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A fairly new company, Mi-One Brands was established in 2008. With the passion and the goal of creating solutions and improving the lives of us smokers as well as those living around us, the people behind Mi-One Brands decided to create a company that elevates smoking in general. With well over a decade’s experience, Mi-One Brands has amassed a collection of products that put them on the map and allowed them to gain the respect and the following they deserve.

We, at VapeActive, understand the scope and the scale of what Mi-One Brands has achieved and we’re happy to carry Mi-One Brands products in our collection. We are backed with researchers and connoisseurs that are always on the lookout for the best devices today’s industry has to offer. Mi-One Brands products have been around for as long as we can remember and we’re stoked to have them on the store. Their devices are intuitive and are also innovative which makes them a great choice for many of today’s smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative and that’s something we, at VapeActive, are also a proponent of. We support the search for a healthier option whether you’re smoking tobacco or smoking cannabis, we’d love to help you find a safer way to consume your favorite materials.

Mi-One Brands offer some of the best devices that are used as a safe or a healthy alternative to smoking. They even perfected their craft and became so good at it that they are considered to be one of the best when it comes to vaporizers in their platform – vape pods.

The Mi-One Brand and Pod Vaporizers

Mi-One Brands has made a name for itself by manufacturing pod vaporizers. Pod vaporizers are small and compact devices that are usually made for consuming materials that can be contained in small pods – like e-juice or nicotine salts. That’s why they are considered as one of the best alternatives to smoking. In fact, they’re designed and engineered to work pretty much like cigarettes.

The early pod vaporizers were fashioned in a way to represent cigarette sticks so they were long and slim two-part devices from which you’d have the battery and the pod. The battery will usually occupy the longer part of the device whilst the pod will have to sit atop the battery. Manufacturers of these pod vaporizers wanted to bring a modern look into an otherwise would-be cig-a-like device. As a result, the early versions of these pod vaporizers looked pretty much like long USB sticks and if you see someone with a USB stick-like thing pressed against their lips, it was assumed that they were using pod vaporizers. These devices did not have any buttons on them and relied on the vacuum created when you suck air from the mouthpiece to trigger and activate the heating element in the battery which then triggers and activates the atomizers on the pods. The overall action was similar to smoking cigarettes that it was pretty natural for smokers to simply take up vaping with the use of pod vaporizers. Just inhale from the battery and you get vapor.

The company saw an opportunity in pod vaporizers and began to capitalize on the need for more devices. And because they are experienced in manufacturing vaporizers, they had the advantage and the upper hand in winning at this somewhat brand-new vaping platform.

The company the advantages of using pod systems which is what we’ve briefly covered above – simplicity and convenience. Compared to other vaporizers used to consume nicotine e-liquids, using pod vaporizers was more than a walk in the park. It was simply effortless. Here’s a quick comparison. When smoking out of a vape pen battery or even from a box mod, you’d have to activate the battery first. This is usually done by pressing the device’s power button first five times. Once you get the battery to activate, you’d then have to select a temperature level to vaporize your e-liquid on. Most box mods will have “up” and “down” or “+” and “-” buttons that allow you to change the temperature level. After you’ve done all that, you will then have to press and hold the power button down to trigger the atomizer that will make the vapor. And oh! We almost forgot, if you’re using an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) you’d have to constantly drip e-juice into the atomizer every time the wick dries out or if you’re using an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), you’d have to refill the tank every time it empties. This is a battle of constantly checking the juice so it doesn’t leak to the battery and that it doesn’t make the battery all sticky.

Pod vaporizers, on the other hand, requires consumers to slide the pod in the battery and just suck on the mouthpiece. Most pods, when pod vaporizers became popular, were pre-filled ones which mean they’ve already been pre-filled by the company that manufactures them and while you can try to refill them, it wasn’t encouraged. It was only later that many manufacturers decided that they wanted to make refillable pods. It didn’t have any buttons so it didn’t have the necessary hand to mouth coordination needed to operate box mods and vape pen devices. The way the battery was activated was also pretty similar to how you smoke a cigarette, you inhale from it and the smoke comes out. With pod vaporizers, you inhale on the pod and vapor comes out. When the pods are empty, they are thrown away because they weren’t as expensive as RDAs and RTAs that had borosilicate glass in them. They were made to be disposed of so you won’t have problems throwing them away. It was a pretty solid platform and Mi-One Brands knew that in order for them to stand out, they had to do something that would separate them from the rest of the competition.

