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About High Five Vaporizers

Previously known as HIGH5, High Five Vaporizers is a company that makes and manufactures vaporizer devices. They have been better known for their eNails but the company has also been manufacturing all sorts of vaporizer products including dab pens, vape pens, dab rigs, as well as rosin presses. Lately, the brand has been making news because of its latest addition to its offering, an eRig that was designed and engineered to embody what the brand ultimately stands for.

High Five Vaporizers is a company dedicated to the production of high-quality devices that’s dependable, reliable, and affordable, just like their High Five Duo. That’s why they’re one of the go-to brands for consumers who really want to get their money’s worth. For hard-hitters and heavy consumers, the name High Five Vapes is synonymous with the words durability and longevity. The products they manufacture are just some of the most hard-wearing and long-lasting vaporizer products on the market today. That's why they are the top choice for consumers who find themselves in long grinding sessions or simply those looking for a capable daily driver. High Five Vaporizers deliver all without breaking the bank.

Here at VapeActive, our goal is to give our customers the best selection of vaporizers and other accessories that can help them elevate their sessions. We found that given the company’s track record of producing and manufacturing such reliable and dependable vaporizers, their products are what we’re exactly looking for. That said, we are happy to give our customers access to original and authentic vaporizers and vaporizer replacement parts from High Five Vapes. We get our supplies directly from the source so you can be sure that you’re getting 100% original products when you shop with us. What’s more is that before a product from a certain brand or company is added to our collection, our team of professional consumers check these items personally. Should they pass their high standards in vaporizer products, it will soon be added to our website. Using that selection process, we at VapeActive, are able to filter the products on the market to give you only the best devices and accessories that are definitely worth investing in. The fact that High Five Vaporizer products appear on our store means that they’ve passed our standards. We want to give you nothing but the best here at VapeActive.

Here are some of the few things the company has to offer and what helped them build a reputation over the years.

High-Quality Vaporizers

High Five Vaporizers are made with the utmost dedication to quality. They are known to have exhibited the highest standards of durability and dependability that last owners nearly a lifetime with only a few issues here and there. Their products are built to last and are made to withstand long and punishing use. It’s not that you can use your High Five Vaporizer products carelessly, it still needs its fair share of care and maintenance but compared to other devices within the same price point, their products are simply of a higher quality. It’s like they’re cut from a different cloth and are head and shoulders above the average vaporizer. Be it eNails, eRigs, dab pens, dry herb vaporizers, High Five Vaporizers are definitely better than the cheap vaporizers you buy that’s almost as good as burners.

To make devices that are of such impeccable quality, High Five Vapes sources the best raw materials and uses the most stringent means of manufacturing their products. They use medical-grade and food-grade materials which then makes their devices safer choices for those whose main concern is their health and the safety of their sessions. The company also produces vaporizers with no wicks and no glues to ensure that they do not emit or produce toxic byproducts when heated. Speaking of heating, they source the best heating elements from quartz, ceramic, titanium, to stainless steel atomizers to ensure superior vaporization of your select materials. Lastly, they use only the strongest and most hard-wearing of materials to ensure that the products they make won’t just break the moment you use them.

If you’re looking for durability that rips, vaporizers from High Five Vapes are the ones you should be keeping an eye out for.

Unique Design

The company designs its own devices. Not only does this give High Five Vaporizers its own unique look but also ensures that it's up to par with the brands’ core values as well as with what the brand wants to achieve ultimately. That’s why you won’t see products that look exactly the same as High Five devices from vaporizers from other brands. The industry is already littered with vaporizers that pretty much look exactly the same, from dab pens and eRigs that look like they’re a copy of an original. That’s why products from High Five Vaporizers look unique and function likewise.

Their products are often modular and offer a wide range of features as well as compatibility not only with products from High Five but also from those of other manufacturers.

Another reason why it’s good that they design their own products is that in doing so, they get to produce products that they themselves can be proud of. As we’ve briefly covered above, the brand has been manufacturing devices of the best in terms of quality. So, it’s only befitting that the vaporizers they manufacture are within the parameters of what they want to achieve and offer as a brand. High Five Vaporizers are innovative and are the kind that constantly pushes the envelope as well as the quality of vaporization as we know it.

