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About MagicalButter

Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. Some prefer smoking while others prefer vaping. However, there are consumers who get creative and consume cannabis by combining it with the food they eat. Historically, the plant matter has been consumed in different ways and consumption by edibles has been one of the many ways consumers get to reap the natural benefits of cannabis. Today, many consumers eat edibles to take advantage of cannabis’ benefits without having to smoke or vaporize it.

One company capitalized on this market and has successfully developed a product to help consumers make cannabis edibles at home.

Meet the MagicalButter Machine

MagicalButter is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality products to make cannabutter. Their flagship device, the MagicalButter Machine, is the world’s first counter-top botanical extractor. Considered as a marvel by many canna-chefs, the MagicalButter Machine allows for simple and easy extraction of rich cannabutter.

That said, the brand has been known both for its innovation and ingenuity. This gave them the leading edge when it comes to the competition. To make a botanical extractor is one thing, to make an ultimate botanical extractor is another. That's why many consumers are drawn into the allure of buying and using the MagicalButter Machine. They want to know what it’s like to be using one of the industry’s finest.

They made infusion not only a way of getting the benefits of cannabis into edible form but also an art form. Here, at VapeActive, we are proud to carry the MagicalButter brand and the MagicalButter Machine. It has always been our goal to deliver the best products to our customers and the MagicalButter perfectly fits the bill. If you want a butter infuser that can keep up with your heavy demands, the MagicalButter Machine is the right one for you. VapeActive recommends the MagicalButter Machine for both beginners and advanced consumers who want to achieve the best results when infusing their herbs into their daily beverages and edibles.

What Separates The MagicalButter Mahcine from Other Butter Makers?

MagicalButter created a butter infuser machine that allows you to make oils, butter, and even tinctures that are used to make hard candies so that you can easily enjoy your favorite herbs and flowers as you add them to your healthy and yummy recipes.

The MagicalButter Machine combines an immersion blender with an accurate and precise heating unit. This allows you to enjoy extraction using a no-fuss device. It requires a simple operation that even beginners and those with no experience can enjoy. Create culinary concoctions like soups, sauces, dressings, as well as topicals and salves at the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The MagicalButter Machine makes you feel like a kitchen whiz and make canna-creations that can help you with your daily consumption. Regardless if you’re making edibles for recreational use or if you’re making ointments for medicinal purposes, the MagicalButter Machine can help you make your own personal cannabis creation.

While the company has made a name for making devices that allow a novice cook to make professional-quality edibles, they have been known for other things that make them the go-to for home infusion. Here are some things the brand has been known for.


The MagicalButter Machine is made from only the best raw materials on the market. This allows the MagicalButter Machine to enjoy relative durability and reliability making it a home appliance that lasts. On that note, this makes the MagicalButter Machine a fitting investment that beginners and advanced consumers won’t be afraid to commit to.

The MagicalButter Machine features a stainless-steel pitcher that does not corrode nor is susceptible to rust and other issues that may cause the metal to weaken. This also means that you will not encounter any problems that may contaminate your product. It also has lab-grade components including digital thermostats and sensors.

Ease of Use

As we’ve mentioned above, the MagicalButter Machine allows for simple and easy infusion of the effects of your favorite dry herb strains with your favorite edibles and select beverages. You literally won’t have to do anything complicated. You just put your decarboxylated herbs in the MagicalButter Machine, add your oil, and let the device do its thing. You just wait for it to finish a full cycle and you’re done. You simply drain the finished product to remove the herbs, put it in the mold, and straight to your fridge.

The MagicalButter Machine allows for simple and straightforward use.


While other companies create products that are intended for one goal, MagicalButter made their product to do various tasks. The MagicalButter Machine can grind your herbs, heat it, stir the contents inside it so that you don’t have to do anything at all. The butter it produces can also be used for various purposes including tinctures, oils, salves, and topicals. You can add the butter to your pasta or create a cannabis-infused salsa for your nachos.

The possibilities are endless with the MagicalButter Machine.

Why Use the MagicalButter Machine?

As we’ve briefly covered above, the MagicalButter Machine offers a slew of benefits for consumers of various types and levels. You may be a recreational consumer who can smoke and vape but just want a little variety to your sessions. Creating edibles can help you reap the psychoactive benefits of your favorite herbs and give your sessions a much-needed twist.

The MagicalButter Machine can also be beneficial for consumers who simply cannot tolerate smoke or vapor. This sits well with elderlies and children that have received medical prescriptions but cannot endure inhaling smoke or vapor. You can create edibles from the MagicalButter Machine that you can take with you when you go to work since the active ingredients are released in your gut, the efficacy and potency are slower compared to that of when you smoke or vaporize cannabis. That said, the effects are released slowly which means that you will not get that immediate hit from the psychoactive components of the plant matter which allows you to stay functional throughout the day.

