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XVAPE is a brand known for its ability to innovate. Their portable dry herb vaporizers, portable wax vaporizers, and portable eRigs are just some of the most advanced devices on the market. The XVAPE Aria is probably the first eRig to feature wireless charging. Choose from our collection of XVAPE’s dual purpose vaporizers for wax and for herbs as well as their eRigs for wax and for oil. Use our coupon code to get sweet deals when you shop online.

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About XVAPE  

XVAPE is a name known for delivering top-notch vaporizers that won’t break the bank. Some of its most popular vaporizers are the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer and the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer which have been huge hits in the vaporizer industry.  

XVAPE uses a combination of high-quality components and likewise a high-grade manufacturing process to give us some of the best devices we’ve seen so far. They’ve released a slew of other models but nothing came close to the two devices we’ve mentioned above. XVAPE has been a brand name many consumers go to especially when looking for a budget-friendly vaporizer that performs like other vaporizers twice its price.  

Their products resemble many features found on other vaporizers. However, their products are in themselves original concepts, they took inspiration on some of the vaporizers on the market and gave it their own twist. The brand itself is a living testament of how innovation and ingenuity can take a humble company to the top of the food chain and place them on the map. XVAPE’s is a story of conquering both the local and the global market and gaining a strong foothold in the e-cigarette and the vaporizer industry.  

XVAPE entered the market 19 years ago.  

The brand was a strong statement and a bold approach to conquering the US market. XVAPE was the brainchild of two large industry engineers in the vape industry. Their goal is singular and simple, to provide the market with high-quality vaporizers at a reasonable price. They knew that the market was already saturated with overpriced vaporizers. Being industry engineers, they know for a fact that the products sold expensively can be produced and manufactured at a low cost and yet provide a profitable margin of income. They then started working on prototypes that soon were mass-produced. They made their vaporizers strong and reliable and were intended for both recreational and medical consumers. They soon specialized in all manners of products used for consuming tobacco and other herbs as well as extracts from these botanical strains.  

For XVAPE, quality is their top priority. They work hard day and night to deliver a better experience to their customers. They worked on producing portable vaporizers and recently ventured into portable dab rigs. They regularly attend trade shows and showcase some of their latest innovations from which consumers are often happy with. They usually have their annual schedules booked joining conventions and trade shows to expand their horizons and most importantly, to get to know their customers more. The more they know the very end users that patronize their products the better they can improve them. They thrive on actual customer feedback and put this feedback to good use.  

Today, XVAPE is seen as a leading brand and has some of the most sought after devices on the market. Theirs is a name synonymous with quality and affordability. They keep themselves grounded and close to their customers by delivering what they want and what they need. A reliable vaporizer that comes at a reasonable price tag.  

Top Green and XVAPE 

The XVAPE brand is closely linked to a world-leading manufacturer, Top Green. Top Green is a powerhouse company based in Shenzhen China, the birthplace of the modern e-cigarette.  

Fresh from the motherland, Top Green is the sole manufacturer of XVAPE devices. To put it simply, XVAPE is the selling brand and Top Green is the company. Top Green used the XVAPE brand to enter and penetrate the US market. They have been successful in their venture and have established the XVAPE brand as one of the go-to brands of beginners and even advanced consumers because of how well made they are and how easy they are to use. Furthermore, Top Green or Top Green Industrial Co. Ltd. is a company centered around technology. This is why they use a combination of both rudimentary and advanced technology when creating vaporizer products like the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer and the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer.  

Their specialty is in development and production as well as sales and services. These specializations served as a hammer for Top Green which solved many of the common issues found in vaporizers that looked like mere nails to them. Having said, they were able to engage these issues and hammer their way to success. They’ve used their skills and rallied their team of engineers to perform research and development of e-cigarette PCCs or electronic cigarette portable charging cases. They also specialized in other electronic smoking platforms like e-cigarette pipes, e-cigarette cartridges, e-cigarette chargers, and various electronic cigarettes used not only for tobacco nut also for other dry herb strains, wax concentrates, and oils.  

Under Top Green’s management and is backed with their ability to produce and manufacture some of the best electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in the industry, XVAPE became a leader and a known brand beloved by many consumers.  

Other vaporizer brands take up several small niches or small market segments. They create small groups and seem to unite them under their brand. XVAPE and Top Green, on the other hand, see the market as a whole. They want to cater to the majority of consumers that’s why they manufacture affordable and reliable devices and not specialty vaporizers that only attract and pull only a small portion of the market. They aim to be a global brand and in so doing have expanded their company from Shenzhen to Southern California.  

Production and Manufacturing 

Top Green started manufacturing vaporizers under the XVAPE brand name in 2010. Nineteen years later, they managed to amass a large number of employees and an even bigger place of manufacturing for producing vaporizers in the XVAPE banner in large quantities.  

