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Shine is a company that specializes in rolling papers, well, gold rolling papers to be exact. They’ve become the epitome of luxury when it comes to consuming dry herb strains and other botanical plant matter for obvious reasons. However, as a company, Shine wanted the brand to release products that are available and are accessible not only to the rich and famous but also to those who just want a slice of opulence and experience ecstasy even just for a moment.

So, Shine elevated the way we see rolling papers and even how we use them. But exactly just how big of a difference does that make and just exactly how does that separate them from the rest of the companies that are known for manufacturing rolling papers? We’ll answer that in the coming lines below. But first, let’s have a short history lesson about rolling papers.

What is a Rolling Paper?

A rolling paper is a specialty paper used for rolling cigarettes and now for medical and recreational cannabis. Because of the increased popularity of smoking both tobacco and cannabis, the popularity of rolling papers have spread too. In fact, many consumers see it more appealing to roll their own. Influenced by Marlboro commercials where cowboys ride with rolled tobacco pressed between their lips lighting their cigarettes using the ember of a campfire wood, the appeal of smoking and rolling your own has reached Hollywood level.

Rolling papers are made from a wide variety of materials. History tells us that early rolling papers used materials like rice, wood, hemp, and flax. Before the birth of pre-rolled commercial cigarettes with filters on the other end, using rolling papers was the way to go. At one point, it was even considered an exotic luxury because back in the day, tobacco and rolling papers had to be imported and thus their value and importance increased. It went that in olden days, no part of the cigar was ever wasted. It was even credited for the birth of commercially rolled cigarettes since left over tobacco from stubbed out cigars were rolled into squares of newspaper. 

Nowadays, the convenience of rolled tobacco or even pre-rolled cannabis has outweighed rolling your own and most of who use rolling papers and roll their own are the purists and the connoisseurs who take rolling herbs as an art form.

Enter Shine rolling papers.

Shining Shimmering Splendid!

Shine rolling papers was born at around 4 am in Vegas, when the folks behind the brand were smoking cigars and wanted to put gold in everything.

But isn’t gold expensive?

Yep, that’s why the team behind Shine had to devise a way where putting gold in smoking or vaping paraphernalia would be something regular consumers can afford, maybe buy for some special occasion, but still affordable. They were talking about gold-plated hookahs, gold-plated pipes, and even gold-plated blunts, but when the discussion went to gold rolling papers, it just seemed natural. The company experimented and developed on various items until they arrived with solid product that shone, shimmered, and was splendid.

The final product even left gold ashes which is now somewhat of a highlight when you’re smoking with and using any of Shine’s rolling papers. The mix of gold on the outside and the right amount of thin rolling paper inside allows for the perfect burn every time you light up your spliff. It was consistent and did not in any way affect the herbs in the paper in terms of flavor, smell, and potency. It’s as natural and as essential as smoking conventional cigarettes. These rolling papers allow you to reap the natural benefits of consuming your favorite herbs in terms of flavor and potency. Shine rolling papers let you get that swag without having to sacrifice the overall experience of smoking your select botanical plant matter. That said, in just a small amount of time, the brand exploded and is now one of the best choices for a lot of consumers.

We, at VapeActive, are proud to carry Shine rolling papers. Yes, we’re backed by a team of professional researchers and avid consumers who are always on the lookout for the freshest and the realest products on the market but having Shine rolling papers on our catalog was a no brainer. It’s one of the most popular rolling papers on the market and we just made such a product more accessible by making it available through our sales channels. We always say that because an item is in our store that it’s passed the standards of our picky researchers but Shine rolling papers is a product that we knew we just had to have the moment it was released (or the moment we heard about it).

So, when shopping for vaporizers and smoking items, make sure to keep it here in the home of the best vaporizers on the market – VapeActive.

Why use Shine Rolling Papers?

Apart from being the flashiest rolling papers available, Shine rolling papers has a lot of things to offer. That’s why it has been one of the most sought-after rolling papers on the market. Not only do they elevate the whole persona of smoking botanical plant matter but also give you a great deal of purity and a natural experience. It gives you the pleasure of wearing your favorite suit and still get all the natural benefits of your select dried herb strain. That said, here’s the first thing Shine rolling papers have to offer to its customers.