Not as long as the usual process, it would only take you an hour or 2 to have your cannabutter and cannabis oil to be done. Even with its rapid results, it does not sacrifice the taste, aroma, and flavor as it still gives you the most out of your herbs and flowers as quickly as possible. No more exhausting mixing back and forth. MagicalButter has everything ready and made for you.

Ultimately, the MagicalButter Machine allows you to create cannabutter the easy way, and here’s why.

Traditional Extraction

Traditional cannabis extraction involves a lot of work. Especially if you’re a beginner with no experience whatsoever in crafting cannabis oil or cannabis butter. To give you an idea of how complicated it can be for beginners, here’s a quick look of the things you need for when you’re making cannabutter the old-fashioned way.

  • An herb grinder
  • A stove
  • A strainer
  • An oven
  • A pot
  • A jar

Of course, you’ll also need your herbs and your butter.

First, you’d have to decarboxylate the herbs.

Arguably the longest and the most arduous step, this process requires you to heat the herbs without reaching the point of combustion so that the active ingredients in the actual plant matter are released. This will help you get more potent effects when you infuse the herbs in the butter and use it for your edibles. You can decarboxylate the herbs by heating them in the oven. The process may take longer for herbs that are fresher but maybe faster for dried up plant matter. For fresh cannabis, decarboxylation may take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes while dried up herbs may take somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes. It’s recommended that you take the low and slow process so you can avoid burning the herbs. During this time, you should also consistently mix the herbs to avoid them from burning or sticking, in which case, a parchment paper may help.

Once the herbs are out of the oven, you should let them cool and prepare them for grinding. Place the right amount of herbs, the kind your grinder can accommodate, without having to spill the herbs or compromise the final output. Slowly grind the herbs until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Leave the herbs to rest and prepare your butter.

Place the pot on the stove and add both butter and water. Slowly bring the concoction to a slight boil and add the ground cannabis. Let the mixture simmer and let it cool down.

Now comes the easy part, strain the cannabutter and place the clean cannabutter into a jar. Let it cool down and transfer the contents to mold and throw it in the fridge.

The whole process of traditionally making cannabutter takes a while. Although we’re all for handmade products that are a labor of love, one would have to say – there's got to be an easier way.

Now the MagicalButter Machine.

MagicalButter Extraction

Taking connoisseurs to the future of consumption, the MagicalButter Machine offers the same quality results without unnecessary preparation and the long waiting hours. It offers relatively good quality butter without a long wait. Here’s how it’s done.

Decarboxylate your herbs as you would and once the herbs are activated, all you need to do is to place them in the MagicalButter Machine. You don’t have to grind the herbs as the MagicalButter Machine can do that for you. You just add your butter, some lecithin, select the time and temperature, and you’re good to go. And oh, remember the stuff you needed to have for traditional infusion? Those come packaged with the MagicalButter Machine. That said, you’ll enjoy the MagicalButter’s included purification filter as well as their thermal gloves. You can use the included filter to skim down the cannabutter and remove the herbs. Then, as you would with the normal infused butter, let it cool down and transfer it to a mold. Throw the butter in the fridge and take out after a few hours.

MagicalButter is known to be one of the best companies that started cannabutter and cannabis oil with its butter infuser since 2012. They are known for creating a durable and long-lasting machine that lets you do the infusing process with just a click of a button. For those who stayed away from cooking and baking with herbal goods because of the tedious process of infusing, MagicalButter has solved the problem for you.

Today, MagicalButter is seen as one of the best companies on the market that produces butter makers and is trusted by both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

MagicalButter brought its magic to your kitchen with the MagicalButter Machine. With just a few clicks to operate, you are ready and good to go. The MagicalButter Machine is so amazing because it is the easiest, the fastest, and the most efficient infusing machine to make oils, butter, and any other infused ingredients with just a click of a button. It is designed for creating a delicious recipe with infusing the essence of healthy herbs and flowers to your healthy recipes. To Start off, all you have to is to have your cannabis or any chosen herb or flower to be activated. To Activate THC or to Decarboxylate your herb, put it in a closed lid container, and put it in the oven at 250 degrees for 25 mins. As it cools down, put the herb as well as your oil/butter inside the machine to start the process, with the easy controls that you can select, you already have a butter-infused or an oil-infused ingredient that you can use for baking and cooking. As easy as 1.. 2.. 3! You can now enjoy your favorite brownies, cakes, or candies with your chosen herbs in it.