Creating a Relatable Brand

The folks at Mi-One Brands needed something to draw the masses into using their products. There were already established brands on the market like JUUL that was already synonymous to pod vaping so they knew they had to break some sort of barrier to connect to the growing number of consumers wanting to try what’s it like to use pod vaporizers.

The owners believed in being embraced for who you are is important and thus decided they would use that as a core of what their product would come to be known. They came up with a name that can easily be associated with many consumers and “Mi-One Brands” brand was born. Pronounced as “me,” the Mi in the Mi-One Brands symbolizes the company’s aim to encourage its consumers to embrace their own unique individual selves. Something that the folks at Mi-One Brands stand for. On that same note, the One in the Mi One brand symbolizes the company’s collectiveness and connectedness.

The company expanded and grew into a brand that encompasses the need to provide an alternative and became a mainstream method of smoking nicotine-based materials. Today, they’re one of the most popular vaporizer brands on the market and their products take up a majority of the pod vaporizer market having been designed and engineered for the hip and for the fresh. Mi-One Brands vaporizers are easily one of the most iconic and the most recognizable pod vaporizers on the market and it seems that the company has succeeded in creating a product that many consumers can easily relate to and one that’s distinct and unique. When buying Mi-One Brands products online, make sure to keep it here at the home of premium vapes – VapeActive. We get our products directly from the source to ensure authenticity because we value our customers and we wouldn’t want to sell products we ourselves will be ashamed of using. Go and get your Mi-One vaporizers online at VapeActive.

Mi-One Brands Beginnings

As we’ve briefly covered above, the brand was established sometime around 2008 and was then called Smoking Vapor before it transitioned to the new branding. That's why OG vapers who have been with the brand since day one might remember that they used to have the SV initials on their first few devices which stand for, you’ve guessed it, Smoking Vapor. They did make some news when they were starting because of the many differences their products had with those offered by other brands. At that time many companies wanted to dip their fingers in JUUL’s success so they made and manufactured pod vaporizers that looked fairly similar that that of what the famous pod vaporizer brand offered. Needless to say, that the folks at Mi-One Brands, who called and identified themselves as Smoking Vapor back then, turned the other way and devised a pod vaporizer that was different from the majority in terms of looks and performance. They have been a pioneer in manufacturing vaporizers so they had no problems having to come up with a new device that can change the pod vaporizer landscape forever.

Enter the Mi-One Vaporizer.

Yep, a device of the same name as the brand itself. The Mi-One vaporizer is a device that represents the technology of its time. While it was already somewhat ahead of the pack, it still was limited and restricted to what the industry then had to offer. Launched in 2014, the Mi-One Vaporizer is an AIO kit which basically stands for all-in-one. This means that the Mi-One is a compact device that had everything you need in it. It’s got a built-in tank that uses an atomizer to heat up your select flavored e-juices. It also boasts a powerful 1100mAh battery that allows for longer vaping sessions in between charges. Its small form factor allows you to take it with you almost anywhere you go without hesitation because it basically fits anywhere. With a small and compact dimension of 47mm x 42mm x 22mm, you bet your ass it fits in almost all pockets as well as in the palm of your hands. It may not be as technologically advanced as other pod systems that use e-liquids at that time but it’s no pod vaporizer. It was a prologue of the grand scheme that was to be launched two years later. Nevertheless, the Mi-One Vaporizer was the first device that offered a powerful battery paired with a unique form factor with a generous tank to boot. It simply couldn’t get any better than that especially if you’re into AIO kits at that time.

In 2016, only just two years later, Mi-One Brands released its flagship model – The Mi-Pod. It took almost everything the Mi-One Vaporizer had to offer but made it better. It was then that the Mi-One Brand started to dabble around pod vaporizers and saw the potential of this growing niche. While the Mi-Pod wasn’t exactly an overnight success, it was able to crawl its way up the ladder against the big boys of the pod vaporizer platform. It was definitely something not everyone was expecting from a pod vaporizer. It was squarish like the Mi-One and was way different from other pod vaporizers at that time that was trying to cash in by wearing a façade that looked like some of the more established pod vaporizer brands. Nevertheless, the Mi-Pod Vaporizer slowly made its way into the shelves of most head shops and vaporizer stores as well as into the hearts of consumers. They offered something other vaporizer brands didn’t. Not only did it have power and flavor on its side but the device itself was a representation of sophisticated technology and elegant style. Whilst other brands did their best to keep their vaporizers discreet, simple, and straightforward, Mi-One Brands did what they could to make theirs fashionable, loud, and proud. At that time vaping was already beginning to become mainstream so many consumers were ready to flaunt the vaporizers they have. If vaporizers like JUUL targeted adult smokers, it’s obvious that Mi-One Brands had other things in mind. Accepting one’s self is a virtue of the youth as adults tend to be more composed and will most likely have themselves all figured out. That’s why their products looked hip and trendy with one's sporting lanyards, necklaces, and even chains. That way consumers can wear their Mi-Pods in ways they simply couldn’t do with any other pod vaporizers. This change in approach when it comes to consuming e-liquids created a shift in the paradigm which made the Mi-Pods the public’s new apple of their eyes.