True American Quality

High Five Vaporizers is a company based in America. That's why their products boast design, engineering, and quality that reflects American skill and ingenuity. This does not only speak for the quality of their products but also for how they do business as a company. They back their products with real customer service. You can enjoy fast and reliable support for when you need help with your vaporizer. Not that you’ll spend a lot of time contacting and communicating with the folks at High Five Vaporizers, but they get back to you as fast as they could which also help when you’re requesting or filing for a warranty claim. Because the company is located in the States, you won’t have to spend a lot in terms of sending your vaporizer to a location you have no idea of and be in correspondence with people who take time to answer because they’re based in a remote location. You won’t have any of these problems when you do business with High Five Vaporizers. Their staff is friendly and accommodating. Because they’re located in the States, you can easily ship and track the device should it need to be checked and repaired by the company. And while it rarely happens, rest assured that you are in good hands when it does.

High Five Vaporizers are unique in terms of design and offer impeccable quality overall with superior American craftsmanship to boast. If you want to do business with a company you can trust, you can always rely on High Five Vaporizers. We, at VapeActive, offer authentic and original High Five products as well as supporting accessories so you can have replacement parts always on the ready. The company is headquartered in Washington.

Today, High Five Vaporizers are one of the go-to brands when it comes to affordable vaporizers that are comparable to top brands. Here are other things you might love about High Five and why it’s high time that you become a part of the High Five family.

Company Sales and Promotions

The company has its own programs that allow its customers to take advantage of buying their vaporizers at lower prices. Their most common promotional campaigns include sales that coincide with National and Federal holidays or such significant dates celebrated by the community including but not limited to the annual 420 and 710 celebrations, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Day. They also offer veteran discounts.

The same can be said when you buy vaporizer products here at VapeActive. Not only can you get authentic and original High Five Vaporizer products as well as those from other brands but you can also get the best discounts today’s industry has to offer. We do not only have our own promotional campaigns but we also have a wide collection of product coupons that will help you save money when you buy online through our website. You will not only save time by skipping the lines but also enjoy the convenience of shopping at the comfort of your own home. Just sit in your couch and shop safely away from the crowd when shopping for your High Five vaporizer. We, at VapeActive, update our coupon codes regularly so you can enjoy sweet deals on your favorite vaporizers, just like products from High Five Vaporizers.

Just like how High Five Vaporizers are constantly changing and innovating the way we see vaporizers and vaping in general, we at VapeActive, push to always change how online discounts and coupons work.

Dependable Product Warranty

High Five offers a wide variety of warranties to cover their products. A full 1-year warranty is granted to all eNail controllers, as well as eNail coils and power cords. On the other hand, glass, titanium, and other accessories require one to contact High Five Vaporizers immediately with a photo of the damaged item the moment a broken item is received. While this is somewhat common for many vaporizer manufacturers, the fact that they are run and operated in the States makes them a responsive company that can answer your queries in a timely manner. No more waiting for someone from the far end of the globe to answer your calls. No more having to ship the item to a different country or to wait for the item to pass through customs which can take weeks if not months.

High Five Vaporizers back their products up with warranty and customer service that can give you with that peace of mind that you simply can’t find on products that are cheaper. If you’re tired of sending emails to companies who do not have the audacity to answer, make sure to make the switch to High Five Vaporizers. We, at VapeActive, are inspired by how well High Five Vaporizers do business and coordinate warranty claims that it’s almost seamless. On that note, you can easily claim warranty whenever anything causes any concern with your High Five Vaporizer. Not that their devices are made weak and of sub-standard materials, but because this is simply how they do business. They make their devices in a way that they can stand rigorous and extensive use and support it with even better warranty claims. While it’s often on a rare occasion that you’ll have to send over your device, you know you won’t have to go through a rigmarole of hoops just to get what you’re entitled to in the first place.

Here’s the reason why you won’t always have to always send your vaporizer back to the manufacturer.

VapeActive High Five Vaporizer Parts and Accessory

VapeActive carries a wide range of products from High Five. And we know that it’s a key to maintaining your vaporizer. Case in point, the all-new High Five Duo Vaporizer. Here are just some of the accessories we carry that can be used for the brand-new High Five Duo.

1. High Five Duo Mouthpiece

The High Five Duo Mouthpiece is a replacement mouthpiece that allows you to replace the original mouthpiece that came with the original High Five Duo Vaporizer when you've just pulled it out of the box. This means that you can enjoy the same kind of quality as the same mouthpiece or glass attachment that came with the device making it so that when you replace the original High Five Duo Vaporizer Mouthpiece with a replacement mouthpiece, you will feel no difference at all.

That’s because it was made and manufactured using the same materials using the same method and process as the one that came with your device. This makes this replacement piece a fitting replacement component for the High Five Duo Vaporizer. And why wouldn’t it? It’s an official replacement part made and manufactured by High Five themselves which means that it will most likely have a perfect fitting, and you will most likely not experience any issues when connecting the mouthpiece.

