FadeSpace is quickly gaining traction in the vaporizer industry for manufacturing high-end inserts for products like Puffco Peak and for your standard bangers for your dab rig. Shop from a variety of FadeSpace SiC PEAK inserts, FadeSpace SiC banger insert, and FadeSpace S-Tier inserts to help you take your dabbing to a whole ‘nother level. Use our FadeSpace discount codes for extra savings when you buy your FadeSpace products online.


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What do you get when you put designers, engineers, artists, and other professionals who share the same passion to dabbing together in one room? The answer, a fusion of art and science, or FadeSpace in short. FadeSpace is a start-up company comprised of individuals from various professions with one simple goal – to provide consumers like them and the industry with reliable and dependable products. That said, you will find that FadeSpace products are reliable, durable, and affordable. That’s because they were made by consumers for consumers who know exactly what they want and what is best for their passion, for their lifestyle.   

VapeActive believes in this maxim and therefore carries some of FadeSpace’s best products paving the way for this small, start-up company from Massachusetts to become one of the leaders in the industry. We believe in their noble pursuit of manufacturing the products using the best possible raw materials and use the best technology to create devices that will enhance the experience of their customer base. FadeSpace is a company that understands the science behind dabbing and vaporization and use that understanding to achieve a more noble calling, a higher purpose. And that’s to deliver some of the best dabbing accessories and smoking paraphernalia the industry has ever seen.   

VapeActive has collected some of the best products from FadeSpace through the help of our colleagues who have the eye for products that will make it big. Our team of highly-skilled vape and smoke professionals handpicked the products in this collection to make sure they are up to our standards. So, if you see a FadeSpace product in our online vape store, that means that it’s good. When wanting to buy new FadeSpace accessories online, make sure to keep it here at VapeActive, home of the best FadeSpace products that are also sold for the best price. Here are some of the reasons why we love FadeSpace and why we believe in their brand.   

Innovative FadeSpace Products  

One of the reasons why FadeSpace has caught our eyes and the attention of many consumers is because of how innovative their products are. They come up with new and novel ways on how one can improve their experience when using both a eRigs or a dab rig. These are just two of arguably the most perfected vaporizer devices of our times and to take that and claim that you can improve the experience in using these devices is something. They also use a slew of raw materials one could have never thought of using. Components made out of raw materials that look and sound like they came from the periodic table of elements like silicon carbide make for a truly interesting piece.   

FadeSpace has the makings of what an industry leader can be. They are not afraid to risk their necks in trying novel technologies and modern approach to certain products we take for granted. If you need to search for high-quality and innovative products from FadeSpace, make sure to check us out at VapeActive where we keep the most comprehensive collection of devices and accessories that were and still is groundbreaking. We shape the market, we are VapeActive!   

FadeSpace: Dependable and Reliable  

When it comes to buying products for use with vaporizers, one would always have to consider its overall quality. Accessories used in conjunction with vaporizers and dab rigs are often in close proximity to heat and are oftentimes subjected to thermal shock. Thermal shock happens to an object when it’s exposed to continuous cycles of heating and cooling – something that naturally occurs during a vape or a dab session as heating elements like atomizers and bangers are often heated and cooled down consistently. When an object experiences thermal shock, it expands in various parts which will then cause the component to crack and break where several manifestations of damage may appear. Thermal shock may also speed up the manifestations of wear and tear as it will actively weaken the subjected object. Being experts in their relative fields, the folks behind FadeSpace knew and anticipated these issues and so made an effort to create dependable and reliable products that can either tackle these issues head-on or go around them in an effort to avoid the problem.   

They have so far proved that they are indeed manufacturers of vaporizer and vape rig products that are dependable and reliable no matter from which consumption standpoint you are coming from. If you’re a recreational consumer or a medicating patient, be sure to check FadeSpace products only here at VapeActive!   

Sound Investments  

As a consequence of using high-quality and reliable products, the end result of what FadeSpace comes up with are sound investments allowing you to enjoy them (at least with proper care and maintenance) for a lifetime.   

No one likes buying things that will end up being replaced in just a week, especially if you spent hundreds of dollars on it. At some point, we all want to make the most of what we buy. And products sold and manufactured by FadeSpace lets you do just about that. With FadeSpace inserts, you can maximize your spending and potentially find a companion to last you a lifetime. Never again waste money on disposable materials as FadeSpace delivers you the best components that will actually last.   

VapeActive is proud to be able to carry products from FadeSpace and let our customers enjoy hard-wearing products that boast hell and back reliability. They’re the products you certainly do not want to miss. Join us here in VapeActive and enjoy the perks of using and buying products from companies like FadeSpace!  

Why FadeSpace Became the Most Sought-After Accessory Brand?   