Top Green operates in a factory in Shenzhen City in the Guangdong Province of China. Their factory spans a total of 8,000 square meters giving both production and research enough room. With over 10 production lines, Top Green can easily answer and meet high demands for their vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.  

They have roughly 3,000 people employed in man production and services. About 20 to 30 people in research and development and 10 to 20 employees working in quality inspection. All these personnel is trained to perform their tasks professionally and efficiently. Top Green and XVAPE have over 50 employees working in their foreign trade departments helping them with international transactions.  

Top Green boasts an annual import volume of 12 to 30 million USD and an export volume of the same estimated value.  

Global Expansion 

From their roots in Shenzhen, China, Top Green expanded its operations to Southern California, United States. They’ve put up their US headquarters and aptly named it Top Green US Corp. Their background as direct manufacturers led them to produce vaporizers and electronic cigarette products in large numbers. They were able to anticipate sales and were able to read the numbers and data like they were clear writings on the wall.  

This is one of the important reasons why many consumers have loved XVAPE products, they were always available and were always there when you needed one. Unlike other vaporizers and e-cigarettes that boasted and claimed to have superior quality but were simply hard to come by, XVAPE vaporizers were readily available. This meant that those who familiarized themselves with using XVAPE vaporizers will always find a solution when encountering an issue with their device. Along with the wide range of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers they’ve launched, XVAPE also released several other accessories and replacement parts that can be used to either upgrade their electronic cigarettes and even replace missing or broken components in their vaporizers, especially for their latest XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer, making XVAPE vaporizers a good option when looking for a device to invest in.  

What this meant for their customers in the United States is that they will no longer have to worry about inflated costs because of overseas shipments or delays in deliveries due to international traffic. The raging trade wars also had an effect on importing products from affected countries which made ordering and importing vaporizers and vaporizer parts in some cases, almost nearly impossible. But because of their global expansion and their newly established headquarters in the United States, XVAPE made their vaporizers more affordable and more present making sure that anyone wanting to use vaporizers under the XVAPE brand can easily acquire these vaporizers and electronic cigarettes whenever they want to, filling international gaps and the challenges that come with it.  

Having expanded and set foot on American soil also meant that both XVAPE and Top Green will be able to focus and address customer issues better and faster. One of their goals as a global brand is to provide world-class customer service and what better way to do that than to set up shop in the actual region of operations. With a local headquarters, Top Green was able to give the XVAPE brand an arm to reach its customers better allowing XVAPE to give their customers better customer service and after-sales support. While other companies take days and even weeks to reply to a single email, XVAPE will be able to answer common concerns as soon as possible. Because they operate via the same local time, they are able to address these issues in a timely manner. Their trained and professional customer service representatives will be eager to assist XVAPE customers from basic device information, troubleshooting steps, and even redeeming product warranty services.  

Top Green and its XVAPE brand did not only conquered the American vaporizer market but also entered other Western countries. At the time of writing, Top Green has released and launched the XVAPE brand in several regions like North America, South America, Western Europe, Nothern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and other countries worldwide.  

A Healthier Option 

XVAPE offers not only technologically advanced means of consuming herbs and extracts but also a healthier option for consuming these materials.  

Having said, XVAPE products are also intended for people who are concerned with the negative effects brought by traditional consumption methods. Smoking herbs via spliffs and even the mere act of smoking it causes the production of several toxic by-products that can negatively impact your health. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes made by Top Green and XVAPE are made to heat your herbs and extracts and not burn or combust them. They are calibrated only to reach temperatures that will not heat your materials, especially your herbs, to the point of combustion.  

This means that individuals using XVAPE products will only get to consume vapors that carry mostly the active ingredients on their select materials. Consumers are now able to take advantage of the benefits of their materials without having to face and brave the negative effects of combustion.  

Products released by Top Green under the XVAPE banner are designed and engineered to be green or rather to be health care electronic consumer products. These devices are made to adhere to the requirements and the tenets of today’s modern technology.  

To ensure better quality, Top Green and XVAPE manufacture devices using the strictest and most stringent manufacturing standards. Their devices are FCC certified and are tested with positive results that conform and comply with FCC standards. This means that XVAPE vaporizers will not cause harmful interference. Acquiring certifications such as the FCC certification can sometimes take months and will often require a large sum of money. This only shows XVAPE’s dedication to providing its customers with high-quality devices that are safe to use.  

Not only are their products healthier options but they are also certified by the proper institutions proving they're meant to be the healthier alternative to conventional consumption methods.  

Another reason why many consumers see XVAPE products as safer options is that they allow torch-less heating of the materials their customers consume. Instead of using hazardous tools like lighters and blowtorches, XVAPE products allow individuals to consume their select materials without risking burning themselves and their property avoiding the possibility of major injuries or property loss.  