A Natural High

Shine rolling papers are made from only the best raw materials on the market. There are products on the market that banks on being raw and natural but products from Shine rolling papers offer the same purity and clarity as some of the top brands on the market today. Behind all the glitz and glamour of the golden façade, these rolling papers still offer a significant amount of purity for consumers. That said, Shine rolling papers are regarded as a good rolling paper not only by recreational consumers but also by people who consume cannabis to medicate. Cannabis is often prescribed for patients who are faced with problems like chronic pain and would want a more natural means of managing pain. See, painkillers and other synthetic products or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can harm your system overtime. NSAIDs can attack your liver and other parts of your organ should you be exposed to the chemicals these pills and medicines contain. It could be fine if you’re only using them for a certain period of time but when you’re dealing with chronic pain, you’re basically exposed to these chemicals for a long period of time, if not for life.

As we all know, cannabis has natural anti-inflammatory properties that allow parts of your body to relax. While there are other means of reaping the curative benefits of the plant matter like salves, oils, patches, tinctures, and edibles, they usually take a long time to take effect. When you smoke cannabis, it’s immediately absorbed by your longs which allows the active ingredients to go directly into your system since it’s shot up to your bloodstreams. From there, your brain accepts the active ingredients and latch on to the receptors. This offers a faster means of experiencing relief from pain instead of waiting for your gut to digest the active ingredients in the edibles you eat or for your skin to absorb the active components in the salves or in the lotions that contain them.

Shine rolling paper is as raw and as natural as other rolling papers on the market so you can enjoy the benefits of your herbs without fear of ingesting or inhaling the negative properties that can irritate your lungs which can actually make medicating with cannabis counterproductive.

It Brings the Bling

It’s no secret that gold is the color of affluence, opulence, and prosperity. It’s the ultimate representation of money and luxury. That’s why those who want to flaunt it and are hungry for attention can use Shine rolling papers as a means to display their bling and show off and that’s not entirely a bad thing. When you sport Shine’s gold rolling papers, you easily light your own spotlight.

Imagine walking in the club holding bling in your hands, not just any other bling but one that you can smoke and share with friends. These surely are considered as luxury rolling papers and the kind you light up on bachelor parties, homecoming nights, birthdays, and any other moment that calls for a celebration. It adds flavor (aesthetically) to your sessions and creates such an instagrammable moment worthy to be captured. That’s why it’s such a hit on many recreational users. It adds bling to an otherwise dull and boring spliff of botanical plant matter. If you want to get everybody’s attention, giving Shine rolling papers are worth a try.

Ever imagined how luxurious restaurants plate their food with edible gold, the same can be pretty much said with Shine’s rolling papers, they add a touch of sophistication to the herbs you’re consuming, whether they’re professionally cared for or locally grown. It's the kind of rolling paper that will have king Midas himself filled with envy.

They’re Perfectly Stable

Yes, if you mean chemically, they have a very stable chemical reaction to fire when lit but Shine rolling papers also offer stable and even burn – they burn slower and last a tad longer.

If you’ve been smoking weed out of a joint, you pretty much know that no matter how good you roll your botanicals, sometimes they just don’t want to burn right. Your spliff can burn more on one side than the other causing herbs on one side to burn hotter leaving the herbs on the other side somewhat greener and fresher. Often referred to as canoeing, a bad burn or an uneven burn causes wastage in terms of material and the benefits they have to offer. Uneven tokes are a pain and can have you using more herbs (and more paper) than what’s necessary.

Since Shine rolling papers are made extremely with attention to detail, they promise to provide a good and stable burn. We’ve yet to encounter an uneven toke when using these rolling papers so we pretty much know how well it performs. Because of how well they’re made, they are guaranteed to burn slow allowing more of the active ingredients on the herbs to be extracted into the smoke and absorbed by your system. This allows you to enjoy more significant sessions because you’re inhaling all the benefits your materials have to offer. It also makes for an efficient session since you no longer have to take seconds because you can already get your fill when smoking with Shine rolling papers.

There’s a lot more to enjoy when using Shine rolling papers, not only are they fun and safe to use but they’re also a statement for when you want to impress or simply just celebrate with your friends. The brand has clearly made a good thing here and have invented something dry herb consumers and self-proclaimed connoisseurs would enjoy. Sure, they’re not the investment-kind of purchases like vaporizers that you can use over and over but spending on something and experiencing luxury from time to time never hurt anybody. It’s pretty much like popping an expensive glass of champagne to celebrate life’s milestones and small victories. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a treat and buy Shine rolling papers and when you do, make sure to get yours only here at the internet’s most trusted and most recommended vape shop and smoke shop – VapeActive.

