the industry did not have the right devices that featured the best innovations and technology when it comes to portable vaporizers like dab pen. There were no specific standards and portable vaporizers back then had limited capabilities and was restricted by the advancement of technology at that time. However, the people who will soon to be the founders of Cloud Pen understood how vaporization works, they knew well under what circumstances the active ingredients from the herbs get extracted into the vapor.

They also understood the ideal environment needed by wax concentrates so that it may facilitate the best conditions to unlock the full potential of the extracts. With this knowledge and the right information about how herb and concentrate vaporization works, they formed Cloud Pen, a company set to change the way people consume herbal plant matter and its by-products.

They started by curating the feedback of patients and individuals that go to them for help through the use of botanicals and other dry herb strains as well as those who look for more potent materials like wax concentrates. They then began to further understand the common pitfalls of the early portable dry herb vaporizers and portable wax concentrate vaporizers. The data they gathered and the information they collected became useful tools in conceptualizing the future of herb and wax delivery. The experiences of patients, professionals, as well as casual and recreational consumers,  helped build the foundation that makes Cloud Pen the institution they are today.

Today, Cloud Pen is home to some of the best wax pen vaporizers and portable dry herb vapes the industry has to offer. They provide the market with cutting edge devices that yield clean and pure vapors for consumers from all walks of life and for those that have very specific requirements. Cloud Pen gives its customers a personalized and tailor-fit experience through its devices that act as the perfect delivery method for herb and extract consumption.

The Cloud Pen Quality

Cloud Pen comes from a strong medical background having been founded and established by people from the medical marijuana industry who specialize in medical herbs and other essential oils and extracts. The kind of quality you’d expect from people like them is simply stellar. This is why the Cloud Pen brand is one of the most sought after vape brand by patients who use herbs and concentrates to help them deal with or manage their medical conditions. To give you an example of the environment Cloud Pen came from, we’ll walk you through what happens when you come in a dispensary.

The specific dispensary where Cloud Pen came from was called Kali Culture Solutions. It’s a nondescript dispensary manned by professional budtenders and trained staff that will assist you with your needs. People working for a dispensary will often be knowledgeable with some of the medical conditions where the use of herbs and concentrates are prescribed. You can then talk or consult them and let them lead you to the best possible course of action and the most suitable product for your needs. They will also assist you with getting the best results out of the materials and the products you’re prescribed with. This means that they are knowledgeable individuals as they will oftentimes know the best heat setting or the right temperature needed for you to get the result you want from consuming your select materials.

Because inhalation is the most prescribed means of administering these medicinal herbs and extracts, vaporization became the foremost method of consuming waxes and botanicals. This is because inhaling the vapor from heated herb or wax allows the vapor to make its way into your lungs. Once in your lungs the active ingredients are absorbed and are sent directly into the bloodstream where it will eventually (and instantaneously) make its way into your brain. This mode of administering the active compounds into your system made vaporizers a mainstream thing and the folks at Cloud Pen was quick to notice. Knowing that the legalization of medicinal herbs and that the entirety of the medical industry will soon understand the benefits of these herbs and extracts, they started formulating a plan to release the best delivery system for use with wax and one for use with herbs. Their flagship devices were released soon after. They have since produced medical-grade vaporizers using raw materials and other components of relative quality.

Individuals who used Cloud Pen vaporizers knew that these devices were like gifts from the Gods above. Cloud Pen vaporizers gave them heavenly satisfaction and took them to cloud nine making sure they’re lifted with every session. Cloud Pen products are made for the optimum consumption of either delicately chosen waxy oils and wax concentrates which allows the devices to catch so much attention not only from casual consumers but also from dab connoisseurs that are looking for the best vape which could give and deliver 100 percent satisfaction out of their extracted material. Likewise, Cloud Pen also makes vaporizers for dry herb strains allowing herb enthusiasts to experience flavorful clouds of vapors since the flavonoids and the terpenes of the herbs are vaporized and are faithfully preserved each session. 

Cloud Pen vaporizers are characterized as well made and are perfectly compatible with waxy oils, concentrates and dry herbs. The quality their vaporizers possess are fit for those who look for the best, Cloud Pen vaporizers assure you a perfectly equipped unit with high-quality and lab-grade atomizers and coils so that your precious materials are vaporized to the optimum level. Cloud Pen vaporizers also come with amazingly powerful heat temperature technology that fits wonderfully with any type of wax material or dry herb strain.