MagicalButter Machine Best Features

As we’ve covered above, the MagicalButter Machine allows for simple and straightforward extraction and infusion to make cannabutter. However, it does have a few tricks of its sleeve and a few features to boast. Here are a few.

One Button Operation

The MagicalButter Machine is a device geared towards convenience. While other butter makers achieve to look like sophisticated home appliances that require you to perform several actions just to get the device going, the MagicalButter Machine wants you only to press two buttons. Once to select the temperature and another to select the time. It’s that simple.

The MagicalButter Machine offers preset temperature settings that can be used depending on what you’re making. The temperature profiles come in at 130° F, 160° F, 190° F, and 220° F. on the other hand, you can select a time option which will depend on the type of product you’re making. There's an option for a cycle that runs for one hour for oils, two hours for butter, and four hours for tincture. There’s also an eight-hour cycle for other products.

Instead of having to press several buttons that may sometimes cause confusion especially for beginners, the MagicalButter Machine simplifies the process. This is arguably one of its best features which contributes not only to its ability to allow consumers to enjoy professional quality products with very minimal effort but also in its ability to draw consumers who would otherwise shy away from making cannabutter. This opens up an opportunity not only for new customers but also for smokers and vaporizer users to try out different modes of consuming their favorite herb. Those who want to try making gummies and space cakes can try them on their own thanks to the simple and straightforward means of making cannabutter made possible by MagicalButter.

Professional Level Infusion

Apart from its simple use and operation, the MagicalButter boasts of professional quality components that bring lab-grade performance and end products only trained professionals could deliver.

The head of the MagicalButter contains a high-grade motor and a microprocessor that controls how the MagicalButter works. It also has a high-quality heating element that allows the MagicalButter to bring the butter and cannabis mixture to the optimum temperature for effective and efficient infusion. The microprocessor installed on the head of the unit allows the MagicalButter Machine to precisely and accurately heat the mixture based on the preset temperature settings available on the unit. This allows consumers to get professional quality results using the MagicalButter Machine.

The MagicalButter also comes with a proprietary immersion blade that shreds the herbs mid infusion process. Because it allows the herbs to be chopped, ground, and stirred at the same time, and all during the infusion process, it makes for a more effective means of releasing the active ingredients from the herbs which will make the cannabutter more potent. Remember the microprocessor on the MagicalButter Machine’s head? It's also capable of sensing if the MagicalButter Machine is overflowing. This means that your mixture will not bubble out of the pitcher and you will experience less wastage of your materials allowing you to save money and your cannabutter. Furthermore, the MagicalButter Machine also has a digital thermostat that offers maximum control of the temperature as it runs a cycle.

Overall, the MagicalButter Machine offers high-grade components that make the entirety of this device. With better parts, the MagicalButter Machine makes for a better experience.

Can Make A Generous Amount of Cannabutter

The MagicalButter Machine can make an average of two five cups of cannabutter in one cycle. Depending on your butter container, you can make an average of four bars of butter. This amount lets you stretch the amount of material you have and maximize your yield. You're not wasting material when you use the MagicalButter Machine making it a good investment for consumers who want to save money and materials when they consume their favorite herbs.

The MagicalButter is a perfect device to use when you want to make sufficient batches for daily use. So, whether you’re alone and are cooking for one or if you’re hosting a party and is cooking up a dish for friends who also appreciate infused food, the MagicalButter Machine will not disappoint and can help you dish out delicious servings both big and small.

Equipping its Customers

The MagicalButter is where it is today not only because they make the best botanical extractors on the market. They’re where they are today because they care for their customers by equipping them with the necessary things they need for an experience they won’t regret. This is one of the reasons why many consumers find that once they’ve used the MagicalButter Machine, they can longer look back.

The MagicalButter company offers a slew of products and services that make joining the MagicalButter family. Here are a few.

Cooling Trays and Molds

An ever-important part of creating cannabutter, cooling trays and molds allow you to shape the product you’ve just made into good-looking treats. For butter, MagicalButter offers MagicalButter trays for medicated butter. This allows consumers to enjoy four full sticks or bars of cannabutter that can be divided or measured as eight tablespoons of cannabutter per stick. The tray is made of silicone material which creates a non-stick surface so you can easily remove the butter from the mold. This tray is also oven safe and allows you to make edibles like brownies, cornbread, muffins, as well as other products like chocolate bars, granola bars, and protein bars. These trays are also capable of extending the shelf life of your cannabutter by preventing unwanted microorganisms to contaminate the infused butter. It’s perfect for storing in the fridge.