Shine Rolling Papers are Safe Rolling Papers

Contrary to the unsolicited belief, smoking gold is safe. But then again, when we’re talking about smoking, nothing is really safe and healthy. Nevertheless, Shine rolling papers are as safe and as healthy as other rolling papers on the market. We’re talking in a spectrum of health and safety using majority of today’s rolling papers. And when we use them as a standard, Shine rolling papers does not fall behind if not far ahead of the competition.

The way Shine rolling papers are made is that they make the edible 24K gold to actually fall off and stay in the ashes that's why you’re getting golden ash with your weed. So far, the company claims that they never heard of anyone getting sick of their products and they definitely had to run different tests on the actual rolling papers to make sure they are non-toxic and they do not have any toxic byproducts when exposed to heat. Some things create harmful effects when burnt and heated but Shine rolling papers have proved to have had no observed adverse effects in a controlled environment with constant and consistent exposure for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, all for 90 days of gold inhalation. This test is conducted on rats and is posted on Shine rolling paper’s actual website. These studies show that there’s a very small and insignificant effect which makes Shine rolling papers not to be associated with any risks as far as health is concerned when it comes to smoking edible gold.

So, if you want to use Shine 24/7 go knock yourself off and might as well contact Shine to buy off the company.

Kidding aside, you need not worry about getting sick by using Shine’s rolling papers to wrap your select dry herb strains and botanical plant matter as the brand won’t release the product in the first place should it have any harmful effects on the human body. That said, you can consume herbs and enjoy the fun and the exciting benefits of using gold rolling papers.

Shine rolling papers also dabbled around other materials including edible white gold. If they’ve done it with actual edible gold then they sure can do it with white ones. They recreate a silver thin layer of paper that can be smoked, heated, and burnt without the relative danger of inhaling the actual metal. Like the gold rolling papers, these white gold rolling papers are handcrafted rolling papers using the finest edible white gold with a hemp base. That said, the benefits of using Shine rolling paper’s other staples can be found in Shine’s white gold products, they’ll burn slow and they will provide a stable burning allowing you to capitalize of the materials you filled the white gold rolling papers with.

The company even made printed rolling papers and paved the way for other companies to follow suit. We know that there are other brands who manufacture printed rolling papers and Shine rolling papers was one of the first few manufacturers who aimed and perfected the craft. Although these products are no longer offered in Shine’s catalog, The Benjamins, are printed rolling papers tattooed with the same pattern as the very currency we use today. It allowed consumers to have, in a sense, burn money as they’re smoking out of a rolling paper printed with American currency. And like the gold and white gold rolling papers the ink on these rolling papers are edible making them relatively safe – even safer if you’ve smoked out of a real American bill.

On that note, the rolling papers Shine rolling papers have released and manufactured have always been a safe alternative to smoking your select materials.

A Company That Cares

Shine isn’t all about bling, all about fun, and even all about entertainment. They also show that they’re a company that cares. You know what they all say about good companies, they’re led by influential people that aim for change. Shine rolling paper’s CEO believes that he can help destigmatize the negative blot on people at the helm of companies that had to deal with cannabis. He may not be in the position to start charities but he believes that his actions can help change the negative mark on cannabis companies.

There are companies that produce and manufacture cannabis products to help patients battle a lot of medical conditions from chronic pain and epilepsy to dealing with stress and anxiety. They all help make a positive change in how people look at and view cannabis and cannabis products and the head of Shine rolling papers aims to make the same change and eliminate the stigma on people who use these products. He talks about small moments and becoming a good influence allows them and other brands to overcome the stigma of cannabis consumption. It is the responsibility of becoming a good steward to the community allows many good things to happen. So, if you want to be with a company that cares not only for its customers but also cares for the whole cannabis community in general, now would be a good time to become a part of the Shine family. That’s why we at VapeActive are proud to carry products from Shine rolling papers. They are a great addition to our large collection of smoking and vaping items and knowing that we’re supporting a company that cares for the community gives us a better feeling both inside and out. When purchasing Shine rolling papers, make sure you get it from a company that genuinely cares for its customers. We at VapeActive makes sure that we adhere to deliveries so that they’re fast efficient and best of all discreet. We make sure that the products you get from our website are original and authentic and come directly from the source. We know that the internet is littered with stores and products that sell products that are dupes and fakes and we all know how that feels. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the original and authentic products you can find in our collection.

Shine Rolling Papers at VapeActive

1. Shine Gold Cone Rolling Papers.

Shine Gold Cone Rolling Papers are pre-rolled papers that are designed for simplicity and convenience. These rolling papers are already rolled and are shaped like a cone so that all you need to do is to drop your ground herbs in the cone, seal both ends, and start smoking. It’s kind of a more on-the-go product that allows you to smoke almost on the fly. That’s because all there is to it is to grind your herbs (or carry around pre-ground materials), fill the Shine Gold Cone Rolling Paper, tie both ends and light it up.