2. High Five Duo Bowls

The High Five Duo uses bowls as a means to contain the materials you’re consuming as well as to act as the heating element that distributes the heat you need to vaporize your select materials. That said, these bowls play an important part in using the High Five Duo Vaporizer. With these bowls, you can vaporize either wax or dry herb strains, and, in that manner, having replacement bowls to replace worn-out ones is imperative to the continuity of your sessions with the High Five Duo Vaporizer. These bowls come in either quartz or titanium. Both bowls are designed and engineered to be lasting components but when the time comes that they need to be replaced, you can just grab a pack of these replacement bowls and get fresh sessions that can make your old and used High Five Duo eRig perform like it’s brand new.

The quartz bowls are able to yield large vapors that are big not only in density but also in terms of potency. That’s because quartz is known to be a huge conductor of heat. This only means that the quartz heating element can immediately heat your materials that it can easily extract the potent active ingredients. This means that you can easily reap the psychoactive benefits of your herbs and of your wax concentrates when you use these quartz bowls. On the other hand, using a titanium bowl can help improve the flavor of your vapors because titanium is known for its ability to fight corrosion and remain durable even after exposure to high-temperature levels. That said, it does not easily rub off on your material and does not make it taste like metal. That said, the flavor of your herbs and of your select wax concentrates are faithfully preserved allowing you to enjoy the natural tastes native to the flavonoids and the terpenes in your extract or plant matter. This makes the High Five Duo Replacement Bowls a must-have for anyone using the High Five Duo Vaporizer.

3. High Five Duo Carb Cap 

High Five makes vaporizers and eRigs that they themselves would be confident of using. That said, the High Five Duo Carb Cap is a perfect example of having a component that’s as innovative and as creative as one can have. To think that they can put a spin on a novelty component for an eRig makes you wonder what the developers and the engineers at High Five Vaporizers can do to other vaporizer components. But to put a magnet on a carb cap, that’s some out of the box thinking right there.

This allows you to use the High Five Duo Carb Cap, unlike any carb cap you’ve used before. Instead of having to always pay attention to where you’re putting the carb cap after every use or after every time you finish capping the banger or bowl with it. With this innovative design, just make sure that you place the magnets pointing towards each other and let it go. This will allow the carb cap to connect to the stong magnetic links and just snap in place when you’re done using it. This prevents you from having to purchase new carb caps every now and then especially that carb caps are one of the most common parts of an eRig that usually gets lost because of how small it is. Instead of losing it, you can just as easily let your carb cap snap in place. The High Five Duo Vaporizer is made with strong magnetic connections and high-grade glass components. This means that even if it sits on top of the heating element it will not bleed and will not directly affect the overall quality of your select wax concentrates and dry herb strains.

4. High Five Duo Atomizer

The heart of the High Five Duo Vaporizer. The atomizer is a solid plate that effectively and efficiently heats and vaporizes your select wax concentrates and dry herb strains. The good thing about the High Five Duo Atomizer is that it remains strong and durable compared to atomizers that have exposed coils like those found on other eRig atomizers. What it does is that it allows the atomizer not only to be durable and reliable but to emit an even heating whether you’re dabbing wax concentrates of various consistencies or dry herb strains from moist ones to the really dry ones. The High Five Duo Atomizer can help you enjoy a lasting device and a memorable session to boot. Because it’s safely hidden in the unit, you’ll have fewer instances of having to experience and encounter damage even when you’re cleaning and maintaining your device. The High Five Duo Vaporizer is a solid atomizer that can function no matter what the situation.

VapeActive High Five Vaporizer Upgrade Parts

While we do carry a wide range of replacement parts, we also did not forget to stock up on upgrade parts. These are the parts of your vaporizer that do not come with the actual unit in the box but can be used accordingly in conjunction with your High Five Dup Vaporizer. Here are a few.

1. High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl

When the stock bowl is not enough, you can purchase an upgrade component that can let you improve the performance of your High Five Duo eRig – that's what upgrade parts are about right? Compared to quartz or titanium, silicon carbide offers a better feature when consuming either dry herb strains or wax concentrates. That's because silicon carbide has a better capability of heating your select materials while maintaining durability and reliability. They can withstand higher temperature settings which means they will not break nor chip when you fire your eRig up at higher temperature settings. You can enjoy low and slow dabs as well as high-temperature vaping sessions without the fear of breaking your bowl as silicon carbide will have a better chance of surviving thermal shock. Another benefit of using this bowl is its ability to maintain chemical composure and that it does not immediately react chemically to heat. This means that it will not produce any toxic byproducts when exposed to extreme temperature settings. No need of worrying about having to inhale the negative effects of consuming the negative effects of heated metal, the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl can deliver fast and safe vapors for when you need it the most. It’s the perfect replacement bowl for when you need an upgrade.