In the industry where accessories play a role as important as the devices are, FadeSpace made a name for themselves by manufacturing the best the industry has ever seen. Before FadeSpace many of the accessories on the market were basically band-aid solutions that provided short time solutions ad meagerly elevated your experience as the meta of the old industry was to draw consumers into buying more of the products. And oftentimes these products are sold cheaply as they are made from cheap raw materials. However, the game changed and evolved as the consumers did. The public wanted products that last and FadeSpace was there to answer.   

Here are some of the reasons why FadeSpace products make for great accessories for dabbing.  

Medical-Grade Reliability   

Many, if not all, vaporizer manufacturers and aftermarket accessory makers claim that their products are made from medical-grade components. You’ve got companies that make grinders, mouthpieces, glass attachment, and all other kinds of accessories for smoking and vaping that say their products are safe but can only show published facts from other sources describing either the raw material or the process used in manufacturing in general. Only a few can back their claim up with scientific facts. One of them is FadeSpace. FadeSpace notes that the manufacturer of the materials they use are certified for biocompatibility by a 3rd party laboratory, using a USP Class VI biological reactivity test. FadeSpace even went as far as stating to have previously published the test results on their social media accounts to prove the validity of their claims.    

Their products boast real-world test results that make them overall superior to their competitors. To see such dedication and commitment to delivering world-class accessories is just amazing. While many companies who produce vaporizers display this kind of conscientiousness but it is rare for those who fare in the accessory industry to do so as their products are often seen as mere replacements in the event when the manufacturer is unable to deliver.   

That being said, FadeSpace uses top-notch manufacturing quality to match that of the raw materials they use. Many of their inserts are made from high-quality raw materials including USP class VI certified medical-grade materials. Raw materials that undergo United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) and pass the testing are certified not to have any long-term harmful reactions to the human body. In actuality, the class VI (4) testing is the most rigorous and meticulous of all the six classes of testing. Regarded as one of the highest forms of quality standards in many other industries, it’s great to see companies like FadeSpace comply and even pass these testing phases just to prove how well their products fare in terms of safety and medical-grade reliability. To this date, there are only very few companies that manufacture accessories boast safety as ones from FadeSpace. The vape e-rig and traditional dab rig accessories they manufacture are certified non-toxic and chemically inert. This only means that the products under the FadeSpace banner are safe not only for recreational consumers but also for medicating patients as well. The risk of you having to inhale harmful byproducts of heated inserts. They are not just safe; they are certified safe.   

Industry-Leading Durability  

Durability is a huge factor in many vaporizer products nowadays given the vaporizer industry is an industry that gives you what you paid for. Cheaper accessories tend only to last a few uses and will break as fast you splashed the cash. In this fashion, many consumers tend to stay away from products that are either cheap but also not from the manufacturer. In most cases, the reason being is that some of the cheap accessories manufactured by shady companies do not even fit the devices they’re supposed to go in to apart from having to easily fall apart after several uses.   

Again, changing the game in the smoking and vaping accessory platform, FadeSpace was quick to provide the industry what it wants and what it needs. Donning products that were not only to the exact dimensional specification of the devices they support but also offered accessories that might just have boasted better durability than the original. One of the most notable properties from these accessories is its ability to almost completely resist thermal shock. These products will also have a feature that will put them somewhere at a melting point of 5,000°F - now that’s hot. This makes items manufactured under the FadeSpace brand great investments allowing many consumers to add items and devices to their arsenal that can potentially last them a lifetime. Because their products are durable and hard-wearing, maintenance and cleaning are made simple and straightforward. The surface of most inserts made by FadeSpace can easily be cleaned and is almost impossible to chazz. A term or a slang used in wax concentrate consumption circles, to chazz means to cloud or to discolor the quartz banger or the quartz insert in it from torching or burning it in extremely high-temperature levels formally known as devitrification. This only means that you will not and at the very least never experience cosmetic damage on the inserts you buy from FadeSpace apart from its ability to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze and anyone who uses dab rigs will know how important cleaning and maintaining atomizers and quartz bangers are. A clean atomizer, insert, or banger will always exude a clean vapor output and not one that will taste and smell of burnt wax.   

Real Value for Money  

Many accessory manufacturers claim to give you value for your money. While that can be true, no other company provides you with third-party produced accessories that deliver real value for your buck.   

FadeSpace offers high-quality accessories that can work in conjunction with many high-quality dab rigs and vape e-rigs on the market today. When using components from two different manufacturers, it’s important that they are on the same level in terms of quality. A quartz banger of good quality paired with a quartz insert of inferior quality will only produce decent quality vapors. The effect of vaporization will be compromised by the quality of the components you use. The products manufactured by FadeSpace are made not only to equal the quality, safety, and durability of the products they will work along with but are even made to best the quality of the devices and components produced by the actual manufacturers – now that’s value for money.   