An added plus would be how these vaporizers come with extremely portable dimensions, a befitting feature for a more satisfying on-the-go experience that lets you enjoy your vaporizer anytime and anywhere you go. You have the freedom of letting your Cloud Pen take you as high as the clouds even when you are outdoors. Almost all vaporizers by Cloud Pen is recommended by most vape users most especially for newbies as it is very easy to use with no need for any learning curve. If you are in search of the best vaporizer that offers all you need in one, then you better get your hands on one of the vaporizers from Cloud Pen.

Of course, Cloud pen isn’t known only just because of its medical-grade vaporizers, here are some of the characteristics that consumers loved about Cloud Pen products and the Cloud Pen brand in general. 

Stylish Cloud Pen

Cloud Pen vaporizers are built with black accents which make for a simple and minimalistic appeal. Not only does it make the pen stylish and sophisticated but this also adds to the factor that makes a vaporizer stealthy and discreet. Many individuals who use Cloud Pen vaporizers are professionals who need these devices to help then take their daily medication and prescription to help them deal and manage their conditions.


As an example, there are many working professionals who suffer from stress and anxiety. These people need a way to help them suppress the pressure they feel either from family or from work and they require a more functional buzz. Instead of having the liberty to sit down their homes and take the day to relax, they have to go to work and perform their daily tasks. To be able to juggle responsibilities and the need to keep themselves medicated, many of these patients use vaporizers to squeeze in quick hits during short breaks.

Not everyone wants to be questioned about what they do and their choice of how they are to manage their medical conditions. This is why they look for devices that are discreet so that nosy bystanders and curious passersby won’t have to keep on looking or asking them what they’re doing. However, discreet doesn’t always look cool. That’s the reason why devices from Cloud pen are made to be discreet and stylish at the same time. Moreover, it doesn’t always have to be black. For the fun-loving and loud consumers who just bares it all, Cloud Pen also has a slew of devices that come in different colors. Regardless of your needs, you can find a stylish and sophisticated vaporizer with Cloud Pen.

The devices sport buttons and screens that are laid out carefully so that you won’t get confused using Cloud Pen products. Even how the screen (on some models that have screens) is laid out including the buttons around it looks stylish. This shows that style and appearance don’t always have to be represented by color and the actual layout and dimensions of the device can make it look and feel stylish. And, speaking of dimensions…

Cloud Pen's Portability

The aptly named Cloud Pen gives its customers a clear idea of what kind of portable vaporizers they’re in for. As the name suggests they’re in for vape pens. Vape pens are easy to carry and are travel-friendly. You can easily take your Cloud Pen vaporizer with you anywhere you go. There’s no need to stay at home when you want to enjoy vapors from your favorite herbs and concentrates. With these portable dry herb vaporizers and portable wax vaporizers, you can enjoy the benefits of your select materials whenever you are.

Because they’re small and compact, you can easily stash them inside your pocket and they won’t make any unwanted bulge or bulk making them easily the best portable vaporizers you can carry while you’re on-the-go. For medical consumers who simply can’t afford to take their medication, these slim and sleek devices are perfect for administering quick and easy hits when you’re on your feet. You can easily take a cloud pen, hide it in your pocket and pull it out when you need it, which makes it perfect for those who require fast and easy sessions. Imagine having a vaporizer as portable as Cloud Pen vaporizers that you can use during short coffee breaks, you can just take your device with you when in breaks so you can easily manage your sessions and even taking microdoses during the day.


Another good thing about Cloud Pen vaporizers being compact and portable devices is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike larger vaporizers like larger desktop rigs and desktop units, Cloud Pen vaporizers only sport small and easy to clean components. Furthermore, these components are few so you need not worry about having to deal with multiple parts for cleaning and assembly. The Cloud Pen brand makes vaporizers that make their customers’ lives easy which is something vaporizers and technology, in general, are aimed for.

Enjoy a hassle-free and portable vaping experience with Cloud Pen vaporizers.


The Cloud Pen vaporizer brand is easy to use and operate. Even beginners will find that vaping with Cloud Pen devices makes them feel more confident with how they vape in general. This only proves Cloud Pen’s success in designing their vaporizers since, in this business, a device that’s simple and easy to use gets you more customers and allows you to increase your sales. This means that because customers are not challenged with using Cloud Pen vaporizers, they feel more confident in vaping and in their vaping skills. This also means that using Cloud Pen devices makes vaping in general an effortless activity.