Not only did the Mi-Pod caught the attention of the public but it also caught the attention of experts, enthusiasts, and award giving bodies that the brand’s flagship device received more than twenty awards for its ability to innovate and stand out from the crowd. Since then, a lot of consumers started to use the Mi-Pod Vaporizer and have learned why it was such an innovative brand. One that simply can’t be ignored.

The Brand's Values

Mi-One Brands has definitely carved a mark in the vaporizer industry. While they were known to be innovators, they were also known for other things. Here are a few.

A Brand with a Family Spirit

The Mi-One Brands company believes in having strong family values. This does not only mean that they care for each other within the company but this also means that they treat each other with respect. The brand believes in believing in one’s self and they know very well that this begins by treating each other with respect. Their family spirit makes its way outside of company premises and is felt with how Mi-One Brands does business. Like most families, the Mi-One Brands are made up of different individuals that have their own individual differences. And while other companies are hindered by these differences, the folks at Mi-One Brands actually thrive in these differences as a result of their belief in respecting one’s self and being accepted for who you are. That said, their individual differences are somewhat of a healthy addition to the brand’s sundry of core values.

The result of these differences in views and opinions is the varied designs of the Mi-Pod Vaporizer that makes them one of the most flexible devices on the market today. You can choose from a wide variety of looks and appearances from various collections that range from feminine, masculine, classic, and modern. Thanks to the company’s healthy view of these differences, we were provided with a motley of products to make sure that there’s Mi-Pod for everyone.

Creativity and Passion

It’s kind of expected from the folks at Mi-One Brands to be one of the most innovative minds in the industry. After all, where would they get all that inspiration for designing and developing the Mi-One Vaporizer and the Mi-Pod Vaporizer? The people working for Mi-One Brands are teeming with creativity and are passionate about what they do. On that note, developing products that are breaking the norms come as natural for these bunch of creatives.

The brand encourages an open mind and to follow their intuition when it comes to brainstorming products that are representative of one’s adventurous spirit. This all goes back to embracing their own unique selves not only to elevate themselves as an individual but also other people, those near them. And although the company only released on the new device since the introduction of the Mi-Pod, they face upcoming challenges not only with optimism but also with enthusiasm – something that follows passion and creativity.

Growth and Evolution

If ever you’re observing a continuing pattern here, the Mi-One Brands company is a bunch of individuals that think outside of the box. They know that with passion and creativity comes growth and evolution and that not everything will remain as it used to be. That said, they are able to adjust not only to the growing and changing needs of the general public but they are also capable of harnessing the growth and evolution of each individual in the company.

By embracing and driving change, the company ensures that everyone gets their fair share of push so that no one gets left behind in terms of growth and development. They believe not only in pushing the brand upwards but also everyone in the company towards a path of growth and an avenue of evolution.


Amidst all the pushing forward the company does, they know that somewhere along the lines, they will have to encounter some mishap and the company acts will full responsibility towards these matters. They know that they must stand by their products and that do not want to fail their customers who trust them to stand by their word. The brand and the people under its umbrella are bound by this accountability to deliver quality products to their customers.

We, at VapeActive, admire the Mi-One Brand for the way they run their company and the way they cultivate their seemingly unique nature when it comes to empowering their employees. This is something that emancipates out of the brand and can be seen towards the way their devices are made since they are often designed and engineered to empower the very consumers that use them. That said, the Mi-One Brands and the products they manufacture are a perfect fit for what we, at VapeActive, also stand for. We aim to be the industry’s best online vaporizer store and in doing so give the general public access to devices that empower them, just like the Mi-Pod Vaporizer from Mi-One, formerly Smoking Vapor.

Amidst all these unique attributes the company shows, they have more to offer to the industry and the hopeful consumers that loyally follow the brand and its product releases. You’ll be excited to hear the new product release coming out from Mi-One Brands.

Mi-One Brand into the Future

Remember we’ve mentioned that they only released one product since the release of the Mi-Pod? Well, they did and the product they released is the Wi-Pod. The Wi-Pod is a similar pod vaporizer only this time it takes in not only e-juices but also thick oils. Because they’ve all been into researching the next best thing, they used what worked for them in the past and translated that success to using thick oils. Mi-One Brands have always been one to peer into the future and made a product way ahead of its time with the Wi-Pod Vaporizer.