VapeActive is all about providing value for money. That's why you will see only the best products on the market when you visit our online store. Items from companies like FadeSpace are just some of the products we carry that will give you the best bang for your buck. We also give out coupons and discounts for products that we sell, you can get discounts from the biggest names in the vaporizer industry as well as from up-and-coming companies like FadeSpace. So, when buying high-quality accessories online, make sure to buy only from the best source of smoking and vaping accessories. Shop only at VapeActive! We’re the top-rated online vape shop today!   

FadeSpace Products  

Interested to know what kind of products and accessories FadeSpace creates? Let’s go over some of the FadeSpace inserts we have on our online store. But first, let’s look at what inserts are and just how they elevate your dab game.   

Inserts were first used in traditional dab rigs. Unlike vape e-rigs, dab rigs did not have the advantage of having a battery pack power the heating element. Using a traditional dab rig is like driving a vehicle with manual transmission. It does not automatically heat your dabs and instead requires you to use a blowtorch or an igniter to heat the quartz banger. Using a blowtorch is just as hard and as dangerous as it sounds and some level of skill and mastery is required when wielding a lighter while dabbing. The torch is then directed towards the banger until it reaches vaping temperature levels. High-temperature levels will cause the wax to be vaporized however when dabbing without the proper temperature level, your quartz banger will run into some issues – like chazzing. We’ve covered chazzing above and what it does to your banger. The inserts produced by FadeSpace will help you avoid and eliminate chazzing your banger because the effect of chazzing is triggered when you put your dabs in a very hot banger. These inserts gave dab rig users a means of protecting and preserving the quality of their bangers, and overall, the accessories they use in dabbing their favorite wax concentrates. Using an insert will allow you to keep your bangers in pristine condition. Even if traditional inserts will be susceptible to chazzing, having to replace just a small and inexpensive component than having to purchase a whole new dab rig.   

Another benefit of using an insert with your dab rig is temperature variability. Dab rigs are known to deliver extremely potent dabs that are achieved through dabbing with high-temperature levels – that's why the vapors you get from them can really melt your face off because the psychoactive compounds from the wax concentrates are extracted when you dab them at high-temperature levels. This means that you are only almost only limited to high-temperature levels because of how dab rigs operate. Enter the inserts. Inserts allow you neutralize the temperature from the actual banger by introducing the insert that’s basically at room temperature. Doing so will allow you to regulate the temperature as the temperature of the insert and the quartz banger will allow enough time to have the temperature of the banger slowly, but progressively, transfer to the insert. This will not shock your wax concentrates but instead create and facilitate a low and slow heating environment allowing you to get the full spectrum of the benefits your wax concentrates have to offer. FadeSpace inserts are made with such high-quality components that they make for a great way to enjoy low-temp dabs when you’re using conventional dab rigs. Low-temp dabbing allows you to enjoy more flavorful vapors while enjoying fat clouds of vapor.   

FadeSpace inserts are made with high-quality components that make them a great means of giving you a consistent and wide range of results without spending too much money. FadeSpace inserts are a great addition to your arsenal when you want to maximize your sessions on the cheap.   

Now on to the actual FadeSpace products.   

1. FadeSpaceV2 SiC Peak Insert.  

The FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert was made specifically for the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig although it can be used in conjunction with other dab rigs. Having been manufactured by FadeSpace, this insert is not an official product made by the manufacturer of the Puffco Peak.   

The FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert is made from silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is a raw material that’s inert and offers great features that make them ideal, if not superior, than the heating elements produced by the vape e-rig manufacturers the inserts were meant to be supporting. Although the Puffco Peak was known for producing the best flavors from wax concentrates, using the FadeSpace silicon carbide insert further enhances the flavors of the wax concentrates you are using. FadeSpace has gone through studying different factors and the effects of vaporization. Because they took the time to understand the science behind it, they were able to come up with the idea of using an inert component that can facilitate a clean burn. Silicon carbide is known for its unique properties that make it an ideal raw material for use with vape e-rigs. Silicon carbide offers great thermal conductivity that’s even better than fused quartz. This means that silicon carbide can easily ramp up heat that can quickly vaporize your wax concentrates while still having to evenly distribute the heat to the wax concentrates. This is perfect for wax concentrate vaporization because it prevents burning the wax concentrates, hence, offering superior flavor retention while giving you the benefits of dense cloud production.   

That said, the FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert is perfect for wax consumption especially when paired with the unique and tailor-fit heat settings of the Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig. The pairing of the Puffco Peak and the FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert makes for a great marriage of what the company, FadeSpace, stands for – the fusion of art and science. When wanting to buy FadeSpace insert for your Puffco Peak vape e-rig, make sure to check out VapeActive, the best source of FadeSpace insert.   

2. FadeSpace11mm SiC Insert.  

While the FadeSpace V2 SiC Peak Insert was made specifically for use with the Puffco Peak, the FadeSpace 11mm SiC Insert can be used with other vape e-rigs like the Focus V Carta and the Dr. Dabber Switch. This gives the FadeSpace silicon carbide inserts a wide range of use and application as the company now offers silicon carbide inserts for use with many vape e-rigs while still maintaining compatibility with most dab rigs in production. That said, the company is able to offer a comprehensive line of SiC inserts to cater to a wide range of consumers.   

Like the insert made for the Puffco Peak, the FadeSpace 11mm SiC Insert is made with premium silicon carbide so you can expect to enjoy and experience the same advantages of having to use an accessory that can elevate the performance of your vape e-rig. Another benefit of using SiC inserts on vape e-rigs is its longevity. One of the reasons why many consumers opt to invest in inserts is because vape e-rigs use cups or atomizers and compared to silicon carbide inserts, atomizers, and cups made from quartz and ceramic will easily chazz and will often be required to be replaced. Replacement may be called for because of cracks and fissures due to thermal shock and other factors that may weaken the integrity of the heating element. Because of how durable and how reliable silicon carbide is compared to other components, they boast longer lifespan and easier handling and maintenance that makes them better investments that’s why many vape e-rig consumers are drawn into using inserts from FadeSpace. The FadeSpace 11mm SiC Insert boasts a high melting point so they can be subjected to high-temperature levels and still maintain and retain solid structural integrity. This is perfect for consumers who use Focus V Carta vape e-rigs and Dr. Dabber Switch portable dab rigs because they can save money on heating elements allowing them to spend the money they save for other, more important things like wax concentrates.   

If you want to buy FadeSpace inserts for your Dr. Dabber Switch and Focus V Carta vape e-rigs, make sure to check out VapeActive, the best place to shop and browse silicon carbide inserts online. Make sure to buy from us when you need to shop for FadeSpace products and more. We have all you need in a simple and easy to navigate website that will allow you to find and purchase the things you need easily. Make sure to maximize your shopping experience, make sure to shop with VapeActive.   

3. FadeSpaceS-Tier Insert.   

The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert is another quality product from FadeSpace. The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert is made from high-quality aluminum nitride, a solid nitride of aluminum, that boasts high thermal conductivity. This means that the heat, as well as the vapor production of the FadeSpace S-Tier Insert, is pure and safe. This insert is made for use with a wide variety of bangers and dab rigs allowing many consumers to enjoy better vapor production and temperature control when using a means of dabbing that relies on the use of blowtorches.   

The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert offers all the features you were introduced to with the first two inserts made from silicon carbide. However, while the first two silicon carbide inserts are darker in color, the FadeSpace S-Tier Insert is lighter and almost white in appearance. Because of its lighter tone, you can observe the wax concentrates better and tell whether or not the extracts start to chazz the S-Tier insert. This offers the best possible environment for the vaporization of your wax concentrates when using your favorite dab rig. While the inserts made from silicon carbide create a contrasting hue, the FadeSpace S-Tier Insert creates a more uniform appearance with a white insert over a clear banger. Some of the properties you’ll find in the aluminum nitride S-Tier insert include excellent thermal conductivity, superior thermal stability, and chemical inertness as well as non-toxicity. This makes the FadeSpace S-Tier Insert a safe choice for those who are conscious about their health and their ways. This translates to better flavor retention and better wax concentrate conservation. When using quartz bangers, you tend to waste wax concentrates especially when you are dabbing with very hot temperatures. When vaping in extreme temperature levels, you tend to burn the wax and therefore fail to consume every bit of it as the active ingredients in the concentrates may get destroyed instead of having been activated by the heat. The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert facilitates the ideal temperature level so you can maximize your materials when consuming.   

Likewise, cleaning and maintenance are very minimal. When the FadeSpace S-Tier starts to develop resinous buildup, all you need to do is to take a cotton swab and dab the melted wax concentrate to clear it off and make way for the new extract you’re about to load. When buying aluminum nitride inserts for your dab rigs, make sure to buy online and make sure to buy only from VapeActive.   

4. FadeSpaceV2 SiC Banger Insert.  

This last product is another silicon carbide insert that was made to work well with bangers used on conventional style dab rigs. It offers all the qualities and properties found on the first iteration of FadeSpace’s silicon carbide insert for bangers but now boasts improvements given that it’s a V2 model.   

Some of the improvements to look out for are laser-engraved branding, diamond polishing, and additional mass. The laser-engraved branding offers a unique aesthetic appeal that allows the V2 models to be branded without the use of paint or any plastic components. This means that even if the insert is heated it will not emit any toxic substances that will endanger your health in the process. Likewise, the diamond polishing makes it so that the surface of the insert is kept to pristine levels. And lastly, larger mass allows the banger insert to have a heavy weight so it does not move around during sessions.