It’s true that many people see vaping in general as a taxing activity and using a device designed and engineered like Cloud Pen vaporizers make it easy on consumers of different levels. Even if you have no prior experience using a vaporizer, you can easily adapt to how a Cloud Pen vaporizer functions. They have been built with single buttons which means that vape users will not get confused with how to use and operate a Cloud Pen vaporizer. This is ideal for people who do not need to be bothered by complicated steps when using a vaporizer. Some vape users are athletes who want to relieve pain and muscle swelling after a hard day at the gym. They simply can’t wait till they get home before they get to administer the healing effects of their favorite herbs and concentrates. They often select and go for natural means of treating pain compared to using pain killers that may affect their bodies in the long run. Instead of popping pills, these pro athletes choose to sit at their bench and inhale vapors. This makes for a non-invasive and a non-synthetic means of managing inflammation as well as muscle spasms apart from the painkilling effect it has on the human body. In these cases, all they need to do is to load their Cloud Pen vaporizers with their select materials and reap the therapeutic and curative benefits it can offer without the hassle.

Cloud Pen knew the medical cannabis industry more than any other company or vape manufacturer. Their years in this industry gave them the right tools to know what works and what doesn’t for patients as well for people who use herbs and extracts occasionally and recreationally. Their devices are made functional and user-friendly allowing many individuals to enjoy the healing effects of consuming herbs and concentrates.

Why Cloud Pen

There is a slew of reasons why VapeActive and a lot of consumers worldwide believe in Cloud Pen. They have been recognized as a leader in the vaporizer industry and their vaporizers are known to have outstanding quality. As proof, Cloud Pen vaporizers are recipients of numerous recognitions from High Times Magazine, a premier award-giving body for vaporizers. These merits prove time and time again that Cloud Pen vaporizers are the best of the best in their respective platforms.

Cloud Pen Vaporizers

We at VapeActive are proud to give you some of the best vaporizers from Cloud Pen. These devices have been sold in large numbers which only proves their quality and the kind of attention they draw from consumers. Here are some of Cloud Pen vaporizers you’ll see on our collection.

The Cloud Pen Paragon


The Cloud Pen Paragon is a wax concentrate vape pen that’s made with the on-the-go vape user in mind. It’s got some of the best features you can find on a dab pen. To begin with, the Cloud Pen Paragon is outfitted with a NoGoo wax jar at the bottom of the device. This ensures that you no longer have to carry an extra container with you. In most cases, wax consumers dread having to lug around large containers where they carry their select wax concentrates. The small concentrate stash jar located at the bottom of the dab pen allows not only the convenient carrying of small amounts of wax but also a discreet way of carrying these materials. Many of the containers we use are usually glass which means that they’re heavy and they’re too obvious to even for the untrained eye. The integrated concentrate stash allows you to keep a low key when reloading your vaporizer. Speaking of keeping a low key, there are a lot of vaporizers today that say they have a built-in container, but they will at some point require you to carry something else like a dab tool to poke and pick your wax concentrates and place them on your dab pen. The Cloud pen paragon dab pen has an integrated dab tool so basically, the only thing you have to carry when you plan on long days outside is a USB charging cable. You have all the essential tools you need to enjoy an on-the-go vaping experience.

Another feature that sets the Cloud Pen Paragon is its powerful battery. The Paragon holds a robust 1100mAh rechargeable battery capable of providing your sessions with more than enough juice. The battery ensures long vape sessions and long battery life so you get to spend more time using your vaporizer than waiting for it to get recharged. And, the good thing is that the battery only charges fast which means you do not have to wait long for another session. It takes only about 3 hours to charge and a 1100mAh battery on a single charge lasts up to about 8 hours of consistent vaping so we’re pretty sure a single charge has got you covered. The battery powers an atomizer made from two quartz rods wrapped in high-quality titanium coils. The quartz rods are inert which yields a pure vapor production with no hint of change in flavor.

The battery offers multiple temperature settings giving you choices to go low, medium, or high. These preset temperature profiles are perfect for those who want to enjoy different results from their select wax concentrates. Ideally, a lower temperature setting will give you a thinner cloud production but with more flavorful hits. The higher temperature profiles deliver more visible clouds but will have a significant decrease in flavor. If you want a more balanced output, the medium setting gives you a dense vapor production with decent flavor retention. The temperature levels are as follows; 3.8 watts for the lowest temperature setting, 4.2 watts for the medium setting, and 4.6 watts for the highest temperature setting. Each temperature profile is also represented by a corresponding LED light which makes monitoring and checking the setting easier and more convenient for people who are always on-the-go. The lowest temperature setting is represented by a red light while the medium setting is represented by a yellow light. The highest-profile is aptly represented by a red light.