If you’ve ever been a fan of the Super Mario franchise, you’ll be familiar with Mario’s stronger and crazier counterpart, Wario. We feel like it’s where they got the inspiration as the Mi-Pod and the Wi-Pod are polar opposites but are pretty much cut from the same cloth. Mario is to the Mi-Pod that uses flavorful tobacco e-liquids and Wario is to the Wi-Pod that uses a more potent type of material in thick extract oils. Extracts are far more potent than nicotine-based e-liquids and are often derived from another plant-based matter but offer a different kind of result. Many thick oils are ripe with THC, the psychoactive proponent of marijuana or CBD, its healing and curative active ingredient. That said, its effects and potency are somewhat of a different world when it comes to consuming e-liquids that give you a buzz from the nicotine. You’ll open up a new window and open a new door when you take a hit with the Wi-Pod and not only because of how much power it packs from its materials but also from how well the device has been made. The brand has managed to wow its customers because of how well they have been making pod devices so it’s only expected for them to come up with a new one that will not only match the quality and reliability of the previous one if not exceed it.

Vaping and Dabbing On-The-Go

The Mi-Pod and the Wi-Pod are devices that are made for on-the-go use and consumption. The people of Mi-One Brands believe that the future of vaporizers lies on portable devices so they invested in devices that are designed and engineered to be portable companions of consumers everywhere. They believe that dabbing and vaping on-the-go will be where the customers and the money is – and they were right. Nowadays, people invest more in mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even portable vaporizers. They are easier to carry and easier to use and are far more affordable compared to their larger desktop counterparts that are not only more expensive but also are restrictive. Restrictive in a way that it only allows the consumer to use it and consume their favorite materials while they’re at the comfort of their own homes. On the other hand, devices that are portable are often more affordable and can easily be used without the need of having to sit down and spend hours on it. Not everyone nowadays has the liberty of time and portable devices allow for faster consumption whether its e-liquid nicotine juices or potent THC or CBD-based thick oil extracts.

Mi-Pod Products from VapeActive

We, at VapeActive, want to give our customers the very best. So, we’ve collected some of the brand’s best-sellers and have made it even more accessible to many consumers. Here are some of them. 

Mi-Pod Digital Collection

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is a collection of devices that have an outer shell embellished with a digital pattern. This combines the modern look and feels that ushers the Mi-Pod Vaporizer into the digital age. It’s both stylish and functional which makes the Mi-Pod device, all the more appealing to a broad range of customers. Speaking of which, we have another collection from Mi-Pod.

Mi-Pod Stars Collection

If the Digital version appeals more to consumers that are into gadgets and would find the digital design more appealing, the Stars Collection is for those that are the feminine ones that are looking for a flashier device to take with them when they go out and about. Lastly, we carry a more premium version of the Mi-Pod Collection. 

Mi-Pod Metal Collection

The first two aforementioned ones sport a plastic shell which means that it can easily brush off some of the most common manifestations of wear and tear that can dent and damage a plastic vaporizer. Furthermore, these devices will offer a heavier weight comparably to the plastic ones, and indicative of how tough these devices are. Not that they’re designed to take a beating but they can sure do if you put them to the test.

All these pod systems use the same kind of battery and use the same kind of pods to contain and deliver vapor. The pods are made with a refillable type of technology so these are not sold with nicotine on them. You will have to provide your own whether you brew your own e-liquid or you buy e-juices elsewhere. We, at VapeActive, do not carry e-juice products as we follow strict rulings set out by the government’s ruling bodies. So, when you buy these products, you will have to buy your own e-juice as there are no tobacco derivatives in them. They are empty shells that will contain your preferred materials. Here’s what the pods are like.

Mi-Pod 2-Pack Mi-Pods

This 2-pack Mi-Pods are made and manufactured with a brand-new technology that the folks at Mi-Brands like to call OAS. Now, OAS stands for Oil Air Separated which works by separating the materials and the airflow providing you with flawless draws. It also reduces the risk and the instances of clogging so you’re almost as sure that you’re getting the best draw possible when you use these pod systems.

Because they come in 2-pack bundles, you’ll be able to replace your pod should the other one gunk up.

We, at VapeActive, are one of the best online headshops on the market. We carry a wide range of products you can use for vaping like these products from Mi-One Brands. They’re one that has gone several transformations and we admire their emancipation. If you’re also a fan of Mi-One Brands, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive.