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About Grenco Science

Grenco Science is a name in the vape industry synonymous to what we know as the greatest vaporizer ever made. Grenco Science specializes in portable vaporizers for dry herb and wax like their famous Grenco G Pen Elite. They are one of the pioneers in the vaping industry, and was one of the first vaporizer creators to market the tank system for oil concentrates. With how great their creations were, they became the standard method for wax concentrate consumption. While each Grenco Science vaporizer presents portability, durability and style, Grenco Science Vaporizer has also taken a unique way of market their vape design by collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Phil Frost, Natalie Wood, Pizzanista, and more. Vaping with a Grenco Science vaporizer is not just a usual session, but is already an experience.

Grenco Science did not start big. The truth is, they actually were not the talk of the town by then. But with the help of their hardworking team, they eventually became the pioneer vape manufacturers who is now a well known name in the vaping industry. They have always listened to what their market says which gives them the advantage of being the choice of all. They make sure that with just one vaporizer, it would deliver the experience that a vape user has always been waiting for. Since the Grenco Science caters all kinds of material loads, it is the best choice for you as the best vaporizer you will ever have.


User Friendliness

Grenco Science knows very well that easy operations and controls are essential for vaping on-the-go. With how easy the Grenco Science Vaporizers can be operated, with just a few clicks, you can quickly get into the temperature setting you want, have you vape heated up and you can already start vaping. No more learning curve to be able to know how Grenco Science works. As easy as 1.. 2.. 3! Press, inhale and puff out is all you ever needed.



Grenco Science knows very well that if you are on the go with a busy and active schedule and if you usually vape outdoors then portability is your priority when it comes to choosing the best vaporizer for you. We all know that the smaller a vape is, the easier it is to carry, and more discreet it is to use in public. Each Grenco Science vape unit delivers compactness. The Grenco Science vaporizers are crafted for people who want a stealthy and easy way to take hits during their busy day, or those who seek excellent vapor production from a smaller vape.


Awesome Vaporization

Since Grenco Science is well known for all types of material compatibility, it surely is an essential feature of these vaporizers to be able to vaporize their loads perfectly and well. Equipped with the best atomizer and with the smartest heat temperature technology, it produces just the right amount of heat discharger to slowly but powerfully cook your material resulting for a more flavorful and aromatic draws every time.