VapeActive Scholarship Program

Did you know that smoking tobacco causes about one out of every five deaths in the United States? That's why we’re calling all students who want to get their voices heard and help make the world tobacco-free!  

We want you to join our essay contest, VapeActive is giving away $1,500 in scholarships annually to selected students that will help us spread the word and help smokers break their habit.   

What’s It About?  

We’re all about helping individuals quit or find a better alternative because of smoking’s hazardous effects – not only to themselves but to those around them. Write an essay encouraging smokers to drop their habit and break free from their addictive and dangerous practice.  

What’s in It for Me?  

Chosen candidates will receive scholarships in the amounts of $1,000 and $500 respectively. Scholarship funds will be awarded as cheques and are to be used for educational expenses.  

OK, How Do I Get In?  

The VapeActive Student Scholarship Essay Contest is open to all matriculated students nationwide. You must be a full-time student at an accredited two-year or four-year university. Students enrolled in junior colleges, community colleges, or even a post graduate programs are also open to participate.  

Participants must be a citizen of the United States and should be 18 years of age or older. You need to send us a proof of enrolment and/or a photocopy of your school ID.  

Good, How Do I Submit My Entry 

Aspiring scholars may send their essays at scholarship@vapeactive.com

Problem Statement  

Tobacco smoking is one of the most common causes of lung related diseases which leads to other serious health concerns including increased risks of fatal maladies. In the United States alone, cigarette smoking leads to almost 480,000 annual deaths based on statistical data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to some experts, cigarette smoking may be even more addictive than other potent drugs like cocaine and heroin. While many programs have been conducted, and numerous products have been released and invented to help people quit smoking, it seems that these efforts are always never enough.  

We want the brilliant minds of today’s students to help us come up with a practical solution to spread the news about the potential dangers of abusing tobacco cigarettes and how it can be prevented. A wise man once said that the future of our nation lies in the hands of today’s generation – so, let your thoughts be heard and help us make a change through your essays. You can talk about alternatives and other natural means of helping smokers quit cold turkey. You may also include vaporizers and e-cigarettes as a means of slowly and gradually turning away from smoking.  

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • An original essay is a must. 
  • Your essay should be based on facts. 
  • Including experiential statements will help and give you an advantage over other participants.  
  • Using pictures or videos will help in bringing your essay to life.  
  • The essay must have a clear and logical point and should effectively address the problem statement.  

Deadline of Entries 

  • For the 2019 Spring semester, entries must be submitted before November 1, 2019 
  • For the 2019 Fall semester, entries must be submitted before September 30, 2019 

Announcement of Winning Essays  

Winning essays will be publicly posted at VapeActive.com. Winning participants will also be notified via email.  

Contest Terms 

Participants and their submitted pieces are subjected to and are governed by these terms:  

  1. Participants agree to the use of names, pictures, videos, and other content included on the entry piece to be used for publicity, advertising, and promotional purposes. Including but are not limited to internet and social media posts as well as contents published on the websites we own and manage. 
  2. Participants agree to indemnify VapeActive from all liabilities including claims from damages, injuries, and loss out of their participation in the VapeActive Student Scholarship Essay Contest.  
  3. VapeActive will not be held liable for any loss, damage, and injuries suffered by readers and audiences of the said essay and all its content. VapeActive is not responsible for any information included in the essays submitted.  
  4. VapeActive reserves the right to terminate or extend the VapeActive Student Scholarship Essay Contest with or without prior notice. 
  5. VapeActive will hold the right to act upon and interpret the rules as well as to make all necessary rulings to award(s) and participant(s) not covered by the above terms.  

Privacy Statement  

Here at VapeActive, we take privacy seriously. All information gathered from the VapeActive Student Scholarship Essay Contest before the conclusion of the contest proper will only be used to determine contest winners and not for commercial or marketing purposes.  


VapeActive does not affirm nor profess, through this contest, that vaporizers and e-cigarettes are smoking cessation devices. The purpose of the VapeActive Student Scholarship Essay Contest is to help smokers understand the hazards of smoking and find out new ways and ideas from today’s generation to help those who want to quit.