So, if you’re looking for a safer means of consuming herbs, wax concentrates, and essential extracts, make sure to check out XVAPE vaporizer products. They have a wide array of dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, oil vaporizers, e-juice vaporizers, and multi-function vaporizers that can vaporize both wax and herbs like the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer and the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer that can vaporize wax concentrates and thick oil extracts.  

XVAPE is even transparent with whom their vaporizers are recommended for and advise consumers to contact their physicians before using any of their vaporizers, especially for medicinal purposes. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are also advised to refrain from using vaporizers. XVAPE and Top Green ensure that their devices are safe and each consumer and individual planning on using their product are aware of the risks and the benefits of using a vaporizer and an electronic cigarette giving them the power to make an informed decision.  

Information Dissemination 

Speaking of informed decisions, Top Green and XVAPE keep their customers in the loop by publishing news that would be helpful to their customers in any way possible.  

They publish anything from schedules when they’re available for operations during holidays to some of the most common troubleshooting steps in addressing common issues with their devices. These issues range from simple cleaning and maintenance to battery charging habits.  

Schedules include national holiday notices which give consumers an idea of whether there will be personnel answering the phone when they call or whether there will be actual employees in the factory or in the receiving areas should customers and potential wholesale buyers may visit or attempt to call. This information is more than helpful since it saves you time from the phone or maybe when you plan to drive to one of their headquarters. Dates, when they won’t have to go to work, are also posted on their website for relative festivals and occasions saving you the trouble of even bothering to check with them and giving you a clear idea when they’ll be able to answer you.  

Those visiting trade shows will also find details posted on Top Green’s website. The details include booth numbers and trade show schedules making it easy for you to find and purchase XVAPE products. Showcased and featured products are also announced via these avenues. 

Tips and tricks for care and maintenance can be found in XVAPE’s website giving customers some important details on how they can protect their investment and get their money’s worth for what they’ve purchasedYou'll also find ways to clean the heating chambers as well as its other components. Proper battery care and maintenance can also be found in these guides so you’ll run into fewer instances where your battery will give out and become faulty. XVAPE knows that one of the most common problems with portable vaporizers that use rechargeable batteries is overcharging. So, instead of making battery maintenance guesswork, XVAPE gives you the information you need to preserve and prolong the time you get to enjoy your device. They even have tips to keep your vaporizer from giving off a bad or burnt taste.  

The folks at XVAPE and Top Green know that feeding their customers with information keeps them from running into accidents and prevents devices from being faulty ones. Also, the more customers know, the more empowered they feel.  

Promoting Through the Community 

While XVAPE and Top Green do invest a lot of time, money, and effort in attending events and trade shows to promote and showcase their products, they also believe in supporting local consumers and influences and help them become legitimate brand ambassadors.  

You might have seen some of your favorite vloggers on YouTube sporting and even reviewing XVAPE products. That’s because XVAPE products have earned consumer-based reputation and the best way to further get other consumers to buy their product is by asking actual users and consumers to showcase the features that their devices can do. Social media influencers like CustomGrow420 have partnered up with XVAPE to exhibit and display the best things XVAPE products can do.  

This way they get to help aspiring personalities to become even more famous and they also get to benefit from the sales they can get from CustomGrow420’s viewers. They help make the vaporizer industry a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits from each other’s actions.  

XVAPE also commissions affiliates that range from industry professionals, vape connoisseurs, medical patients, and even vape newcomers. XVAPE gives them access to fantastic resources and stellar partner support. XVAPE allows its affiliates to earn while they themselves gain from the added sales from their partnership.  

This only shows how hard at work the people working for both XVAPE and Top Green are in making sure that the brand reaches all types of consumers. While many might see XVAPE vaporizers as entry-level units, it’s no doubt that it’s also the choice of advanced users because of its availability, reliability, as well as affordability. XVAPE vaporizers from Top Green are also easy and straightforward to use making them better daily drivers than most vaporizers and electronic cigarettes in its class.  

XVAPE Products 

Here at VapeActive, we love to carry some of the best vaporizers the industry has to offer. Having said, we found that XVAPE products offer what most of our customers are looking for in a vaporizer; affordable, reliable, and durable.  

We carry some of XVAPE’s best-selling vaporizers giving our customers the chance to own these devices.  

The XVAPE Aria Vaporizer 

The XVAPE Aria is XVAPE’s answer to the portable vaporizer industry’s call for reasonably priced dual-purpose vaporizers. It can vaporize both herbs and wax concentrates and can cater to consumers of both material types. It makes for a practical choice since you longer have to purchase two vaporizers if you like to consume either dry herbs or waxy oil concentrates. You’re basically getting two vaporizers for the price of one.  