2. High Five Duo Mouthpiece Adapter

The High Five Duo Mouthpiece Adapter is designed and engineered to work in conjunction with the Puffco Peak Mouthpiece aka glass attachment. The brand has mentioned intentions of making one that’s compatible with the Carta Vape Rig. This means that these mouthpiece adapters can help you enjoy versatile vaporization of your select materials through the use of mouthpieces or glass adapters from other manufacturers. Not only does the mouthpiece adapter ensures that you can enjoy various experiences but also allows you to repurpose any of your old mouthpieces or glass attachments should you have any of them lying around from your old eRig or maybe if you’re at a friend’s house and you simply want to enjoy a different experience using an old mouthpiece.

Here’s a pro tip, if you have any old mouthpiece from your Puffco Peak and your High Five Duo Mouthpiece breaks, you can just purchase an adapter and use an old Peak mouthpiece instead of buying a new one. These mouthpieces are strong and durable but they’re not immune to breakage should you let it fall at a decent height. It will break the mouthpieces and can merit a replacement. When that happens, you can just buy the adapter or it would be best if you already have it in your arsenal.

The importance of parts replacement and upgrade is that you no longer have to send your device for repairs. The folks at High Five Vaporizers have studied the composition of their devices well and these replacement parts are those that are commonly required to be serviced to maintain your vaporizer. So, instead of having to send your vaporizer over to the company for repair, you can just pick up a replacement or better yet an upgrade part so you can easily replace the broken or worn out parts to make your eRig performing as good as new. Why spend money on shipping your vaporizer back to the manufacturer and paying them to look at your vaporizer if you can service the device yourself. You can just as easily replace the components because the manufacturer themselves have made it so that these parts can easily be replaced when needed. They can either be pulled out of the device or simply screwed out and in of the unit using inclusive screws.

We, at VapeActive, know the importance of replacement parts for support so you can always have a means of continuously using your device whatever happens. This way, the only time you’ll have to send your device in for repair is when you are having problems with the battery which should rarely happen. Make sure to check out these products in the home of the best vaporizers and vaporizer parts – VapeActive.

VapeActive High Five Vaporizers

Of course, we do carry High Five Vaporizer’s devices. We have their latest release so our customers can take full advantage of using the brand’s latest offering. We’re talking about the High Five Duo Vaporizer, a dual-purpose device that can vaporize both wax concentrates and dry herb strain in a small and compact device. The eRig is powered by a battery that allows pass-through charging. This means that you can use the High Five Duo Vaporizer pretty much like a standard desktop vaporizer and wield unlimited power when you have the unit plugged in a wall socket. This means you get to enjoy long vaping sessions without fear or without holding back in fear of losing battery in between charges. This makes the High Five Duo eRig perfect for recreational consumers that have a higher tolerance to the psychoactive effects of their select materials. Instead of having to wait for hours to have your eRig recharged and light up a few spliffs while the eRig is charging, you can simply continue your sessions and let it rip while the High Five Dup Vaporizer is plugged in and is connected to the wall outlet.

Not only does it boast of a powerful battery and dual-purpose use but it also boasts of medical-grade components. As we’ve briefly covered above, the High Five Duo Vaporizer is outfitted with accessories and upgrade parts that are made from medical-grade raw materials which ensure the safety and the purity of the vapors the High Five Duo Vaporizer can produce. This means that it’s also perfect for medicating patients that cannot afford to inhale vapors with toxic byproducts as well as irritants that will most likely be counter-productive to why they are consuming their prescribed medical herbs and extracts. The use of medical-grade materials also made the High Five Duo a fitting investment for both occasional and medical consumers.

Lastly, the High Five Duo Vaporizer offers compatibility with other devices of the same category like the Puffco Peak and the Focus V Carta. While you can’t use every component from the aforementioned devices, the High Five Duo eRig allows you to use the mouthpieces from these eRigs making it a truly versatile device. So, if you’re looking for an eRig that’s worth your money make sure to get the High Five Duo Vaporizer and when you’re going to buy online, make sure to do it with VapeActive.