Cloud Pen sees the Cloud Pen Paragon is the culmination of all their work and as the primary example of evolution from the accumulated feedback, they received from their customers which only shows the advantage that Cloud Pen has from the years they have been with the medical herb and wax industry. Their efforts in communicating with patients and other consumers have led to the creation of what is to be considered one of the most complete on-the-go dab pens in the industry. Truly, the Cloud Pen Paragon is the last vaporizer you’ll ever buy.

The Cloud Pen Chloris


The Cloud Pen Chloris is the dry herb counterpart of the Cloud Pen Paragon, it’s the culmination of Cloud Pen’s efforts in bringing a world-class portable dry herb vaporizer that both casual and medical consumers will appreciate. The Cloud Pen Chloris is one of the most compact dry herb vaporizers in the industry, it represents all that its namesake has to offer. Inspired by the Greek goddess associated with flowers and new growth, the Cloud Pen Chloris was made and was designed to unlock all the potential of your select dry herb strains.

For starters, the Cloud Pen Chloris is equipped with a powerful 2200mAh battery – the power that the likes of a vaporizer named after a goddess would have. The hefty battery capacity means that you’d enjoy longer vaping sessions without feeling the urge to recharge anytime soon. The large battery capacity ensures that your herbs are fully vaporized and that none are left wasted. The amount of power the battery throws at the herbs is regulated by the Cloud Pen Chloris’ precise temperature settings. The temperature profile of the Cloud Pen Chloris ranges from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This not only allows you to regulate the power from the battery but also allows you to find your sweet spot when consuming herbs and other botanical plant matter.

The wide temperature range that the Cloud Pen Chloris has to offer is best for advanced vape users who consider themselves as connoisseurs and have developed a certain liking to how the herbs are vaporized. However, this is also great for beginners and newcomers as the actual layout and the operation of how you can change the temperature settings since changing the temperature level of the Cloud Pen Chloris is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to press the up and down buttons until you reach your desired temperature settings.

The temperature settings allow you to play around and get creative with how well the herbs are to be vaporized and in turn gives you access to a wide range of results and effects from your materials. Like the Cloud Pen Paragon, the Cloud Pen Chloris also yields flavorful clouds of vapor in the lower temperature range – even better. One of the reasons why many consumers prefer consuming herbs is because it retains more of the flavonoids and the terpenes that are lost in the process of extraction when the herbs are turned into concentrates. This is the reason why herbs have better flavor than concentrates and that is why the Cloud Pen Chloris is best for people who desire to experience fuller flavors from their materials. The higher you take the temperature level, the more potent the vapors become because more of the active ingredients in the herbs are extracted in higher temperature levels.

The Cloud Pen Chloris is arguably one of the most advanced portable dry herb vaporizers in this regard not only because it offers a wide temperature range but also because it combines the latest in vaporization technology. Having said, the wide temperature profile the Cloud Pen Chloris has to offer is complemented by the convection style ovens that ensure the herbs are heated and are vaporized evenly. Convection heating involves the use of hot air to effectively and efficiently permeate the herbs for a more even burn. This allows the ground botanical plant matter to receive even heating from all sides down to its core. By doing so, you can prevent inhaling smoke from burnt or charred materials which is why the Cloud Pen Chloris is perfect for people who want the purest vapors the market has to offer. This is helped by the fact that the Cloud Pen Chloris, like its other Cloud Pen brothers and sisters, is made from medical-grade materials which is what the Cloud Pen Brand is known for. The Cloud Pen Chloris delivers medical-grade vapors that are fit for people wanting to enjoy the benefits of their botanicals for medical use.

The Cloud Pen Chloris is also easy to use and has a layout that’s easy to understand and is straightforward. It has a single power button which is easily identifiable because it is built larger than the two up and down buttons. Like any other portable dry herb vaporizer, the Cloud Pen Chloris battery can be activated by pressing the big power button five times rapidly. As we’ve mentioned above, the temperature controls can be precisely changed by hitting the up and down buttons. The Cloud Pen Chloris has a crisp OLED screen that shows a digital reading of the temperature profile. The digital display can be seen from a distance so you don’t exactly have to peek closer in order to see what’s the readout unlike what you’d do with other cheaply made portable dry herb vaporizer.

And if that’s not enough, you’d be happy to know that the Cloud Pen Chloris is outfitted with memory functionalities which remember the last temperature setting you used so you don’t have to keep on updating the temperature setting every time you have to use it.  This makes for a truly convenient way of using a dry herb vaporizer with precise temperature settings. This makes for a set it and forget it experiences once you’ve found that sweet spot.