The MagicalButter company also sells trays intended for gummies. Like the butter trays, the gummy trays use high-grade silicone material that’s approved by the FDA and the LFGB. Each silicone tray is BPA free which means it’s safe to use with food and other edibles. Using food-grade silicone allows the MagicalButter company to ensure the safety of its customers as these trays act as non-toxic containers for food. Apart from not having any toxic reaction to the edibles stored and made with these trays, they also allow for improved shelf life and the overall preservation of the qualities and properties of each food stored in these trays. You can enjoy the best flavors from the hard candies you make, you can also enjoy the natural flavors of your protein bars, your cookies, and your muffins. This is why the MagicalButter company one of the most trusted and sought-after brands in the platform.

Apart from the cooling trays and molds the company offers, they also make other kitchen products that can be of good use for aspiring canna-chefs. These include measuring cups, heat-resistant gloves, filters, and strainers, as well as silicone spatulas. The brand has mastered the craft of making high-quality kitchenware and silicone products that the accessories they make for the MagicalButter Machine are perfect for cooking cannabis edibles.

Companion App

We’ve seen vaporizers get companion applications but for a table-top botanical extractor, that’s got to be something. The MagicalButter Machine offers a downloadable phone application that allows consumers to do more and be more with their MagicalButter Machines. Here are just some of the things the mobile application offers.

Up to Date Recipes

One of the best things you can get from downloading the MagicalButter mobile phone application is MagicalButter’s wide collection of recipes. This gives you a peek of what you can do with the cannabutter you’ve just made. Instead of having to browse constantly through the web for various recipes you can serve, you can easily find one that suits you best just by browsing through the app. Every delicious cannabis dish collected and collated in one convenient phone application. Thinking of what to serve your friends for an upcoming celebration, the MagicalButter mobile phone app has everything from Christmas meals to Halloween food treats. Worried about what to bring to the party? How about some infused chocolate bars you can hand out to friends going to the party with you?

MagicalButter even has some recipes not only for human consumption but also for your pets. With this downloadable app, you can cook up some nice CBD treats for your pets. It doesn’t always have to be about you, fur parents can make edibles for their fur babies allowing everyone in your house to make good use of the MagicalButter Machine.

If you think the recipes are only intended for gastronomic pleasure, you're definitely mistaken. MagicalButter includes recipes not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients. Having trouble sleeping? You can find recipes that can help you conjure edibles that can help you relax and get some well-earned rest. If you feel like anxiety is getting to you, have no worry. Simply open up the app and you’ll find recipes that are as fun to eat as they are to make. The app even features recipes to make everything from soothing salves to medicated topicals. The collection of recipes come from different types of chefs and are made for different varieties of consumers. The MagicalButter mobile phone application offers the best when it comes to cannabis recipes that even those not using a MagicalButter Machine can benefit from using these recipes.

A Slew of MagicalButter Products

Of course, you can shop for supplementary accessories using the MagicalButter app. You can look for butter infusers as well as accessories and kitchenware through the app. That said, you can always have access to the company’s products so you can always get and buy what you need. The MagicalButter gives their customers the support they need to keep them going by making a wide variety of recipes as well as with the help and use of a wide selection of products for the MagicalButter Machine.

You can easily find the stuff that you need exclusively in the application. The best thing about shopping from the app to buy accessories is that you can enjoy exclusive discounts that you won’t get anywhere else. It’s another way of rewarding their customers for downloading the application.


Another benefit of downloading the MagicalButter application is the ability to customize your experience. You can customize your recipes and save your favorites so you won’t have to dig deep in the app just to you can search for a recipe buried in the refreshed page. By doing so you can gather a collection of recipes where you can sort of making your own cookbook of cannabis recipes.

The possibilities are endless when you download the MagicalButter application.

Proud to be Part of the Family

The MagicalButter company makes it more appealing to be a part of their family as they continue to grow. The MagicalButter brand is now an international name and has industrial footprints in both Europe and Australia. This only shows that the MagicalButter brand has captured not only the American consumer but also the international market proving that their recipe for success is an effective one that it was able to capture the interests of consumers in Europe and Australia. That said, we, at VapeActive are proud to carry the MagicalButter brand and the MagicalButter Machine. Our team is keen on the products we test and the fact that the MagicalButter Machine is in our collection means that the botanical extractor has passed our picky testers. The quality of their products is reflected in the quality of cannabutter produced by the MagicalButter Machine. That said, if you’re looking for the best the industry has to offer, the MagicalButter Machine is what you should be looking out for.

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