The XVAPE Aria Vaporizer offers both practicality and sophisticated design. You probably won’t expect a portable vaporizer at this price point to sport the looks the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer has. From the outside, the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer resembles a classic timepiece. Like a vintage watch, the exterior of the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer is clad in leathery rubber and in steel. Two materials that speak class and culture, the leathery rubber grain skin on this device allows a warm feel to the device while the metallic lining at the sides of the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer shows durability and reliability. The rubber coating also adds grip so it won’t easily slip from the palm of your hands. It’s probably everything you’re looking for in a vaporizer, sleek, stylish, and hard-wearing.  

Enough of what’s on the outside, under the hood, the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer boasts full ceramic conduction ovens that are just perfect for vaping dry wax concentrates and works relatively well with dry herb strains. For the uninitiated, vaporizers normally have two types of heating elements; a conduction heating oven and a convection heating oven. Convection heating uses hot air to permeate the materials making it an ideal heating style when vaping herbs, but the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer is a device that also vaporizes wax concentrates. Having said the perfect oven to use with this dual-purpose vaporizer is one that uses conduction heating. Conduction ovens use the heat coming from the walls of the chamber to heat the materials in it. By using a conduction oven, the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer allows effective and efficient vaporization of both waxes concentrates and dry herb strains. Vaporizing both materials aren’t going to be much of a problem since the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer uses ceramic components in its device. These include the oven itself as well as the mouthpiece.  

Ceramic has been widely used in vaporizers primarily because of the efficacy of ceramic in facilitating low and slow heating. While ceramic ovens may take a while and a couple of dry burns before it reaches optimal vaping temperature, they vaporize the herbs and the wax concentrates on a temperature level where the active ingredients of your materials are extracted without getting to the point of combustion. This means you get to inhale all the goodness your herbs and waxy concentrates have to offer without the tar and the irritants you would otherwise get from combusted plant matter. This makes the XVAPE Aria Vaporizer a vaporizer best suited for people who consume herbs and wax concentrates for its medicinal and curative properties. It’s still a great option for casual and recreational consumers who like to enjoy a healthier option when they vape.  

The XVAPE Aria Vaporizer also offers an isolated airpath which means that the vapor does not come into contact with any of the device’s internal components. This means no rubbery smell and your vapors won’t taste like metal.  

The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer  

The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is XVAPE’s entry to the portable dab rig platform and arguably the most technologically advanced vaporizer we’ve seen to date. It offers something no vaporizer has ever done before – wireless charging.  

In this day and age, almost every smartphone manufacturer has released its own version of smartphones with wireless charging capabilities. The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is the first vaporizer to ever offer a technology seen only on top-shelf smartphones. This takes portable dab rigs to a whole new level allowing you to charge your portable dab rig without the need for a charging cable. Charging wirelessly still gives the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer a decent charging rate and good battery life.  

Furthermore, the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is also outfitted with another advanced tech like a ceramic oven and a multi-directional carb cap as well as a detachable glass bubbler. Essentially everything you’ll ever need in a portable dab rig, that’s what the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is made of. Moreover, the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is pretty much like the Aria since it’s capable of vaporizing two types of materials. The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer can vaporize both wax concentrates and essential oils for that definitive extract experience. Those who enjoy the potent rips you can get from concentrates and the subtle buzz from essential oils. The vapor from extracts is even made smoother and easier to inhale because of the water filtration system offered by the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer. Making it relatively suited for patients who want to reap the benefits of their select wax concentrates and infused essential oils. The water filtration implement ensures that the vapors are sifted and are cleaned from impurities and irritants giving you vapors that are as clean as they come.  

The ceramic oven atomizers work by slowly and progressively heating your select wax concentrates, this means that your wax concentrates will slowly heat up and extract the most flavorful vapors. Ceramic is a great heating element because it allows lower heat levels which prevent the wax concentrates from burning, therefore, preventing the bad taste and the burnt flavor that will ultimately affect the overall flavor of the vapors. The natural tastes of the wax concentrates are lost and are overpowered by the burnt taste.  

The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is powered by a 2000mAh battery giving it more than enough power to fire up your sessions and to last longer than any other portable dab rig on the market today. While the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer seems to be far ahead of the competition in terms of technology, it’s still easy and simple to use. The XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer uses a single power button allowing you to control it with very little to no learning curve at all. This is why the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer is favored by both beginners and advanced consumers alike. That's because the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer makes even noobs and rookies vape like pros. With just a few simple presses of a button, you can easily activate the XVAPE Vista Mini Vaporizer 

So, if you’re out looking for reasonably priced vaporizers, make sure to check out our XVAPE Vaporizer collection.