Each Shine Gold Cone Rolling Paper comes in a single pack and is made from the same high-quality raw materials that each gold rolling paper was designed, engineered, and made out of. That said, consumers who are always on their feet are so keen on using this kind of rolling paper because it eliminates the process of actually rolling the paper with the herbs in it. It’s the perfect representation of luxury at your fingertips, made with the best edible gold.

2. Shine Woven Blunt Rolling Papers.

The Shine Woven Blunt Rolling Papers offers more of a patterned design. This gives the illusion of a more beautiful look with the interchanging patterns of brown and gold woven together pretty much like a Louis Vuitton bag. It has a certain air of elegance that’s simply hard to miss. However, amidst its luxurious and sophisticated look, these rolling papers do not offer the same convenience you’d find on the gold cones. Still, the look of reconstituted tobacco woven with ornamental gold seamlessly constructed into the rolling paper makes for a stunning sight.

The Shine Woven Blunt Rolling Paper has a tip that’s designed and engineered to be used as a mouthpiece so you can easily set up your joint. The woven checkered design is known not only for its ability to provide the most stylish means of consuming your select dry herb strains but also a way to consume and experience some of the best tasting hits you can from a spliff. If you’re a fancy connoisseur, the Shine Woven Blunt Rolling Paper is surely a must-have.

3. Shine King Sized Rolling Papers.

For the dry herb connoisseur that simply wants to have it all, the king-sized wraps offer 53 mm x 100 mm rolling paper so you can roll that king-sized joint for you and your friends. It’s the ideal golden rolling paper for consumers who like to smoke botanicals in parties and like to share the love with friends who simply have to partake. With these rolling papers, you’re not just going to be the life or the party but you are the party.

It’s a large rolling paper designed and engineered with the same raw materials used in manufacturing the iconic rolling paper. If you’re someone who needs a larger blunt, then this rolling paper is the right one for you. Don’t let the size of the rolling paper stop you from reaching your limit, smoke as much as you want with a larger option of rolling paper and you can get that only with the Shine King Sized Rolling Papers.

The brand really has helped redefine luxurious vaping as we know it. Before Shine rolling papers entered the market, all there was to luxurious consumption of cannabis was buying expensive weed. Now you’ve got a rolling paper as expensive as that botanical plant matter you’re consuming thanks to Shine rolling papers. It’s no surprise people love Shine rolling papers, gold is actually the most recognizable and one of the most expensive elements on the periodic table and to have the same element on your sessions simply makes it more special. That’s why you’d see a lot of people sporting these rolling papers for special occasions, 100th YouTube video? Why not celebrate it with a gold rolling paper from Shine. Graduating from college? Heck make it even better with Shine’s luxury rolling paper. A friend getting married, let them enjoy a taste of what it’s like to luxuriously consume the plant matter before tying the knot.

Overall, sporting these rolling papers out in public is sort of a status symbol. Not only does it mean that you have money to burn but it also means that you’re celebrating something special. They may sport a higher price tag but it’s not bad to spoil yourself and your friends from time to time.

Final Words on Shine Rolling Paper

The brand has expended and has had more than just rolling papers available since its inception. Now, they have various projects appearing in various events and making the brand’s presence felt. Apart from rolling papers, Shine also sells a bunch of products that let you show your love and support for the brand which include apparel like shirt and caps. You can wear it out in public and they’re the kind that does not scream cannabis, just a plain print of shine on it. Totally inconspicuous and you’ll only have people who know the brand throw a wink at you. That said, Shine also has some vinyl stickers you can slap on your laptop and on your vehicle that lets you become a true Shine rolling paper fanboy. There are also hoodies and even a bamboo watch for those who like to keep it natural. However, what you’ll find practical are their products that let you consume your favorite materials. We’re talking not only about the actual rolling papers but also ceramic coated grinders and gold rolling trays. They also have lighters that have Shine printed on them.

That said, Shine has evolved from being just another rolling paper company to an actual brand that represents the truest form of consuming botanical herbs. They’re considered as one of the best companies on the market today and the brand represents the highest standards in manufacturing products for cannabis consumption. So, if you want nothing but the best for yourself and your weed, make sure to get yourself Shine products and enjoy the best today’s industry has to offer. Shop for Shine rolling papers only here at the industry’s most recommended online store – VapeActive.